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The 6 Best Examples of Luxury Pop Up Campers

Luxury camping in a pop up camper doesn’t seem to go together at first. You can’t expect to enjoy luxury in such a compact and lightweight trailer, right? I mean, for you to be really comfortable, you’ve got to add many amenities and they simply won’t fit in a pop up camper.

You would naturally expect luxury in large motorhomes and travel trailers but not in the humble pop up camper.

Or so I thought! Manufacturers have indeed leveled up the design and amenities included in these campers. Gone were the days when you had to sacrifice the conveniences of modern living for the practicality and simplicity offered by pop up campers.

Today, pop up campers come in different sizes, designs, and functionalities. There’s almost no limit to the amenities that you can enjoy even with a pop up camper. And we’ll show you some of the most luxurious campers in the market today.


What is a luxury pop up camper?

But first, let us define luxury. What is luxury? It is a state of great comfort, elegance, even to the extent of extravagant living. It also comes with great expense.

For you to enjoy the luxuries you want in a pop up camper or any RV for that matter, you have to shell out a bigger amount of money as opposed to when you just settle with what you need.

Usually for RVs, we cut down the amenities to the essentials only because there’s limited space (and budget). Additional features mean additional costs. But if the price is not an issue and you’re the type of person who wants to rough it in style, then a luxurious pop up camper is definitely the right choice for you.

Standard pop up campers come with the most basic amenities – a bed for sleeping and a dining area for preparing and eating your meals. This means, we’re not looking for these kind of campers.

A luxury pop up camper is a collapsible type of RV that requires a towing vehicle. It offers complete amenities for its users so that they can enjoy the comforts of home even when they are out camping in the forest, outback, or back-country. 

Luxurious campers offer extra levels of comforts and pleasures that are not readily available in the average pop up camper. They go the extra mile to make you feel at home wherever you go.


What makes a luxurious pop up camper?

Now, just what exactly makes a pop up camper luxurious? What should a camper have to offer great comfort to its users? What should it be made of to be considered elegant? Here are some factors that we considered which we would like to think of as building our dream pop up camper!


Space is a precious thing when traveling in an RV. Comfort is sometimes sacrificed because of the limited space inside the trailer.

A luxurious pop up camper is spacious. It provides the space that you and your family or group of friends need during your camping trip. The interior has living area that will fit the amenities you want, has a place for sleeping, eating, lounging, and storing your belongings, and still give you room to move around comfortably.


Full Kitchen

A luxury pop up camper comes with a full kitchen that would meet all your cooking and dining needs. It means you can prepare and cook delicious and hearty meals while camping and have a comfortable place where you can enjoy these sumptuous meals in the company of family and friends.

To be able to do this, your kitchen should have a stove, microwave, oven, sink, refrigerator, and a freezer. This will make food storage and preparation so much easier. You can even prepare your food earlier and just put everything inside your refrigerator or freezer then heat it when it’s time to eat. Whatever suits your cooking and dining style, right?


Shower and Toilet

It’s very uncomfortable having to go potty in the bushes, right? And more is the hassle if you have to find a spot away from your campsite and dig a hole when nature calls. You also feel uneasy taking a bath outside. There’s no privacy at all.

You won’t be bothered with all these concerns when you have your own bathroom in your camper. Not all RVs come with a shower and toilet that’s why it is considered a luxury if you get to have one in your own pop up camper.


Heating and Cooling System

A luxury pop up camper will make you feel comfortable camping in any season. You have a cooler during the hot summer months and a heater during the cold winter. Bottom line is that you control the temperature inside your camper and you’re cozy all the time.


Premium Quality

Of course, a luxury pop up camper is made of premium and heavy duty materials that will withstand the elements and test of time. The interior design is classy. The appliances used are top quality. Everything about it exudes elegance and to achieve this, the manufacturers have to use the best materials and highest quality of craftmanship to come up with a premium camper.


