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Enhancing Your Camping Experience With the Best RV Apps

Planning the PERFECT trip while lugging around a HUGE RV can be disheartening at times.

But with the right apps to guide you, there’s no doubt that you’ll soon be having the time of your life… Here’s our curated list of the Best RV Apps we recommend that you try!

Let’s Check Out These 6 RV Apps

The Dyrt

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: The Dyrt Pro at $35.99 per year

If you’re looking for the best RV, tent, and any outdoor campsites across Hawaii, Alaska, and the ENTIRE USA, then head on over to The Dyrt right now!

With REVIEWS and TIPS from ALL USERS, you’re definitely up for a great time.

General Features

  • Over 45,000 campsites for viewing
  • Comprehensive profile for each campsite
  • Intuitive search interface for RV sites, tent sites, cabins, yurts, etc.
  • Easy filters for better localization
  • Authentic reviews from all users
  • Direct booking from the platform

There’s no denying it… The Dyrt is your ALL-IN-ONE FREE APP for everything camping!

The Dyrt… And Features You Can Get for FREE!

#1 Community Forums

We’ll tell you right now: The Dyrt offers incentives through prizes and money for campers to share their reviews.

Topics vary, too! You might even find tips for camping aspects that you wouldn’t think you’d even need:

  • Pet-friendly campsites
  • National parks tips
  • Secret hideaways
  • Cooking tips
  • Dump stations
  • And a lot more!

The RV lifestyle is for EVERYONE. The Dyrt proves this by giving you a safe space to share your thoughts.

#2 Campsite Search Engine

Filters, filters, and MORE filters. The Dyrt guarantees great CURATION of your next RV trip needs!

These are just some of the things you can easily use as filters on the app:

  • Campsite Type: tent, RV, dispersed, etc.
  • Access: Hike-in, drive-in, etc.
  • Features: pets, drinking water, baths, firearms, etc.
  • Vehicle length, price, and ratings

Likewise, you can also SORT through the many features RV trips take into account price, ratings, name, and distance.

The Dyrt Pro… With Even MORE Features!

Now let’s walk you through what you’ll get from a Dyrt Pro PAID SUBSCRIPTION

For $35.99, here’s what you can get:

  • Discounts on select campgrounds, camping gear, and food
  • Discounts on camper and RV rentals
  • Offline use
  • Trip planning

We’ll discuss these more in detail, starting with the planner.

#1 Pro Trip Planner

That’s right! You can PLAN your trip AHEAD OF TIME.

What this feature entails is EASY CRAFTING OF YOUR ITINERARY. You can base this on your vehicle type, destination, type of site, anything!

The planner also helps estimate your expenses by providing:

  • Fuel costs depending on gas station locations
  • Mapping out the nearest RV dump stations
  • Locating sites that allow overnight parking

What’s even better is that the pro membership allows sharing your GPS coordinates cross-platform with other navigation apps like Google Maps!

With over a THOUSAND REVIEWS on the platform, your itineraries are GUARANTEED to be great.

#2 Offline Maps

Worried about cell service? The Dyrt Pro allows you to BROWSE THROUGH YOUR MUCH-NEEDED GUIDES while still being off the grid:

  • Saved trips
  • Campsite lists
  • Maps

These are the essentials we think you’d need!

You wouldn’t know when and where you’ll face such a problem. The app is designed for RV travelers who LOVE to download maps while out on a road trip.


  • Discounts. Self-explanatory! Pro members get to enjoy discounts on both CAMPGROUNDS and CAMPING ACCESSORIES.
  • Review Incentives. If this still hasn’t got you SOLD, then why? It’s one thing to read and leave reviews, and another to read and leave reviews WHILE being compensated for it.
  • Search Engine Filters. Who DOESN’T want their handy app curated? The free app already comes with great filters, but the experience over at The Dyrt Pro is just incomparable.
  • The Dyrt Community. Is it enough to say that the community on this RV app is great? Everyone’s always just so respectful and helpful! We have nothing else to say!


