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Why do Airstream Travel Trailers cost so much? Is it worth the price?

Introducing the Airstream Trailers

With the construction of his first travel trailer in 1931, Wally Byam turned a childhood fantasy become a reality by providing lodgings for its owner while being light enough to be hauled by an automobile. Yes, we’re talking about the Airstream, and there are still a handful of these vintage vehicles on the road today, dating back to the 1930s. Wally wanted his invention to be a long-lasting piece of art.

The starting price for new Airstream cost ranges from $36,900 to $149,900 on the manufacturer’s list. Thor Industries, the company that currently owns Airstream, claims that 65 percent to 70 percent of all Airstreams ever built are still on the road today — that’s a lot of streaming aluminum barreling down the highway every year, according to the company.

The external length of Airstream travel trailer models ranges from different lengths of 16’3″ to around 33′′, and there are various types to select from. Each model features a traditional polished metal body with clean lines that are characteristic of an aerodynamic design. While you may pick a specific model to meet your requirements, Airstreams models have a lot in common in terms of features, built-to-last sturdiness, and the quality you would expect from a brand name.

Airstream also manufactures touring coaches, a total of five different types. These touring coaches are comparable to a Class B van in terms of size. Several models are available with Murphy Suites, which Airstream refers to as a “Class B+” configuration. New coaches are priced between $149,250 and $221,000, depending on the model.

Airstream manufactures its own furniture, which is tailored to the specific form and shape of each of its travel trailer models. Another element and style that is well-known in Airstream trailers is the use of glass tempered windows in large numbers. This sensation of taking nature inside with them and hugging it a little closer is shared by the Airstream Community. Due to the one-piece nature of the shell, it is not possible to drop appliances or interior furnishings from the roof.

Most Airstream owners agree that their RVs have a more contemporary and visually pleasant appearance than other recreational vehicles, which typically have dark cabinetry and furnishings, internal wood frame, carpet, and/or an overall rural atmosphere. When it comes to Airstream travel trailers, the curved surfaces and interior elements that are common are associated with greater production costs.

Airstream has a well-earned reputation in the industry. Anyone who is familiar with recreational vehicles (RVs) and the lifestyle that comes with having one can almost unanimously agree that, while many of us have never purchased an Airstream, we all seem to be aware that the brand is recognized to be a luxury trailer.

It should be mentioned that Airstream did manufacture a few trailer types with one slide between 2000 and 2009, however, they were limited in number. As reported, the major reason for abandoning slide-out models was a combination of low sales volume, heavyweight, and a price point that did not justify the investment in manufacturing floor space to store inventory and too

How much is an Airstream Trailer?

Airstreams are instantly recognizable. Known as “shiny silver trailers” since 1929, they have come to symbolize freedom, elegance, and a desire to experience the wide road. The Airstream has a wide range of features that will truly satisfy its customers throughout their journey. There are interior upgrades, A comfortable sleeping space for up to four people that may depend on which model you can choose if you would prefer twin beds or a queen-size bed. It includes a very spacious kitchen and counter space that has a two-burner cooktop at your comfort.

The Convertible Dinette, this feature is what makes sleeping space up to 4 people or even more, possible. With the Smart Technology feature, you can control and monitor the most vital functions and amenities of your Airstream from virtually anywhere – allowing you to stay connected to the comforts of home even while you’re away from home. All of this adds up to a more pleasant camping experience every time, no matter where you go.

In comparison to other RV companies, Airstream trailers are more expensive because of their all-aluminum inside construction, high-quality finishes, and components that retain their value over time, build quality, and longevity, as well as their famous and timeless brand.

To begin with, Airstream builds its aluminum body trailers out of high-quality “aircraft grade” aluminum alloy, which is far more expensive than the plywood, fiberglass, and rubber that other RV manufacturers use instead.

Because of the double-walled aluminum body of the trailer, Airstream trailers also take a significant amount of labor to construct.

