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A Closer Look to Airstream Bambi: Prices, Features, and Review

Does the name Bambi sound familiar to you? It’s been a popular moniker for the smallest single-axle travel trailers of Airstream for many years. However, Bambi now has its own official family of lightweight, space-maximizing choices that are ready to provide a significant improvement over the traditional tent camping experience. In order to get out and have some great experiences, Bambi takes care of all of the small things you need to do.

Introducing the Airstream Bambi

With a 90-year legacy of brilliance on a single axle, the Bambi is the classic Airstream model. It is playful, elegant, and ageless, and it represents the pinnacle of Airstream design. It was in Africa that the Bambi name first earned its icon, during the infamous Cape Town to Cairo caravan in the early 1960s. Today, the Bambi keeps proving mile after mile that its strength and surefootedness not only earned it its original name but also provide a way of life for those who travel with it around the world.

It’s conceivable that you were under the impression that all Airstream models with a single axle were referred to as the “Bambi.” Airstream completed the official switch to having a distinct badge for the Bambi family in May of this year, after numerous years of using the term to refer to any model with a single axle. We also brought the Caravel back into the portfolio and merged the single axle Flying Cloud floor plans (19CB and 20FB) into these new models, resulting in a more cohesive product offering. The Bambi and Caravel have the same four-floor layouts, but they differ significantly in terms of the features and possibilities they provide to customers.

When you take a quick glance at Bambi, you’ll see that it’s the shortest and cheapest typical travel trailer in our portfolio. The shorter length has several advantages, including being lightweight, being compatible with a large number of SUVs and vehicles that the majority of people currently have in their garage, and being an ultra-towable trailer that is both safe and extremely efficient, among others. Additionally, the shorter overall length makes it simpler to park at home or on the road, where space may be restricted in some areas.

Given a range of lengths ranging from 16 to 22 feet, as well as a large number of floor plans to pick from with similar lengths, it might be difficult to narrow down the best option. Our travel trailer comparison tool will assist you with the first major decisions in your decision-making process. Possibly you’ve reduced your search to the Bambi model line, but you’re still deciding which floor plan is most suited to your needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re strolling through a Bambi dealership or purchasing online, you’ll realize that all Bambi trailers have more in common than they have differences. Like any other distinct model line, the commonalities dictate the colors, materials, and fixtures that are used on the interior and exterior of the shell, as well as the design and catalog of features that are available.

The technical and industrial acumen that went into the creation of the classic travel trailer has several advantages. It’s commonly known that the semi-monocoque Airstream shell is composed of aluminum, but did you know that aluminum is also utilized on purpose in several other parts of the trailer? Aluminum is used in the construction of the entrance door handle, LP cover, door hinges, tail lights, entry and screen doors, underbelly, window frames, wheels, roof, and mini blinds, among other components. Since the early 1930s, this 100 percent recyclable and robust metal has increased product longevity while simultaneously decreasing total weight. It has also kept its glittering beauty.

Is the Airstream Bambi Worth the Buy?

Bambis are as adorable and traditional as they are sumptuous and useful. Bambis are available in a variety of colors. They’re built with the same care and attention to detail that previous Airstream trailers have come to be known for. An Airstream Bambi is a good investment if you want a reputed camper with a high resale value and a robust build. If, on the other hand, luxury is not high on your list of RV requirements, you may be better off investing your money elsewhere.

Of again, if you’ve always dreamed of owning an Airstream, who are we to tell you that a Bambi is a better investment than a traditional trailer? Our lives are brief, and if we don’t chase our aspirations, they will remain just that: dreams.

The Airstream Bambi Travel Trailer allows you to turn your dreams of traveling into a reality. It’s the greatest of both worlds: you get the finest of both worlds. A travel trailer that is tiny and lightweight, and that is easy to transport, with the characteristic curving aluminum shape that you’ve come to expect from Airstream.

The interior of Bambi has a unique design and hand-crafted furniture that are meant to be passed down through generations (or more). Make a fashion statement wherever your travels take you. The best part is that Bambi’s entry-level price implies that large vacation goals may be realized without an item of significant financial expenditure. So, what are you waiting for? The freedom of the open road is beckoning you. Allow Bambi to be the solution.

The fundamental distinctions between the floor plans are based on the construction of the building and the overall positioning of the main living rooms within the shell. A variety of factors, including the tank sizes, weight, net carry capacity, and even refrigerator size will vary depending on the size and length of the vehicle.

If you need a fast reference, the naming standards for Airstream floor plans are as follows: model name + length + bed positioning. Is it better to sleep in the front or the back? Is it better to have a corner bed or a corner kitchen? just some among of all things.

The Airstream Bambi provides the appropriate combination of attributes to endear it to anybody who’s long harbored thoughts of rolling through the countryside with a sparkling trailer behind them, pursuing the whims of the road, by establishing a great balance between size, style, and comfort. Sure, you can get a new travel trailer for a lot less money, but doing so means foregoing those classic aesthetics in favor of the blocky appearances and garish fake airbrushed designs among most travel trailers and RVs, that are completely lacking in elegance.

