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Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Pounds (Light Towable Trailers)

If you’re in the market for a new travel trailer and know just how much your vehicle can tow you want to be sure you choose the right trailer. These trailers all have a dry weight of less than 4000 lbs.

We put together this list because its quite common for future RV owners to look for a trailer under this weight. However before we get to the list of trailers lets go over what you should be looking for in a trailer that weighs less than 4000 pounds.

Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs

Not all cars can pull just any travel trailer, but if you have an SUV or a pickup, there are some fantastic models you can purchase for your next getaway. Are you going alone, with your partner or family?

The number of people a trailer sleeps is equally important given that you want to sleep in comfort if you’re to be able to get up to other activities during the day.

Kids are quite fond of trailers with bunk beds, so if you have little ones, be sure to look out for that. You will find that the bunk beds are often in a corner to give the children some privacy and a ‘cave’ feel.

How much storage space you need

Storage is another aspect to keep in mind when searching for the perfect home away from home for you and your family.

You don’t want to be limited in what you can bring with you to make your experience special. The duration of the trip matters- how much food, clothing, utensils and other gear will be required for the journey?

The modern-day trailer maximize on space by having overhead cabinets and drawers in the kitchen area. A good design has storage space under the bed, by a door or under the dinette- companies have found some creative ways to make the most out of the space.

Master bedroom

Though the trailer is an open plant, the size of bed can make the difference between feeling at home of feeling as though you’re camping. A queen size bed (or king size, though those are rare) for a good night’s sleep in comfort helps you feel rejuvenated after a long drive or a day outdoors exploring.

Most designs have LED lighting above the bed screwed into overhead cabinets to let you do some light reading before dozing off. Some trailers come with a closet and a bedside table on each side for added luxury.

The kitchen and dining area

Standard travel trailers come with a refrigerator, a cooktop with a kitchen hood, a microwave oven and dinette that converts into a sleeping area. Standard trailers come with a two-burner cooktop.

There are some great layouts that factor in a sink cover to give you full use of a counter top when making preparations for a meal. Though not quite common, a freezer is a great addition to have if you’re taking frozen foods or even ice cream with you.


These spaces are often quite small, but considering the time you spend in them, they are a fair compromise. A standard trailer will feature a foot-flush toilet and a shower.

Larger trailers will have a mirrored medicine cabinet and a sink with storage space underneath.

If your in the market for something smaller but still want the basic necessities such as a bathroom I would recommend reading this post here.

Water storage capacity

Don’t want to worry about water and waste during the trip? See what works for you, keeping in mind that a person can use up to 1.5 gallons for a 12-minute shower from a low flow shower-head. All trailers on this list, with two ore three exceptions, have a three water talks; a fresh, black and grey water talk. The grey tank contains the water that get used in the trailer- whether cooking, washing dishes or showering, while the black tank only holds what gets flushed down the toilet.

Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs

  1. Palomino PaloMini 177ORVBH travel trailer
  2. Bullet Crossfire 1800RB (Keystone)
  3. 2018 Keystone Summerland Mini
  4. Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite Super Lite Travel Trailer
  5. Airstream Sport 22FB
  6. Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite travel trailer 17BHS
  7. Keystone RV Colt Travel Trailer
  8. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer
  9. Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer
  10. KZ Spree Escape Travel Trailer
  11. Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer
  12. Airstream RV Sport Travel Trailer
  13. Coleman 15BH – Lantern LT Conventional
  14. Safari Condo Alto F2114 Travel Trailer

Palomino PaloMini 177ORVBH Travel Trailer

Palomino PaloMini 177ORVBH

Dry Weight: 3862 lbs.

Length: 21 ft.

Sleeping capacity: 5

This PaloMini works great for those needing extra storage spaces for larger items that typically don’t fit in a travel trailer. With a 9′ x 7′ front cargo deck, there’s plenty you can carry with you on a trip. It also has a ramp, making loading and unloading easier. Throughout the trailer, there are storage spaces to meet all your packing needs. These spaces don’t diminish the trailer’s interior.

There’s equally more space inside to fit an average sized family or a couple of friends going for a trip. The bunk beds, equipped with pillow-top memory foam mattress, mean that five people get to sleep comfortably. The children are bound to enjoy relaxing in the bunk beds, two at the rear left corner and the other he kitchenette that folds down to create extra sleeping space. The queen size bed is just the right size for comfort.

