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The Feature-Packed Airstream Caravel: Features, Prices, and Review

There is really no reason your getaway vehicle can’t be as stylish as your home. It features an upscale modern interior with clean lines and sophisticated residential fixtures, as well as a neutral canvas to which you can add your own personal taste. The Caravel Travel Trailer line was revived in 2008, and it has an upscale modern interior with clean lines and sophisticated residential fixtures, as well as a neutral canvas to which you can add your own personal style.

Introduction to Airstream Caravel

The Caravel Travel Trailer is a compact, single-axle trailer that is just as competent and durable as its larger Airstream cousins. Constructed to travel great distances, the Caravel is an agile and simple to tow vehicle that is ready to imprint its mark on your next journey.

Using the Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer, you can strike the ideal balance between the spontaneity of the open road and the security of knowing that you’ll always have a beautiful, comfortable place to stay when you need it. It’s comfortable and contemporary, and it’s packed with the features you’ll use again and over again to make your journey special.

The Caravel is equipped with everything. This lightweight, easy-to-tow travel trailer is loaded with high-end amenities that are often seen in bigger models and is intended to withstand long-distance travel. It is as capable as it is sturdy. The 16-foot Caravel travel trailer, like every other Airstream travel trailer, is manufactured with the same degree of craftsmanship and unsurpassed durability that will ensure it lasts for decades to come.

Caravel is loaded with high-end features and comforts, including a designated sleeping area, panoramic front windows, Quietstream plus climate control, and a kitchen with stainless steel equipment. Caravel is anxious to hook up and get out on the open road, and she has enough storage space for a short weekend getaway or a longer journey.

It’s tempting to characterize the Airstream Caravel only on the basis of its innovative design choices. Caravel is jam-packed with innovative elements, including a stainless steel gas stove with cast-iron burners, a Baraldi vent, an exquisite black Moen faucet, and a rectangular sink. Individually, each of these highlights contributes to the pleasure of traveling with Caravel. When considered as a whole, the numerous minor details of Caravel stack up to a lifetime of travel pleasure.

The Caravel is the most trendy tiny trailer at the campsite because of its classic appearance and contemporary interior, both designed by Airstream. Airstream, a manufacturer of luxury camping trailers that are more luxurious than the majority of Car and Driver editors’ houses, has revived its Caravel brand of lightweight and reasonably priced trailers, which were previously discontinued.

While the Airstream Caravel is smaller than the company’s fiberglass-bodied Nest trailer, it is easily identifiable as an Airstream because it has the same trademark glossy aluminum structure as the company’s bigger models, as well as a rounded roof and a wraparound front window.

The tiny Caravel portfolio, which is intended to appeal to (well-heeled) first-time camper-trailer customers, consists of 16-, 19-, 20-, and 22-foot-long variants, each with a distinctive floor design that accommodates up to four campers in one space.

Travel trailers from Airstream have been passed down from generation to generation, passed on to family members, friends, and new travelers for almost 90 years, and they continue to look wonderful no matter how many years pass. That’s because we continue to subject ourselves to the same high standards of quality that we have maintained since Airstream’s founding in 1931.

Should you Purchase the Airstream Caravel?

With Four Ingenious Floor Plans, there are designated sleeping space, convertible dinette/lounge sections, a kitchen with all of the conveniences, and an onboard restroom, there’s enough space and storage for a short weekend or even an extended vacation.

It is not always the case that bigger is better. Owners of the Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer enjoy all of the deluxe amenities that have come to be expected from Airstream, but in a smaller, more compact form. It’s easy to get away from it all with the Airstream Caravel, which is a lightweight, single-axle getaway vehicle. If you’re planning a trip for tomorrow, next year, or decades in the future, it’s filled with features that make it simple to relax, rejuvenate, and make the most of your travel experience.

If you purchase an Airstream travel trailer, you will enjoy fewer maintenance expenses, better resale value, and the lowest total cost of ownership of any travel trailer available on the market today. You’ll even save money on petrol thanks to the aerodynamic design, which results in improved fuel efficiency. It is certainly a long-term investment that your family will benefit from one generation to the next.

