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The 8 Top Camping Sink Models: Price-Friendly Options to Models Worth Your Best Bang for Buck

8 Best Camping Sink Models

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

  • Customizable
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Soap dispenser built-in

Key Takeaways

  • Customizable
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Soap dispenser built-in
  • 2-gallon water capacity + 5-gallon buckets
  • Built-in rolling wheels



If you want a camping sink that will make you feel at home, this is the perfect one for you. It looks like a sink you’d find in your bathroom, only this can come with you WHEREVER YOU GO.

The footprint of the SereneLife Portable Camping Sink is small enough to even place this inside your tent, backyard, or home garden.

With its lightweight materials, you can easily carry this from one place to another without breaking your back!

When you’ve finally come from home from your trip, it’s easy enough to STORE the SereLife Portable Camping SInk as it neatly folds into a small package.

You can fold it into 3 pieces that only have a total weight of 18 pounds.


This camping sink is equipped with a foot pump that you press up and down to use. The continuous movement of the pump creates pressure inside that will force the water out of the faucet.

If you’re cleaning any meat or fish or have really dirty hands, you don’t have to contaminate any of its surfaces to get yourself cleaned up.

It also has a built-in soap dispenser, perfect for loading with your dishwashing liquid or hand soap of choice.

This sink can only hold 2 gallons of water, but the buckets that come with it can hold an additional 5 gallons.

Our favorite feature is its CUSTOMIZABILITY. Depending on your needs, you can swap out the containers, add faucets or plungers, and more. You can even add more buckets for additional storage!

The SereneLife Portable Camping Sink uses a self-contained system that captures all the water that goes down the drain and stores the greywater until you throw it out, making it ideal if you’re conscious about where you throw your water.

Is the SereneLife Portable Camping Sink the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you want the best of the best, this camping sink is the right one for you.

You can customize it to your heart’s content and choose what features you want to add or remove at will.

The SereneLife Portable Camping Sink is the top-of-the-line model here, with TONS of features that make it worth EVERY PENNY, if you have the budget for it.


  • Pick and choose the features you want
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Easy to assemble, collapse, transport, and store
  • Multiple uses make it versatile
  • Convenient soap dispenser



  • Expensive
  • Small default storage capacity

Lifetime Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink

  • HDPE almond surface
  • Flow Control spray handle
  • Easy to maintain

Key Takeaways

  • HDPE almond surface
  • Flow Control spray handle
  • Easy to maintain
  • UV protected
  • Anti-stain and rust coating
  • Integrated channels for draining water
  • Two-year warranty



If you want a camping sink that will last you a lifetime (pun intended), you should certainly consider this model.

The entire unit measures 48 by 24 inches, with the sink at 12.5 x 15.5 x 3 inches. This means you get LOTS OF ROOM to work. Everything is supported by a robust steel frame that ensures GREAT STABILITY so you won’t have to worry about anything toppling over.

When it’s time to move or store it all away, simply fold the unit in half and use the carry handle to bring it wherever it needs to go. How convenient!

This is one of the few sinks that use UV protection, weather and rust-resistant powder coating, and a stain-resistant surface so maintenance won’t be much of a bother to you.

unique feature you won’t find in another camping sink is its ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT. This makes it versatile for multiple tasks and comfortable for nearly any user.


The Lifetime sink comes with a pull-out spray with Flow Control that directly hooks up to the hose.

With this, you’ll get 2 spray settings and an on/off button so you can choose when to conserve water and when you need HIGHER PRESSURE.

Note that the faucet may be quite flimsy. It’s a good thing everything’s covered by a two-year warranty! You can also choose to upgrade the faucet with a sturdier one.

The basin itself features a drain and plug so you can soak dishes, wash your hands, or do a variety of other tasks.

Drainage is easy with the molded-in channel that also helps MINIMIZE WATER LOSS.

You also get some storage space under the unit for the draining hose and spray handle, so it’s easy to stow everything away for the day.

Is the Lifetime Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you’re looking for an addition to your fishing or hunting gear, you need to consider this camping sink from Lifetime.

Value-wise, Lifetime is far from the standard average Joe. It’s not the same old deluxe camp sink you see. Not to mention, all the UV protection and rust & weather coating prove its superiority of value!

The only downside is the faucet’s flimsiness.

Nonetheless, you get a ton of room and features and a high-quality build that’s sure to last you for years to come.


