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8 Best Camper Van with Bathroom for Easy Van Living [2022]

Two Wandering Soles Campervan

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Just because camper vans are designed for camping, it doesn’t mean you have to brave the wild butt-naked.

Whether you’re deep in the campervan community or in the process of changing your life, having a bathroom built in your RV is a huge help.

Forget all those stinky old public bathrooms, campervans that come with a toilet and shower are the way to travel―both in style and in comfort. But it’s more than just the convenience.

We’ll tell you why.

Make your van life a thousand times better with these 8 best campers that come with bathrooms ―shower and toilet included.

What Do You Do When Nature Calls?

Ever wondered how people living in motorhomes take a dump or stay clean?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “where do you go to the bathroom?

And to be fair, it’s a good question, especially if you’re planning to go off-grid. (We once asked ourselves that too!)

So, where?

When you have nothing but your campervan, the only place you can really use a toilet is behind the trees. Not the most comfortable, but, hey, it does the job. Or you can always stop by public restrooms.

You can opt to get yourself a gym membership to access the free washing and locker room.

But, these options are NOT convenient.

When you’re traveling across 50 states, you’ll always have to be on the lookout. And, when you do find one, chances are they’re not gonna be very clean. Public bathrooms are just plain nasty!

8 Best Camper Vans with Bathroom Worth Checking Out

Your best bet is a campervan that comes with a shower and toilet.

We’ve made your search easier with our list of 8 best campervans with a shower and toilet.

1. Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT -Best Overall

Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT is our pick for the best campervan with a shower and toilet. Why? For many good reasons!

On the outside, it has a very sleek and modern look. On the inside? It’s nothing short of your expectations. It’s fully packed and furnished with everything you need. And we mean EVERYTHING.

Queen bed? Check.

Pop-up sky bunk? Check.

A galley complete with a fridge, standard microwave, gas stoves, and a spacious stainless steel sink? Check.

Swivel seats, benches, and even a collapsible dinette, Tellaro 20AT has your basic needs within arm’s reach. But, it gets even better.

The List Goes On…

Unlike your regular campervan bathroom, the Tellaro 20AT can tank up at least 6 gallons of black water for toilet and shower wastes, and up to 27 gallons of freshwater tank for long showers and dirty dishes.

With this, you don’t need to worry about pee sloshing around the toilet bowl inside the van nor finding a RV dump station at every state you cross. It packs a mean PUNCH.

The camper van’s bathroom comes with a wet bath, cassette toilet, and water heater for you to get the most of your stay.

But, wait, there’s more.

(We’re sorry if this feels long to read, but we can’t help but gush about it!)

There’s a lot of storage and extra space inside! Overhead cabinets span the sides of the campervan, while a pop-up bunk can be raised and retracted for you to fall asleep under the stars.

It can easily fit a family of three, without feeling too squeezed inside as what most campers do when they’re going off-grid.

(Btw, the pop-up sky bunk comes with solar panels too.) Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Aside from that, there are many charging stations, multi-media dash, and even Apple or Google play to keep you entertained. The van is equipped with the basics and so much more.

The Best Part?

Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 20AT is pet-friendly!

If you think that you can’t travel with pets, this will make you guess again.

There’s a hideaway water and food dish inside along with fabrics and leatherette materials that are scratch-resistant. The residential vinyl flooring makes it also easier to clean up any mess your pet has made. Tres Bien!

With its reasonable price point, we think that Tellaro 20AT is a well-made and well-balanced camper van great for first-timers and full-timers.


  • Solar Power
  • Pet-friendly
  • Pop-Up Sky Bunk
  • Storage Space
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Water Heater


  • None!


  • Exterior Length: 20’11″
  • Interior Height: 6’25”
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 3
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 6 gallons
  • Starts at: $92, 813

2. Winnebago Revel Camper Van -Best Value

When it comes to tiny living, storage makes ALL the difference. And it just so happens Winnebago Revel is the van for the job.

Even though it’s smaller than the Tellaro by one feet, the camper van offers a closet-full of space to store ALL YOUR LIVING ESSENTIALS.

The kitchen has many panels, while the roof rack serves as a place you can store large equipment such as bikes, surfboards, and even a kayak, all the things you need to enjoy a nice day out.

The camper van is equipped with its own toilet, wet bath, and hot water system that’ll make your van life so much easier.

Comparing it to the Tellaro, Winnebago Revel is a great class of its own. With a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis, it’s built for terrific adventures.

For watching sunsets and sunrises, this camper helps you create the ideal outdoor set-up.

It includes:

  • A powered patio awning so you can stay out long after the sun has gone down
  • A foldable outdoor table placed on the exterior sliding door of the van.

