Airstream travel trailers have been recognized as symbols of contemporary design, recreational vehicle travel, and an American icon for more than nine decades. The sleek aluminum exteriors turn heads on the highway, while the interiors provide all of the comforts of home – and then some – in a luxurious setting. We design and build each travel trailer with the intent of making it last a lifetime while also inspiring all kinds of new impressive experiences along the way. Once you’ve found the travel trailer that appeals to your adventurous side, it’s time to head off on your next camping vacation.

Airstream RVs Reviewed

Airstream Classic

There are indeed a variety of reasons why people choose to purchase an Airstream travel trailer rather than opt for another brand.

Airstream Pottery Barn

This special edition travel trailer is definitely not ordinary. I guess there’s something we can all agree on — that it is everyone’s dream. Two iconic brands in one? What could go wrong?

Airstream Globetrotter

It’s every design geek’s fantasy come true. The Globetrotter Travel Trailer is the embodiment of modern elegance, from its crisp, clean lines to its delicate neutral hues and all in between.

Airstream International

Its moniker is earned wherever you look by the International Travel Trailer, which exudes an easy, serene elegance and smart design.

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud is one of the most popular travel trailers they have produced throughout the years because it is so adaptable and family-friendly.

Airstream Caravel

There is really no reason your getaway vehicle can’t be as stylish as your home.

Airstream Bambi

Does the name Bambi sound familiar to you? It’s been a popular moniker for the smallest single-axle travel trailers of Airstream for many years.

Airstream Basecamp

A travel trailer designed for individuals who wish to explore the globe was created for those who desire to travel.

Airstream Atlas

The Atlas Touring Coach is definitely the most luxurious touring coach that the Airstream has produced, or even in the market.

Airstream Interstate

When traveling to the beach home or to a sporting event to tailgate, the Interstate 24 Touring Coach increases the entire experience.

Airstream Questions & info

Why Are Airstreams So Expensive? (Airstream Costs Explained)

Many people experience sticker shock when they first see the price of an Airstream trailer.

Airstream Alternatives (Airstream Look Alike Trailers)

When you think of a travel trailer, the iconic Airstream is what typically comes to peoples minds first. It’s the most instantly recognizable trailer on the market today, and for good reason.

Why do Airstream Travel Trailers cost so much? Is it worth the price?

With the construction of his first travel trailer in 1931, Wally Byam turned a childhood fantasy become a reality by providing lodgings for its owner while being light enough to be hauled by an automobile.

Airstream travel trailers have been recognized as symbols of contemporary design, recreational vehicle travel, and an American icon for more than nine decades. The sleek aluminum exteriors turn heads on the highway, while the interiors provide all of the comforts of home – and then some – in a luxurious setting. We design and build each travel trailer with the intent of making it last a lifetime while also inspiring all kinds of new impressive experiences along the way. Once you’ve found the travel trailer that appeals to your adventurous side, it’s time to head off on your next camping vacation.

The Airstream Travel Trailers

Airstream travel trailers are made to endure a lifetime – and to be passed down through generations. That starts with making decisions that prioritize quality over all else, from the structural structure that supports each travel trailer to the sumptuous and long-lasting materials we use for our seating and other furnishings.

Since the founding of the company by Wally Byam, their criteria for excellence have always been self-imposed by the company. He believed that it made no sense to develop things in any way other than the most optimal approach – and we still believe this. Each of their travel trailers and touring coaches is meticulously crafted by hand by real craftsmen who pay close attention to the smallest of details.

They only employ the highest-quality materials and the most cutting-edge techniques to design and construct their products. And they never, ever cut corners — especially when they have the option of rounding corners. And it’s all done at the Headquarters in Ohio, which is located in the heart of the United States.

A typical Airstream travel trailer takes around 350 hours to construct, compared to a white box trailer that takes approximately 50 hours to construct. What is it about them that takes so long? Due to the fact that they are creating something that will last for generations. According to their own estimates, more than 75% of the Airstreams they’ve built over the span of over 100 years are still in use today. When you compare all this to the typical RV lifespan of 15 years, it becomes clear why meticulous craftsmanship is important.