  • Adjustable spray settings
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to carry and store
  • You can put heavy loads on it



  • Spray nozzle durability issues

Coleman Folding Double Washbasin

  • Well-known camping gear brand
  • Double PVC basins
  • Up to 3 gallons per sink

Key Takeaways

  • Well-known camping gear brand
  • Double PVC basins
  • Up to 3 gallons per sink
  • Mix of plastic and cloth



Coleman has been around for years and there’s a reason why.

The Coleman Folding Double Washbasin is as portable as you can get when it comes to a camping sink. Its double-basin design gives you plenty of room for ALL your tasks.

For example, you can soak and soap on one basin while a friend or other member of your camping group rinses your pots and pans later!

With 2 durable fabric handles, you can easily carry this camping sink with wherever you need to be. Its design is great for anyone who’s looking for an addition to their trailer, car, RV, or camping gear.

We love how big it can get when fully opened up and how compact it is when folded for storage. You can hold up to 3 gallons of water in each sink!

Made of durable plastic and thick sidewalls, you can easily put this washbasin on top of WHATEVER WORK SURFACE or table option you have available with you.

It can handle various temperatures and even hot climates and it can even double as an ice bucket!


This collapsible camping sink is made for one purpose: PORTABILITY. And it does that one thing well.

It folds out to give you plenty of room for washing pots and pans on your picnic or camping table, then quickly and neatly folds away.

You can even attach the faucet to whatever water supply option you have available through a hose to get a continuous flow.

Is the Coleman Folding Double Washbasin the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you’re looking for a camping sink that takes seconds to set up and fold for storage, this is the model for you. This is perfect for cleaning up your hands or pots and pans.


We do not recommend this for those looking for a more heavy-duty option, but it’s a great compact addition to almost any camping experience.


  • Low cost and great value
  • Great for group camping
  • More compact than other camping sinks



  • Not for heavy-duty camping
  • Stability not as good as others
  • Corners may leak

Deluxe Camp Sink

  • Foot pump
  • F180ml water capacity per stem
  • Fotal of 5-gallon water capacity

Key Takeaways

  • Foot pump
  • 180ml water capacity per stem
  • Total of 5-gallon water capacity
  • Soap dispenser
  • Towel holder



The Deluxe Camp Sink is small enough to place ALMOST ANYWHERE. The faucet is made of HDPE, making it f00d-safe and non-toxic enough to put your food on.

The entire unit can store up to 5 gallons or 19 liters of water, giving you a lot to work with. The sink itself can nearly store 3 liters of water.


The foot pump will let you eject water out of the faucet. If you typically handle a lot of raw meat or fish, this is a great feature for preventing CROSS CONTAMINATION.

And when you’re done, stopping the operation is as simple as stepping away from the foot pump.

A feature you won’t find in all camping sinks is the Deluxe Camp Sink’s hand sanitizer or soap dispenser. There’s even a towel holder so you can easily wipe your hands in between washes or tasks!

You won’t have a problem with transporting this camping sink because it comes with a built-in carrying handle, allowing you to quickly move it around with you.

Is the Deluxe Camp Sink the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you just need a sink for your trip, this is the model for you.

While it may not offer a table or workspace, it does its job well with its added features and large water capacity. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable!

However, if you need a sink with extra workspace, this won’t work for you.



  • Hands-free operation
  • Easy to carry
  • Great value for the cost
  • It will last you a long time
  • Convenient towel holder and soap dispenser



  • Soap dispenser needs extra force

Ozark Trail Portable Camping Sink

  • 6-gallon water capacity
  • Spacious work station
  • Side basket and shelf for storage

Key Takeaways

  • 6-gallon water capacity
  • Spacious work station
  • Side basket and shelf for storage
  • Removable sink
  • Well0-known camping gear brand



When it comes to camping gear, Ozark is a well-known brand. This means you can rely on their years of experience and expertise to give you high-quality camping gear:

  • Durable and stable
  • PVC sink with a capacity of up to 6 gallons
  • Robust steel frame to keep everything level

Some advantages you can enjoy from the PVC material are its durability and ability to withstand ALL kinds of weather conditions as well as substantial weight.

Despite its portability, you can easily work on its 35 and 1/2 inches of workspace. Now you can easily prepare food for the family or clean up the day’s catch!

It can all be a fun activity multiple members of the family can help out with because there’s enough room for more than 1 person to work here.

Plus, its height makes it COMFORTABLE to use without breaking your back.