Revel also comes with a power lift-bed, a genius contraption, that saves space and lets you get away with having extra leg room.

Here’s the Catch

Although be warned, the camper van comes at a price. You’ll have to shell out at least $185,000.

They are expensive, but so is regret.

You can never go wrong with a Winnebago, especially with this class B camper van model.

They come complete and are easily customizable for your extra needs. If you want to take things up a notch, upgrades are welcome and definitely NOT impossible.

It’s one of its best selling points!

Plus, anything Winnebago is pretty much gold.


  • Outdoor Ready
  • Power-lift bed
  • Customizable
  • Decent interior height


  • Premium Priced


  • Exterior Length: 19’7”
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 21 gallons
  • Starts at: $185, 838

3. The Jayco Redhawk 31 XL -Best Budget Pick

Concerned about space?

No worries! Jayco Redhwak 31XL got you covered.

Easily the biggest camper in our list of best campervans with bathrooms, the model is 32-feet long. Meaning? There’s tons of additional space!

Unlike Class B camper vans, the Redhawk has MORE ROOM TO OFFER and is specifically designed to be a motorhome all-year-round for those off-grid.

It can seat as many as 8-10 people and easily sleeps a family of 4 without any fuss.

The Redhawk includes a queen-size bed, twin beds, and a sofa―all WITHOUT SACRIFICING the sleeping room or any other area. No pull-outs, no retractable dining tables, NOT a problem.

Even the bathroom has more space to spare. Because it’s a class C RV home, the Redhawk comes with a wet bath and a composting toilet, which is larger than your standard portable toilet and cassette toilet.

What a relief it is to have a composting toilet in your RV, right?!

Fast Fact: A composting toilet allows you to empty all that nightmarish sludge SO MUCH MORE EASIER than a cassette type. Cassette toilets literally spell Satan when you’re emptying them.

Wanna know the best part of having a composting toilet? No more plumbing, no more water used, and more black tank! That’s right!

It’s a perfect choice for campers with a big family in need of a bigger bathroom, bigger closet, and bigger galley.

Also, did we mention that it also has a more budget-friendly price tag?

At less than half the price of the Winnebago and Thor models, you get yourself an affordable luxury.

Sounds TOO Good to Be True…

While the Redhawk has many pros that make it a great choice as your first motorhome, there’s one trade-off: its massive size.

Although Class B campers can be tight on space and a bit more expensive, it’s more fuel-efficient and it does let you get away from all the travel restrictions that come with a large truck.

Easily PARK ANYWHERE with Class B campers, it gives you the enjoyment of traveling.

On the other hand with class C RVs like the Redhawk, you can’t.

Understanding the difference between the types of camper vans is the key to making the right choice.

That said, the Jayco Redhawk 31XL is still a solid, reliable deal if you’re into large vans and if you don’t mind having to pay extras in stations. Tiny living doesn’t have to feel like so with it.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Additional space for extra bed and leg room
  • Storage
  • Full bathroom with composting toilet and shower
  • Large freshwater tank capacity
  • Taller interior height


  • Inconvenient Travel
  • Heavy


  • Exterior Length: 32’5’’
  • Interior Height: 7′
  • Class: C
  • Sleeps: 8
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Composting Toilet
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 32 gallons
  • Starts at: $84, 950

4. Chinook Bayside Campervan – Best Splurge

If you’re into traveling in style, then there’s no better choice than the Chinook Bayside Camper.

Everything about it screams luxury, from the ultra-soft leather seating, to the custom high gloss wood, to the large sliding door for easy access, and down to the state of the art entertainment and security system.

The campervan includes:

  • 4-camera viewing system on the interior
  • Two high-definition digital air television
  • Theater surround sounds
  • Deluxe lighting
  • A large two-door refrigerator

And all the works to make you forget you’re living inside a motorhome.

The Bayside is a nice escape from the wild outdoors, and it’s the best splurge for a campervan with its own bathroom (a wet bath and a cassette toilet) and quality design.

The Bayside Build

Like the Winnebago Revel, this class B camper uses a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis, making it one shell of a unit.

It’s good for adventures because it’s fuel-efficient. Diesel will TAKE YOU FAR without needing to find a gas station often. On top of that, the quality of construction is superb.

Chinooks are simply built to last.

Our Only Complaint?

There’s no rooftop and a dedicated coach heating system, which makes the air feel a little bit stale after you’ve been there for a long time.

But, it’s not something to worry about.

Overall, the Chinook Bayside Camper is a good splurge for a touring coach and a weekender.


  • Luxury Travel
  • Superb Quality
  • Latest Technologies


  • No rooftop pop-ups
  • No coach heating system
  • Premium Priced


  • Exterior Length: 23’9’’
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette Toilet
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 15 gallons
  • Starts at: $150,000

5. Fleetwood RV Irok FSL -Best Eco Friendly Option

A sophisticated touch, fully functional, and environmentally friendly?

