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A Deeper look to the Airstream Basecamp: Prices, Features, and Review

A travel trailer designed for individuals who wish to explore the globe was created for those who desire to travel. It’s a compact camping trailer designed for adventure. It’s rugged enough to travel everywhere your wanderlust takes you and comfortable enough to allow you to fully enjoy your time while you’re out seeing the world. After the first dusting of new snow, get out to snowboard. Spend a week mountain riding deep in the forest with your friends and family. Pack your belongings and go anywhere you choose, with nothing preventing you from doing so.

Introduction to Airstream Basecamp

The fact that the Airstream Basecamp is small and lightweight opens the door to a plethora of options. It’s readily towable with a range of mid-size SUVs, which means you won’t have to make any major modifications to your vehicle before embarking on a life-changing journey. In addition, the aggressive departure angle and wide wheels allow you to tackle more roads with confidence, while side skirts and wheel flares aid to prevent damage from stones and debris while on the road.

If your excursions take you even farther away from civilization, the Airstream Basecamp package provides you with even more robust features to ensure that you are prepared for everything you may encounter along the road. There are also a 3′′ lift kit and a higher hitch jack foot pad included in the package, which provides even more road clearance. Goodyear® Wrangler® tires and black shadow wheels are also included in the package. Stainless steel rock guards and a solar window protector also help to keep the trailer looking beautiful, even while it’s being put through its paces on the route.

If you’re looking for clever, efficient RV features, The Airstream Basecamp is the place to go. It has everything you need to get ready for the day, then cleans up and retires after it’s all said and done. Everything you need, from the onboard bathroom to the convertible living area that converts into a comfortable bed, is right there with you, right along for the trip. Charge your phone, get out of bed and make some coffee, and then hit the trails once more!

It’s best described as a somewhat longer version of the Airstream company’s entrance level Basecamp trailer, which has also been retrospectively redesignated the Airstream Basecamp 16 for the 2021 model year. Basecamp travel trailers are meant to be pulled by midsize trucks or crossovers and are intended for folks who are new to the world of travel trailers.

They are tiny and lightweight, making them ideal for first-time trailer owners. Airstream Basecamp 16s are 16 feet 3 inches long, weigh approximately 2,650 pounds, and have a sleeping capacity of two people. The innovative Airstream Basecamp 20 is 20 feet long and ever so slightly broader than the previous model, weighs around 3,400 pounds, and can accommodate up to four people owing to a little altered interior design. Besides that, there are a few additional small changes between the two Basecamp trailer lengths to consider.

Despite the wide range of travel trailers small house alternatives available, the Airstream Basecamp trailer has grown and become one of the company’s most popular trailer models, according to the manufacturer. The Airstream Basecamp constructions are an advance over the original Basecamp 16 and 16X structures, thanks to their bigger size and, as a result, the addition of additional and improved facilities.

In addition to a redesigned folding dinette and extra storage space, the new Basecamp now includes three separate water tanks: fresh, grey, and black water tanks. Because the Basecamp travel trailers are now 20 feet long, weigh 3,400 pounds, and have a gross vehicle mass of 4,300 pounds, they can both be pulled by an SUV or pickup truck.

Should you buy the Airstream Basecamp?

While the Basecamp is Airstream’s most lightweight and smallest model, it is not ideal for bigger families that want more space. The Basecamp is ideal for those on the road. Having said that, I found the interior to be far larger than it seems from the exterior; I never felt confined. You’ll have everything you need for a pleasant stay on a multi-week journey in the trailer, including a mid-sized fridge and cooker as well as sinks and an enclosed bathroom with a shower. It’s straightforward and simple to use.

The most significant limitations of the Airstream Basecamp include a general lack of storage — there’s plenty for weekend excursions, but life would be difficult for longer journeys and multi-sport experiences — and the inconvenience of converting the bed to a sleeping position. Some changes might be made to the design of the bed mechanism.

The interiors of the 20-foot Basecamp are well-thought-out, with enough storage room for my gear and food, as well as for the three other adventurous campers who joined me for the test. As an illustration, consider the dinette table, which can be turned to allow whoever is sitting in the center of a U-shaped booth to exit without the need for anyone else to get up and help them out.

When traveling in the smaller Basecamp 16 model, you would have to fold the bed each day in order to gain access to seating space. This was not the case in the 20-footer, which had a front kitchen with storage, bathroom access, and a dining table, all while the convertible king bed was unfolded in the rear.

In addition to the under bed storage that is accessible through the back hatch, the hanging compartments are excellent examples as to what this trailer does best: it gives people a sense of structure to the outdoor experience while incorporating a design that tries to encourage you to spend more time outside than inside.