Modern Necessities

Since we’re talking about being extra here, our dream pop up camper will provide us with our modern needs for camping in the 21st century. This means having electrical and solar power sources, WiFi booster, multiple USB and 110V charging outlets, and other stuff that we need to keep us connected and entertained when we’re far from civilization.


What is the best quality pop up camper?

It’s hard to choose just one camper as the best one out there. Each year, manufacturers come up with better designs and improved features to provide users with what they need on the road and more.

Given the factors that we’ve mentioned above, we can say that the best pop up campers should be able to provide us with all those things. And since we can’t decide which one is the best, we’ll just present to you the best examples of luxury pop up campers and let you decide which one truly stands out among the rest.


Top 6 Best Examples of Luxury Pop up Campers:

  1. Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST
  2. Forest River Flagstaff Tent High Wall Series
  3. Aliner Somerset Utah Camper
  4. Forest River Rockwood Hard Side Pop Up Camper A214HW
  5. Opus Off-Road Camper
  6. 2019 Jayco Jay Sport 12UD
  7. Sylvansport Go Pop Up Tent Camper

We’ll show you how these campers offer you luxury and comfort on the road.


Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST

Key Specifications:

  • GVWR: 3,296 lbs
  • CCC: 456 lbs
  • Box Size: 12′
  • Exterior Open Length: 23’5″
  • Exterior Closed Length: 19′
  • Exterior Closed Height: 4’7″
  • Exterior Width: 85″
  • “Zero Exposure” Bunk Technology
  • Heavy Duty Tongue Jack – w/Wheel
  • Wide Trac Ultra Lube Spring Axle
  • Electric Brakes
  • Radial Tires
  • Aluminum Rims
  • (4) Heavy Duty Scissor Style Jacks
  • Goshen Lift System
  • 4-Layer Laminated Seamless Roof

Coachmen Clipper Classic makes camping easy and comfortable. It’s packed with loads of features that have the users’ convenience and comfort in mind.

The floor is covered with 100% adhesion residential grade Linoleum while the walls are made of laminated fiberglass for added strength and durability.

The king size and queen size beds at both ends of the trailer have 4″ Ultra Comfort heated mattresses for a cozy and restful sleep. The bed platforms have laminated insulated bunks for added comfort. There are LED bunk fan lights to keep you cool and provide light when it gets dark.

The camper has dark ash cabinetry that adds to the style and charm of the interiors. There’s also a retractable clothes bar for your outdoor wear. You have adequate storage space for your travel stuff.

The deep bowl acrylic sink and 2-burner high output range over residential laminated countertops make food preparation easier. The Clipper Classic has a 3-way 1.9 cu ft domestic refrigerator to keep your drinks cool and your food fresh.

The dinette has a table and cushioned leather seats that make eating such a delight. This model has a wet bath with a a modular cassette Potti inside the camper. There’s also a 6 gallon water heater to make shower time more invigorating. The Clipper Classic has a 23 gallon freshwater tank capacity to guarantee that you have enough supply to last you for days while you’re on the road.

When it gets chilly, you can use the camper’s 20,000 BTU furnace. You can also bring your own air conditioner to keep you cool during the summer or just maximize its Create-A-Breeze Power Roof Vent.

You also have more options to upgrade your trailer to make you feel more comfortable such as having a 13,500 BTU Air Conditioner to keep you cooler, an exterior wall mount LP Grill so you can enjoy some delicious BBQ while camping, 40 or 80 Watt Zamp portable solar panel for your power source when off grid, have a screen room with privacy flaps, or install a “Jack It” bike rack and “Toylok” cargo security system for carrying your camping gears.