So, to conclude its many positive attributes, the Airstream Caravel is also functional. One of the reasons for this is that the Airstream Caravel is a timeless classic. It’s incredible to be able to take something with such a rich history and make it your own.

The inside is likewise a blank canvas for you to express your creativity. There will be no more garish wallpaper or outlandish upholstery. This is because the neutral inside will allow you to personalize your new travel trailer as you like.

The Caravel is also an excellent choice for families traveling with children. It can accommodate up to four people. And with four different floor designs to pick from, you’re sure to discover the ideal rig. It also has a large amount of storage space. The ingenious design allows you to neatly tuck everything away for a more organized appearance.

The appliances and sink in the kitchen are likewise made of stainless steel. Everything will appeal to you because of how contemporary it seems and feels. You’ll also like the panoramic windows while you’re just hanging around. You’ll have the greatest view of the campsite from your location.

In addition, the Caravel is lightweight and easy to tow. It is possible that you will be able to tow it with your existing SUV, saving you the expense of renting a truck. This trailer features a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution, which allows you to feel safe when driving.

If these are the features that you are looking for in a travel trailer then, the Airstream Caravel is one of the best Airstream RVs that you’ll find. It will be able to provide you with all the necessities that you need throughout your adventure despite its size. Not to mention that it is not as pricey as other Airstream Travel Trailers.

Airstream Caravel 16RB Travel Trailer

This floor plan measures 16 feet in length and weighs a total of 4,300 pounds at its base. It starts at $70,500, making it the most affordable of all the Caravel alternatives. In the front of the 16RB, there is a convertible dinette. Spend the day eating and then converting the area into an extra sleeping place for two at night.

The kitchenette and bathroom are located just behind the dining area. The restroom is directly across the hall from the kitchen counter. The bed, which may accommodate two people, is located in the far rear. A two-burner stove, a microwave, and a small refrigerator are all included in the kitchen. The sink also contains a cover, which may be used to create additional counter space whenever needed.

Airstream Caravel 19CB Travel Trailer

The Caravel 19CB measures 19 feet in length and weighs 5,000 pounds at its most basic configuration. It is equipped with a 13,500 BTU air conditioner and a heat pump that operates on a 30-amp electrical supply.

When the convertible dinette is used as an additional bed, the 19CB can accommodate up to four people. With a starting price of $73,700, this model is a good value. In addition, there are optional add-ons. Having an additional three feet of the room gives the 19CB an airier feel. You’ll benefit from more counter space as well as a larger bathroom.

The dinette is located at the front of the trailer, while the kitchen is located behind it. When compared to the 16-foot Caravel, you’ll have more counter space and a slightly larger refrigerator on board. The bathroom, which includes a separate shower, toilet, and sink, is located in the back of the room, next to the bed. In this floor layout, they flipped the bed so that it faces forward.

Airstream Caravel 20FB Travel Trailer

In line with the theme, the Caravel 20FB is 20 feet long and weighs 5,000 pounds at its most basic configuration. It also includes a 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit with a heat pump.

You’ll have a bigger refrigerator with 4.3 cubic feet of space, which is very convenient if you’ll be traveling with more than one person. The Airstream Caravel 20FB can accommodate up to four people. Unsurprisingly, the additional length and room come at a greater cost. The 20FB starts at $76,900, which is a significant saving over the competition. Optional improvements may result in increased prices.

The 20-foot floor layout is significantly more expansive and appears to be a significant departure from the prior designs. The bed is located in the very front of the room. You may wake up to a panoramic view of the surrounding area through the front windshield.

The dinette is located behind the bed, just across from the main door. The kitchen, which has a three-burner stove and lots of counter space, is direct across the hall from the living room. The complete, roomy bathroom is located just across from the counter and behind the dinette. Because the bathroom includes a separate shower and toilet, you will have plenty of space in it.

Airstream Caravel 22FB Travel Trailer

Finally, we have the floor layout for the 22FB. It has a length of 22’2″ (so it’s basically 22 feet) and a weight of 5,000 pounds at its base. The configuration of this Airstream Carvel is the most capacious of all the models. The bed in the front is bigger, providing you with additional space to have a good night’s sleep. Another significant distinction in this configuration is that the entry door is located at the rear of the trailer rather than the front.

