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The Dyrt App Review: Is This the Camping App for You?

There’s one question we always get asked when talking to friends who want to find a campsite for their next adventure: How do you plan your trips?

Over the long course of my camping hobby, we’ve learned that there is an effective way to find campsites and locations: The Dyrt App!

Let’s share with you all our thoughts, reviews, and experiences with the Dyrt camping app.

What Is the Dyrt App?

Let’s put it this way. It’s like Pandora’s box or the Genie Lamp of the camping community.

The Dyrt app lets your wish to discover campsites to visit near your place by gathering reviews and information on command.

It even gives you data on about 35,000 campgrounds around the US to add to your itinerary list.

The platform, which comes in a free or premium paid version, lets you view an array of different campgrounds – from the most favorite to the most reviewed in the area.

It even gives you a streamline feature for your search based on site access or accommodation types.

This amazing platform is ranked number #1 for “camping” apps on both the Apple Store and Google Store, so it’s definitely safe to say that you’re in for a smooth ride.

What Makes It so User-Friendly?

But in brief, it has an awesome interface that can let you filter your searches according to your needs.

It also lets you make an account to view detailed lists of amenities, contact info, user-submitted photos, and content for you to keep and review before you take on a trip.

Dyrt can also help you snag some great deals and discounts on gear and selected campground sites!

The best part of the Dyrt App is that it is a BIG COMMUNITY of camp enthusiasts.

Instead of just phoning one friend for location suggestions, now you have a whole platform of camper friends (and we are talking about millions. of. friends) ready to share their stories and advice with you!

Now cheers to enjoying your trip to the fullest.

Dyrt Free Version

Using the Dyrt app with the free version is pretty straightforward.

With a free account, you can simply search for a city, state, or region of choice or click “near me” and find yourself presented with a selection of campgrounds, reviews, and photos to browse through.

Simply read through the reviews or view integrated maps of the campsites suggested.

We’d say that the free version is enough for the novice traveler.

With that said, it does offer limited options, and it doesn’t really show the elements that make the Dyrt App stand out among its competitors.

Dyrt Pro

Enter the Dyrt Pro app, your one-stop divine camping platform for ALL the information you will need for your next trip.

The Dyrt pro version requires you to pay an annual fee of $35.99, which you can buy through Android and iOS application stores or via the Dyrt app website as well.

You can choose to renew the subscription and reap the benefits of Dyrt’s features yearly.

Some of the perks you can receive with the Dyrt pro version are the following:

  • Offline access to their entire database
  • Additional map details
  • Discount privileges with their select brand partners!

You can also directly book through the platform or download maps if you expect to lose your internet connection along the way.

Going pro also includes special perks such as the “Trip Planner and the “Map Layers.”

If you’re not yet willing to shell out the whole membership fee just yet, fret not!

Is There a Free Trial?

There is a 7-day free trial option for new Dyrt Pro user that includes:

  • Trip planner
  • Map downloads
  • Offline access
  • Public land map overlays
  • Discounts at partner campgrounds and on camping gear (according to their website)

However, you are NOT ALLOWED to receive multiple trials. Once you have finished your trial period or are currently still in the middle of a free trial, you are not entitled to another opportunity.

NOTE: Dyrt services are also generally non-refundable, even if your subscriptions are only partially used. Make sure to cancel your subscription or trial AT LEAST A DAY before it is due if you wish to discontinue the services for the following year.

Reasons Why I Love This Camping App

Since we started using the upgraded Dyrt Pro app, our search for US campgrounds has become very efficient.

We visited some of the best campground sites minus the pick-and-experience-it-for-yourself route that we would have otherwise done.

From spending hours and hours reading about endless brochures of campgrounds to visit, we now get streamlined locations and tips instantly.

It also gives me a heads-up in avoiding mishaps that some have already experienced along their outdoor trip at the campsite.

Here are more reasons why the Dyrt pro version is a perk you might want to have for yourself.

It’s a Community

And I get these campground reviews straight from a community of campers! That’s precious insight from people who spend their time ACTUALLY staying outdoors and on the ground!

What better way to show your love for your outdoor camping hobby than by sharing your campground and site reviews, photos, and tips for other campers and users!

With the Dyrt Pro camping app, you have access to this thing called the “Campfire,” which is basically a user-friendly website platform where you can reach out to other campers on various topics.

Through the site, you can use filters to streamline your search from the latest, top, or even state-specific entries.

There are also other topics on RV life, backpacking, tent basics, and other general concerns about traveling and campgrounds.

Information Treasure Box on Parks and Campgrounds

One striking reason why the Dyrt Pro is a GREAT app for BOTH new and loyal users is that it provides a wealth of both online and offline information access on a campground of choice.

Additionally, you can view other information such as:

  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Accommodation prices
  • Type of access
  • Features
  • Amenities on the site.

One of the prime features of Dyrt is that it just doesn’t give you lists of thousands of choices to scroll through endlessly, but it filters the results to fit you perfectly!

It’s a two-way street as well because you can also join in the fun by uploading your own reviews and photos on Dyrt’s website or app.

The Trip Planner and Map Layers

Ahh, TWO of Dyrt Pro’s most premium account features!

On the corner of the website or app, you will find an icon called the Map Layers.

It adds layers of colors to guide you through different kinds of camping. Examples of these are

  • Dispersed camping
  • Backcountry camping
  • Primitive camping
  • Free camping

The specific boundaries include the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), NPS (National Park Service), and USFS (United States Forest Service). You can find more of these pro features here.

Down on the other of the two pro features is called the Trip Planner.

This pro feature (which you can access via the app and website) is amazing because it recommends and lets you build a route for your trip based on your preferences and needs.

You will also be able to view your maps and choose one out of the 44,000+ campground choices or gas stations along your course to visit.