Key Specifications:

  • Dry Weight: 3,721 lbs
  • CCC: 1,278 lbs
  • Box Size: 16′
  • Exterior Open Length: 25’9″
  • Exterior Closed Length: 19’6″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 6’9″
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • One Piece Vacuum Bonded Fiberglass Roof with Metal Interior Ceiling
  • Steel Air Conditioner Reinforcing Laminated Into Roof
  • Five Piece Sectionalized Hurculite Supreme Tenting
  • Tent Permanently Attached on Bunk Ends and Slide Out
  • Hot Water Package (Incl. Water Filter, Outside Shower, Six Gallon DSI Hot Water Heater, Demand Water Pump)
  • Shower and Cassette Toilet Package Incl. Cabinet w/Shower, Cassette Toilet and Shower Curtain
  • Hard Wall Shower with Residential Flush Toilet and Monitor for Holding Tanks, Battery and Water Pump Switch

The Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Series gives you the space that you need. Coming in with an open length of 25’9″, it has more than enough space for your complete amenities and still have space to move around. It is easy to set up because of its Power Roof Lift Assist mechanism.

The Forest River Flagstaff High Wall Series comes in 2 different floor plans. HW27KS is the smaller model. When you take a look at this model, you’ll see that the beds have Quilted Top Memory Foam Mattresses for a pleasant rest after a fun day outdoors. Of course, before going to bed, you need to freshen up and you can do this inside your trailer because it has a shower inside. There’s also a residential flush type toilet for your bathroom needs anytime of the day.

The interior has American maple design and wood look flooring to give it that classy look. The dinette has “leather appearance” seating for a stylish finish. Even the appliances have been carefully selected to with their stainless steel look to complement the elegant design.

Cooking sumptuous meals is not a problem with the Forest River Flagstaff High Wall’s three burner glass top stove with oven. You can heat pre-cooked meals in your microwave so that you can still enjoy hot and delicious food any time you feel like eating. Food and drinks are kept fresh inside an extra large 3-way fridge.

This pop up trailer also meets the demands of 21st century campers by making sure that there’s entertainment, WiFi booster, Bluetooth, and multiple USB charging ports for their gadgets.

Enhanced heating and cooling system is optional. You can upgrade your trailer to have a 13 500 BTU or 15 000 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner both will be factory installed. You can also get a 20 000 BTU Forced Air Furnace w/ Electric Ignition to keep you warm and toasty especially during those cold winter nights. You can also get different racks for your outdoor sports equipment.


Aliner Somerset Utah Camper

Key Specifications:

  • 10” Electric Brakes and 5-Bolt Hubs
  • Four Crank-Down Stabilizer Jacks
  • 6” Tubular Steel Frame
  • Alloy Wheels and Chrome Lug Nuts
  • Sturdy Leaf-Spring Suspension

The Aliner Somerset Utah Camper comes with an open floorplan to make sure that it will fit your specific requirements.

It comes with a standard 4 stabilizer jacks to ensure stability when you’re all set up at the campsite. The 6″ tubular steel frame assures you of its durability.

This pop up camper comes with a full kitchen you’ve got a stove and 3-way refrigerator for your cooking needs. Entertainment is provided by a stereo with inside and outside speakers so that everyone can listen to your favorite summer soundtrack and groove to the music.

There’s also a 6 gallon water heater and 16 000 BTU furnace to keep you warm and cozy during cold weather.


Forest River Rockwood Hard Side Pop Up Camper A214HW

Key Specifications:

  • Dry Weight: 2,700 lbs
  • CCC: 653 lbs
  • Box Size: 14′
  • Exterior Open and Closed Length: 21’2″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 5’8″
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • Smooth White Two Tone Fiberglass Vacuum Bonded Exterior
  • One Piece Undercoated Structure Wood Floor
  • E- Coated Tubular Steel Frame
  • (4) E-Z Crank-Down Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
  • Under Floor 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank

Forest River travel trailer makes its way again on our list of the best luxury pop up campers with its Rockwood Series and we’ll tell you why. When you take a look at its floor plan, you already know that you have everything you need.

Rockwood has a fully enclosed living area shielding campers from any kind of weather. The roof is made of one piece vacuum bonded fiberglass with metal interior ceiling. There is a large tinted sky light with shade so that light from the outside can still pass through. There are also 2 tinted windows with shades to maximize ventilation and outside light.