The living room is located behind the bed. It includes a sofa dinette that wraps around the room and can be converted into a bed. The typical bed and dinette conversion in the 22FB allows you to accommodate up to four people. The kitchen is located directly across from the dinette. With plenty of counter space, a spacious refrigerator, and a three-burner stove, this kitchen is perfect for entertaining. With the 22FB variant, you’ll also have significantly more storage space. A huge wardrobe may be found behind the kitchen!

The bathroom is located at the far back of the house and features a separate shower and toilet space. The bathroom sink also features a spacious counter, which makes getting ready for the day much more convenient. The 22FB has the highest price tag of all the models. Despite the fact that it has greater capacity and a better layout, it is not significantly more expensive than the 20-foot Caravel. The 22FB starts at $80,100, which is a reasonable price.


Exterior Length
16′ 5
19′ 5
22′ 2
Exterior Width
Interior Width
Exterior Height with A/C
Interior Height with A/C
Maximum Weight Capacity (GVWR) (lbs.)
Interior lighting and Skylights
Sleeping Capacity
Convertible Dinette, Lounge, and Bed (inches)
40 x 90
40 x 90
40 x 76
38 x 75
Master Bed Configuration
48 x 78
48 x 76
48 x 78
54 x 80


Modern Kitchen with a Creative Twist

Did you know that you can cook a whole chicken in a convection microwave for 30 minutes? That’s just one of the Caravel cooking amenities that may be used to make a more spectacular camp supper. There are many more. Every detail, from the stainless steel gas stove with cast-iron burners to the modern residential Moen® faucet, will make you enjoy cooking even more in a kitchen you already adore.

Front and rear windows with panoramic views

When it comes to sailing, the view is everything, and no matter which side of the Caravel 16RB you’re on, you’ll have a spectacular one. Because they are hand-crafted and custom made, our Airstream windows are riveted directly into the frame of the travel trailer and are engineered to have a larger opening radius, allowing more breeze to circulate throughout the cabin.

Quietstream Climate Control Technology

The Caravel is equipped with an electronic thermostat that allows you to operate our proprietary Quietstream ducted climate control system, which swiftly and efficiently cools the cabin while operating in near quiet (see photo). A heat pump is also included, which takes in ambient heat from the air to heat the travel trailer without the use of a furnace – and without the formation of condensation. The onboard furnace is also ready for use on cold-weather excursions if you find yourself in desperate need of warmth.

Rear Bath with Generous Space

The 22FB Caravel floor plan has a large complete bathroom that extends the whole length of the trailer’s back wall, as well as a wood door and a picture window. A separate shower has a built-in bench, and vanity with cabinet storage provides enough counter space for getting ready in the morning.

Ultraleather Chairs and Sofas

Ultraleather seating from Caravel is exceptionally supple and soft, yet it is also strong and long-lasting thanks to the use of specific reinforcement components. It is resistant to temperature changes and will never fracture when exposed to extreme cold. Furthermore, it is easy to clean, pet-friendly, and will not scratch or stain, ensuring that your furniture continues to appear attractive years after purchase.

Awnings for the front and windows

The performance was excellent. With a Sunbrella pinstripe front awning, you can enjoy a shaded outside area, while optional matching window awnings keep the inside cool and private.

Roller shades and blackout curtains are excellent options.

When you’re getting ready for bed, when you want more solitude, or when you just want to keep the trailer extra cool, pull down the shades and close the blackout curtains in your trailer.

Rock Guards Made of Stainless Steel

In order to avoid damage to the body of your trailer while towing, the Caravel is equipped with the same stainless steel rock guards that we use on our bigger travel trailers.

