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Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition: Features, Prices, and Review

This special edition travel trailer is definitely not ordinary. I guess there’s something we can all agree on — that it is everyone’s dream. Two iconic brands in one? What could go wrong?

Introducing the Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer - Airstream

Introducing the Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer

With Pottery Barn as a partner, Airstream has created a limited-edition 28-foot, all-new travel trailer that is available only via Airstream dealers. This new trailer, which sits at the crossroads of comfort and style, combines the conveniences we’ve grown to expect from Airstream with finishing, fittings, equipment, and textiles from Pottery Barn’s best-selling collections to create a unique experience.

With collective decades of work expertise, Pottery Barn’s design sense and Airstream’s long history of travel innovation blend seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic. Other features include a devoted onboard kitchen, a bathroom, and sleeping and relaxing areas. The new trailer is also finalized with equipment, home furnishings, fittings, and other touches inspired by Pottery Barn’s best-selling collections, reinforcing Airstream’s longstanding promise to provide all of the comforts of home for its customers.

Airstream's New Pottery Barn Trailer Rides The Wave Of RV Popularity - Forbes Wheels

This special edition travel trailer is designed for the present day, in which career, recreation, lifestyle, and knowledge are all intertwined at home and when traveling. It is the entire range of Airstream’s technological solutions that are at the core of this new travel trailer – enhancements and features that bring the Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer only an inch ahead to the future of travel while maintaining comfort and convenience.

Will it be a wise choice to buy?

If you are someone who enjoys and requires the latest, trendy, and top-of-the-line item with all of the conveniences of home, this is the place for you. This trailer has it all and can do it all; it could easily be used as a year-round residence for several months out of the year. If you are in the market for an Airstream and prefer something that comes completely furnished, complete with dinnerware and a few unique finishing touches, the Pottery Barn edition might be a good option for you to look into.

Storage won’t be as much problem for you, as there will be no shortage of space in this travel trailer. you’ll be able to find customized storage compartments under the beds, for luggage or other household things. The overhead lockers, which are paneled in beadboard, provide additional space for storage.

With the Airstream and Pottery Barn collaboration, you’ll be able to feel the comfort of home anytime and anywhere you go. And with the pottery barn as its collaborator, it will spice up or even bring exciting memories as your travels will give the sense of adventure, aesthetic, and comfort all at the same time.

So, if you’re into a well-traveled life then, this might be the right choice for you. With two choices to choose from, either twin beds or a queen bed. You are already winning with the interior decor, Indio outdoor folding table, tailor-made storage solutions featuring custom furniture. It’s is rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your precious time with all the comforts that you are looking for with this 28-foot travel trailer.

Pottery Barn 28RB and 28RB Twin

The new Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition Travel Trailer is comfy, connected, and proficient in allowing you to make the journey anywhere whereas still feeling as though you’re at home. It is fully equipped with all the wonderful interiors and cozy details you’d hope from Pottery Barn.

The Airstream x Pottery Barn Special Edition comes into two floorplans: the 28RB comes with a queen bed and the 28RB Twin comes with twin beds in the rear bedroom. This trailer that is not intended for families can fit up to five people. In the kitchen, there is a dinette that can be converted to provide additional sleeping space.

2022 Airstream Pottery Barn 28RB Twin | Woodland Airstream

The beachy aesthetic of the trailer extends from beginning to end, beginning with the Big Sur sofa from Pottery Barn. It was designed by the Airstream design team with multi-functional features like a folding table and armchair, and it was upholstered in performance boucle fabric, which is another best-seller from the company’s archives. The window curtains are also made from Pottery Barn’s oatmeal linen Emery fabric, which is available in a variety of colors.

It is finalized with equipment, textile materials, fixtures, and other unexpected touches crafted with Pottery Barn’s design expertise, and it includes a spacious galley, comfortable dining area, dedicated sleeping, and working spaces, as well as a gorgeous onboard bathroom.