There are no better values in the trailer industry than Airstream which is basically the American icon, and has the lowest cost of ownership and the highest resale value (which may be as high as the original purchase price). You’ll even save money on petrol since its aerodynamic form results in up to a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy over conventional vehicles.

What makes the Airstream RV the best of its kind with all the luxuries

Why choose an Airstream over another RV? Because no other RV is like an Airstream. The riveted aluminum travel trailers are a family heirloom that has been passed down through the years. Only the best in performance, safety, and comfort can be found in our tour coaches. In Jackson Center, Ohio, USA, every Airstream travel trailer is built by hand. There are several reasons why individuals choose to live in an Airstream, but the most important one is that it allows them to enjoy life to the fullest. Find out why you should buy an Airstream by reading on.

All the comfort of home will be available to you in a very peaceful style, clean lines, purposeful design, and more. And if you’re surrounded by the things you enjoy and a style that feels like you, your trips will go from good to amazing. One of the best RVs to tow or drive is an Airstream travel trailer or the most luxurious touring coach that has been tested and proved. It’s no secret that Airstream has always preferred sleek, contemporary design that’s built to last.

“Don’t tell me it can’t be done,” said Wally Byam, the company’s founder, as his signature slogan. Every aspect of the design, from the teardrop form to the icebox and stove on board, was revolutionary at the time he built the first Airstream with his own hands.

Nevertheless, the revolutionary design did not end with the first Airstream. After then, there was a slew more firsts to add to the collection. Light, sturdy, and self-supporting, exactly like an airplane’s fuselage is the famous riveted aluminum shell of the X-Wing. The world’s first functional hot water system. The first flushable toilet with a waste holding tank was introduced in 1908. The first rung of the ladder frame. The world’s first pressurized drinking water system. The world’s first travel trailer that is completely self-contained.

What, though, distinguishes Airstream from the competition? Entrepreneurs and inventors were critical to the success of the company’s expansion. A superior product was created as a consequence of their innovation and obsessive pursuit of continuous improvement, which is a quality that has survived to the present day. Airstream travel trailers have become an American icon, turning heads on the highway since the 1930s.

Exterior with an aerodynamic design

Airstream’s revolutionary aerodynamic, low-profile design naturally reduces wind resistance and draft, resulting in a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for you. It is also less affected by side breezes from passing cars, with sway being virtually undetectable even in strong gusts. Because of the streamlined design, the fuel efficiency of a tow vehicle can be enhanced by up to 20% when compared to comparably sized travel trailers. It has a unique design that distinguishes it from any other RV on the market, and it will turn heads wherever you go.

Seamless Composite Flooring

Transcore, a unique composite created from waterproof, inert recycled glass and polypropylene, is currently used in the construction of Airstream’s silver-bullet travel trailers. Transcore, developed by Ridge Corporation, is a state-of-the-art composite built for firmness underfoot, strength, and screw retention. Transcore is available in a variety of colors and textures. As opposed to traditional adhesives, Ridge’s production technique uses heat bonding, which results in all of the layers fusing together as a single piece with no visible bonding lines. As a result of the waterproof properties of the new composite flooring, it is less vulnerable to leaks and, in the uncommon case of a leak, it is less likely to develop mold, mildew, insect infestation, or water damage.

Towing Made Simple and Confident

Each wheel is equipped with its own suspension. In comparison to leaf springs used on most other trailers, the premium rubber torsion axle absorbs 50 percent more road vibration. As a result, the amount of road stress delivered to the trailer body is reduced. Consequently, towing becomes more steady and comfortable. Furthermore, because each axle is independent of the other, dual-axle vehicles may be hauled short distances even when one of the tires is flat. It feels like you’re floating on air.

The Luxury Class You Deserve

As with the exteriors of our travel trailers, the interiors are equally as up-to-date. Each trailer is fully equipped with all of the contemporary conveniences, temperature control, and entertainment systems that you are accustomed to at home. 110V outlets and USB connections are strategically situated around the facility, making it simple and convenient to charge your gadgets while on the road. And every piece of furniture is as well-thought-out and functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Enjoy Pure Luxury on the Road

They approach the interior design of their touring buses in the same way that they would a luxury home, private aircraft, or yacht: with care and consideration. It creates an immediate impression as soon as you come through the door and continues to wow as you explore. Ultraleather® is used for the seats. Countertops made of Corian®. Cabinetry made in Italy. Flooring made of infinity looms. More than 50 best-in-class features — each and every one of them is included as standard.