Other Features


  • Enclosed is Aluminum Insulated Heated Underbelly
  • Full-Size Spare Tire
  • Handcrafted Welded Extruded Aluminum Window Frames
  • LED Dimmable Patio Awning Light, Entrance Light, Storage Compartment Light, and Tank Service Light
  • License Plate Bracket with LED Light
  • Aluminum Removable LP Cover
  • Black Tank Flush System
  • Cast Aluminum Door Hinges and LED Tail Lights
  • LP (2 – 20 lb. Steel Tanks) with Auto 2-stage Regulator
  • Manual Zip Dee® Patio Awning with Sunbrella® Fabric
  • Polished Bumper with Storage
  • Tempered Tinted Windows with Double Cam Latching System
  • Unique Front Door Key with Heavy Duty Deadbolt
  • Powered Hitch Jack with Light
  • Rear View Monitoring System
  • Seamless Composite Flooring
  • Shock Absorber
  • Solar Front Window Protection
  • Stainless Steel Front Stone Guard Protection
  • Aluminum Entry Door Handle
  • Custom Aluminum Handcrafted 26 in. Wide Entry Door with Window
  • Dedicated Waste Hose Storage
  • Window Awning Package (Optional)


  • Complete Aluminum Interior Walls and Ceiling
  • Fantastic Fan with Thermostat & Automatic Rain Sensor
  • Panoramic Front Windows with Blackout Shades
  • Seamless Vinyl Flooring
  • Handcrafted and Welded Aluminum Screen Door with Guards and Italian Lite-Ply Laminated Cabinetry
  • Overhead Storage with Sliding Doors

The Cost of an Airstream Caravel

TheAirstream Caravel has a starting price of $70,500. There are various modifications available, which may raise the cost of the vehicle. Nonetheless, despite its expensive price, it is in extremely great demand.

Caravel 16RB – Starting at $70,500

Caravel 19CB – Starting at $73,700

Caravel 20FB – Starting at $76,900

Caravel 22FB – Starting at $80,100

The Pros and Cons of The Caravel Travel Trailer


The Caravel does not require the use of a pickup truck to pull it, and its classic external appearance and smartly constructed inside make it an excellent choice.

Because of the single-axle Caravel, the smallest, 16-foot-long variant. Can be pulled by a typical mid-size SUV rather than necessitating a half-or three-quarter-ton pickup truck as a tow truck, it is becoming increasingly popular with recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

Staying at the Caravel isn’t quite “roughing it,” as the phrase suggests. Even with Airstream’s smallest camper, the company has crammed in all of the requirements as well as luxuries like as air conditioning, a natural gas heater, an electric heat pump, onboard Wi-Fi, an integrated Bluetooth audio, an electric cooktop, and a microwave in addition to the fundamentals. Even the smallest model has a feeling of being much larger on the inside than its little external measures would imply.

When the curtains are fully drawn, the trailer appears open and spacious, yet it is still fairly snug at night when the shades are brought back. We were able to spend a few hours catching up on our recent Netflix interests because the bedroom had a flat-screen TV with an HDMI connection. Alternative entertainment alternatives are provided through a roof-top antenna and a Blu-ray player that is integrated into the vehicle.


Compared to prior gas-absorption versions, the electric fridge cools faster. However, if you’re camping without connections, the fridge will deplete your battery quickly.

The awnings, on the other hand, can be a real headache to latch, unlatch, and roll out; the safety locks on my trailer had become caught in the closed position at one time, and I had even accidentally drawn blood while trying to unlatch the arms of the awning.


Q. How much does an Airstream Caravel Cost?

A. Between $70,500 and $80,100, you may buy an Airstream Caravel. It is possible to increase the price of the car by making numerous changes. Despite its high price, this product is in a growing market.

Q. What is the difference between an Airstream Bambi and Caravel?

A. Caravel now has more storage space in the back thanks to an updated polished bumper that allows for the storage of hoses, power cables, and other items.

When it comes to stabilization, both models use a manual crank to lower and raise their four stabilizer jacks. However, the Caravel features updated heavy-duty stabilizers to accommodate modest weight variances between the two-floor designs.

On the Bambi, you’ll discover a single curbside awning, which is ideal for providing some shade and shade from the sun when driving. It is also beneficial to have large side awnings to keep the trailer cool since they decrease the amount of direct sunshine that hits the shell. In addition to the standard street side and rear window awnings, all four Caravel floor plans are available with optional street side and rear window awnings.

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