Rockwood has a smooth white two toned fiberglass vacuum bonded exterior. Inside, the floor is made from one piece undercoated structure wood. The design of the interiors is very much like Flagstaff which means it also exudes the same classy vibe. The camper is supported by an e-coated tubular steel frame and 4 stabilizer jacks with sand pads to ensure stability.

This camper has a hard wall shower w/ residential flush toilet. It also comes with 20 gallon fresh water tank capacity and an electric water pump. Rockwood has an antifreeze inlet to bypass your fresh water tank which is a big help when winterizing for trailer.

You get to enjoy the convenience of having a full kitchen with its three burner glass top stove with oven, microwave, and extra large 3-way fridge. If you like to enjoy some grilled fish, steak, or burgers, it won’t be a problem because this camper has an outdoor gas grill w/ a worktable already.

You definitely won’t get bored aboard this trailer because it has a digital media receiver w/ AM/FM stereo, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, USB & auxiliary ports, TV outlet with cable and satellite hook up, outside speakers, and a WiFi booster to make your internet connection better. Bringing your camping gears won’t be a hassle as it comes with a ProRac Systems Permanent Mount Cross bars.

A Three Speed Ventilation Fan and 10 000 BTU Cool Cat Heat Pump are the standard cooling and heating system but you can also get a furnace if you want. All of these things will ensure that you have a wonderful camping experience whatever the weather may be.


Opus Off-Road Camper

Key Specifications:

  • GVWR: 3,970 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 2,870 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 1,100 lbs
  • Dimensions (Lid Closed): 18’4” x 6’10” (with spare wheel)
  • Dimensions (Lid Open): 21’4” x 6’10”
  • Ground Clearance: 12.4″
  • Chasis Construction: Shocks/coil springs, no axle, lock’n’roll hitch (fits 2’’ hitch receiver)
  • Aluminum Dibond Walls
  • Polystyrene Insulation
  • Water-proofed 10-ply floor
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame

Opus built the Off-Road Camper with tough luxury in mind. It has 4 days off-site capability and can take on rough terrains to take your camping adventure further. But when you reach your campsite, you will have a luxurious time because this camper provides you with the amenities you need to make you feel comfortable even when you’re in the wilderness.

The interior has high ceilings, skylights, and windows. The seats have a leather appearance and the cabinetry has wood finishes for a chic design.

This tent trailer is easy to set up with its 90 seconds air tent inflation and it expands to offer six people sleeping capacity. Full kitchen amenities are available outside. This camper has an external fridge, pantry, and a slide out steel kitchen. You can have it enclosed by a tent and even expand its sleeping capacity to 8.

When not in use, this camper trailer is easy to store and can fit in a standard garage.


2019 Jayco Jay Sport 12UD

Key Specifications:

  • GVWR: 2,750 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 1,895 lbs
  • CCC: 855 lbs
  • Campsite Length: 21’6″
  • Interior Height: 80.5″
  • Exterior Width: 85″
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 28.2 gallons
  • Great storage for a 12′ including porta-potti cabinet
  • 1050 lb. rated bunk ends
  • Aluminum entry step
  • American-made Dexter axles
  • 5-Year warranty on frame, floor, lifter system, bed platforms, tents & roof

True to their promise, Jay Sport has provided campers with everything you need so that you will have a fun camping experience. With Jay Sport, you can be sure that everything about this trailer is made of high quality materials from the frame, roof, tent, floor, bed platform, and lifter system. All of these components come with a 5-year warranty because Jay Sport stands behind the quality of their camper.

This Jayco pop up camper offers a customer value package for this camping trailer. It comes with a 2 cu ft, 3-way refrigerator, acrylic sink and faucet, and stainless steel indoor or outdoor stove with wind deflectors. The dinette comes with reversible cushions. This pop up trailer comes with a Porta-potti storage cabinet for your bathroom needs.