The interior of the trailer has a redesigned seating/sleeping space with a rotating table that provides for simple admission and egress no matter which side of the trailer you’re standing on. Generally speaking, the wet bathroom is the same as on the 16, however, it is significantly larger than on the 16. An additional point to mention is the expanded storage space throughout the whole facility. All of the cubbies are still closed with smoked plexiglass doors, which give them a rough, futuristic appearance.

Galley equipment is almost the same as on the 16, so you get a two-burner gas stove and a moderately sized sink with a folding faucet in addition to the standard features. If you choose to have one, there’s also an alternative microwave that may be found over the smallish electric refrigerator. Air conditioning is also an option, but it is something we would recommend.

The sitting and sleeping space at the back of the trailer is identical to that of the previous model. Seating is provided on either side of two tiny tables that may be turned according to the needs of those using them. Shorter table bases may be switched out for the quick-release table bases, which can then be used as supports for the main sleeping space as necessary. The original Basecamp’s very convenient cargo door is still present on the trailer’s back, and it is large enough to accommodate a mountain bike, a kayak, or whatever else you choose to haul.

To finish things off, a rail that runs down the trailer’s door side at roof level is maybe the most popular feature. This rail is compatible with an optional tent, which effectively transforms the Airstream Basecamp into a screened-in porch with an additional sleeping area. The fact that the tent does not need standard poles is one of its most appealing features. Instead, the beams are made of inflatable material. It appears to be a little silly and unusual, but it would provide a significant amount of additional usefulness to the short trailer.

There are several distinctions between the 16 and the 20, primarily due to the fact that the 20 has a bit more area for everything than the 16. When it comes to the 16, for example, it features a shower pass-through that allows you to rinse off outside the trailer. A special outdoor shower is provided for the 20. The 16 shared a gray and black water tank (think sink drains and toilets, respectively), but the 20 have dedicated gray and black water tanks for each.

Airstream RVs New Basecamp Models

Smooth lines and aerodynamics increase road handling in this 21st-century version of the original Airstream “look.” As with the bigger Airstream trailers, the semi-monocoque aluminum superstructure is robust while still being light, and the outer aluminum skin is riveted, so the time-tested construction method should last for decades.

Additionally, the form of the roof provides space for dual solar panels, a lumidome, and a possible rooftop air conditioning unit. When viewed from a distance, the roof profile is extremely similar to that of SUV roof designs, making this a very appealing and natural extension of the whole tow vehicle/trailer combo.

Basecamp’s panoramic windows illuminate the inside and provide a full view of the outside world, unlike many other tiny travel trailers. The Basecamp utilizes every square inch of internal space. A bungee cord-like fastening secures a fabric shelf at the back of the device, which may be used to store your belongings.

We like Airstream’s attention to detail when it comes to Basecamp’s contemporary conveniences. Power and charging cables may be plugged in and accessed through the countertop’s access ports, which connect to cabinetry power connections. Galley electrical outlets rise from the countertop and lower themselves when they are not in use, making it easier to operate.

If you’re looking for a high-end, long-lasting, and highly sought-after travel trailer, the Basecamp may be the best option out there. With a 2-year Airstream warranty coverage that may be transferred and a 2-year 24/7 Coach-Net® Roadside Assistance insurance, the trailer is covered.

Basecamp 16

In the Airstream Basecamp, our trademark streamlined aesthetic is taken in an entirely new and fascinating way. The same high quality and unyielding standards that have helped us become who we are have been applied to the development of the greatest lightweight, multipurpose RV available on the market. Because it’s clever and spontaneous, as well as embodying the attitude that our founder, Wally Byam, was inspired by: “a venturesome spirit that inspires you to chase a rainbow to its conclusion… and therefore make your travel fantasies come true.”


  • Exterior Length – 16 ft. 2 in.
  • Exterior Width – 7 ft.
  • Interior Width – 6 ft. 4.5 in.
  • Exterior Height with A/C – 8 ft. 8.75 in.
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.) – 3,500
  • Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.) – 850
  • Fresh Water Tal (gal.) – 21
  • Interior Height with A/C (Entry Area) – 6 ft. 3.5 in.
  • Gray and Black Water Combo Tank (gal.) – 24 (Combo)
  • Microwave – OPT
  • Bed Configuration – Seating (24 in. x 76 in.) Half Bed (38 in. x 76 in.) Complete Bed (76 in. x 76 in.)
  • Exterior Height without A/C – 8 ft. 7.5 in.
  • Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System (14,300 BTU) – STD
  • 30 AMP Service Single A/C with Heat Strip (BTU) – 9,200
  • Hitch Weight (with LP & Batteries) – 410
  • Unit Base Weight (with LP & Batteries) – 2,650
  • Interior Windows & Skylights – 8
  • 3.1 cu. ft. 2-way 12v/110v Highly Efficient Compressor Refrigerator – STD
  • Sleeping Capacity – up to 2

Basecamp 20

Basecamp 20 is constantly prepared to take on new challenges. The trailer’s low-profile, aerodynamic design naturally reduces wind resistance, resulting in reduced drag and less fuel consumption. The rounded front end-shell eliminates a vacuum, which increases the economy and stability of RV towing while also reducing fuel consumption. With three independent and distinct parts, as well as an aluminum skin that is stretched and welded to structural ribs, the durability is unsurpassed. The 20-foot Basecamp travel trailer, like every other Airstream travel trailer, is manufactured with the same degree of craftsmanship and unsurpassed durability that will ensure it lasts for generations to come.