Sounds a lot like the Fleetwood RV Irok FSL.

This sleek campervan is one of our favorites on the list, and it’s easy to say why: it’s special.

A Tour of the Fleetwood Irok

As soon as you pry open the sliding doors, you’ll immediately be greeted with a screen door. We bet you haven’t seen this one!

The screen door is there to let the breeze in and keep out the bugs. The same thing when it comes to the rear door, there’s a drop-down screen.

Over to the driver’s seat, it’s pretty much standard with all the things you can find in the usual car: touch-screen radio, back-up camera, steering wheel, and multiplex lighting to control all the lights.

In the kitchen:

  • 1 kitchen burner induction stove
  • 1 basin sink with cover
  • 1 tiny sized fridge
  • 1 conduction microwave

While the bathroom might not be as large as the Redhawk or the Bayside, it still covers the basics: a wet bath and a cassette toilet to help you stay clean while on the road.

For the sleeping area, there’s a couch that can be folded and transformed into a queen bed.

Campervan Specialty

Now let’s talk about what makes it so special.

Solar panels.

The Fleetwood Irok has a capacity of 100 watts of solar power, which itself can do SO MUCH to save our planet.

But that’s not all.

The campervan utilizes an espar gasoline coach heater, meaning you can CUT A HECKLOAD on fuel costs, because espar gasoline doesn’t take fuel off your tank directly, unlike propane.

Plus, it has twice the cooling abilities.

The Downside?

It’s a tight squeeze, especially if you’re on the taller side.

For those hitting the six feetmark, you might find yourself bumping into the closet and panel.

Also, the lack of rooftop pop-ups does not help the dilemma.


  • Solar Power
  • Does not use propane for coach heating
  • Available in 2-floor plans


  • Can feel a bit cramped; interior is shorter than the standard class B campers
  • Small bathroom
  • No rooftop


  • Exterior Length: 21 ft.
  • Interior Height: 6’1″
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette Toilet
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 15 gallons
  • Starts at: $95,988

6. Ford Transit Nugget Plus High Roof – Best Weekender

In the list of best camper vans with a bathroom, you can never take out the Ford Transit Nugget Plus High Roof.

Even though the Nugget is the smallest camper with a bathroom, it’s a class B camper classic.

A Class-B Camper Classic

The Nuggethilarious name, btw, comes complete with all your basic needs: a kitchen, living area, and a full head room, all making up a unique “L” shaped set-up to enjoy meals with family members together.

Did someone say space-saver?

The Ford Transit is your best choice if you want to maximize living space conditions – there’s an additional sleeping room with the convertible loft, aside from the queen bed that comes with the model.

However, what it doesn’t have is a shower.

You’re probably staring wide-eyed at us. ‘If it doesn’t have one, why is it on the list?’ is what you’re thinking.

Well, to be fair, bathrooms are never complete without showers. It just makes van life so much easier.

But, wait, we weren’t finished yet.

While it doesn’t have a wet bath like all the others, it has a fixed cassette toilet and a super convenient drop-down sink beside it at the rear end.

And for the price of $66,000, it’s not a bad deal. After all, Westfalia does offer the OPTION OF A SHOWER on the exterior.

As a whole, the Nugget is just the perfect camper for a quick weekend getaway.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Designated living room and kitchen area
  • Customizable


  • Bathroom does not have shower; only a toilet and second sink


  • Exterior Length: 17’6”
  • Interior Height: 6’7”
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Shower: No
  • Toilet: Cassette Toilet
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: Not Specified
  • Starts at: $66, 950

7. Airstream Interstate 19 – Best for Comfort

Space is a hot commodity especially when you’re off-grid living.

A question worth a thousand bucks is “how can you fit your life in a 19-feet long rectangle and still feel comfortable?”

Well, the simple answer is the Airstream Interstate 19.

This is an equal match for young couples starting out their van life. It has 4 seats for you to entertain your friendly neighbor, a sofa turned into a queen bed overnight, kitchen, and pantry storage.

Our favorite part of the camper is the bathroom which includes both a wet bath shower and toilet, surprisingly spacious for the tiny room.

Built for Comfort

Reviews for the Airstream Interstate 19 all point to the campervan’s undeniable comfort.

Because it uses a Mercedes Benz frame, it’s simple and hassle-free to drive. You don’t have to break your back when you’re driving around the entire day.

In short, Airstream 19 is a great choice for a campervan with bathrooms, because it’s compact, nimble, comfortable, and easy to drive.

