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Airstream Globetrotter: Prices, Features, & Review

It’s every design geek’s fantasy come true. The Globetrotter Travel Trailer is the embodiment of modern elegance, from its crisp, clean lines to its delicate neutral hues and all in between. Its inside is influenced by cultures all around Europe, but its appearance is the ever-inspiring aerodynamic aluminum shell that has made Airstream an American institution. It’s the ideal, attention-getting accompaniment to any great journey.

Introduction to Airstream Globetrotter

The globetrotter was created to be a breath of new air, both aesthetically and physically! According to Airstream Travel Trailers, Globetrotter is attracting a whole new generation of taste-making travelers with its vivid modern profile and European-inspired décor. Crisp, modern lines, refined fabrics, and luxurious finishes combine to produce an enticing blend of comfort and fashion.

Where would we be if we didn’t have our great history of international travel? Wally Byam and Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. sailed on a European tour on the 22′ Liner in 1948, earning the nickname “Globe Trotter” from the crew. As it turned out, this was Wally’s first of many trips to Europe, during which he was regularly inspired by European trailer design and ingenuity.

Airstream developed the first Globetrotter in the late 1940s, a 22-foot vehicle that could “go wherever a car can go while yet offering the luxuries of comfortable living.” Today’s Globetrotter line is sleek and appealing, and it leads the market in terms of top-of-the-line modern design.

The design-forward travel trailer is available in four different lengths, eight different floor layouts, and four different interior décor options, so there’s no shortage of first-rate options when it comes to selecting your new RV. Follow through as we go over the intricacies of the upscale amenities and clever design that went into the development of the 23′, 25′, 27′, and 30′ Globetrotter family of boats.

In the same vein as the Classic, Globetrotter was created to deliver the comforts of home without the need to pick from a vast list of options. Premium goods such as DuPont Corian worktops, domestic faucets, award-winning upholstery, great visual and audio systems, and powered equipment like as the awning and stabilizer jacks are included as part of the base package, making it simple to have a top-of-the-line experience. As we go through each of the floor plans in depth, we’ll go over the optional extras.

What makes the Globetrotter the Best Option for you among the Airstream Travel Trailers?

There’s no better choice for a design-conscious RVer than the Airstream Globetrotter. So, if you are looking for a travel trailer that provides simply magnificent amenities while also featuring cutting-edge technology then the Airstream Travel Trailer is the best option for you. We believe that the Globetrotter is an extraordinary high-end travel trailer that successfully blends modern convenience with the traditional, well-loved external appearance of the Airstream brand.

The Airstream Globetrotter can possibly be one of the best options for you if you are looking for an all-in-one travel trailer. As the Airstream Globetrotter provides the best interior and exterior designs, technology, safety, and especially all the comfort that you are looking for in a modern travel trailer.

Inside, the design is as impressive as the outside, with a sleek aesthetic that any RVer would appreciate. Not only will Airstream enthusiasts be enthralled by the appearance and feel of the RV, but they will also appreciate the inclusion of two twin beds, which have not been included with a 23-foot model in a very long time.

It does not only stop at the features that it has as among the amenities in the ultra-modern kitchen are a 3-way 6.7 cu. ft. refrigerator for storing all of your delicious food, a 3-burner stove with an oven cover, and a deep stainless steel Moen sink that provides a sleek look while also being a simple method to wash dishes.

After you’ve finished cooking your supper in the kitchen, take a seat at the booth dinette, which seats four people, and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends while you’re eating. Additionally, this dinette may be converted into a lounge or sofa! Allow yourself plenty of space to relax and enjoy your favorite camping activities, such as playing games or reminiscing about past experiences.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you may stream music from your devices or listen to the AM/FM radio through the Fusion Factory-tuned Stereo, which conveniently plays music throughout the trailer.

The storage compartments in the Globetrotter are a significant interior element to take notice of. No other RV has higher storage cabinets with unique curved wood doors, and the interior of the cabinets has hydraulic hinges to keep them fully open when you need them to. You won’t find anything like this in any other RV.

You should make the most of your RV experience by having a large living room. Its smooth lines, which make just looking at this space pleasurable, are one of the most prominent elements of the Globetrotter, which include not only its gorgeous interior and surrounding windows but also its smooth lines, which make simply gazing at this space delightfully. You’ll also appreciate the clever storage options that are tucked away in every corner, and most importantly, the opportunity to simply sit back, relax, and take in your surroundings.