Airstream's New Pottery Barn Trailer Rides The Wave Of RV Popularity - Forbes Wheels

All of the details, from the custom-built sofa and chairs in performance boucle fabric (which includes some of its most comfortable cushions to ever grace an Airstream) to the window shades constructed using Pottery Barn’s oatmeal linen Emery Curtain fabric, have been carefully examined.

The Airstream crew was able to make all of the alterations as light as possible, but the final product still weighs 700 pounds more than the conventional International 28RB. The base weight for the special edition trailer is 6,600 pounds, making it a heavy trailer. The combined gross vehicle weight rating of the two vehicles is 7,600 pounds.

Cost of the Airstream Pottery Barn

Both of the layouts start at $115,300. On the other hand, the Pottery Barn Special Edition will cost you $145,000. It can be very pricey but it comes with its reasons.


The collaboration of two iconic brands to develop a travel trailer that combines the best of Pottery Barn’s timeless style with the best of Airstream’s travel ingenuity. These two models pretty much have the same specifications. Although, they both only differ when it comes to the bed configurations as the 28RB comes with a queen-sized bed and the 28RB Twin comes with twin beds

  • Exterior Length – 28ft.
  • Exterior Width – 8ft. 5.5 in.
  • Interior Width – 8ft. 1 in.
  • Exterior Height of A/C – 6ft. 6.5 in.
  • Hitch Weight (with LP and Batteries) – 900
  • Unit Base Weight (with LP and Batteries) – 6,600
  • Maximum Trailer Capacity – (GVWR) (lbs.) – 7,600
  • Net Carrying Capacity (lbs.) – 1,000
  • Fresh Water Tank (gal.) – 37
  • Gray Water Tank (gal.) – 34
  • Black Water Tank (gal.) – 34
  • Refrigerator – 2-way 8cu. ft.
  • Oven (LP Gas) – STD
  • Interior Windows and Skylights – 20
  • Master Bed Configuration (inches) (28RB) – Queen 60″ x 75″
  • Master Bed Configuration (inches) (28RB Twin) – Twin 34″ x 80″
  • Convertible Dinette to Additional Sleeping – 42″ x 76″
  • Sleeping Capacity – Up to 5
  • Ducted Furnace (BTU) – 30,000
  • 270w Solar Package with Solar Controller
  • Towel Bar
  • 50 AMP Service Dual (15,000 & 13,500 BTU) AC with Heat Pump


To start off with The Special Edition Airstream x Pottery Barn experience, you’ll be staying in a magnificent Pottery Barn-inspired hotel when you arrive at your destination. Starting with the hitch and progressing all the way to the bumper, our newest addition to our travel trailer portfolio is outfitted with elegant and useful amenities that allow you to rest, recharge, and make the most of your journey.

Airstream Is Selling a Fully Furnished, Special Edition Pottery Barn Trailer

With everything from seats wrapped in performance fabric that looks beautiful and cleans up easily, to motorized stabilizer jacks and an awning that can be deployed with the push of a button, the seamless function is combined with style throughout the vehicle.

The Kitchen is a sophisticated and modern space.

When installed in your modern brick and mortar house kitchen, the pull-down matte-black faucet will not seem out of place, and the stainless steel flat apron sink is big enough to prepare supper and clean up fast afterward. In order to maximize counter space, a solid walnut cutting board sink cover is installed securely around the rim of the sink.

A stainless steel flat apron sink and a solid walnut cutting board sink cover were also featured in the galley, both of which were designed by Pottery Barn to capture the charm of the company’s timeless look.

Garbage Can with a Pull-out Cutting Board

Tucked away in a drawer beneath the kitchen counter is a detachable wooden cutting board that is precisely positioned above a pull-out garbage can so you can simply dispose of your culinary scraps.

Recessed Compartments:

In the wall opposite to the stove, you’ll discover space for knife storage as well as a spice rack for convenience. Almost everything you’ll need to prepare a delectable supper is there in front of you.

Range top, oven, and microwave:

Your Airstream is outfitted with LP storage tanks that power a three-burner cooktop as well as an oven and a microwave. Replace the oven with an electric Convection Microwave Oven, which is available as an option.