There’s a canopy awning outside of this Jay Sport pop up camp to offer shade when you want to hang out outside to enjoy the fresh air and fantastic view of the outdoors.

You can upgrade this to have a 6-Gallon Water Heater & Outside Shower, 16,000-BTU furnace, have heated bed mats, and AM/FM stereo speakers. It also comes prepped for your air conditioning needs.


Sylvansport Go Pop Up Tent Camper

Key Specifications:

  • low 53″ loading height (lower than most car roofs)
  • 165 lbs. carrying capacity
  • Tent: 80” long by 116” wide
  • 2 XL twins (80” long by 34” wide) or 1 king plus (80” long by 116” wide)

The Sylvansport Go pop up camper is one of the best lightweight pop up trailers in the market. It promises a smooth ride to your camping destination with its cast aluminum wheels and Dexter Torsion Axles.

This camper has heavy duty powder coated finish to give it an extra layer of durability. Its diamond plate deck is reinforced further to make the structure stronger that’s why Sylvansport claims lifetime durability for this travel trailer.

The tent is very easy to set up and it provides a spacious living space for sleeping, dining, and just enjoying the moment. The gear deck and equipment rack make it possible for you to bring your big toys with you wherever you go. You can have a solar kit and camp kitchen when you get the Go All Out Package.

You’ll also like that this camper trailer is easy to tow and easy to store that’s why it made its way to our list of the best pop up campers.


Wrap Up: Are luxury pop up campers worth it?

As expected, luxury pop up campers come with a more expensive price tag but they’re still way more affordable than other RVs offering the same comfort and conveniences. Each feature and amenities that you enjoy in your camper add to its value and worth. So, if you have the money and you’re the type of camper who loves to have the comforts of home or more like hotel living even when you’re at the back-country, then it’s worth every penny. It as a good investment and a well-deserved treat for yourself and your family because the memories you’ll create in your camping adventures are definitely priceless.


Some questions related to luxury pop up campers

How much does a luxury pop up camper cost?

Elegance and comfort have a price tag. Since luxury pop up campers come with complete amenities and high quality materials, you can bet that they are rather expensive. The average price for high end pop up campers is $20,000.

This price is still significantly lower than the price of large RVs that offer the same amenities making it a great buy for you. You also get to save on expensive hotel accommodations when you’re traveling.


What is the largest pop up camper?

Forest River’s Flagstaff High Wall Series Model HW29SC

  • Five Piece Sectionalized Hurculite Supreme Tenting
  • Under Floor 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 12 Gallon Gray Water Holding Tanks
  • 12 Gallon Black Water Holding Tank
  • WiFi Ranger WiFi Booster SKY 4 (High Wall Only)

Forest River’s Flagstaff High Wall Series Model HW29SC is the largest pop up camper that we’ve seen. It has a closed length of 21’6″ that expands to 27’9″ when opened, a width of 7′ and an exterior height of 6’9″. It is so roomy that 7 people can fit inside the trailer comfortably. It has a king size bed on one end and a queen size bed at the other end of the trailer. All beds have have quilted top memory foam mattresses to guarantee restful sleep.

This Flagstaff model also comes with a sofa, a sofa table, a TV shelf, residential style cabinets, dinette, and a full kitchen. Its bathroom is a hard wall shower area with residential flush toilet and monitor for holding tanks, battery, and water pump switch. Its interior has an American maple finish and wood look flooring to give it a classy look. The sofa has a leather-like appearance.

There’s a gas grill outside for some BBQ fun and ample of space for exterior storage for all your travel stuff. It can accommodate up to 1278 lbs of cargo.

Other features worth noting are its entertainment system which includes a Digital Media Receiver w/ AM/FM Stereo, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, USB & Aux. Ports, and a WiFi Ranger WiFi Booster SKY 4 for better internet connectivity. No wonder, it’s also one of the best luxury pop up campers in the market.

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