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8 Best RV Stove and Oven Reviews for Cooking on the Road

Not all RVs come with a stove and oven but we can’t deny how essential these cooking appliances are in camping life.

No matter where you go, you’ll be needing food to eat and satisfy your hunger. Aside from this, eating and sharing food with your loved ones are one of the best things to do while you’re out camping. It’s the stuff great memories are made of.

That’s why it’s best to have a reliable RV stove and oven in your camper so that you can cook your favorite foods even when you’re outside the comforts of your home.

Read on as we share with you the best finds in the market today.

Review of the 8 Best RV Stoves and Ovens for 2021

Here’s a quick look at the best RV ovens and stoves which are available in the market today.

Flame King YSNHT600 2 Burner Built-In RV Cooktop Stove, Propane, 7200 and 5200 BTU Burners, Cover Included

Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove

  • Two burner sizes: 7200 BTU oval grate and 5200 circular grate for powerful cooking
  • adjustable flame control
  • lightweight
Suburban 3206A Gas Range with Conventional Burners - Black w/Piezo Ignition, 17"

Suburban 17 Inch 3206A Gas Range

  • different options to choose from to customize its look
  • enjoy the convenience of having 3 burners and an oven
  • high efficiency oven and high output burners for easy cooking
Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven, Dimensions with handles: 15 in. L x 25 in. W x 18 in. H

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

  • two burner cooktop with 7,500 BTU each
  • oven power: 3,000 BTU (up to 400ºF)
  • fully adjustable heat-control dials

Koblenz PFK-400 Victoria Gas Stove

  • fully adjustable flame
  • porcelain cover provides maximum protection
  • unique and classy bronze color
Ramblewood GC2-37P (LPG/Propane Gas) high efficiency 2 burner gas cooktop, ETL Safety Certified.

Ramblewood GC2-37P Gas Cooktop

  • safety features, ETL certified
  • works with propane gas or natural gas
  • electric ignition but with off-grid feature
Camplux Pro Built-in Propane RV Gas Cooktop, Stainless Steel RV Cooktop Stove, 2 Burner Drop-in RV Gas Stove, Outdoor Cooking for Household RV Picnics, Cover Included

Camplux Pro Built-in Propane RV Gas Cooktop

  • 7,200 and 5,200 BTU drop-in 2 burner are perfect for preparing your side dishes simultaneously.
  • Infinite control knobs allow you to cook with precision.
  • easy to clean

Techwood Hot Plate Infrared Ceramic Electric Stove

  • compatible with all types of cookware
  • cook food faster
  • ergonomic design
CUSIMAX Electric Burner Hot Plate for Cooking Cast Iron hot plates, Adjustable Temperature Control, Non-Slip Rubber Feet Stainless Steel (Single Stove)

Cusimax Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove Countertop

  • safe to use
  • affordable
  • small and lightweight

And of course, we’ll give you our detailed review about these RV stoves and ovens to give you an idea if one of these is the best RV cooktop for your camper.

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Item Dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 14 Pounds

Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove is one of the bestselling RV stoves in the market. RV owners have been enjoying their cooking experience on the road.

What probably makes it the best RV cooktop for most users is its powerful and high efficiency performance. Flame King YSNHT600 RV Cooktop Stove has two burners – the oval grate packs 7200 BTU while the circular grate features 5200 BTU to help you cook your meals effortlessly.

You can manage the heat level according to what stage you’re at in the cooking process with its adjustable flame control. Just turn the knobs to your desired flame size to put your favorite mushroom and potato soup from a boil down to a simmer.

One of its remarkable features is the wind guards that protect the flames when you’re cooking. You can be sure that the flames won’t die even if it’s windy outside. This also serves as your stove’s cover when you put it on storage to give it proper protection during travel.

It also comes with a lightweight design that makes it perfect for RV living. This is a drop-in cooktop stove that’ll fit a 16-1/8″ x 11 5/16″ kitchen counter space. It is specifically designed to be used by connecting it to your trailer’s self-contained LP gas system. You can use the 48 Inch Flame King Quick Connect Hose to attach them together.

It is quite affordable for the quality that you’re getting. It surely won’t take up too much space counter space nor add a significant amount of weight to your camper’s storage space and yet it makes all the difference in making your camping life so much easier and fuller.



  • Item Weight: 54 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 18 x 16 inches

If you love cooking and want to expand your cooking options while on the road, then you’d want to consider the Suburban 17 Inch 3206A Gas Range. It is a sturdy gas range that has been constructed for cooking on the go without sacrificing any of the performance you’d expect from your traditional gas range at home.