  • Minor Bugs. As with most apps, you may sometimes experience lagging. This is understandable especially given that the app is community-driven.
  • Automatic Renewal of Membership. If you don’t plan to camp out in the next month or so, make sure to cancel your membership!

The Dyrt already offers GREAT free features… but The Dyrt Pro really is just one of the best apps out there right now.

You can see it for yourself by signing up here for a 7-day free membership trial.

RV Life

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: RV Life Pro at $49 per year

General Features

  • Over 20,000 campgrounds for viewing
  • Over 10,000,000 points of campground data
  • Over 70,000 tips and reviews about locations and RVs
  • Comprehensive profile for each campsite
  • Easy filters for better localization

The RV Life app specifically targets RV travel! If you plan to have your next camping trip on an RV, then you should definitely check this app out!

To better understand the app, let’s go directly into discussing its paid membership platform RV Life Pro.

What’s Included in the RV Life Pro?

#1 RV Trip Wizard

This is RV Life’s answer to planning and routing your RV trips!

As a standalone app, you can get your RV Life Pro’s worth by maximizing its features:

  • Fuel Limit. That’s right! You can easily see just how much fuel you’d need to reach your desired RV Campgrounds… You can also use this to plan your rest stops ahead of time.
  • RV Height and Weight. You should know by now that there is no one standard for vertical clearances. This pro feature allows you to CUSTOMIZE YOUR ROUTE, depending on your RV specs.
  • Campground Filters. What are RV apps without this feature, right? The pro feature curates your choices however you want to.
  • Driving Distance and Times. There’s quite a lot to unpack for this feature, so allow us to discuss this a bit more.

What’s great about the Trip Wizard is that it shows you significant areas visually through the radius!

This means that when you INPUT a destination or a time estimate, the Trip Wizard will effectively show you the AREA with which you can expect to find yourself.

  • When inputting DESTINATION, your radius will give you an idea about how long and how far you still have to travel.
  • When inputting TIME, your resulting radius will give you an idea about how far you CAN travel given the time constraint.

For HUGE hauls like a camp RV, this feature can have you infer other pertinent information that you might need. Likewise, your radius can show any of these significant locations:

  • RV Park
  • Private Campgrounds
  • Rest Areas
  • Gas Stations
  • RV Parking Area
  • RV Overnight Parking

This routing system can also allow you to avoid any unwanted toll fees, ferries, tunnels, or highways.

#2 RV Life RV-Safe GPS App

Yet again another standalone app, this subscription is included with the Trip Wizard account. More features can also be unlocked once upgraded to the RV Life Pro.

In a nutshell, the Pro membership gives you access to separate apps that cater to your specific needs.

So what can you expect from the RV-Safe?

This is your typical SINGLE DESTINATION RV APP. The Wizard is designed for pre-planning and pre-routing. On the other hand, the RV-Safe is more SIMPLE and more INTUITIVE to use.

Some interesting features include:

  • Importing of information from the Trip Wizard
  • Downloading of maps for offline use
  • Community forums for specialized content

Overall, the RV Life platform offers curated free apps that get BETTER with a premium subscription. Depending on your needs, you can get the ULTIMATE APP right at your fingertips!


  • Centralized Platform. There may be a lot of iterations of their features between apps, but they’re all useful in the long run. It helps that they’re also intuitive once you get the hang of them!
  • Detailed Routing and Budgeting. When planning trips, going through the most efficient routes will not only save you time… it helps in saving money, as well.


  • Learning Curve. As much as it is a pro, the many features may take a lot of getting used to.
  • Multiple Memberships. More than memberships, there really are just a handful of platforms you can choose from. So while it gives you FREEDOM, it may also limit you from cross-platform features.