In which the outside aluminum shell is first riveted to the steel frame, which is then insulated, and then a second inner layer of aluminum is riveted on to complete the construction of the trailer.

Another glaring contrast is how other RV manufacturers construct their trailers, which are often constructed on a fast-paced assembly line with little regard for the finer points of construction.

In an Airstream trailer, you can notice the difference between an Airstream trailer and trailers from other manufacturers as soon as you enter into the trailer.

It’s because Airstream is truly unrivaled in the RV market when it comes to the construction quality and high-end finishing that will f=definitely fulfill your RV lifestyle.

In order to achieve the greatest level of quality, Airstream exclusively employs high-end appliances and fixtures throughout the trailer, as well as custom-made cabinetry that is built to the highest of standards and is specifically designed to suit the curved inside of an Airstream.

Aside from that, Airstream interiors feature a very minimalistic and modern design with plenty of wide windows throughout the RV, which allows nature to take center stage while camping even while you’re inside the trailer.

With new and repaired historic versions on the road today, this high-end trailer continues to enjoy widespread appeal. It also has a devoted following. Are airstreams, on the other hand, worth the money?

Here is the list of prices of the Airstream Travel Trailers:

Classic – Starting at $149,900

Globetrotter – Starting at $108,900

International – Starting at $86,400

Flying Cloud – Starting at $78,900

Caravel – Starting at $64,000

Bambi – Starting at $70,300

Basecamp – Starting at $45,900

Atlas – Starting at $238,000

Interstate – Starting at $149,300

A Quick Overview to Airstream Models

Airstream Basecamp

A travel trailer from Airstream, the Airstream Basecamp is the company’s smallest offering. For those who love venturing off the main route, it has been constructed to be tough. It can be pulled by a wide range of mid-sized sport utility vehicles. Because of its compact size, it is easy to pull, and the sleek shape makes it extremely aerodynamic.

Despite the fact that it is small, it contains a shower and toilet combination as well as other facilities that make it perfect for boondocking or camping trips. Generally speaking, this is a really great lightweight travel trailer.

Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud travel trailer is the most popular model offered by Airstream. With more floorplan options than any other Airstream model, you’re sure to discover the one that’s perfect for you.

This travel trailer, like all other Airstream travel trailers, has a distinctive design with an open and airy layout. A wide range of stunning cabinets and panoramic windows, including the distinctive riveted aluminum cabinets, are available.

Airstream Bambi

In the United States, the Airstream Bambi is one of the most well-known trailers made by Airstream, which has been in production since 1961, when the company introduced its first single axle trailer, which was dubbed the Bambi.

This small and lightweight single axle trailer is equipped with a queen bed on one end and a convertible dinette on the other, which can also be used as a sleeping area, allowing this compact camper to accommodate its passengers comfortably.

In addition, this little camper is outfitted with a wet bath as well as a full kitchen that includes a small two-way fridge, a two-burner stove, and a generous amount of storage space for your belongings.

Airstream Caravel

You don’t need to sacrifice flair for functionality when it comes to your escape vehicle. The Caravel Travel Trailer has a modern interior with clean lines and residential amenities that may be customized to suit your own particular style.

Dedicated sleeping quarters, convertible dinette/lounging sections, a fully-equipped kitchen, and an onboard bathroom make this a great option for a weekend getaway or a longer journey.

Airstream Classic

The Airstream Classic is Airstream’s top-of-the-line travel trailer, and it has a lot to offer. It features the characteristic shape and appearance that have helped to establish Airstream as an American classic. The Smart Technology included in the 2019 model allows you to operate and monitor a variety of systems on the travel trailer, including vent fans, propane levels, air conditioning, and a heat pump, among other things.

Airstream Globetrotter

This Airstream Globetrotter is a European-styled travel trailer with sleek, clean lines and exquisite amenities that is available in a variety of colors. The Globetrotter was created with the goal of capturing the feel and spirit of Europe. The Globetrotter’s interior aluminum walls and sharp, clean lines combine to create a stunning traveling trailer.