You can enjoy cooking using the 3 burners on the stove that all together pack 22 000 BTUs of cooking capacity. With the 3 burners alone, you have lots of options to cook your favorite foods for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And with the well-insulated 17″ and 22″ ovens that can heat up to 500°, you can bake, broil, or roast beef, seafoods, or chicken to make your meals extra special.

This gas range is easy to use. The oven has an easy sliding rack and you can adjust its position in different levels to make sure that the heat is evenly distributed. There’s a dedicated knob for each burner and oven and you can turn them according to the heat level that you need.

Another great thing about this product is that you have different options regarding its color material, burners, and oven door to customize its overall look. See how it fits with the rest of your kitchen.

Do you want your cooktop to be in black porcelain or do you prefer a stainless steel look? Do you want a sealed burner for easy cleaning or would you rather go with the conventional style burner? Do you want your oven door to be made of glass so that you can see through it easily or do you want it in textured steel?

You also have the option to choose a match-light top burner if you want to save up on some bucks or the hassle-free Piezo ignition for quick and easy heat starter.

Surely you can prepare gourmet meals on the road with the help of one of the best RV ovens on sale right now.



  • Material: Steel
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 31 inches
  • Item Weight: 37.1 Pounds

Enjoy unlimited cooking possibilities with the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven.  You can use it with a 1lb propane tank or connect it with your gas system.

It is easy to use. It features a matchless ignition so you can start cooking your favorite camping meals right away. Each of the 2 burner gives 7,500 BTU of heat while the oven can give you up to 400 degrees of heat to make cooking restaurant quality dishes such a breeze.

The oven comes with 2 racks so that you can cook more or choose the perfect position for what you’re baking. It also has a thermometer to help you monitor the heat.

The non-stick enamel cooking surface of the oven, brass burners, and the stainless steel construction of this RV propane stove and oven assure you of its quality and durability. You can use this for a long time.

More of its thoughtful design features. It comes with a foldable lid cover that can also be used as a windscreen. There are convenient carry handles at the sides to help you in moving it around your RV kitchens. When not used for cooking, you can use it as extra storage space for your food, ingredients, and cookware.



  • Item Dimensions: 20.08 x 24.6 x 5.12 inches
  • Heating Elements: 4

Don’t be deceived by this simple cooktop stove. With its performance, it could very well be one of the best addition in your RV kitchens.

Koblenz is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to domestic and outdoor appliances. Koblenz PFK-400 Victoria Gas Stove is another addition to their high quality and trustworthy products.

The Koblenz 4 burner propane stove packs a lot of heat for your cooking with a total of 16,000 BTUs. You can prepare heavenly dishes to satisfy your family’s hunger at whatever time of the day.

It has to be manually ignited so you better have a lighter or box of matches around when you use it. You also need a standard propane canister for its power source.

This cooktop features fully adjustable flame control with just a turn of the knobs for efficient cooking. You can cook a hearty soup and tasty pasta pots to perfection.

These propane stoves also come with a porcelain cover which make sure that it is secure and protected when not in use or while traveling.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Ignition System Type: Electronic

The Ramblewood GC2-37P Gas Cooktop is another worthy addition to your RV kitchen. It is made of high quality materials and has been ETL certified so you can be sure of its safety standards.

Among its protection measures are auto shut off feature of the gas supply once it detects leakage. It also has a thermal couple and flame out failure detection that monitors the fuel supply and cuts it off when there’s malfunctioning to prevent the accumulation of unburned fuel.

This RV burner cooktop can be used using LPG or propane gas but it also has a natural gas conversion burner. It features electric ignition at 1.5V DC but in cases where there’s power outage, you can start the stove with the use of a match.

This RV propane cooktop is durable. It is made of stainless steel with a heavy cast iron pot stand. The two burners are sealed and the stove’s stainless steel construction make it easy to clean. It comes with one year warranty which gives you assurance about the quality of this camping stove.



  • Item Weight: 13.45 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 4.5 x 13 inches

Camplux ensures that you enjoy outdoor life with this product. This built-in propane RV gas two burner cooktop will help you cook delicious comfort foods for the family even when you’re on the road. Use it with your trailer’s self-contained LP gas system.

It has been thoughtfully designed for RV camping as Camplux has made sure that it is portable and lightweight. You won’t have any worries regarding counter space and storage in different types of RV.

Its design makes cleaning it trouble-free with the stainless steel surface and no gap in between the two burners. There are wind guards to protect the flames so that you can cook even when it’s windy outside.

These propane stoves are easy to install and use. Instructions are available and you can also call their customer service for assistance in attaching different parts and connecting your stove to your propane tank.