The assurance that you will have a pleasant place to lay your head at night and catch some sleep before the following day’s exciting excursions is an important part of enjoying your RV experience. This bedroom is furnished with comfortable mattresses, and some floorplans include a twin bed for the younger guests. You’ll also appreciate the décor, which has been jazzed up while remaining modest.

In conclusion, for those who can afford it, the Globetrotter can function as a sort of modern-day fantasy house for a few weeks. This ultra-sleek camper marries the aspects of adventure with the essence of European design to provide a really unique experience.

The camper is effortlessly gorgeous on the interior and the outside, with clean lines and exquisite elements on the inside and outside. The basic, traditional aluminum external walls provide an appealing, fashionable appearance due to their simplicity and consistency.

Airstream Globetrotter

Airstream Globetrotter 23FB & 23FB Twin

With rigorous attention to detail, the Airstream Globetrotter 23FB and 23FB Twin Travel Trailers are truly and deliberately contemporary trailers with uncompromising style. Its simple design, which is European-inspired and American-made, has crisp, clean lines and delicate neutral hues that elevate it to a sophisticated level of elegance.

Soft slopes, panoramic views, wrap-around seating, and backlighting interior makes it a modern traveler’s paradise.

The Globetrotter 23 is equipped with a full-length bathroom in the rear, a convertible dinette in the middle, and a queen bed at the front of the trailer, with plenty of room to roam around. Meanwhile on the Globetrotter 23FB Twin has a twin-sized bed.

Optional Features

  • A convection microwave is an optional component that allows you to customize your cooking experience based on your cooking preferences. The convection microwave has taken the place of the conventional oven.
  • Install 90 watts (one 90-watt solar panel) of rooftop solar power to keep the onboard batteries charged and operational.

Airstream Globetrotter 25FB & 25FB Twin

The Globetrotter is a showman who turns heads and captures hearts. In addition to being completely stocked with opulent features and high-end conveniences, this contemporary, design-forward travel trailer is as stunning to look at as it is to operate.

The 25-foot Globetrotter travel trailer, like every other Airstream travel trailer, is manufactured with the same degree of craftsmanship and unsurpassed durability that will ensure it lasts for decades to come. The 25FB has a queen bed at the front and the 25FB Twin has twin bed, with plenty of room to move around entirely.

Optional Features

  • A convection microwave is an optional feature that allows you to customize your cooking experience based on your cooking preferences. The convection microwave, which is similar to the 23′ type, takes the place of the gas oven.
  • Adding 180 watts of rooftop solar power (two 90-watt panels) will help to keep the onboard batteries fully charged.
  • A second air conditioner (AC) with heat pumps can be installed to provide for separate control of two different zones. This converts the 30 AMP electrical service required for a single air conditioner to a 50 AMP electrical service suitable for dual air conditioning and heat pump operation.

Airstream Globetrotter 27FB & 27FB Twin

Airstream travel trailers nowadays are a monument to their commitment not to make changes only for the purpose of making changes, but rather to create continuous improvements. Since 1931, Airstream has been at the forefront of new RV technology, including refrigerators, toilets, screen doors, and showers in travel trailers, which have set the standard for the industry in terms of inventive solutions that enhance the travel experience.

Their trailers are meticulously planned and manufactured to inspire an adventure by providing all of the amenities, technology, and convenience that make any place seem like home.

Their ever-growing community is glad to share their thoughts on what genuine Airstreamers require, want, and enjoy, and this information helps us design travel trailers with floor layouts that are appealing to a wide range of campers and travelers throughout the world.

Optional Features

  • A convection microwave is another optional feature that allows you to customize your cooking experience based on your cooking preferences. In contrast to the 23′ and 25′ versions, the 27′ comes equipped with a microwave and a gas oven as standard. The microwave is concealed within the kitchen pantry, but the oven remains in its usual place. If the decision is taken to upgrade to a conventional oven, the gas oven will be removed from the area formerly occupied by the microwave, which will be converted into additional pantry storage.
  • Add 180 watts (two 90-watt solar panels) of rooftop solar electricity to keep the onboard batteries charged and the vehicle running.
  • A second air conditioner (AC) with heat pumps can be installed to provide for separate control of two different zones. This converts the 30 AMP electrical service required for a single air conditioner to a 50 AMP electrical service suitable for dual air conditioning and heat pump operation.