Airstream Tommy Bahama

The Airstream Travel Trailers and Tommy Bahama are the two brands that are well-known in the United States. The Airstream Tommy Bahama special-edition travel trailer is the result of the combination of these two elements.

This Tommy Bahama model, with its wooden shutters, Caribbean-style finish, and leather chairs, will make you feel right at home… in the Caribbean, that is. Everywhere you look in this travel trailer, you will see design elements that are inspired by the island that has truly great outdoors.

Airstream International

The Airstream International is intended to offer a setting that is both comfortable and relaxing. Against a backdrop of neutrals, warm wood flooring, Corian countertops, reflective wood cabinets, and colorful accessories stand out.

Everything else about the International is intended to be soothing in some way. Everything is in perfect harmony, providing the ideal setting for your trip to unfold.

It is a smart travel trailer with a highly contemporary design, and it is manufactured by Airstream International. The use of high-quality materials ensures ultimate elegance and comfort. USB charging ports, 110V outlets, top-of-the-line appliances, and a plethora of entertainment devices may all be found in this room.

Airstream Atlas

Among Airstream’s touring coaches, the Atlas Touring Coach is by far the most sumptuous. Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis and inspired by the Airstream Interstate series of travel trailers, it is a Class B recreational vehicle. A Class B+ travel trailer, with its motorized slide-out, beautifully appointed amenities and finishes, and a modest automotive-style grill to bumper, is what they affectionately call it. A new standard has been created for individuals who believe that a well-traveled life begins with the best.

Mercedes-Benz, like Airstream, is associated with high-end vehicles, in the same way that Airstream is. The two companies have collaborated to create a new sprinter van that is essentially a five-star hotel on wheels. The 2021 Atlas Touring Coach, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis, was intended to produce a high-end version of Airstream’s “silver bullet” trailer. It has all the amenities you need to keep yourself comfortable while behind the wheel.

Are they worth all the Price?

There are a variety of reasons why Airstreams are more expensive than normal RVs, as we’ve discussed. For many folks, just having an Airstream for these reasons is worth the price of admission. However, there are many who do not consider themselves to be members of the Airstream fan club, primarily owing to the high cost of the vehicles and the problems that they may experience along the road. An Airstream will still require upkeep on the outside and inside, and repairs on this model maybe a little more expensive than on a typical recreational vehicle (RV).

There are passionate discussions over caulk concerns in every RV, and an Airstream is no exception. Because of the frequent movement of parts while on the road, monitoring and maintaining the roof and all seams is a critical concern with recreational vehicles. Because they are on the road for such a lengthy period of time, an Airstream may need to be re-caulked as many as a dozen times throughout its lifespan.

Due to the aluminum construction, silicone caulks will not adhere well. A polyurethane caulk must be used. This type of caulk is more expensive but works well for Airstreams. It should be noted that any RV can leak. An Airstream is not less likely or more likely to leak, but maintaining the caulk goes a long way in achieving a leak-free RV.

Again, as with any RV, the exterior should be kept clean and waxed to maintain Airstream’s clear coat. As an Airstream age, the clear coat may peel. It will then need to be buffed, polished, and recoated. On a good note, black streaks do not seem to appear as much on Airstreams as with other models.

There have been headroom issues in Airstreams. Due to the curvature of the roof, headroom is limited for taller occupants. Also, upper cabinet space can be impeded due to the curved roof. If you’re in the market, take notice of headroom and interior space when viewing these models.

Airstream models can have limited outside storage. RVers need to determine their needs to ensure that the storage suits their requirements.

Because of the aluminum exterior of the Airstream, dents appear to be a common occurrence. Even a little accident with a tree or a post might result in dents in your new home’s gleaming finish. The rounded corners of the Airstream are particularly vulnerable to denting if they come into touch with something that was either missed or underestimated its distance from the vehicle as it was traveling.