Unlike some other models, this portable sink comes with pump connections. You can also easily hook this sink up to a regular hose so you can empty the grey water into a bucket or onto the ground.

You can remove the PVC sink, so you can even carry it with you to get the ingredients you intend to clean up and wash. The sink itself is easy to wipe down or clean up with some soap and water.

On the left side, you’ll find a basket that you can use to store your cleaning or cooking materials and equipment. You can also use it to collect garbage.

It even comes with a steel shelf that can function as added storage for your tools!

Is the Ozark Trail Portable Camping Sink the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you need a portable camping sink for large groups and family gatherings or trips, this Ozark model should definitely be one of your camp sink options.

It offers enough storage and working space for most of the family to pitch in during the trip.


  • Can fit most budgets
  • Easy to install and store
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Cleaning up is a breeze
  • Several storage options for tools/utensils



  • Drain clogging issues

Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Table with Faucet

  • Foldable table design
  • Easy to carry and set-up
  • Slot for holding garbage

Key Takeaways

  • Foldable table design
  • Easy to carry and set-up
  • Slot for holding garbage
  • Double sink design



If you frequently prepare food or clean out the fruits of your successful hunt or fishing trip, you’ll need a spacious table to do it all on.

That’s where Outsunny shines best.

The entire table is 40 inches long with a TON OF ROOM for you to soak and wash your dishes as well as prepare food.

It’s UNDOUBTEDLY HIGH-QUALITY. Not to mention, durable and lightweight.

The table is made with a durable and stable HDPE material, while the double sinks are made of steel.

Everything is supported by sturdy legs of steel that can hold up to 130 pounds of weight, letting you make full use of the large table space.


The Outsunny has the ADDED FEATURE of a slot for holding any garbage you want to throw out while using it to keep your campsite clean.

We love the double sinks that let you MULTI-TASK. This makes it perfect for use when…

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting, or even
  • Barbecuing in your backyard

The surface of the tabletop is waterproof, so you can easily wipe it down with soap and water after you’re done.

Greywater comes down through a tube that is connected to the sink, so you can choose to empty it into a bucket or directly onto the ground.

If you want to directly connect the sink to running water through a regular hose, the package will have all the fittings you need to make that happen.

Is the Outsunny Portable Folding Camping Table the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you hunt or plan to use your camp sink for A LOT OF PREPARATIONS and COOKING, Outsunny is the best model for you.

Everything is lightweight and offers plenty of space. Moreover, the double sinks let you do multiple things at once, letting you save time and focus on having fun.


  • Low cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows for multiple uses
  • Makes multi-tasking a breeze
  • Plenty of working space



  • Can stain easily

SEEK Deluxe Outdoor Camp Sink with Cleaning Table

  • Comfortable height for many users
  • 45 inches long
  • Stable and durable

Key Takeaways

  • Comfortable height for many users
  • 45 inches long
  • Stable and durable
  • Raised edges and sloping design



This bad boy is made for more than just washing your hands. The SEEK Deluxe gives you a spacious, sleek, and comfortable working room for cleaning up your fresh catch and more.

A highlight is its height of 7 feet, from the very bottom to the top of the faucet. This makes it a comfortable option for most campers.

Plus, its design makes this unit a great option for your GARDEN or BACKYARD. This set comes in a neutral color, so it can fit almost any landscape.

Its design will give you great stability. That includes uneven or rough ground! The design comes with sturdy legs that won’t fail you mid-use.

Furthermore, the SEEK Deluxe unit has raised edges and a sloping design that facilitates drainage.


Wanna hear something EXTREMELY convenient?

You can easily attach this camping sink to a water source so you can get a CONTINUOUS FLOW of water from whatever’s available where you are.

This enables you to make an efficient and comfortable workstation for cleaning up dishes and most other camping chores.

It’s easy to empty the water out, as this unit comes with an accordion-style drain pipe. You have the option of emptying the water in a bucket or directly onto the ground.

What About Storing Features?

We love the holder that lets you hang up your cleaning tools, which is something you won’t find in most camping sinks. It even comes with a wire storage shelf for your additional storage needs!

A feature you find in another camping sink set is the built-in sprayer that lets you easily clean up the table or its surrounding areas. Bet YOU DIDN’T THINK you’d have such a convenience outdoors, did you?

Campers love the high water pressure this unit can produce, making it an excellent option even for an RV or LONG-TERM outdoor living.

