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Class B RV Manufacturers (Updated List for 2022)

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Class B RV Manufacturers

The following is a list of Class B manufacturers that I have compiled. Surprisingly there is not a very large number of them and many of the previous manufacturers have gone out of business. This list will be updated on a continual basis.

What Is A Class B RV?

A class B RV is essentially a regular family van that has been outfitted for camper style living with conveniences like beds, small kitchens and sometimes toilets.

They are essentially the middle tier of RVs and a combination between a Class A RV and a Class C travel trailer. They are a great option for couples and sometimes small families.

Some of the manufacturers on the list will do custom camper vans while others just manufacture a set of base models. Be sure to check real reviews when deciding on a manufacturer.

You want to choose a camper van with quality work, reliability and a high resale value.

Our List Of Class B Camper Van Manufacturers

1. Advanced RV

Class B Models: CruzMobile, Kinder, Maggie Mae, Peanut, Stewie

People love these RVs. They like them so much that I had to check several sources to prove to myself that the reviews were legitimate. They seem to be.

These RVs are highly customizable and well constructed. The customer service is supposed to be phenomenal. The only complaint that I came across said that the waiting list to purchase an RV was two years long. That’s a long time, but it appears to be worth it.  

Manufacturers website

2. Airstream

Class B Models: Interstate Lounge EXT, Interstate Grand Tour EXT

“Let’s not make any changes, let’s make only improvements!” More than a moto, Airstream has proven themselves to be a quality (not to mention truly iconic) manufacturer.

As you would expect, cheap products do not stick around over the decades. If they are cheap, they eventually break down and are forgotten.

The fact that 60% to 70% of Airstreams are still in use is a fantastic testament to their quality. The bit worthwhile evidence can is that these RV’s hold their value much better than most of if not all other RV companies.   

They’ve been around since the 1930’s, and they are so popular that they have had difficulty meeting the demand. In the last decade, they have seen more than a fair bit of growth in their productive capabilities.

There was a 50% increase that brought their yearly totals from 2,600 to 3,744 units. They also purchased and incorporated an Oregon-based company called Nest Caravans which is a manufacturer of tiny caravans; smaller than pretty much anything out there.

Manufacturers website 

3. American Custom Vehicles

Class B Models: Executive Series, Diamond Series

I checked Facebook, Yelp, Google, forums, RVReviews, and I’m not finding any reviews for this company. It exists, but I can’t tell you if they provide quality work.

Manufacturers website 

4. Coach House

Class B Diesel Models: Platinum 2 and Arriva on the Mercedes Springer Chassis
Class B Gasoline Models: Platinum on the Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis

The outer shell of the vehicle is a single piece of fiberglass, so this eliminates the rattles and potential leaks that multiple sections would have created.

These RVs are more expensive than some of their competition, but they also provide better products than the competition. Whether that is a good thing will be determined by your personal budget.

Manufacturers website 


Class B Models: Weekender Conversion, Westy Conversion

This RV conversion business doesn’t have enough reviews to get a good handle on the average experience. On Yelp, the few reviews are pretty happy (There are two 4-star reviews and one 5-star review ).

One of the Yelp reviewers said that the owner, Mike, was “meticulous” and that he spent hours instructing and remained available at all times.

On Facebook, one reviewer thought that the work was near perfect, but the other was rather hostile. I can’t find any other information regarding GTRV.

Manufacturers website 

6. Leisure Travel Vans

Class B Models: Libero, Serenity, Unity, Wonder

4.5 rating from 323 reviews on Facebook. High quality builds with an overall fantastic service. Not all of the reviews are shining, but that seems to be uncommon.

Overall, they have a good reputation for having phenomenal customer service.

Manufacturers website 

7. Phoenix Cruiser

Class B Diesel Models: 2350, 2400 Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,

Class B Gasoline Models: 2100, 2350, 2351, 2400 Ford E350 Chassis, 2551, 2552, 2910, 3100 Ford E450 Chassis

I’m finding a lot of really positive reviews regarding Phoenix Cruiser. There are lots of reviews stating that they have had multiple RVs and they keep coming back to Phoenix Cruiser.

Their build is supposed to be top notch, long lasting, very sturdy, and very stable. The one story that seems to counter that can be found on the RVReviews site. In the forum, the regretful customer reported that their RV was in horrible shape from the moment that they left the lot. Also, they said that the company would not repair their mistakes.

The posted pictures no longer lead to valid links, and I can’t attest to the validity of the complaint. Still, be aware, and always do your research before committing to big purchases.

Manufacturers website 

8. Pleasure Way

Class B Models: Ascent on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis (Short Wheelbase), Lexor TS on the Dodge Promaster Chassis, Plateau Florida on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase),Plateau TS on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase), Plateau XLMB on the Mercedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels),Plateau XLTD on the Mercedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels)

This is the top Class B RV manufacturer within Canada. Companies to don’t become number one on empty promises, and this isn’t an exception to the rule.

These RVs take a month and a half to build.

Whether looking through review sites or perusing through the forums, people repeatedly talk about their uncommonly good gas mileage. Of course, the other thing that people love is the ability to pack pretty much anywhere.

Class B’s are much more convenient to park.

Manufacturers website 

9. Roadtrek

Class B Diesel Models: 170 Versatile on the Chevrolet 2500 Chassis,190 Popular on the Chevrolet 3500 Express Chassis,210 Popular on the Chevrolet Express Chassis,CS Adventurous on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,E-Trek on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,RS Adventurous on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis,SS Agile on the Mercedes Sprinter Short Wheelbase Chassis

Class B Gasoline Models: Simplicity on the Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 Chassis,Zion SRT on the Dodge Ram Promaster 2500 Chassis,Zion on the Dodge Ram Promaster 3500 Chassis

Recently, in 2016, Roadtrek was purchased by the Erwin Hymer Group; combining some North American technologies with some of that famous German engineering.

One of those useful pieces of tech is the Voltstart system that will automatically start your vehicle to ensure that the stored power doesn’t fall below needed stored power thresholds.

These Class Bs are small enough to conveniently park pretty much anywhere. As one reviewer said, “It certainly cuts down on the hotel costs.”

Most reviews seem to be pretty good. Although, there are a few reports of cabinetry falling apart.

Manufacturers website 

10. Sportsmobile

Class B Chassis Models: Chevrolet Van,Dodge Ram Promaster,Ford Transit Van,Mercedes Sprinter

Founded in Texas, Sportsmobile has been around for over half a century.  Van conversions are their focus. I can’t find many reviews regarding their quality.

The few reviews and forum posts that I did find were from happy customers, so they are trending in a good direction.

Manufacturers website 

11. The RV Factory

Class B Models: Avion, Avion Azur

The reviews on Yelp are not too positive. A lot of reviewers are reporting having lots of issues from the moment of purchase, and several of them received their repaired vehicles back damaged in new ways. 

Manufacturers website 

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