The cabinets are made of hand glazed hardwood, and the drawers have ball bearing drawer guides. The interior has LED lighting. As a whole, the inside speaks of both elegance and functionality, a perfect balance for anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors but still bring a piece of home with them.

The construction of the trailer is light-weight, giving you better fuel efficiency. This Palomino model is also suitable for off-road use- you don’t have to be conscious about how it fairs on when you take it on mountainous terrain.

Key features

  • Lift kit and an assist rail
  • 13,500 BTU roof air conditioner
  • 20,000 BTU furnace and a two-Burner Cooktop
  • AM/FM Bluetooth Stereo
  • Microwave
  • Laminated Walkable Roof
  • Tinted safety glass windows


Cargo Weight:    3541 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     19 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       30 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     30 gallons

Bullet Crossfire 1800RB (Keystone)

Bullet Crossfire 1800RB (Keystone)

Dry Weight: 3240 lbs.

Length: 21 ft.

Sleeping Capacity: 3

This travel trailer features a queen Murphy bed at the front that allows for more space to use during the day. The layout has the bathroom/toilet in the rear and the kitchen in the middle. The trailer has a frame that’s one and a half inches of box double welded aluminum that combats road vibrations. This outer shell also makes it sturdy to withstand potential pumps.

The galvanized steel roof will not leave you concerned about mildew or mold that is typical of wood or aluminum roofing. The double welded aluminum joists used for the entire flooring make for a stable floor that retains that solid feel after years of use.

To maintain an overall lightweight to structure as the whole, aluminum is used to frame the front and rear cap, the slide boxes, and the outside storage. It also keeps the style and construction consistent. When you get this trailer you know two things- you won’t feel the drag when driving and that you’ll have it with you for a long while.

Though it sleeps three, the master bedroom leaves nothing to chance.

The Murphy bed comes with a queen size mattress. There are 120V plug-ins, reading lamps and ample mirrored wardrobes on each side of the bed for an added home away from home feel.

The overhead cabinets have LED puck lights for extra ambiance. This design works great for a couple with one child or has an additional passenger with them.

The bathroom is equally lush. The tub/shower has a skylight above, a foot flush toilet, a vanity with a mirrored medicine cabinet and a storage space below, and a grand hanging closet wardrobe to accommodate your times should you be making a more extended trip.

The kitchen has ample storage for cooking utensils below the countertop with ball bearing slide doors. The living room also contains overhead cabinet storage. The dinette fits two adults comfortably.

Key features

  • AM/FM Bluetooth stereo with aux and iPod hook-up
  • Microwave
  • Three burner stove with a glass top
  • Six cubic foot fridge
  • Nine-inch basin bullet kitchen sink with an adjustable faucet


Cargo Weight:    1160 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     43 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       30 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     30 gallons

2018 Keystone Summerland Mini

2018 Keystone Summerland Mini

Dry Weight: 3290 lbs.

Length: 21 ft.

Sleeping Capacity: 5

The Murphy queen sized bed is at the front of the Summerland Mini trailer along with overhead storage. There is a closet at the foot of the bed and more storage space underneath it when folded up.

The booth dinette also doubles up as additional sleeping space. There’s also overhead storage to keep your extra belongings. Two bunk beds are at the back of the trailer for the children to enjoy.

The kitchen features overhead cabinets, counter space, a single sink, and a residential microwave. The cooktop has two banners placed front to back to make room for more counter space.

Directly above the burners there is a hood containing a light and fan to avoid the accumulation of grease and soot on other surface and removes heat and smell from the trailer after preparing a meal.

There’s also pantry to store your dry foods and a seven-cubic-foot refrigerator to store perishable foods and to chill your drinks.

The bathroom at the rear has a shower/tub and foot-flush toilet. Inside you will also find a mirrored medicine cabinet and a sink with storage space below for your toiletries.

Key features

  • AM/FM/CD w/MP3 Stereo
  • 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 20, 000 BTU Furnace
  • Flex Pex Tubing with 10 Year Warranty
  • 16″ on Center Raised Roof Truss System
  • TV Antenna with Booster
  • Hurricane Straps Reinforced Structure


Cargo Weight:

Fresh Water Capacity       27 gallons

Grey Water Capacity        30 gallons

Black Water Capacity       30 gallons

Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite Super Lite Travel Trailer

Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite Super Lite Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 3,927 lb.