You won’t have to worry about getting those hands or dishes clean anymore! Despite its design and features, everything folds up neatly and is pretty lightweight.

If you need one of the most versatile camping sinks for a variety of tasks, whether, in your backyard or campground, you should consider this sturdy unit.

Is the SEEK Deluxe Outdoor Camp Sink with Cleaning Table the Best Camping Sink for You?

If you love going on fishing or hunting trips, the SEEK Deluxe is the perfect addition to your camping gear. We love the available holder for all your tools, sloping design, and high water pressure. This a set most hunters and heavy-duty campers definitely need.


  • Holder and storage for tools
  • Sturdy build
  • Sprayer makes clean-up a breeze
  • Perfect for group trips



  • Pipe leakage issues were reported

Tricam Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Folding Table

  • Load capacity of up to 150 pounds
  • Unique built-in ruler
  • Lots of room for working and cleaning

Key Takeaways

  • Load capacity of up to 150 pounds
  • Unique built-in ruler
  • Lots of room for working and cleaning
  • Quick-Connect



You get plenty of space with the Tricam cleaning table with a built-in sink.

The entire unit measures 44 inches in length, 23.5 inches in width, and 37 inches in height. While it may not be the most lightweight, this camping sink ONLY WEIGHS about 27 pounds.

You get great build quality, sturdy legs, and heavy-duty functionality. The faucet is made from stainless steel, which you won’t find in lower-quality camping sinks.

It’s not the smallest sink available, but its COMPACTNESS allows you to easily fold up the legs and disconnect the faucet to stow this away in your camper or shed.

The tapered channel on the sink and table lets you easily drain out any fluids or water.


The faucet features Quick-Connect so you can easily, quickly, and conveniently ATTACH it to a garden hose for a continuous water supply. This makes it a great addition even for your yard.

What makes this unique among other camping sinks is the built-in ruler at the base of the table. Here’s why: YOU can accurately cut and portion your fish or meat for easy storage in your cooler.

That’s how you know Tricam made this for more than just washing your hands!

The surface is also easy to clean and wipe down after a long day’s work.

Our only gripe is that it doesn’t have a built-in shelf, which would have made this the absolute perfect fish and game cleaning table for anyone.

Is the Tricam Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Table for You?

If you do more than just camp and hike and typically stay in a campground or base for a few days or longer while you’re hunting or fishing, the Tricam Outdoor Fish and Game Cleaning Table is for you.

You won’t get extreme portability with this, BUT you get a lot of other features that are tailor-made for you.


  • Makes cutting and portioning game easy
  • It will last you a long time
  • Easy to clean



  • Low height may be uncomfortable for some

Benefits of Using a Camping Sink

When we’re at home, it’s easy to overlook the ability to do basic things like washing your face, dishes, food, clothes, and more.

But when we’re outdoors, we quickly realize how dependent we are on these comforts and conveniences.

Campings sinks are a fantastic way to LEVEL UP your camping experience.

They give you one of the best comforts you experience at home even on road trips. Moreover, you don’t have to compete for that campground sink anymore.

You’ll quickly appreciate how fun and easy camping life becomes when you bring the comfort of home with you on your fishing trip.

A camping sink will also let you clean and separate your food and game/fish to prevent cross-contamination. NO MORE sacrificing hygiene to enjoy nature!

You can even get a camping sink for your backyard if you usually do a lot of cooking or other chores that make it easier to have a portable camping sink right next to you.

Considerations When Choosing Camping Sinks

Size, Weight, and Capacity

Depending on your needs, the expected amount of users, and intended use, the right height, length, and width of the camp sink varies from person to person.

  • If you plan to just use it for washing your hands and face, a small one may be okay.
  • However, if you intend to clean a lot of dishes or expect a lot of people to use it, you’ll need one with a larger capacity or larger washbasin.

Consider its size when it’s folded or collapsed if you have limited storage at home, too.

Of course, the larger the size and capacity, the heavier the camping sink, too. This will affect its portability and is partially determined by its construction and materials.

Portability and Set-Up

Because of the nature of camping trips, camp sinks need to be:

  • Easy to set up
  • Disassemble
  • Transport, and
  • Use

It’s even more important if you INTEND to frequently move campgrounds from day to day.

IMAGINE having just hiked all day and now having to set up a complicated camp sink when all you want is to wash up, eat, and call it a night. We’re sure that’s not something you’d want.

So consider getting a camp sink that is light, mobile, and portable. There are even ones that have wheels if you intend to use it in a large campground.