Airstream Globetrotter 30RB & 30RB Twin

The open, linear layout of the Globetrotter emphasizes ease of access and mobility, allowing for more delightful activities such as entertaining, cooking, resting, and working. With a big open central space, it is possible to accommodate the changing and fluctuating demands of persons who live, work, and play on the road for lengthy periods of time with greater flexibility.

Customers may continue their journeys while maintaining the comforts of home or work because of the contemporary, sophisticated interior design and long-lasting durability that come standard with Airstream vehicles. The sleek lines, quality surfaces and upholstery, elegant hardware, and clever storage and space usage solutions of the new Globetrotter 30RB are the highlights of this model.

The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design contests, receiving more than 18,000 entries each year.

Optional Features

  • A convection microwave is once again an optional feature that allows you to customize your cooking experience based on your culinary preferences. As with the 27′ Globetrotter, the 30′ Globetrotter is equipped with a standard microwave and gas oven as standard equipment. When you open the pantry door, the microwave will quietly move out, while the oven will remain where it belongs. If the decision is taken to upgrade to a conventional oven, the gas oven will be removed from the area formerly occupied by the microwave, which will be converted into additional pantry storage.
  • Adding 180 watts of rooftop solar power (two 90-watt panels) will help to keep the onboard batteries fully charged.


Globetrotter Specifications
Exterior Length
23 ft. 9 in.
25 ft. 11 in.
28 ft
30 ft. 11 in.
Exterior Width
8 ft.
8 ft. 5.5 in.
8 ft. 5.5 in.
8 ft. 5.5 in.
Interior Width
7 ft. 7 in.
8 ft. 1 in.
8 ft. 1 in.
8 ft. 1 in.
Exterior Height with A/C
9 ft. 9 in.
9 ft. 9 in.
9 ft. 9 in.
9 ft. 9 in.
Interior Height with A/C
6 ft. 9.5 in.
6 ft. 9.5 in.
6 ft. 9.5 in.
6 ft. 9.5 in.
Hitch Weight (with LP & Batteries)
Unit Base Weight (with LP & Batteries)
Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.)
Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.)
Fresh Water Tank (gal.)
Gray Water Tank (gal.)
Black Water Tank (gal.)
30 AMP Service Single AC with Heat Pump (BTU)
50 AMP Service Dual AC with Heat Pump (13,500 BTU)
Ducted Furnace (BTU)
Refrigerator (12v Electric)
6.8 cu. ft.
6.8 cu. ft.
8 cu. ft.
10 cu. ft.
Oven (LP Gas)
Microwave (*Removed with Convection Option Selected)
Convection Microwave Oven (*Replace Oven)
Interior Windows & Skylights
Master Bed Configurations (*Replace Queen)
Queen (80″ x 75″)
Twin* (34″ x 80″)
Queen (60″ x 75″)
Twin* (34″ x 80″)
Queen (60″ x 75″)
Twin* (34″ x 80″)
Queen (60″ x 75″)
Twin* (34″ x 80″)
Convertible Dinette to Additional Sleeping
38″ x 76″
38″ x 79″
38″ x 79″
38″ x 78″
Sleeping Capacity
Up to 4
Up to 6
Up to 6
Up to 6

Price of the Airstream Globetrotter Travel Trailer

The Airstream Globetrotter is a European-styled travel trailer with an elegant, modern look and exquisite amenities that are available in a variety of colors. The Globetrotter was created with the goal of capturing the feel and spirit of Europe. The Globetrotter’s interior aluminum walls and sharp, clean lines combine to create a stunning traveling trailer. The price for different floor plans of the Airstream Globetrotter is listed below.