WARNING: Airstream is a tad bit more expensive than the other choices, but the Mercedes Benz engineering really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to safety.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to drive


  • Expensive
  • Will only fit 2; otherwise feels a bit cramped



  • Exterior Length: 19 ft.
  • Interior Height: 6’2″
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 2
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 9 gallons
  • Starts at: $165, 143

8. Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600 – Best Home on Wheels

Take home with you wherever you go with the Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600. With its clean and well-designed layout and stylish wood accent, it’s sure to CATCH YOUR EYE.

Although Sunlight Motorhomes is fairly new to the industry, it does not disappoint.

Swivel seats, a large bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower, foldable bed, and plenty of storage, all under $60,000the cheapest out of our list of best campervans with bathrooms.

The large “garage” area is also a welcome bonus for storing outdoor gear and large equipment such as mountain bikes.

The Coziest Feels

What strikes the Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600 different from the rest is its woody aesthetic and decor. The wooden panels set the vibe inside the mobile home and give it a cozy ambiance.

For those young ones who are into the clean and neat look, then this campervan is for you and will remind you of home from time to time.

It’s compact, practical, and pretty.

Off-grid living doesn’t have to feel like one with a Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600.


  • Interior Designs & Cosy Ambiance
  • Practical
  • Plenty of Storage
  • Most Budget-Friendly


  • Lack of spare wheel


  • Exterior Length: 19’6”
  • Interior Height: 6’2″
  • Class: B
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Shower: Yes
  • Toilet: Cassette
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 23 gallons
  • Starts at: $52, 636

Are Campervan Bathrooms Worth It?

Congrats! You made it all the way through our list of best campervans with bathrooms to go off-grid.

Now it’s time to decide if getting one is the right choice.

Here are the benefits of having a shower and toilet inside your camper:

  • Convenience: You’ll never have to search for bathrooms along the way, go out in the middle of the night, or dig a hole when you have RV toilets.
  • Comfort: Popping a squat while you answer the call of nature puts a strain on your muscles, whether you’re physically fit or not.
  • Privacy: Having a toilet and shower inside allows you to do business without letting anyone know about it. You can easily watch Netflix while you’re at it.
  • Personal Hygiene: Enough said. It’s just so much cleaner when you have your own bathroom.

Because bathrooms can take up extra space inside and come with added costs, we understand that some people are hesitant to make the shift.

But trust us, it saves you from public bathrooms anxiety.

[Van Life Q&A]: What’s Life Like Off-Grid?

A little guide to give you an idea of life off-grid.

How Do You Maintain the Campervan Bathroom?

Right off the bat, one of the first things to consider when you’re choosing a camper is shower and toilet maintenance.

While campervans without a shower and toilet are free from dumping wastes, those with, unfortunately, have to do the dirty work of cleaning the bathroom, shower head, and toilet.

Not a fun activity, but a necessary evil.

Fortunately, there’s good news.

You don’t have to do this often. You only have to dump your blackwater tank when it’s 2/3 full. And, if it’s possible, only get rid of it every two weeks or so.

Longer dumping intervals mean more time to break down solids or your poop, for lack of better terms.

Is It Possible to Poop in the Toilet?

Without a doubt, yes.

Toilets inside campervan bathrooms should work just like an ordinary toilet bowl in your family home. But, of course, we still need to take extra care of it since RV bathrooms’ toilets have a two-step flush system.

Here are some tips to remember when flushing the campervan toilet:

  • Two step-flush every time. Push the handle halfway down to fill the toilet bowl with water, then push it down all the way to flush into the holding tank. This allows the toilet to fill with water, so that water in the holding tank will break down the solid waste. 
  • Don’t throw trash or any solids down the drain. These could be tissues or leftover food.

Can You Install a Shower and Toilet Inside the Camper?

If you’re already a proud campervan owner and aren’t too keen on the idea of investing in another RV home, there’s always the option of installing a shower and portable toilet inside.

However, be warned. It’s not that easy.

For toilets, your best bet and the simplest solution is a portable toilet for you to store, stash, and take wherever you go.

You won’t need any tools for installation. In fact, it can’t be mounted on anything, unlike a classic RV toilet. Simply, bring and place where you want to do your business.

For complete wet bathrooms, it’s more difficult as you’ll need to do some complicated plumbing and renovations. We don’t recommend doing this, because it doesn’t save you from any expenses, rather you’ll have to shell out a bit too and things won’t always work out.

But if you’re interested to know more, here’s a good read on how to install a shower inside your campervan.

In Summary

Don’t deny yourself of the basic living comforts.

Campervans are designed to help you camp in comfort, and these 8 best campervans with bathrooms, complete with a shower and toilet, do a swell job of making van life easier.

Two Wandering Soles Campervan
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