When you first step into an Airstream touring coach, there are a few things you’ll notice right away. The Italian wood, the Corian® counters, and the Ultraleather® seats all contribute to the overall design. It is, however, the unexpected discoveries that you will make while traveling that we find to be so enjoyable. Take, for example, our cabinets, which are constructed of extruded aluminum framing rather than plastic and are riveted to the coach’s general structural framework. In the end, there is no squeaking or rattling and the ride is silent. It’s the small things like these that make traveling in our touring buses more delightful the longer you use them.

Styling for Automobiles

The famous streamlined style of our travel trailers served as inspiration for the design of our touring coach portfolio, which is equally as elegant. they’ve achieved this by designing and manufacturing every step, awning, and storage compartment door to be a seamless part of the overall body design, including how they fit, close, and appear. Consequently, we make every effort to retain the clean, luxury automobile design of the Mercedes-Benz chassis from which we start – a piece of art in and of itself.

Mercedes-Benz’s performance

Their connection with Mercedes-Benz is something that just happens. Mercedes-Benz is known for providing the highest levels of safety, function, and convenience, while Airstream is known for providing long-lasting quality. As a result, we integrate more Mercedes-Benz safety and performance features than anybody else, including rear- and side-view cameras, assist functions, and a parking system, among other things. We also include some of our own unique features, such as our optional Air Ride Suspension, which provides a smooth ride in nearly every road condition, and our four-wheel-drive system.

They are really concerned about your safety, and they take this responsibility very seriously. They picked the Mercedes-Benz chassis as the base for their touring coaches, and they have gone even farther with the technology since then. In addition, only Airstream is equipped with every single available safety and convenience feature supplied by Mercedes-Benz, such as collision avoidance and lane assist, rear and side view monitoring, sophisticated airbags, and other advanced safety features. And they are all included as standard features, so you won’t have to spend extra money to get the best.

The High-Quality Materials

When they choose the materials that will be used to construct the interiors of their touring coaches, they insist on the highest possible quality from start to finish. They must produce a good initial impression, as well as a long-lasting impression. The appearance, feel, usage, durability, and especially all the safety must be of the highest caliber. Because anything less would detract from your enjoyment of the event.

Airstream Classic

The sleekest model of the Airstream trailer is this one. It’s loaded with cutting-edge features that make traveling more pleasurable and stress-free. The owner may use a remote control to manage the awning’s closure from afar. Because of its 30 to 33-foot length, it can comfortably accommodate up to five people.

The inside of the Classic is unusual in that it is both roomy and well-appointed. However, even though Airstreams have been around for a long time now, this Classic model shows no signs of aging.

Is it a breeze to get about in? It’s easy to use, fully linked, and connected to everything! Thor Industries Inc thinks that the Airstream Classic’s amenities will keep buyers engaged in the brand and in recreational vehicle ownership over time, believing that it can be used as a home for up to six months when properly outfitted.

Floor Plans

Airstream Classic in lengths 33 and 30 Starts at $179,000

Airstream Globetrotter

It’s a dream come true for any design fanatic. Whether it’s the sleek lines or the delicate neutral colors, the Globetrotter Travel Trailer exudes modern elegance. Its interior is influenced by cultures from all throughout Europe, but its aerodynamic aluminum outside made Airstream a household name in America. If you’re going on a long trip, this is the perfect accessory.

Both visually and physiologically, the globetrotter is a breath of fresh air! With its vibrant modern appearance and European-inspired décor, Airstream Travel Trailers claims that Globetrotter is attracting a new generation of tastemakers. Modern designs, sophisticated materials, and luxury finishes combine to create an appealing mix of comfort and style.