Cooking Vent by Baraldi:

Brighten up your stovetop with this contemporary stainless steel cooking vent that swiftly transfers steam while you boil water for pasta or fry breakfast in a cast iron pan.

Pottery Barn Accessory Kit

Set up the Indio Outdoor Folding Table and Armchair Set under the canopy and serve dinner on the Mason Stoneware Dinnerware Set, which includes a 16-piece set of Mason Stoneware Dinnerware. A doormat, storage bins, and other accessories are also included in the kit.

Refrigerator and freezer:

The combo refrigerator and freezer have plenty of space for all of your cold stuff, plus it also has a freezer. As you travel to your destination, you can keep everything cool thanks to the versatility of all-electric operation.

Airstream and Pottery Barn team up for a snuggy travel trailer - Roadshow

Smart Control Technology

It is equipped with Airstream Smart Control Technology, which is an experience-enhancing combination of contemporary technology that allows owners to track and manage their travel trailers from any location in the world. This system also allows the user to set up their own Wi-Fi network, which can be utilized for a variety of tasks such as watching movies, working from just about anywhere, and participating in Zoom conversations to keep in touch with friends and family members.

Airstream Smart Control Technology - YouTube

Manage everything from the A/C to the lighting and keep track of vital elements such as the battery and water tank levels by just scanning a QR code on your smartphone. Getting lost in the woods or abandoning the travel trailer for several hours is something you should consider. Smart Control Technology contains a GPS that will always assist you in locating your way back. If you’re away from home and notice a storm approaching, you may even fold your awning using your smartphone.

The heightened comfort of the sofa combined with elegant design

Just inside the front entrance, you’ll find a large, L-shaped sofa where you may rest or take a nap in the afternoon. Designed to accommodate multiple people to sprawl out comfortably – or to accommodate one person to sleep at the end of a long day – the seating is upholstered in performance boucle fabric from Pottery Barn.

The fabric is a creamy white with subtle textures flecked throughout. It is child and pet safe, and it cleans up well. Your guests will be delighted to find an unexpected design element concealed behind the armrest of the lounge – a fold-out table that harkens back to the days when international flights took them all over the world. On this entertaining and practical feature, you may relax with your beverage, jot down recollections in a notebook, or draw up ideas for your next adventure.

Pull-out drawers are located beneath the sofa, allowing you to store everything you’ll need for your journey in one convenient location. Everything about Airstream design is characterized by its skilled use of space, with nothing left to waste. Cabinetry, shelves, side tables, corners, and sunken places are found throughout the inside, using every possible inch of space with Pottery Barn’s unique touch, giving you the feel like you’re always at home regardless of where you are.

Hardwood Dinette with Convertible Seating that is expertly crafted.

The dinette table is a high-quality heirloom-quality piece that is inspired by Pottery Barn’s best-selling Benchwright Dining Collection. It is constructed of oak hardwood and finished with premium materials. It’s built to last for generations, just like everything else from Pottery Barn.

The dinette is easily converted with the help of a solid, telescopic pedestal that is pulled down and covered with the soft backrest cushions that are included in the seating configuration as standard. The 42″ x 76″ space offers the optimum reclining position for movie night, thanks to the placement of the television immediately in front of it, and then smoothly turns back into a kitchen dinette for breakfast the next morning.

Shower and Lavy

Travel along with all the luxuries of home on your adventures! Close the sliding curtains to create a huge, private changing space on one side of the center aisle, and a shower on the other side of the center aisle.

The first item you’ll notice when you go into the lavy is the enormous, spherical mirror, which also serves as a medicine cabinet. There is a large sink with a deep bowl, as well as a counter space and many storage areas, just below the mirror. A porcelain toilet, a towel rack, and subway tile can be seen on the right side of the room. A pleasant glow may be created by turning on both the LED ceiling lights and the accent sconces, which can all be controlled from the same location in the bathroom.