This 2 burner gas stove is durable and powerful for cooking in outdoor conditions. The oval grate burner comes with 7,200 BTU levels of cooking capacity while the round grate features 5,200 BTU of heat. The stove’s knobs make it easy for you to control the flame according to your desired level so that you can cook with precision -not undercooked not overcooked. There is consistent heat due to the stable flame making cooking time faster and easier.

All these features make Camplux Pro Built-in Propane RV Gas Cooktop one of the best in the market.



  • Material: Ceramic Infrared Countertop
  • Item Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.99 pounds
  • Heating Elements: 1

The Techwood Hot Plate Infrared Ceramic Electric Stove is one of the bestselling RV stoves in the market because of its affordability and quality.

This electric RV cooktop is small and lightweight which makes it perfect for RV camping. You can easily carry this around because it just weighs 4 pounds. AT the same time, you can expect durability from this stove. Its ceramic panel and stainless body assure you that you can use this for a long time.

Don’t worry because you can use all types of cookware with this product. No need to buy new pans for this stove. You can cook anything you want over its efficient burner from soup to pasta to scrambled eggs to burgers and chops.

This electric stove cooktop is powered by 1200W. Its infrared ceramic material allows it to heat food faster than traditional stoves. Should you need help regarding its operation, you can call Techwood’s customer service.

It is easy to use and transport with its ergonomic design. Its fastened handles make it easy to move from one place to another. Its material doesn’t allow it get hot so that you can hold it comfortably as you’re whipping up your favorite meal. It has non-slip feet so that the stove stays in place while you’re cooking.

Its stainless steel body makes cleaning this stove so easy and convenient. Just let it cool down after cooking then you simply wipe it with a soft damp cloth to remove any dirt and residue.

Techwood offers 18-month warranty and this product is protected by the US Product Liability Insurance.



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Heating Elements: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 13.58 x 10.71 x 4.41 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.72 pounds

The Cusimax Hot Plate Portable Electric Stove Countertop makes cooking in your RV camping so convenient. It is small and lightweight which make it very portable wherever you need to take it.

Cook a variety of dishes using this electric stove that’s powered by 1500W. The 7.4 inch hot plate burner comes with 7 heat settings to give you precise control over your cooking so that it’s not too hot for your pasta nor too cold to boil the soup that you’re preparing your dinner.

It is also safe to use because the hot plate does not emit harmful radiation unlike traditional burners. It also features an automatic safety shutoff function once it detects dangerous temperature levels. The non-slip bottom also ensures that it stays in place while you’re cooking to avoid any accidents and injury.

You can use all types of cookware with a maximum size of 7.4 inches on this electric stove. Its stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and easy to clean.



What is an RV Stove and Oven?

An RV stove and oven are appliances in your camper that you’ll need to help you cook meals while on the road. Not all campers come with a stove oven but it is essential to get one for your RV kitchen so that you can enjoy comfort foods when you’re far away from home.

An RV stove and RV oven are two separate appliances but you can find a combination of both so that you can enjoy the conveniences of an oven and a stove inside your motorhome or camper.

They work pretty much the same as the ones you have at home. You use them for cooking healthy and hearty meals for you and your family to savor in the outdoor. An RV stove or oven usually works by using propane but there are electric models also.

Because we all need food no matter where we go, it is best to have an RV cooktop or oven or even both so that you can cook your own meals. This way, you can prepare the food that you like exactly as you want it done. You know that it’s clean and according to your own taste and preference.

Types of RV Oven and Stoves

If you’ve already started searching for the best RV stove or oven, you would have noticed that they come in different types. Here are are two types of oven and stoves used in an RV.

RV Cooktop

This cooking appliance does not come with an oven. It can be a standalone device although it is usually integrated into the RV kitchen counter. It takes up minimal space on its own. It can be powered by propane, electricity, or induction so that you can cook your food.

But there are also portable ovens that can be placed on top of the burner stove if you want to bake while you’re on the road.

RV Range

RV ranges are a combination of an RV stove and oven. RV ranges give you more options for cooking your favorite meals while camping. You can cook soup on the burner stove while you bake a delicious pie in the oven.

RV stoves and ovens usually require liquid propane canisters to be able to use them but there are some units that can be connected directly to your camper’s built in propane tank so that you don’t have to buy those small canisters anymore.

The type of RV stove and oven that you choose will affect your cooking options, RV kitchen space, and the power supply that you need to make them work. This is why you’ve got to choose the one that fits your cooking needs, lifestyle, and space.

Benefits of Using an RV Oven and Stove

We keep saying that it is essential to have these appliances on board and here, we’ll share with you exactly why we consider them a camper must-have.