Globetrotter 23FB & Globetrotter 23FB Twin– Starts at $108,900

Globetrotter 25FB & Globetrotter 25FB Twin – Starts at $120,900

Globetrotter 27FB & Globetrotter 27FB Twin – Starts at $128,900

Globetrotter 30RB & Globetrotter 30RB Twin – Starts at $139,700


Overhead Cabinets with Custom Curves

The ease with which the Globetrotter® Travel Trailer’s storage is organized is a significant aspect of the trailer’s attractiveness. Throughout the travel trailer, the upper storage cupboards are completed with our unique curved wood doors, which are covered in brilliant white paint that is resistant to fingerprints. Internally, hydraulic hinges hold the doors in place while they’re completely opened and provide a gentle closure when you draw them shut when they’re closed.

Countertops made of DuPont Corian®

The kitchen of the Globetrotter is equipped with Corian counters that have a contemporary blunt edge that matches the lines of the cabinets underneath them. The brilliant white tint lets light bounce off of the Airstream’s metal walls and blends well with the white lockers above the trailer. In addition, there are built-in counter features, such as two multipurpose storage bins that are flush with the surface behind the sink and are accessible from either side of the sink.

Kitchen with an Ultra-Modern Feel

In every aspect, the Globetrotter’s kitchen is the essence of contemporary design throughout. A three-burner stove with a glass cover, a Baraldi vent, an oven, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a microwave that smartly folds out from the cabinets are all included onboard. Moen® sink with a deep stainless steel bowl is a perfect match to the European modern Franke faucet.

Deep drawers with contemporary knobs are housed beneath the countertops, and above them, brilliant white lockers with curving wood doors are large enough to accommodate dishes and drinkware of all shapes and sizes. A slide-out pantry is located to the side of the kitchen and is ideal for storing groceries and dry products.

Upholstery of HITCH™ Seating

When it comes to the upholstery of its seats, the Globetrotter is the only Airstream travel trailer to use the award-winning HITCH fabric. In both the living room and bedroom, you’ll find it on the upholstered accent wall with a gold frame. This two-toned jacket has an intricate weave texture, a subtly shimmering metallic tip pattern, and an overall two-tone look. Additionally, it is extremely robust and stain-resistant.

Dinette that converts into a bed

The 25FB and 27FB Globetrotter floor plans now have an all-new “U-Section” dinette, which allows for more seating possibilities and combinations. An innovative modular approach to design maximizes the use of space for living, sleeping, dining, and entertaining areas as well as storage space in the upgraded home.

A kitchen that is both modern and functional

The kitchen is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. Prepare nutritious meals for your family while using all of the high-end gadgets you’d expect to find in a luxury home kitchen.

Quietstream Climate Control is a patented technology.

They have a ducted air conditioning system that cools the cabin swiftly and efficiently while being quite silent. A heat pump is also included to draw heat from the surrounding environment.

Taillights made of cast aluminum

LED taillights in the shape of circular dual ovals trace back to the contemporary look of the 1960s.

Monitoring with Rear-View Mirror

To make backing up and parking the trailer considerably easier, a rear-view camera has been installed on the back of the vehicle.

USB ports as well as 110V outlets

In order to keep your electronics charged and ready, USB ports and 110V outlets are strategically located throughout the trailer.

Here are some of the Exterior and Interior Features of the Airstream Globetrotter

Exterior Features

  • Customized Aluminum Entry Step
  • Aluminum Entry Door Handle
  • Black Tank Flush System
  • Cable TV Hookup
  • Cast Aluminum Door Hinges and Cast Aluminum LED Tail Lights
  • City Water Inlet with Water Pressure Regulator
  • Custom Aluminum Handcrafted 26 in. Wide Entry Door with Window
  • Waste Hose Storage that is dedicated for its own
  • Enclosed Aluminum Insulated Heated Underbelly
  • Exterior LP Gas Low-Pressure Grill Connection and Exterior Shower with the choice of Hot & Cold Water
  • Fluorocarbon Treated UV Protected Aluminum Exterior
  • Hand Painted Chassis
  • Handcrafted Welded Extruded Aluminum Window Frames
  • LED Dimmable Patio Awning Light, Entrance Light, Storage Compartment Light, and Tank Service Light
  • Lockable Fresh Water Tank Inlet
  • Polished Bumper with Storage
  • Powered ZipDee® Patio Awning with Sunbrella Fabric
  • Rear View Monitoring System
  • Satellite TV Hookup
  • Semi-Monocoque Aluminum Superstructure
  • Shock Absorber
  • Solar Front Window Protection
  • Solar Pre-wire (Rooftop & Front Access Points)
  • Spare Tire – Full Size
  • Stainless Steel Front Stone Guard Protection
  • Stylized Aluminum Wheels
  • Temperature Reducing One Piece White Aluminum Roof
  • Thermal Barrier Protection Between Interior and Exterior
  • Unique Front Door Key with Heavy Duty Deadbolt