With the Trip Planner, you can even tailor your route depending on the vehicle you choose to take your trips with- whether by car, motorcycle, RV, or motorhome.

Would you want to leave travel notes of your itinerary to anyone, most especially to your loved ones? The Trip Planner can let you send all this information to them online.

These two features are conveniently available in the Dyrt App trial version.

Offline Search Option

If ever you find yourself wandering into the off-beaten path with nothing, not even a sliver of signal to connect you to the internet, you know you won’t go crying for help with the Dyrt Pro app’s offline feature.

You can do virtually everything important for your trip via the Dyrt Pro offline.

You can…

  • Plan your trips
  • Search for campgrounds, tent sites, etc
  • Download maps and lists
  • Review a campground
  • Save campsite information
  • Access the database containing the necessary information, such as addresses and amenities

With the Dyrt Pro offline version, be prepared to have extra memory to download and save all this information.

Good news! You can try out this amazing online feature even during your Dyrt app free trial.


As a frequent traveler and camping enthusiast, I just love it when I get to score deals and discounts wherever I go.

Dyrt Pro lets me in on some cool treats of up to 40% discount on reservations and gear from 1000 of its partners.

Discounts on campgrounds and camping gear are available even during the free trial versions.

Contests, Badges, and Incentives

Did you know you can win prizes on the Dyrt Pro app?

At the beginning of the camping season each year, Dyrt announces the start of their “camping contests.”

Essentially, you can earn points every time you submit reviews, photos, and content on different campgrounds.

Each region in the US gets a top reviewer, who is then crowned the winner. It’s exciting that the prices you can win are from Dyrt’s amazing partner brands.

If you are a top reviewer on the Dyrt camping app (or win a camping contest), you can become a “Dyrt Ranger.” So cool!

Limitations of the Dyrt App

While I am all praises for the amazing Dyrt app, there are some things that I hope will be improved for future website and app use.

Here are some of my reviews below.

It Can Be Expensive For Some

You can only use most of Dyrt’s outstanding features fully with the paid pro version of the app or website.

The price may come as a bit hefty for novice outdoor travel enthusiasts who don’t necessarily need the plentiful options needed by frequent travelers.

Because let’s face it, what are the odds that you find yourself stuck in the middle of no-internet nowhere and need the instant use of offline maps, right? Probably not that great.

Moreover, paying the annual fee to receive Dyrt discounts on campsite gears won’t really seem like a value-for-budget option if you will only take your trip once.

Perhaps it is really better to try out the Dyrt app’s free trial before taking the deep dive on going pro.

Another word of advice: Dyrt runs an auto-renew option so if you don’t plan on continuing the service after the trial, CANCEL beforehand!

Loss of a Sense of Adventure

For some people, one of the most memorable moments they have made on their outdoor journeys is going offline, taking the off-beaten road, and getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

The discovery of a new location merely by pure luck is something that would tend to get taken from you with the use of the camping app, Dyrt.

Limited Geographical Coverage

The use of the Dyrt app seems to apply only to the campground areas in the United States – this may be bad news for foreign travelers wishing to use the maps, features, and filters in their area.

You also won’t be able to read reviews on foreign places using this camping app.

Limited Offline Features

Dyrt’s selling point as a camping app is to save you in the horrific instance you lose your internet in the middle of nowhere,

Unfortunately, there’s just so much you can do with limited connectivity on the app.

While you can still read the review of an outdoor campground offline, you can only view limited photos of it on the setting.

Even if you download your map data before going offline, you will still have to eventually find an area with good signal to reload and update changes relevant to the campground maps for future review.

Thoughts by Users of the App

The Dyrt app may come with its limitations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a cool campground review app!

If you read feedback on application download sites like GooglePlay or the Apple store, you can generally feel the love of many camping enthusiasts who have used Dyrt for their previous campground travels.

Majority of users love how Dyrt is loaded with campground information near them and how each review on the site has helped them in planning their trip!

A user also commented that one of the reasons that made her download the app was the responsiveness of the developers in addressing bugs and glitches on the platform!

However, some users don’t like the unpleasant surprise of the auto-renew subscription, so that’s definitely something to watch out for!


While Dyrt has amazing perks and features that camping enthusiasts just love, there are still other applications that can be used to guide you in your camping!

SPOILER ALERT: Google is not one of them!


Source: Kobusmans.com

If you’re simply looking for a straightforward database to find a new campground or just interested in keeping tabs on future choice destinations, I recommend the iOverlander.

The best thing about this app: It’s FREE and completely run by amazing volunteer travelers.

It also allows you to read reviews on places outside the United States! Thinking of visiting Angola or Cameroon in the summer? iOverlander has got you covered.

However, it CAN’T offer you discounts on camping gear like how Dyrt can.

RV Trip Wizard

Source: Rvtripwizard.com

The RV life is becoming a growing community by the day.

This life definitely comes with its own challenges, so there is a big need for guides that can help both new and experienced RVers in their long road adventures ahead.

The RV Trip Wizard is awesome because it’s your travel guide to the best places to visit, RV roads to take, and it can even track your fuel costs on the trip.

It can also guide you through the discounts you can receive at your destination if you are a member of major clubs in the US and Canada.

Source: Apps.apple.com

There is no denying that the Dyrt App pro is one of the best camping apps available in the market today.

As frequent travelers, we feel like we belong to a huge community of free-spirited adventurers. Imagine friendly strangers guiding you through the secrets of each location? Just amazing!

Even if Dyrt has some limitations, we realized that it’s so hard to let it go once we’ve started using it. For us, the pros really do outweigh the cons.

It’s also the convenience of its use and the endless campground information that draws us in every time. We spend days on end just staring at the pictures and reading about my dream destinations!

Try it out for yourself here.

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