You may choose from a wide range of alternatives for the interior design of your new RV with the style-forward travel trailer. It comes in four different lengths, eight various floor layouts, and four different interior decor options. The 23′, 25′, 27′, and 30′ Globetrotter family of boats has a lot to offer, and we’ll take you through the subtleties of the upmarket amenities and ingenious design.

There’s no need to choose from a plethora of possibilities with Globetrotter like there was with the Classic. As part of the standard package, you get high-end items like DuPont Corian worktops, award-winning upholstery, high-tech visuals, and motorized equipment like the awning and stabilizer jacks, making it easy to have a luxurious vacation. We’ll go through the optional additions as we go over each floor plan in detail.

Floor Plans

Globetrotter 23FB & Globetrotter 23FB Twin Starts at $108,900

Globetrotter 25FB & Globetrotter 25FB Twin Starts at $120,900

Globetrotter 27FB & Globetrotter 27FB Twin Starts at $128,900

Globetrotter 30RB & Globetrotter 30RB Twin Starts at $139,700

Airstream Pottery Barn

Airstream has collaborated with Pottery Barn to develop a limited-edition 28-foot, all-new travel trailer. Comfort and style meet in this new Airstream-Pottery Barn trailer, which has the comforts we’ve become accustomed to as well as the best-selling items from Pottery Barn to provide a really unique experience.

Pottery Barn’s design sensibility and Airstream’s long history of travel innovation mix perfectly with the overall design approach, thanks to decades of joint work experience. In addition, there is an onboard kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping and lounging rooms. Airstream’s long-standing pledge to give all the comforts of home to its clients is further reinforced with the addition of Pottery Barn-inspired equipment, home furnishings, fittings, and other finishing touches to the new trailer.

As a result, this travel trailer is intended for today’s modern lifestyle, where work and play are entwined in both the house and on the road. Airstream’s technical solutions lie at the heart of this new travel trailer, bringing the Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer just an inch closer to the future of travel while retaining comfort and convenience.

Floor Plans

Airstream Pottery Barn 28RB & 28RB Twin Starts at $157,700

Airstream International

The Airstream International has a lengthy track record of excellent performance. More and more people are taking advantage of the International’s improved safety and comfort. There are more than a dozen distinct floor plans to choose from, all of which are intended to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest winter evenings.

It’s all about practicality, longevity, and comfort, and that’s why the wood finishes and dimmable lighting and nautical-themed items are all there. An oasis of tranquility is produced in every aspect of the home’s interior design, including its shape, surface texture, and color.

With the International travel trailer, you may explore the vast unknown and then return to a tranquil, well-balanced setting when your journey is over. With its large panoramic windows and other innovative design features, this Travel Trailer allows you to take full advantage of the natural splendor that surrounds you while you’re on the road.

Aside from that, the ultraleather used in the furniture’s construction ensures that each piece is elegant and long-lasting, and the illuminated storage lockers that can be found throughout this trailer make it easy to get to all of the camping necessities. This trailer is well-known for its peaceful tranquility, and it can sleep up to five people every night comfortably.

Floor Plans

Airstream International 23FB Starts at $103,900

Airstream International 25FB and 25FB Twin, as well as the 25RB and 25RB Twin, Starts at $115,900

Airstream International 27FB and 27FB Twin, as well as the 28RB and 28RB Twin, Starts at $123,900

Airstream International 30RB and 30RB Twin starts at $130,900

Airstream Flying Cloud

With its adaptability and family-friendly features, Flying Cloud is one of the most popular travel trailer models they’ve ever made. With more floor layouts than any other model, there is a “just right” for every customer. As a bonus, the light and airy style allow you to seamlessly shift from one adventure to the next while retaining your sense of comfort.

Those in quest of a large home-away-from-home can’t go wrong with the Airstream Flying Cloud. With a terrific experience and a well-known brand behind it, this ultimate travel trailer comes highly recommended.

For families of all sizes, the Flying Cloud travel trailer is the greatest choice for a wide range of needs. The Flying Cloud is one of Airstream’s greatest models because of its aluminum exterior, plexiglass window protection, and high-quality woodwork inside. A full kitchen and a ton of storage are included in the purchase price of the trailer. All the comforts of home, including a gas stove with an exhaust vent, may be found here.