Try RV Life Pro Free for 7 Days Now

Harvest Hosts

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: Annual subscription at $99 per year

General Features

  • Over 1,500 campsites
  • Over 350 featured golf courses
  • Comprehensive profile for each campsite
  • Easy filters for better localization

Trip planning at wineries, breweries, farms, and even golf clubs is now made EASIER with this app!

Harvest Hosts is a subscription-based platform that charges $99 annually, with an upgradeable golf membership for $139.

This membership allows overnight parking for FREE at more than 1,500 locations!

This feature may save you some money, but you are always encouraged to support the venue in your own little way for their hospitality.

That said, Harvest Host offers the same amazing features as all other apps on this list: a comprehensive review of each host.

What makes it different is just essentially the TYPE of hosts you could expect.

What Makes Harvest Host UNIQUE?

#1 Location Sites

Right off the bat: they’re MORE than wineries…

  • Flea Markets
  • Dairy Farms
  • Produce Farms
  • Trading Posts
  • Golf Courses
  • Bowling Alley

Why settle for the USUAL RV parks when there are other free camping and RV-friendly sites available?

Really, it seems like if you’re REALLY up for a unique road trip or overnight stay, then Harvest Host locations may be just right for you.

Although they DO specialize in wineries (and they ARE amazing), Harvest Host redefines what it means to bring your camp RV to park overnight.

#2 Local Businesses

Harvest locations often are NOT commercialized RV parks or other popularized national parks.

The platform encourages you to support whichever business is present in your chosen site: from wineries to farms to hobbyists… anything! It wouldn’t hurt to help them.

#3 Community

The platform boasts its PEACEFUL and HELPFUL community.

Harvest Hosts, beyond anything, aims to foster relationships between their hosts and their customers.

Whether you’re after a place with low coverage or not, you’ll find people to bond with over the course of your trip. Similarly, trip planning is also possible by having you save sites for future reference.

However, still do remain VIGILANT and be cautious about the hosts and campers.


  • Targeted Sites. Wineries and other niche sites offer the best deals on this platform.
  • Unique Experience. The destination itself is already worthwhile, but the people you meet once you stay overnight on these niche sites make it A LOT better.
  • Membership Fee. Unlike other RV apps, the platform offers ANNUAL membership.


  • Limited Destinations. RV travel is only limited to North America, with even more limitations in Canada and Mexico.
  • Boondocking. It’s no surprise that niche sites don’t offer as many amenities such as shower facilities, fancy rest stops, bathrooms, cell coverage, and the like.

Save 15% of off Harvest Host Now

Gas Buddy

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: GasBuddy Premium at $99 per year

If you’ve been having TROUBLE FINDING GAS STATIONS on Google maps, then you might want to consider switching to Gas Buddy!

The platform allows you to see price updates in REALTIME. This will allow you to easily COMPARE fuel prices and save money… you also get to help other users on an RV travel through peer reviews.

What Else About the GasBuddy Is WORTH Being a Buddy Over?

Having a gas tracker by your side does come in handy:

  • Enjoy discounts and pay for cheaper gas UPFRONT.
  • Use filters to find the gas station just for you: fuel, budget, cost, location, restroom amenities, and more.
  • Track your driving habits SMARTER to see just how much fuel you would need for your RV travel.
  • Track your fuel usage for budgeting and better travel.
  • Report gas prices and also receive accurate information from a community-driven platform.
  • Enjoy coverage from popular brands and stations like Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Speedway, Exon, 7-Eleven, and a lot more.
  • Know your care MORE by hearing about personalized tips about car maintenance.

For its desired purpose, the GasBuddy truly is one of the best RV travel apps out there.

The only drawback, though? There really isn’t anything much you can do outside of FUEL AND GAS RELATED INFORMATION.

So Why Upgrade to Premium?

Are you a frequent traveler who’s after MORE DISCOUNTS? Then we highly suggest you avail of the premium membership.

You are also entitled to a physical card and 24 hours of roadside assistance, so you don’t have to worry about traveling at night.