Length: 22 ft.

Sleeping Capacity: 4

The company, Gulf Stream Coach, prides itself on offering affordable travel trailers. The floor plans have been made from collaboration between the company and input from owners over the past decade.

Their construction methods and materials reflect the same.

Their Super Lite trailers use uni-body construction; this is where the ceiling, walls, and floor get tied together with steel straps. They use fiberglass to insulate the roof, walls, and the subfloor.

The flooring contains no joints or seams, meaning you never have to watch your step as you move around the trailer. In the Ameri-Lite you’ll find solid wood roof and walls for durability and strength.

Inside the 218MB model, the bathroom is at the front and contains a neo-angle shower, a foot flush toilet, and a sink. The kitchen and a dinette that fits four are in the middle of the trailer facing each other.

Above the dinette there are overhead cabinets and a home theater above the seat by the trailer wall. A picture window sits above the table.

The kitchen counter features a double bowl sink, a power hood vent above the three burner cooker and a microwave oven right about it. There are plenty of cabinets and drawers to fit cookware and other supplies.

The LED overhead lights are used throughout the whole trailer. The rear features a queen size Murphy bed with under storage space. There are bedside tables and a mini closet on either side of the bed.

There is an LED light above the bed as well as overhead storage space. The dinner can be used as sleeping space for an extra person though this model best accommodates one couple.

Key features

  • 12-year warranty for the seamless synthetic roof
  • 16,000 BTU furnace
  • CD/DVD and Bluetooth Stereo with interior and exterior speakers
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner
  • TV Antenna with a power booster
  • Six cubic feet refrigerator and freezer with double-doors
  • Solar Power Prep


Cargo Weight:

Fresh Water:        30 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       36 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     37 gallons

Airstream Sport 22FB

Airstream Sport 22FB

Dry Weight: 3,634 lb.

Length: 22 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:   1-4

This why Airstreams cost so much). The shell is made of aluminum, making it light and ideal for your travel needs.

There are two interior options to choose from to match your taste. There is the White Cypress in black or tan Ultraleather, where the seating, accents, and bedspreads differ, though the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and awnings remain the same.

The accent colors are meant to depict the outdoors; beauty thus follows you whether in or out. It’s quite spacious too.

An attractive design is the panoramic front windows that light up space sufficiently during the day. Blackout shades mean that you rest well at night. The patio awning lets you stay outdoors longer without fearing insect bites or allowing bugs into the trailer. There are a double bed and the dinette converts to sleep, two people.

The Ultraleather lounge and dinette seating make it easy to clean should you make a mess or after using the trailer a couple of times.

That makes it still look new a few trips down the line. Overall, their furniture is soft yet durable and can withstand extreme temperatures without deforming or cracking. They are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about getting scratches or stains on them.

The cabinetry is handcrafted Italian while the flooring features durable seamless vinyl flooring that won’t thin out from frequent use.

There are roof lockers, tambour door by design, where you can store your belongings out of sight. There are exterior lockers where you can out other cargo as well, with an exterior shower to clean your gear after use.

Key features

  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner with heat pump
  • Aluminum mini blinds to suit the design
  • White Cypress in black or tan Ultraleather interior options
  • Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and LP detectors fire extinguisher
  • 2 cubic feet three-way refrigerator
  • Conventional microwave oven


Cargo Weight:    866 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     20 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       24 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     18 gallons

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 17BHS

Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 17BHS

Dry Weight: 3217 lbs.

Length: 21 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  5

This Coachmen model, 17BHS, has bunk beds, a double bed and a booth dinette that converts into a bed too where the fifth person can rest for the night. That makes it ideal for families of five or a group of friends looking for an adventure on the road.

It’s equally high for a family of five with small kids. The Dexter E-Z tube and its aerodynamic front make the ride smooth- not everyone has to be in the car for the journey.

It has a single slide out, a pantry and a private tub and toilet. There’s plenty of space in this trailer to walk around; it won’t feel claustrophobic when you’re all in there at the same time.

It makes an excellent place for night time activities after a long drive or a day outdoors. It is designed to feel like a home away from home, especially those who like to camp in comfort and style.

The counters are easy to clean given they are laminated. There is an AM/FM and Bluetooth speaker for you and your loved ones to listen to your favorite tunes along the journey.