A total of 13 distinct floor designs and five different lengths are offered for the Flying Cloud. The Airstream Flying Cloud is renowned for its adaptability since it may be used for a variety of purposes.

Floor Plans

The Price of The Airstream Flying Cloud ranges from $89,900 to $119,500

Airstream Caravel

Compact, single-axle trailers like the Caravel Travel Trailer are equally as capable and durable as their bigger Airstream counterparts. The Caravel is an agile and simple to tow vehicle that is ready to make its mark on your next voyage.

As long as you have the Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer, you’ll always be able to find a lovely, comfortable spot to rest your head when you need it most. Make your travel memorable with the amenities you’ll use again and over again in this stylish and comfy cabin.

Everything you need may be found on the Caravel. High-end comforts are included in a lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailer that is designed for long-distance travel. It’s both powerful and durable. Like all Airstream travel trailers, the 16-foot Caravel is built to last for decades to come with the highest level of craftsmanship and unmatched durability.

In addition to a dedicated sleeping room, panoramic front windows, Quietstream temperature control, and a stainless steel kitchen, Caravel has a slew of high-end features and amenities. There is enough room in Caravel’s trunk for a weekend escape or a longer trip, so she is eager to head out on the open road.

It’s easy to focus solely on the Airstream Caravel’s unique features while describing the RV. A stainless steel gas stove with cast-iron burners, a Baraldi vent, an amazing black Moen faucet, and a rectangular sink are just some of Caravel’s creative features. Traveling with Caravel is enhanced by each one of these attractions. Caravel’s many tiny nuances add up to a lifetime of travel delight when put together.

Floor Plans

Airstream Caravel 16RB Starts at $70,500

Airstream Caravel 19CB Starts at $73,700

Airstream Caravel 20FB Starts at $76,900

Airstream Caravel 22FB Starts at $80,100

Airstream Bambi

The Bambi, Airstream’s most iconic model, has a 90-year history of excellence on a single axle. When it comes to the design of Airstream’s flagship model, you can’t go wrong with this one. During the notorious Cape Town to Cairo caravan in the early 1960s, the Bambi name initially became an iconic one. In the present day, the Bambi continues to prove that its power and sure-footedness have not only earned it its original name but also provide a way of life for people who travel with it all over the world.

Possibly, you thought all Airstream models with a single axle were referred to as the “Bambi.” By utilizing the word “Bambi” to describe any single-axle model, Airstream made the move to a dedicated Bambi family insignia in May of this year. Additionally, we re-introduced the Caravel and combined the Flying Cloud floor plans (19CB and 20FB) into these new models, creating a more unified product offering. However, while the Bambi and Caravel both have four-floor layouts, their features and options differ greatly.

Bambi is the smallest and most affordable standard travel trailer in their inventory if you take a quick look at it. In addition to being lightweight, being compatible with a wide range of SUVs and cars that most people own, and being an ultra-towable trailer that is both safe and incredibly efficient, there are several more advantages to the shorter length. Because of its lower overall length, it’s easier to park at home or on the road, where space may be at a premium in some locales.

Floor Plans

Airstream Bambi 16RB Starts at $56,500

Airstream Bambi 19CB Starts at $59,000

Airstream Bambi 20FB Starts at $62,900

Airstream Bambi 22FB Starts at $66,100

Airstream Basecamp

People who want to see the world in a travel trailer were given the opportunity to do so by designing one. It’s a small, lightweight camping trailer that’s built for the outdoors. It’s tough enough to go wherever your wanderlust leads you, yet comfy enough to let you enjoy your time on the road. Get out on the slopes as soon as the first flakes of snowfall. Mountain bike around the wilderness for a week with your loved ones. With nothing stopping you from going where you choose, it’s time to pack up and leave.

Because of its tiny size and lightweight, the Airstream Basecamp may be used in a wide variety of ways. With a wide choice of mid-size SUVs, you won’t have to make any big alterations to your car before beginning on a life-changing adventure with this vehicle. Side skirts and wheel flares help to protect the vehicle from rocks and debris, while aggressive departure angles and wide wheels allow you to take on more roads with confidence.