Bedroom with plenty of space and privacy

The bedroom is a big hideaway at the end of the day, with everything from side tables with Pottery Barn lights to their bedding and cushions in a neutral palette. Put everything you need in one place – from clothing and shoes to soft goods and bedding – with canvas storage bins from Pottery Barn Home.

Emery window coverings are ultra-soft and can be used to block out the early sun or opened up to take in the panoramic vistas. Roof lockers, which are inspired by Pottery Barn’s famous Aubrey beadboard furniture set, are installed overhead, and Pottery Barn wall sconces complete the interior design. In addition, both floor plans offer Pottery Barn bedding, which allows you to relax into complete luxury at the conclusion of a long day of exploring.

The Cozy Pottery Barn Bedding

Airstream x Pottery Barn: Curating the Comforts of Home - Airstream

Bed linen from Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Bedding is provided for the trailer’s twin and queen-size beds, which can accommodate up to four people each. The new model was developed in collaboration with the Airstream design team by designers at Pottery Barn. There is custom-made, ultra-soft seating inspired by Pottery Barn’s Big Sur Collection, which is available for purchase. Emery Curtain fabric in oatmeal linen is used to make the window treatments.

An Outdoor Hanging Table

Airstream's New Pottery Barn Trailer Rides The Wave Of RV Popularity - Forbes Wheels

For the first time ever in an Airstream product, an outdoor hanging table attaches to the trailer’s exterior provides the perfect spot for small plates and an evening glass of wine. When not in use, the table can be stored inside the trailer’s rear exterior storage compartment, which is accessible from the interior. For personalizing and conversation with friends, a secret airline-style table swings out of an armrest, and a blackboard is glued to the inside of the main entry door for easy communication. Pottery Barn also added their own personal touch to the powered awning fabric, home furnishings, and décor, all of which are available for purchase.

Pros and cons of The Airstream Pottery Barn Special Edition

Airstream and Pottery Barn Designed a New Camping Trailer


  • It is definitely one of the most stylish travel trailers that you can find on the market.
  • With the wonderful style adding ambiance, you can not change the fact that when it is combined with Airstream’s timeless design and top-of-the-line innovation, this travel trailer will be used with ease and beauty.
  • Customized storage means bigger space for you. You can have all the flexibility that you want in a travel trailer of your choice
  • You’ll be able to attain the best experiences that you want with a travel trailer such as this one
  • Taking advantage of the Airstream and Pottery Barn’s collaboration takes it several notches above the typical trailer lifestyle. It appeals to a demographic of people who want to have all of their conveniences with them at all times, even while they’re traveling.
  • The Smart Control Technology says it all. Traveling at ease with the feels of being a techie is what you need when traveling for long-distance trips.
  • The features that it comes with will surely bring you on the top as the smart technology and unstoppable innovation that it has is one of the latest that you could ever see on a travel trailer nowadays


  • It is pricey. But with its design, construction, and all it can be very worth for its price to someone.
  • Travel trailers are high maintenance. Some people think nowadays that it is easy and simple to take care of a travel trailer due to how social media portrays it. So, think twice before buying one since not only that you need to maintain the style for a better experience but you also have to be capable of maintaining the trailer’s other features and construction.
  • The style that it comes with may not be for everyone. So deciding to buy this model may need some conversations whether it may be you’re buying it for your family, partner, or even friends.


Q. How much does the Pottery Barn Airstream Cost?

A. The Special Edition will cost at a starting price of $145,000. Which can be quite expensive as it comes with a lot more features

Q. How much does the 28 Airstream cost?

A. The 28RB and 28Rb Twin, on the other hand, will set you at a lower starting price than the special edition at $115,300

Q. Did Airstream go out of business?

A. Airstream, a renowned brand owned by Thor Industries Inc. Did not go out of business as they’ve only slimmed down the offerings that they are able to provide their consumers for the past decades. It was a huge risk for them to no longer manufacture the Airstream Nest just when the pandemic started, the market for travel trailers has boomed out. This is not the first time that this happened to Airstream as there are a few more models that they have stopped manufacturing throughout the decades.

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