  • Exterior Length – 20 ft. 2 in.
  • Exterior Width – 7 ft. 9.5 in.
  • Interior Width – 7 ft. 2.5 in.
  • Exterior Height with A/C – 9 ft. 1.5 in.
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.) – 4300
  • Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.) – 900
  • Fresh Water Tal (gal.) – 23
  • Gray Water Tank (gal.) – 28
  • Black Water Tank (gal.) – 21
  • Convertible Dinette, Lounge, and Bed (inches) – 43
  • Interior Height with A/C (Entry Area) – 6 ft. 7 in.
  • Microwave – OPT
  • Bed Configuration – Seating (26 in. x 78 in.) Half Bed (41 in. x 78 in.) Complete Bed (82 in. x 78 in.)
  • 30 AMP Service Single A/C with Heat Strip (BTU) – 13,500
  • Hitch Weight (with LP & Batteries) – 500
  • Unit Base Weight (with LP & Batteries) – 3400
  • Interior Windows & Skylights – 8
  • Sleeping Capacity – 4
  • 4.3 cu. ft. 2-way 12v/110v Highly Efficient Compressor Refrigerator – STD


The same Airstream quality in a completely different package.

The Airstream Basecamp is constructed of the same riveted aluminum superstructure as our classic travel trailers, but it has a distinct design that distinguishes it from the others. Because of its aerodynamic body and roof shape, it has a low drag coefficient and so improves fuel efficiency on the highway. And the panoramic front windows allow you to soak in the sights and sounds of the world around you – which is ultimately why you set out to explore in the first place.

Continue to feel comfortable wherever you go

The importance of a resting spot for adventurers cannot be overstated, and the Airstream Basecamp does not skimp on the luxuries of home. The optional air conditioning with a two-speed fan can keep you cool when you’re setting up camp in a hot location. With the onboard furnace and hot water heater system(s) heating the cabin with world-class efficiency when you’re surrounded by snow.

Attachable and Convenient Tent

With an inflatable tube frame tent attachment, you can easily and quickly increase the living and storage space available at Basecamp. Given the tent’s adaptability, which includes two entrance points and two chambers, packing up and heading off or setting up camp and relaxing for the day is a breeze.

From Benches to a Full-Size Bed

For five people, there is enough space on two benches and a seat that runs the length of the interior of the rear hatch door. This is an excellent option for camping with friends or tailgating in the back of the truck. And when you’re ready to sleep, the benches can be transformed into a bed for two that takes up the whole rear of the trailer. Another option is to convert only one bench into a bed and leave the other bench as a seating area if you require some sleeping space but also need space to get ready in the morning.

Convertible U-Shaped Dinette

It is possible to comfortably lounge for up to 4 persons in the Airstream Basecamp 20 sitting area with plenty of room to spare. The tables are intended to be able to turn entirely around without colliding with anyone else who is seated at the dinette. This design also provides for rapid admission and exit from the dining area from either side, eliminating the need for the entire group to stand up every time someone wants to reach for the refrigerator or the sink, among other benefits.

Pack your belongings and head off.

When you have a spacious rear hatch door and a convertible table area that generates a lot of room, you can pack up your belongings and be out exploring more quickly than ever before.

Everything You Need for Cooking In a Smart Environment

Things have remained simple and efficient in the Airstream Basecamp kitchen. Each of the kitchen appliances – a two-burner gas stove and a sink – is protected by a tempered glass cover that folds down for more workspace when not in use and to keep things clean when they are. Furthermore, a microwave, a refrigerator, and storage space for dishes, groceries, and spices are all provided. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to enjoy the panoramic view as you cook.

Providing Opportunities for Exploration

The Latest Basecamp Travel Trailer is beyond anything of their previous travel trailers such as the Airstream Basecamp 20X, yet it is built with the same amount of care as the rest of our products. The finest materials, floor designs, and furnishings to incorporate have taken some effort, as has the development of novel techniques to make the lightweight RV-towing experience easy – and, most importantly, entertaining.

Fold-Away Tables

Two tables are ideal for entertaining, eating, and working on the same surface at the same time. Make a place for yourself by immediately putting them away when you don’t need them anymore.

Showering Outside

Make an outdoor shower for your equipment or yourself by using the pass-through in the bathroom wall.