Interior features

  • 1000W Pure Sine Inverter
  • Coat & Key Hooks
  • Complete Aluminum Interior Walls and Ceiling
  • EcoBatt™ Insulation
  • Electric/LP Water Heater (6 gal.; 9 gal. production)
  • Fantastic© Fan with Thermostat & Automatic Rain Sensor
  • Handcrafted Aluminum Screen Door with Guards
  • Handcrafted Italian Lite-Ply Laminated Cabinetry
  • LED Interior Lighting with Dimmer
  • Overhead Storage with Auto LED Lighting
  • Panoramic Front Windows with Blackout Shades
  • Probeless Tank Monitoring System
  • Quietstream™ A/C with Heat Pump & Electronic Thermostat
  • Seamless Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring

Premium Features are, without a doubt, the industry standard.

While traveling, the Globetrotter is designed to provide you with the greatest amount of comfort possible without the need to consult an extensive list of options. With premium amenities such as DuPont Corian worktops, domestic faucets, award-winning upholstery, audio technology, and powered equipment such as awning and stabilizer hookups, it’s simple to obtain the best. In exploring each floor plan, we will discuss the optional amenities that are available and the elements that are unique to that particular floor plan.

Pros and Cons of Buying an Airstream Globetrotter


Airstream RVs feature a low center of mass, making them ideal for towing. As a result, the car becomes more stable and, thus, easier to operate. It is also designed to be aerodynamic, which aids in its ability to maintain stability even when subjected to strong gusts on the road. Weight distribution is also quite equal throughout the Airstream, enabling it to be towed or maneuvered with excellent balance.

The materials used to construct the camper are likewise ecologically friendly. These materials, which are composed of aluminum, wood, and steel, are fully recyclable.

The Airstream Globetrotter model is definitely the design enthusiast’s dream. As the globetrotter features a modern style that is timeless with delicate neutral colors along with its modern appliances, and the incomparable master bedroom. And to those that are worried about their space should not be much of a problem as it is assured with a huge bed storage wardrobe, and other more areas that will surely fit your entire inventory. The Airstream by Thor industries guarantees the unforgettable adventure that you will have with the Globetrotter.

There are a lot of choices to choose from the Airstream Globetrotter, it varies from 4 different floor plans and you can also choose if you would either go with a queen sized bed or twin bed. Which makes it easier for you to choose which model fits your needs and budget better.


Maintaining the Airstream Globetrotter might be challenging if you only use it a couple of times every couple of years and don’t do anything with it. It requires a lot more maintenance than other to keep it looking new, you will need to do lots of washing and waxing to maintain its timeless design. With the aluminum you’d have to treat it way better than a simple travel trailer.

The Airstream Globetrotter may not be for everyone, despite the fact that there are variety of models of it to choose from. It can be very pricey than most of the travel trailers that you’ll find on the market.


Q. What is the rarest Airstream?

A. The 1935 Torpedo is the rarest and oldest Airstream ever built. The Torpedo’s 17-foot frame required some do-it-yourself repair work. It weighed 3,150 pounds unloaded, and what made it even more remarkable was that it was built during the Great Depression. The Torpedo had enough room for four grown adults to sleep comfortably, as well as several comforts that seemed out of place in 1935, such as pressurized water from a tank beneath it.

Q. How does the Airstream Globetrotter sleep 6 people?

A. The Airstream Globetrotter has sleeping accommodations for up to 6 people in its sleeping compartments. In the 25-foot, 27-foot, and 30-foot sizes, you may find sleeping spaces for six people in all three configurations. Each of the trailer’s 25-foot and 27-foot layouts has a sleeping space at the front of the unit. The Globetrotter floor plans have a convertible dinette, which allows for more seating arrangements and permutations to be created. With a clever, modular approach, the new design maximizes the utilization of living, sleeping, dining, entertainment, and even storage space while decreasing the need for more room.

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