Making a decision on the amenities and layout that will best suit your needs is an exciting phase in the RV purchasing process. One of our primary goals, in addition to constant product innovation, is to provide our customers with a variety of options while keeping all of the comforts of home.

Having to be able to answer what, when, and why should be able to assist you in determining which trailer is the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. Who will be accompanying us on this journey? What equipment just must be left behind? What will be the primary focus of our attention? What kind of tow truck do we have? When and why should we prepare for winter?

Following your selection of the appropriate model and floor plan, your local Airstream dealer may assist you with the following stage, which is determining “how?” to proceed. If you have any questions about how to join the Airstream family, your dealer is the best resource. They can help you with anything from organizing a safe personal walkthrough to discussing financing choices.

Airstream Bambi 16RB

Small in stature, yet extremely powerful. Every square inch of available space has been deliberately utilized to optimize the number of flexible living spaces available, allowing you to have everything you want in our most compact size, no matter where you are in the Bambi 16RB. The front dinette and the back bed are located at opposite ends of the trailer, with the kitchen and wet shower conveniently positioned in the middle.

  • The smallest and lightweight conventional travel trailer currently available on the market. The trailer is 15′ 11″ in length and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 lbs.
  • There is a combined waste tank included combining all the contents of the fray tank and black tank in a single holding tank.
  • There is a wet bath included for the sake of saving the room.

Airstream Bambi 19CB

Featuring 11 windows, a corner bed and bath, and a larger galley area, the Bambi 19CB combines some of the best aspects of the 16RB and elevates them to a new level of sophistication. The front door and dinette are nearly identical to those of the smaller trailer, but the remainder of the floorplan is far more complicated. This floor plan is the smallest typical trailer floor plan available. It features separate gray and black tanks, as well as separate shower and toilet compartments.

  • In the rear of the trailer, there is a corner bed that creates a nice nook for the passengers.
  • A bi-fold door in the corner of the bathroom, which is direct across from the bed, saves space. When you aren’t using the bathroom, the door swings in to give you an additional living room to work with.
  • The sink and vanity in the bedroom/bathroom that is separate from the rest of the room.

Airstream Bambi 20FB

With an even more fully unique interior arrangement, the Bambi 20FB presents a floor plan that checks all of the boxes for a large number of potential customers. The 20′ 5″ trailer is equipped with a master bedroom that is encased in the front panoramic window, a 3-piece bathroom hidden behind a door, and a massive kitchen that covers almost half of the trailer’s length. It is equipped for just about any camping expedition.

  • In addition to having the largest counter space for cooking, this kitchen has a double bowl sink.
  • A seamless dinette conversion was accomplished without the need to relocate any of the cushions.
  • A three-piece bathroom is totally enclosed in this classic travel trailer, which is the shortest available.

Airstream Bambi 22FB

The tiny travel trailer with the most length in their complete fleet. It is because of this “just right” sensation that the Bambi 22FB has become one of our most popular floor designs. A single axle trailer’s maneuverability is combined with a high level of luxury thanks to the amount of room and usefulness that this floor design provides.

  • The biggest 3-piece bathroom in the travel trailer, which takes up the whole end cap of the vehicle.
  • Dinette that may be used as a table or bed, thanks to its U-shaped design.
  • The massive 54″ x 80″ master bed, which fits well at the very front of the trailer with hampers across each side, is the highlight of the trailer. The side and panoramic windows allow for plenty of natural light to filter in, while the blackout shades keep it out when needed to conserve energy. In addition, the bed may be raised and kept firmly in place by struts while you reach the lower storage compartments beneath it.


Exterior Length
16′ 1″
19′ 1″
20′ 7″
21′ 11″
Exterior Width
Interior Width
Exterior Width with A/C
9′ 3″
9′ 3″
9′ 3″
9′ 3″
Interior Width with A/C
6′ 4″
6′ 4″
6′ 4″
6′ 4″
Maximum Weight Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.)
Net Carrying Capacity
Interior Windows and Skylights
Master Bed Configurations
48″ x 78″
48″ x 76″
48″ x 78″
54″ x 80″
Convertible Dinette, Lounge, and Bed
40″ x 91″
40″ x 91″
40″ x 76″
38″ x 75″
Sleeping Capacity


A bed for two people, as well as a dinette for two more people

A fully loaded weekend adventure with your spouse in the Bambi Travel Trailer is the ideal solution if you’re looking to go away for a weekend getaway. However, it is also a convenient method to bring along family, friends, and even pets on the vacation with you. Both the devoted bed and the dinette can be converted into additional sleeping space for two people with relative ease and speed, and they can be converted again when you’re ready for breakfast the following morning.