Cooking your favorite foods

Camping doesn’t mean you have to settle for canned foods or those ready to eat varieties that you can buy at the grocery. You can cook your own food any time of the day and you’re not limited to the choices available in your next Walmart stop.

When you have an RV stove oven you can enjoy your favorite foods even when you’re on the road. You can bake a cake for the birthday celebrant or whip up a delicious apple sausage breakfast sandwich to start your day right.

In fact, it is one of the things that make camping fun – cooking and eating delicious food together with your family and friends.

Prepare healthy food

When you cook your own food, you can buy fresh meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. You control the sugar and salt level. And you’re sure about the cleanliness of the food from preparation to cooking to serving them to your loved ones.

This way you don’t rely on instant foods available in the market. It is one way to promote better health for your family and when you eat nutritious food, you know that you have more energy for your camping adventures.

Convenience while cooking

When you have an RV cooktop, you can enjoy many conveniences while cooking. You don’t have to look for firewood and cook over the campfire. With just a simple push of a button, you have a fire ready and you can adjust the heat level according to your cooking needs.

It also makes cooking faster. You don’t have to wait for a long time for a good level of heat just to start cooking. When you turn the heat up you can cook your food faster but you can also control the heat so that you don’t overcook or undercook your food.

You also have different options for cooking. You can fry, sear, saute, boil, and bake to cook delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Saves you a lot of money

Sure you can buy instant or takeout food along the way and you’ll never go hungry. But take a moment to check your food expenses when you do this for even a day and you’ll be surprised how much they all add up to.

With that amount of money, you can already buy fresh ingredients that would last you for the whole trip and we guarantee you there’ll be some more left for your afternoon and midnight snacks.

Food prices can also fluctuate depending on the season and where you are. It’s just more practical to cook your own food while you’re on the road so that you’re not affected too much by these factors.

Portable and versatile

RV stoves are usually lightweight and portable. You can easily find a place for them in your trailer so that you can enjoy the conveniences they offer while camping.

You can also bring your RV stove outside if you feel like cooking outdoors and be closer to nature or if you just want to chat with your family members while you’re doing your magic in the kitchen.

These are just some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you have an RV stove or oven.

Factors to Consider When Buying an RV Oven/Stove

As they say, not all RV stove and oven are created equal. With various choices available in the market, we understand that it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the best RV oven for you.

Here’s our buying guide to help you decide which is the best RV stove for you.

Type and Power Supply

As discussed above, RV oven and stove come in two different types. You can get a range model or just an RV cooktop stove. You can also get a portable oven together with your RV stove.

You can choose one that’s powered by propane, electricity, or induction. If you choose a propane cooktop, do you want to use liquid propane canisters or be able to connect it to your propane tank?

If you prefer cooking outside your RV, it is best that you get an RV propane stove that uses propane canisters but if you’re the type of cook who prefers cooking indoors, you can choose an electric RV stove or one that’s powered by induction.

Bottom line is that you have to choose the type of camping stove that best suits your specific camping situation and cooking needs.


We all know the challenges and rigors of RV lifestyle. There are many bumps and rough terrain along the way so your RV stove and oven should be able to withstand these. It should also be durable enough to perform under different weather conditions as can be expected when you go camping at different times of the year.

Reading  about the RV kitchen appliance that you’re planning to buy will give you an insight regarding the durability of the product. RV owners share their personal experiences when they used it and you should learn from their experiences.

Protection and Safety Features

Safety is always an important factor especially when it concerns gas and heat. You should always exercise caution when using your RV stoves and cooking so that you don’t put you and your family in danger.

Look for RV stoves that come with safety features to help ensure your protection while using them. This could be in the form of a rubber base or rubber feet which are not conductors of heat. Some stoves and ovens have automatic cool down features while some come with a controllable flame so that you can manage the heat that you need for cooking.

These features will help ensure your safety when you’re using your RV stoves and ovens.

Easy to Clean

We all know that cooking can get messy. There’ll be spills, drips, and food particles left on the RV stove. Of course, you can’t just leave it that way. You have to clean your stove after you’re done using it as part of its proper care and maintenance.

Look for an RV oven and stove that’s easy to clean such as those made from stainless steel. You’re already tired from all the cooking. Don’t let cleaning your RV stove drain you of your energy. You deserve to relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation until it’s time to cook again.


Do you like cooking indoors or outdoors? Are you comfortable using a match to get started with your cooking or do you just want to push a button to ignite the fire?

We all have our personal preferences when cooking, even colors that we like our appliances to have so that they can blend with the overall design of the camper. In the end, you choose the best RV oven that fits your requirements perfectly.