Just like with any other brands of travel trailer, you’ll need to make sure you have trailer brakes, sway bars, and are aware of your vehicle’s towing capability before selecting your Airstream dream. Make sure to look into the freight carrying capacity of any vehicles you are considering purchasing as well. Because they are considered lightweight, they may not be rated to carry as much stuff as certain other RV models, depending on the manufacturer.

Airstream builds their trailers with the greater weight dispersed between the axles and the trailers are balanced to provide better control when towing a vehicle. Airstreams are well-known for towing more easily and efficiently than most other travel trailer types. When loading your Airstream, all you have to do is think about how you’re going to distribute the weight.

Never allow two people to stand in the rear of a long, unhitched Airstream without first lowering the stabilizer jacks on both sides of the vehicle. Because of the way the weight is distributed, an Airstream might tip over and cause damage.

Corrosion can occur, however, it is usually limited to a small area and is purely aesthetic. In the event that you live near the beach or in an area where the roads are salted, you’ll want to look into the possibility and severity of the effects that this climate may have on your Airstream trailer.

To Conclude, It genuinely becomes a matter of personal preference based on want, necessity, and price. Many individuals can’t imagine their RVing experience any other way. They require their Airstream, they desire the one and only Airstream lifestyle, and it appears that they have set aside a budget to achieve their goals.

By purchasing an Airstream, you are automatically enrolled as a member of a larger community. As you travel down the road, other Airstreamers honk their horns at you, wave as they pass, and strike up talks with you at the park. There’s even an official Airstream Club that you may become a member of.

Airstreams continue to be valuable. Even if and when you decide to retire from RVing or, God forbid, acquire another type of RV, you can be confident that this particular brand will still be worth the money and will be easily resold.

When traveling for any length of time, many individuals may find it a little too restrictive to do so without a couple of slides that provide them a little more walking and elbow room. The point is that what is pleasant and livable is a personal and individual decision, and that is why it is all a question of personal opinion.

Airstream is a well-known and appreciated brand that is well-built, robust, and of good quality. It is also easy to pull and has a high market value. If you adore the appearance, feel, and style of an Airstream, you’ll understand why they’re so expensive. And, more importantly, are they worth it? After touring a few and falling in love with one, your answer may be as simple as “YES!”

Pros and Cons of an Airstream Trailer

One of the most significant benefits of owning an Airstream trailer is that these recreational vehicles are among the most durable on the road. The shell is constructed of a high-quality aluminum body atop insulation, with a second inner aluminum shell sandwiched between the two outer shells.

This implies that a well-maintained Airstream may live for 40 years or more on the road and retain its value for many years beyond that. But because it is more expensive and necessitates more manpower during the assembly process, the overall cost of the product will be greater as a result.


  • There are a variety of reasons why individuals choose to purchase an Airstream travel trailer rather than another brand of a travel trailer.
  • The design and style are ageless, and as long as you keep it correctly, it will not appear old and weary.
  • Built from “aircraft quality” aluminum and riveted to a robust steel frame, the structure is very long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Clean, lightweight, and appealing, the sleek metal exterior is simple to maintain and to look after.
  • The design is more aerodynamic, which results in improved gas mileage.
  • As a result of the lower center of gravity, towing is easier, and the vehicle is more stable for abrupt maneuvers and emergency lane changes


Even while Airstreams offer several advantages over other travel trailer manufacturers, there are certain drawbacks that may drive some RVers to choose other types of trailers instead of Airstreams.

  • Because of the robust construction, slide-outs, extra-large hatches, and massive built-in appliances are not possible (everything inside has to fit through the door)
  • Interiors are frequently tiny (this is especially noticeable when you are unable to use a slide-out), and ceiling heights may be lower in some models, limiting your ability to navigate about the inside.
  • If you’re not careful, the exterior of your vehicle may be more susceptible to denting.
  • Because of the lower center of gravity, weight distribution may be an issue if the stabilizer jacks are not depressed promptly after parking the vehicle on level ground.
  • Eight distinct versions of Airstream travel trailers are available, and three are too tiny to accommodate more than two people in them.
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