The Necessity of A/C and heating

Any camping trip can be made or broken by the weather conditions. However, thanks to Bambi’s air conditioner and auxiliary heat strip, you’ll be comfy no matter where you are or what the weather outside is like. The heat strip allows you to use electricity to maintain your Bambi nice and toasty when you don’t have access to a heat source.

Bring Your Camp Meals to the Next Level

For those times when you want to do something a bit more formal than roasting marshmallows over an open fire, Bambi features a stove and microwave that give you a lot more freedom and flexibility. A built-in refrigerator keeps food fresh, and a sink, as well as stove cover, provides you with more prep area on the countertop.

Shower on the Outside

An external shower with hot and cold water is located within a lockable container on the outside of the Bambi. Use it to cleanse off your equipment or even yourself before entering your trailer, or simply just enjoy an outdoor shower for the sake of it.

Spacious Bathroom in the Rear

Three of the four Bambi floor plans contain a complete bathroom, which includes a basin, toilet, and shower, among other amenities. The 22FB floor plan has a large bathroom that extends the whole length of the trailer’s rear wall, as well as a wood door and a window. The independent shower has a built-in bench, and the vanity area with cabinet storage provides enough of space to get ready in the morning or at night. The Bambi 16RB is equipped with a wet bath, which helps to save on floor space.

A storage compartment on the outside

Cords, tools, and other extras may be stored in the outdoor storage lockers, freeing up important internal storage space.

Awnings that can be retracted

Make a shaded area for relaxing just outside the front door by pulling out the awning, which will also keep your trailer cooler in the heat of the day.

Performatex Seating Fabric is a high-performance seating fabric.

Designed to be simple to clean and durable, Bambi’s fabric is comprised of recycled fiber that is resistant to fading, fire, and frequent usage.

User-friendly Kitchen Features

The 2-burner stove, stainless steel sink, and microwave allow you to whip up a gourmet dinner or a fast snack in no time.

A refrigerator that runs entirely on electricity

The refrigerator is powered by batteries, which allows it to cool down swiftly and effectively throughout your trip, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable.

The Cost of the Airstream Bambi Travel Trailers

The Bambi is a good large vessel with plenty of onboard facilities, and while it is relatively pricey, there are other more expensive alternatives to choose from as well. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a travel trailer, the Airstream Bambi is a good option.

The Airstream Bambi will set you back a lot of money. The Bambi 16RB, which is 16 feet in length, would set you back at least $56,500. If you want to upgrade to the Bambi 19CB, which has a length of 19 feet, you’ll have to shell out $59,000. The Bambi 20FB, which is a 20-foot-long Bambi, would cost you $62,900 if you purchase it. As for the most costly Bambi, it depends on your budget. The Bambi 22FB, which measures 22 feet in length and costs $66,100, is the winner of this award.

The Pros and Cons of an Airstream Bambi


These little trailers have the ability to go in areas where bigger trailers and motorhomes are unable to. As a result, whether you enjoy camping in the woods or exploring areas other than concrete highways, you’ll appreciate the design’s agility. Airstream Bambis are also excellent for parking in small spaces, such as campgrounds or even driveways.

Airstream has put a lot of attention into the layout of its models. Every Bambi is unique in terms of size, layout, and usefulness. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you will most likely discover a model that suits your demands.

Airstream is a household name in the RV industry and beyond. Many individuals can relate to an Airstream, even if they have never owned a recreational vehicle. And, while the Airstream brand has broadened its appeal in the past few years with designs such as the Basecamp, the Bambi series retains the iconic Airstream aesthetic.


Because of its contemporary design, the interiors of Airstream trailers are bright and airy to be in. Nonetheless, it is a little place. RVers accustomed to large vehicles or those making the shift from a home to a travel trailer may find the Bambis to be too small. Even worse, if you throw in a few children or unexpected guests, you might find yourself feeling cramped.

We would not really describe a $60,000 travel trailer as inexpensive. Budget recreational vehicles such as Airstreams are not common, and the Bambi series is no exception. If you have the means, you will almost certainly not be dissatisfied with the product’s overall quality. The ordinary RVer, on the other hand, would most likely have to go elsewhere for a reasonably priced travel trailer than this. The second alternative is to look for a good price on a previously owned unit.

Another typical Airstream concern is the difficulty of completing repairs. The fact that Airstream uses variable metal thicknesses on different model decades of its travel trailers has a lot to do with this phenomenon. That implies that in order to purchase the aluminum that will be required to replace panels and make the appropriate repairs, you’ll need to determine the exact thickness of the aluminum that was used on your Airstream.


Q. Is the Airstream Bambi good?

A. Airstream Bambis are quite cool and entertaining to own, but they can also be very expensive to buy and maintain. It is a good, small, adaptable, and comfy travel trailer that does not necessitate a great deal of work when it comes to hooking it to your car or towing it behind it.

Q. Does the Airstream Bambi have a toilet?

All four-floor layouts of the Airstream Bambi come with a bathroom, toilet, including one that has an enclosed shower.

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