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Passport America Membership Review — Is It Worth It?

The RV life can be pretty expensive. You have to spend on gas, maintenance, repairs, and storage when you’re not using your recreational vehicle.

You also have to spend on campsite rental and hookups which average between $45 to $50 a night depending on the location, size of your unit, and services offered.

That’s why it’s wise to think of ways on how to save money while on the road. This is where RV memberships can help you. You can take advantage of the exclusive perks and discounts with their partner establishments and businesses thus, helping you save money especially on expensive campsite fees which can be hefty on the pocket in the long run.

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Passport America is one of those RV clubs that you can join for you to avail of great discounts! Read on as we discuss what it is about, how much it’ll cost you, and if it’s really worth your money.

What is Passport America?

Passport America is an RV membership that allows you to get 50% discount at their partner campgrounds’ nightly rates.

Understanding the need of the RV community to save up on campsite rentals, they started their discount club in 1992 and have been continuously expanding since then. To date, they have partnered with almost 1,900 quality campgrounds all over the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Passport America is the “original and world’s largest 50% discount camping club” that will allow you to travel in your RV for less. They have a large network of RV parks wherein members can get 50% discount on the campsite’s regular nightly rate on a space availability basis.

As each campground is individually owned and operated, Passport America members are advised to check the Important Campground Notes of each participating park to know more about their coverage, length of stay, procedures for reservations, and other important details.

How much does it cost?

Passport America membership costs $44 for one year. But if you’ll sign up for their 2 year RV Discount Camping Card, you can get it for only $79 which give you a 10% discount for the cost of membership. Passport America also has a Three Year RV Discount Camping Card which you can get for $109 or equivalent to 17% savings compared to the annual membership cost.

Those who sign up will receive a personalized 50% discount travel card, the Passport America International 50% Discount Camping Directory, and a decal. They are also entitled to a free online subscription of RV America Magazine, valued at $12, aside from having access to various discounts and benefits included in their program which are only offered to holders of the Passport America RV Discount Camping Card.

What does your RV Discount Camping Card cover?

Your RV Discount Camping Card is your ticket to get the 50% discount from the participating campground’s regular nightly rate. RVers can enjoy the hookups and services available in these parks such as electricity, water, and comfort rooms.

Passport America cardholders can use their discount card as often as they like. Each discount card is good for 1 RV in 1 RV campground. It is not valid with other discounts.

Rates vary from one campground to another. There are some RV parks that are as basic as it can get while some are totally luxurious and sophisticated. Aside from the amenities they offer, the rates would also depend on the location and size of your RV.

Also, the length of stay and the number of people in one RV who are included in the discount may vary from one campground to another. So, it is always best to read the Important Campground Notes for each participating RV park to be aware of the inclusions in your discount card and the additional charges that may apply.

Why do RV Parks Join the Passport America System?

With the huge discount given to Passport America members, one would wonder why campgrounds and RV parks would want to join this program when they could charge RVers for the full amount.

RV parks join the Passport America system because it is good for their marketing. More RVers know about their campgrounds since they are included in the Passport America International 50% Discount Camping Directory and they get featured in Passport America’s website and newsletter.

By offering discounts, they hope that more people will visit their campgrounds, stay longer, and if they’re satisfied with the place, they will visit them again and encourage more people in the RV community to go to their campgrounds also. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

How do you get the most out of your Passport America Membership?

Here are some tips for you to maximize your Passport America travel card.

Be updated.

Passport America’s network is continuously growing so it’s best to know new campgrounds and resorts that have joined their program. Your favorite RV park may be their newest affiliate! They update their online list of parks real-time so make sure you check their website for updates.

Always read the fine print.

As we’ve been telling you earlier, it’s always best to read the Important Campground Notes section for each participating RV park so that you will know their policies when you want to get your 50% discount – which are allowed or not, which are included in the discount, and other matters.

Make your reservation.

You can stay in participating RV parks on a space availability basis. Passport America does not have an online reservation system so it’s best that you call them ahead of time to give them a heads up that you’re coming and using your travel card discount.

Utilize their Trip Routing App

With thousands on RV parks in their directory, it can be overwhelming to find one located along your route. Don’t worry because Passport America has a Trip Routing App that allows you to see their partner campgrounds near you.

You just put your starting and ending locations, indicate if you want to avoid tolls and highways, if you’re making additional stops along the way, and if you want to limit your search to Passport America parks only and you’ll have the list of parks that you need.

Is Passport America Worth the Money?

This brings us to our main point. Is it worth it to sign up for Passport America and pay for their membership fee? We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages in our Passport America review.

The Pros

Value for Money

Getting 50% off on nightly campsite rental rates is big savings indeed! Considering that the average rate is $40 per night, you will already recover your initial investment in a night or two. What more if you’re a regular RVer or living the full-time RV life? That’s getting a lot out of your initial investment!


Passport America is one of the RV clubs with a low membership fee. It’s just equivalent to the average nightly rate of your typical RV park. You will even enjoy more savings when you sign up with them for 2 or 3 years.


You will get a $10 incentive when you refer a new member. You can use this when you renew your membership.

The Cons

On Space Availability Basis

Being a member does not guarantee that you’ll have a campsite space. This can be quite a bummer during peak season.


There are restrictions as to when you can use your discount card at some of their partner parks like during off-peak hours or certain days of the week only. Some also limit the number of nights that you can stay in the campgrounds.

Limited Areas

Despite their large network across the country, there are areas where passport America doesn’t have partner RV parks yet.

Our Verdict

Passport America had us at 50% discount. That’ll give you huge savings at such a small amount for a membership fee. Sure it’s not perfect and there are restrictions when you use it, but the high discount that they offer more than makes up for all their limitations.

Passport America is one of those RV memberships that you should join because it allows you to enjoy RV traveling for less.

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