Floor Plans

Airstream Basecamp 16 starts at $43,100

Airstream Basecamp 20 starts at $50,700

Airstream Atlas

Airstream’s Atlas Touring Coach is unquestionably the most opulent travel trailer on the market. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis and inspired by the Airstream Interstate series of travel trailers, it is a Class B recreational vehicle. Because of its motorized slide-out, opulent amenities and finishes, and subtle automobile design from grill to bumper, they affectionately refer to it as a Class B+ trailer. A new standard has been created for individuals who believe that a well-traveled life begins with the best.

Mercedes-Benz, like Airstream, is associated with high-end vehicles, in the same way that Airstream is. The two companies have collaborated to create a new sprinter van that is essentially a five-star hotel on wheels. An Atlas Touring Coach, based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis, has been created by Airstream in order to manufacture a high-end version of their “silver bullet” trailer. It has all the features you’ll want for a pleasurable experience behind the wheel.

Floor Plans

Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite in 24 feet in length Starts at $273,273

Airstream Interstate

All-new Airstream Interstate travel trailers reflect the future of adventure travel. There are just a few of these Airstream Interstate RVs in existence, and they come packed with everything you could possibly need while on the road: an Airstream Class B Van. This new line of Airstream Interstate RVs combines the best-in-class amenities found in Airstream’s Interstate and Atlas lines with off-grid innovation found in their best-selling Basecamp travel trailers, allowing you to go as far as you want to go in your travels while still having the ability to extend your stay even further.

With the same Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van chassis as its Airstream touring coach siblings, the Luxury class Interstate is able to go further and quicker. With a 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine that produces 188 horsepower and 325 lbs. of torque, towing up to 5,000 pounds is a breeze. You may easily reach the end of the paved road and proceed into more challenging terrain.

The Interstate Touring Coaches enhances every aspect of a trip to the beach or a sporting event. You and your guests will be in awe as soon as you enter Class B Diesel Motorhomes such as this. Take advantage of all the luxuries available to you while you’re on the road. Interstate motorhomes are the best-selling Class B Diesel models for six straight years because of their luxurious interiors and convenient features.

Floor Plans

Interstate 24GL Starts at $217,020

Interstate 24GT Starts at $217,020

Interstate 24X Starts at $230,157

Interstate 19 Starts at $184,903

Are Airstream Trailers Worth all the Cost?

There are many various types of RVs and travel trailers available, with the Airstream trailer being one of the most well-known brands. The Airstream may be a lot of fun to own and can be a lot of fun to travel in, but it can also be a lot of money. It’s the issue of whether or not the Airstream trailer is genuinely worth the money that you should be asking yourself at this point.

Any of the normal problems that you may discover in any other RV will be present in an Airstream trailer, but it will have a longer lifespan, be more sturdy, and have aerodynamic features that will make the investment worthwhile.

To be honest, though, it all comes down to your money, personal tastes, and camping style. I’ll attempt to offer you some things to think about when it comes to the Airstream trailer so that you can determine for yourself whether or not the Airstream trailer is truly worth the money you’ll spend on it.

We all know that an Airstream trailer is a significant investment, but don’t you at least want to know how much it costs? It is most certainly not because the makers just selected a price at random using a bigger random number generator and then stuck with it. There are clearly some compelling arguments in support of this position.

When Wally Bynum built the first Airstream trailer in the 1920s, it was a precursor to the firm being acquired by Thor Industries in 1931. 65 percent of the original Airstream models from 1931 are still happily on the road today, according to some estimates. In fact, several Airstream owners will tell you that their previously used Airstream trailers are of higher quality and appear newer even after a few years of ownership than some of their brand new Class A recreational vehicles.

Overall, if you take proper care of your Airstream trailer, you should be able to use it until you’re ready to retire and then carry it on to your children and perhaps even grandkids without having to worry about it deteriorating or losing its value. Discuss family heirlooms and ancestors’ legacies. And then, if you’ve decided that you’re finished enjoying your Airstream trailer and are willing to sell it and move on, you’ll find that it will still sell for a reasonable price, even if it’s an older model.

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