  • Comprehensive Tracking System. Effective algorithm to predict RV-friendly travels and accurate information about system prices.
  • Simple and Intuitive. The app is straightforward enough for you to navigate through.
  • Limited Features. You can only expect to gain insights on information related to fuel pricing and estimates.

RV Parky

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: None

If you’re looking for a platform that totally offers its services for FREE, then you might want to check RV Parky out.

The frapp offers ALL the basics that you would need for your RV travel:

  • A comprehensive campsite directory across the United States and Canada
  • User reviews and ratings of campgrounds
  • Accurate host and site profiles
  • Updated photos
  • Efficient tracking of your past, present, and future RV travel

For filtering your content, the app map effectively considers user ratings, the type of place, present amenities, and other nuances you can specify.

The app is also visually easy to use as they have specified ICONS for different campsites: national forest parks, RV parks, and regular overnight parking locations.

You Can Also: Plan Your Trips With the Parky App!

You have all the FREEDOM to plan your trip. The comprehensive listings on the platform will surely give you an idea about what to expect!

Start Your Itinerary… quick and easy!

This is really straightforward and HIGHLY intuitive. Simply input the following and you’re good to go:

  • Personal name for your trip
  • Origin destination
  • Target destination
  • Desired stops
  • Desired dates
  • Estimate fuel price

The app will AUTOMATICALLY give you a time estimate, as well as other recommended sites for you to check out. Don’t worry because the platform has a STRONG filter system for your specified information.

Even more intuitive is how you can ADD campsites with just ONE CLICK.

You are also given the chance to be more personal by keeping accounts of your LIKES, DISLIKES, AND FAVORITE SITES.

Just be patient because processing may take a little longer than other apps… the platform sometimes has problems with high user traffic.


  • Completely FREE. All the necessities of the best RV travel are easily accessible to you.
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface. A fellow RV camper developed the app, so expect to have the platform processes flow smoothly.


  • Minor Bugs. Remember that the platform is FREE and mostly supported by fellow campers as well.

Highway Weather

Price: Free on Android | iOS

Subscription: Subscription at $1.99 a month

Always want a guarantee to see the night sky during your travels? This is one of the simpler and better weather apps in the market right now.

Simply, it’s a weather app specifically made for TRAVELERS:

  • Get a time estimate to know WHEN to leave and WHEN you’re bound to arrive
  • Know the weather forecast and conditions ALONG your route

This is helpful as you should ALWAYS prioritize your safety when on a road trip… and that’s ESPECIALLY with a large vehicle like RV.

How Does the App Work?

More than giving the time in and time out estimates, Highway Weather ALSO gives you insight about the following:

  • Hour-by-hour wind
  • Precipitation
  • Temperature forecast

Rather than relying on Google Maps to estimate your travel time, these will help you ADJUST your speed every step of your travel.

So What’s the Catch?

The free weather app unfortunately comes with a LOT of advertisements.

If you’re the type to be bothered about it, you may simply avail of the monthly subscription. It also comes with a REAL TIME DRIVING MODE FEATURE for instant updates.

Otherwise, you can simply pay for the $1.99 one-time fee for a simple removal of ads.


  • Simple and Intuitive Interface. The information you want to see is given to you at face value.
  • Accurate Computations. Its algorithm and public updates make for a perfect platform for nature lovers to enjoy nights out.


  • Advertisements. The free application comes with a lot of these so you may have to spend a little more for a seamless experience.


Indeed, that was a lot to unpack. To recap, here are some of the main uses and specifications for each RV app.

  • The Dyrt for your overall needs
  • RV Life for your pre-planning needs
  • Harvest Hosts for your niche destinations
  • GasBuddy for your fuel needs
  • RV Parky for an affordable platform
  • Highway Weather for your weather updates

We can’t wait to hear your travel stories and experiences with these apps we proposed.

Did our list help you find the perfect app for your next trip. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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