Living Space that Can Be Adapted

Choose from seven different bench layouts to meet your specific requirements. There are a variety of alternatives, including a half-bed, a full bed, and seats for up to five people.

Spradling Marine Fabric

With its antibacterial, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, and flame-retardant fabric, the Basecamp chair is built to survive for years to come!

Other Additional Features


  • Galley Cabinets
  • Standard Outlets
  • Complete Aluminum Interior Walls and Ceiling
  • EcoBatt™ Insulation
  • Electric/LP Water Heater – Truma Combi™ Eco Plus
  • Fantastic© Fan
  • Stainless Steel Sink
  • Solar Window Guard
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Probeless Tank Monitoring System
  • Seamless Vinyl Flooring
  • Sliding Screen Front Door and Removable Rear Screen
  • Front Window Protection
  • USB Ports
  • Handcrafted Italian Lite-Ply® Laminated Interior Cabinetry


  • 12v Tank Heaters (In Addition To Heated Underbelly)
  • 2 Heavy Duty Stabilizer Jacks
  • 3M® Film Front Stone Guard Protection
  • Aluminum Entry Door Handle
  • Cast Aluminum LED Tail Lights
  • City Water Inlet w/ Water Pressure Regulator
  • Custom Aluminum Handcrafted Entry Door with Window
  • Custom Molded Plastic LP Cover w/ Storage Tray
  • Dedicated Sewer Hose Storage
  • Aluminum Enclosed Insulated Heated Underbelly
  • Full-Size Spare Tire
  • Steel Entry Step
  • Stylized Aluminum Wheels
  • Tempered Tinted Windows w/ Rear Venting Windows
  • Hand Crafted Welded Extruded Aluminum Window Frames
  • Hand Painted Chassis
  • LED Entrance Light, Tank Service Light, and License Plate Bracket with LED Light
  • Lockable Fresh Water Tank Inlet
  • LP (2 – 20 lb. Steel Tanks) w/ auto 2-stage regulator
  • Thermal Barrier Protection Between Interior and Exterior
  • Unique Front Door Key w/ Heavy Duty Deadbolt
  • Exterior LP Gas Low-Pressure Grill Connection
  • Exterior Shower w/ Hot & Cold Water
  • Fluorocarbon Treated UV Protected Aluminum Exterior

How much does an Airstream Basecamp cost?

The Airstream Basecamp 16 starts at $43,100

The Airstream Basecamp 20 starts at $50,700

Pros and Cons of an Airstream Basecamp Travel Trailer


Despite the fact that it is not as aesthetically pleasing as Airstream’s more traditional options, the Basecamp attracts attention wherever it travels. Its shiny metal finish, art deco-style wraparound windows, and beefy tires made it more of a conversation starter than a transportation vehicle.

Not only is the exterior of the Basecamp 20 attractive, but the interior of the building also provides an excellent first impression, owing to trendy Ikea-inspired finishes and abundant natural light provided (again) by the wraparound windows. Having to camp in Basecamp 16, It will be very pleasing to see that the Basecamp 20 has a significantly better internal arrangement. Having four more feet of room in the 16 allows Airstream to move the kitchenette (which includes a sink and two-burner stove) from its original location at front of the trailer to the right side of the trailer (facing forward) immediately aft of the entrance and front of the convertible bench/bed in model 20.

Those who enjoy cooking will find the tiny but functional kitchenette to be an excellent area to prepare a meal. We were able to leave our cooler at home since the fridge, which was powered in this case by an optional solar panel on the roof, was large enough to hold a weekend’s worth of food. The burners were on the tiny side, but they were functional, and the Basecamp 20’s 27-gallon freshwater tank provided more than enough water for cooking, cleaning, and handwashing over a weekend camping trip in the mountains.

No doubt, towing for the first time might be scary for many people, but the Basecamp line is a fine place to start for most people. However, the trailers themselves are quite light, sturdy at high speeds, nimble in traffic, and simple to reverse into an unexpectedly small camping area.


In the event that you truly want to go camping off-road with your camper, the Basecamp may not be the best option for you. A significant amount of sensitive machinery remains exposed and low beneath the Basecamp despite the installation of some modest armor, an air suspension raise, and off-road tires. This poses a significant obstacle to clearance. Despite the fact that it is tiny and lightweight, the Basecamp is likely to be a little too big and heavy for most major off-road treks, especially in the mountains.


Q. Can you stand up in an Airstream Basecamp?

A. It has a total interior height of 6 feet 3 1/2 inches, which allows for plenty of standing area. However, this is not a remake of Tiny House. Despite the fact that there is a great standing area in the foyer, there is very little space inside.

Q. How much is a 2021 Airstream Basecamp

A. Pricing for the Basecamp 20 begins at $45,900, while pricing for the Basecamp 20X begins at $48,900.

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