The best RV cooktop are lightweight and portable so that it’s easy for you to bring these appliances inside your camper. You should also be able to transfer them easily from one place to another especially when you suddenly feel the urge to cook outdoors and be one with nature while you do your cooking.

Of course, you can’t expect an RV oven to shine in this category and you won’t be able to take it out anyway unless you have an electric connection to a shore power.


We’re not saying you pick the most affordable RV cooktop on sale. Nor are we suggesting that you get the most expensive one out there.

But the reality is that value has a price. When people say you get what you pay for, they’re saying that you can’t expect to get great value from something that comes cheap. There’s a reason why their [prices are low.

What we’re saying is that you should set aside a reasonable budget for your RV cooktop so that you will not be limited in your choices and you can enjoy more useful features with the one that you’re getting.

Wrap Up

Food is a basic need anywhere you are and you’ll be doing a lot of cooking for sure. However, not all RVs come with a stove but you should definitely get one for your trailer. It will make cooking a lot more convenient for you as you prepare hot and delicious meals for your camping trip.

As usual, the best advice is that you get an RV stove that suits your needs and preferences. There are lots of options in the market and many features to choose from. Choose the RV stove and oven that give you the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do RVs have electric stoves?

Yes, as discussed above, there are electric stoves for RVs. There are traditional electric cook tops and induction cook tops.

This type of RV stoves is perfect for those who do not want to use gas or propane when cooking. It is also convenient for those who prefer staying at campgrounds with electric hookups.

You need to use cookware specifically designed for electric stoves. These often come in various fun colors and they offer a chic and stylish addition to your trailer.

Can you use the stove while driving in an RV?

No, you should never use the stove while on the road. It isn’t safe to cook inside the trailer while you’re on the move.

For those using propane powered stoves and oven, the gas makes it a more dangerous situation as your camper is in motion. It’s a disaster that’s waiting to happen.

If you really have to use your stove for cooking, you can pull over to the side of the road or wait until you reach the rest stop so that you can cook a meal.

It is safer and more convenient to cook when you’re on full sop and properly parked. You can move freely, prepare your ingredients without having everything moving or falling down, and your cookware won’t move on top of your stove while you’re cooking.

Just imagine cooking a hot soup while your RV is moving and it suddenly comes to a stop. You’ll get scalded by the hot liquid and things could get really messy. So, for your safety and convenience, don’t ever cook while your RV is in motion.

How big is a camper stove?

Camper stoves and oven come in different sizes. You can check their specific dimensions when you scout for the best RV stove for your camper to see if it will fit in your RV kitchen.

Just to give you an idea to see if it fits in your trailer, the average camper stove is 16.5 inches tall, 21.25 inches wide, and 20 inches long.

It’s best to know the specific dimensions of your counter space so that you can already limit your search according to those specifications when you’re looking for the best RV stove for your kitchen.

How to install an RV oven/stove?

We recommend that you read and follow the directions stated in the manual for the proper installation of your RV oven/stove. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this as it would depend particularly on the brand, model, and type of RV oven/stove that you’re getting.

The manufacturer will give specific instructions on how to install the stove oven so that it will work properly and avoid complications. Follow these instructions for the safe installation and use of your RV oven and stove.

How do you light a camper oven?

It depends on what type of RV stove and oven you’re getting.

If you bought a manual ignition model of RV stove oven, you would need a long match to start a fire and begin cooking.

But if you got the automatic ignition type, you can use the RV stove by just pushing a button or turning a knob.

That’s why it is important that you choose the right oven for you. If you’re comfortable using a match or any light starter, then you can choose manual ignition stove and ovens. But if you don’t want to deal with that hassle, go with the automatic ignition type so that you can start using it right away.

How to use an RV oven/stove?

Using an RV stove oven should be simple enough if you follow the user manual properly. It is basically the same as using your stove and oven at home. You turn on the heat to be able to cook and you adjust the heat level according to your need or stage at your cooking process.

But to be safe and for other specific instructions particular to the brand, type, and model that you got, it’s best that you read and follow the instructions stated in the manual.

How to care and clean an RV stove top?

Proper care for your RV stove top will help ensure that you can use it for a long time. But don’t worry, it’s very easy and simple to do.

It’s just like how you would clean your stove top at home. You wipe it clean after using. Use a damp cloth to make sure that you remove excess dirt and leftover residue.

In particular, a stove made of stainless steel is much easier to clean and it won’t rust even if there’s constant water and sauce drippings from all your cooking.

This is why it is very important that you consider the ease of care and cleaning of the particular RV stove top that you’re eyeing before deciding to buy it. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your stove and take away some precious vacation time, do you?

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