Some camping sinks can easily fold. However, for this kind, you should pay extra attention to the sink’s durability, build quality, and materials, especially in the seams and portions that fold.

Some of the EASIEST MODELS to carry and store are those with exterior latches that can fold in the center.

Moreover, look out for those designed with built-in hand grips, casters, or handles so you can bring them around WITHOUT ANY FUSS.

Design and Ease of Use

There are also a lot of other features and specs you should watch out for, which will mostly come down to your needs and preference.

For example, do you like camp sinks that you need to connect to a hose and running water? This may be great if you plan to stay in a campground for extended periods, but NOT if you typically move around a lot.

Maybe you prefer camp sinks that have a tank that you fill-up. This is certainly more portable but is limited in the tank’s capacity.

Whatever the case, take the time to carefully read the features each model has to offer to figure out whether it’s the right one for you.

Our guide details the best sink for each type of camper, so you should get a pretty good idea of the best camping sink options for you here.


Camping sinks are not for everyone.

It’s CERTAINLY NOT for the person who only camps when they’re dragged outside by the neck. Consider them as an investment to last you a long time and improve your quality of life outdoors.

  1. First, determine your budget and do your best to stick to it.
  2. Some features can make increase the price, so it’s important to carefully consider whether you need the added feature or not.
  3. When working within a tight budget, PRIORITIZE durability and the use of high-quality materials over added features.
  4. It’s better to get a more basic sink that will last a long time than a feature-packed model that will break in a few months.



Camping offers ONE CHALLENGE that your home does not when it comes to sinks and plumbing: uneven terrain.

We know how rocky or sloped a particular camping site can be.

And when you’re dealing with a heavy water-filled tank, this can be a problem.

The Solution?

Choose a camping sink that has excellent built-in stability so that it won’t wobble while you use it. Moreover, if you plan to get a unit that has wheels, consider the quality and strength of its breaks.


Because you’ll be using your camp sink everywhere, even on rougher terrain or environments, your model of choice SHOULD BE durable and capable of withstanding wear and tear, mishandling, and falling.

Choose one with good finishing material.

For example:

  • There are some with enhanced durability that has enamel finishing.
  • Some also have a powder-coated paint finish that is resistant to moisture and can survive in all weather conditions.



As with any material investment, pay attention to the components and hardware the camp sink has.

This is critical, especially for those who prefer a foldable table. The frequent folding can wear out the parts and cause them to wear out prematurely.

Pay extra attention to moving parts like the locks, latches, and hinges.

The Best Components?

We recommend getting a camp sink with automatic locks if it’s within your budget.

These automatic locks can securely hold the table together. Moreover, they have an extra safety stop on them in case the table accidentally folds on its own.


While camp sinks are a great addition to any camping kitchen, they also come with their share of issues. They need regular maintenance if you want them to last a long time without developing any problems.

Heed these reminders:

  • Sinks that use a water tank can develop molds inside if you don’t completely dry them out after your trips before storing them away.
  • Consider the gray water puddles you will be producing and leaving behind if you DON’T have a self-contained unit.
  • Even self-contained units generate some gray water, too. Any solids that go into your sink, such as food bits, will go to a collapsible trash can that you need to regularly empty and clean out.

Top Picks

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink: Best Overall

If you need the best possible option for your camping sink but don’t require working room, this SereneLife sink is the way to go.

You can customize your unit to your heart’s content and get a STURDY sink that can last you a long time.

This is one of the most compact models available on the market today, making it an excellent option for camping trips that require you to shift bases every few days. The built-in wheels make it easy to transport anywhere!

Now you can experience the luxuries from home while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views of nature with this sink.

Lifetime Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink: Best Value

For those who need more room for cleaning fish or game or who prefer space for their pots and pans, this is the perfect sink.

You get a treasure box of features at a great price point including a spray nozzle, rubber stopper, drainage channels, and adjustable height.

This is also an excellent option for group camping because the adjustable feature makes it comfortable for anyone’s use!

Coleman Folding Double Washbasin: Best Budget

If you’re on the lookout for a unit that just functions as a basic sink, this model from Coleman is the perfect one for you. It’s meant for those who frequently move around a lot.

Everything collapses into a compact package and opens up to a double-sink with a 3-gallon water capacity each. While it may not be a fancy model, it’s still a fantastic basic option for you!


We hope our guide to the best camping sinks of 2021 helps you make the best decision for yourself and your needs!

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