Key features

  • 20, 000 BTU Furnace
  • Three cubic feet two-way refrigerator
  • Two cooktop burners
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner


Cargo Weight:    508 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     33 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       25 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     25 gallons

Keystone RV Colt Travel Trailer

Keystone RV Colt Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 3010 Lbs.

Length: 20 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:   4

For those looking to travel the country in style with an affordable and accessible two unit then the Colt 171RKCT is for you. If you have a crossover or SUV then you’ll enjoy this trailer should you choose to get it.

There’s plenty of room to move around inside with a queen size bed at the rear of the trailer with a closet beside it. The dinette sides out into a bed that accommodates two.

It has a wet bath with shower curtain, a sink and a Thetford toilet for your needs.

If you prefer space, there’s a model that features only a dry wash. Both options have pocket organizers to help keep your toiletries in order.

There’s a gas/electric DSI water heater for bathing and cleaning. In the kitchen, you’ll find a three-way refrigerator that’s three cubic feet, a microwave oven, a two burner cooktop and overhead cabinets.

The drawers are hardwood and have ball bearing drawer guides. Decorative window treatment on the tinted safety glass windows gives the trailer a touch of home.

You never have to worry about the roofing during a stormy day- it is made of seamless fiberglass for durability and protection.

Key features

  • Self-adjusting brakes
  • LED tail lights
  • 20,000 BTU furnace
  • Air conditioner
  • LP Detector, Smoke Detector, and CO detector
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD stereo with Bluetooth stereo and outside speakers


Cargo Weight:    850 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     36 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       30 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     30 gallons

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2650 Lbs.

Length: 20 ft.

Sleeping Capacity: 4

This Lance travel trailer model has large window and living and bathroom skylights to brighten up your travel home during the day. It also makes the room feel more substantial than most similar sized trailers. The cabinet doors are of Lite-Ply™ material that makes them both light and robust.

The ceiling, floor, and sidewalls are aluminum-framed. Throughout the trailer, there’s block foam insulation, as well as a lamination on the floor and ceiling. The ceiling has one piece fiberglass.

The bathroom is at the rear and features a foot flush toilet, a medicine cabinet with a mirror door, a shower curtain that has a tieback and the skylight/ power roof vent mentioned before. On the wall, there’s a towel rod to hold your wet and dry towels and a tub with a detachable shower head.

The bedspread comes with throw pillows and queen innerspring mattress.

There are LED reading lights above the bed. The U-shaped dinette has reversible cushions. The kitchen has a refrigerator that’s five cubic feet and a single sink with a cover.

The three-burner cooker has a cover, and there’s a hood with a fan, light, and splash back right above it, both made of stainless steel. You also get a microwave in the kitchen. There are plenty of storage spaces throughout the trailer including under the bed and the dinette.

Key features

  • Refrigerator 5 Cubic Feet
  • Furnace 18,000 BTU
  • HDTV antenna
  • 12V/USB Charging Port
  • 45 Amp Converter
  • AM/FM/DVD Stereo with internal and external Bluetooth speakers


Cargo Weight:

Fresh Water Capacity:     26 Gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       26 Gallons

Black Water Capacity:     25 Gallons

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2969 lbs.

Length: 21 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  5

The Viking Ultra-Lite 17BH gives a family of five, or smaller, the luxury of going out on a trip during long weekends or vacations. It also adds to the list of fun activities one can get up to at any one time as a bid to bond and create lasting memories.

This trailer comes fitted with the Jensen AM/FM Bluetooth stereo and a command center for your listening needs.

For sleeping, this trailer features two bunk beds, a double bed, and a dinette bed, the dinette having high-density cushions. This layout is ideal for a couple with two or three kids.

The bathroom has a tub and shower combo as well as foot flush toilet and a skylight. There are 12V LED lights throughout the trailer and outside too. Tinted safety glass windows feature in this trailer as well.

The kitchen contains a refrigerator that’s two way and three cubic feet for your perishable foods and a cooktop with two burners. A stone cast sink with a high neck kitchen faucet completes the kitchen area.

The countertops are residentially laminated for easy cleaning throughout and after the trip. You never have to worry about making a lasting mess, especially with young children onboard. There’s also a booth dinette and a pantry for the food you’ll need for your trip.

Key features

  • 20, 000 Furnace BTU
  • AC BTU 13500 BTU
  • 100% Adhesion Residential Grade Linoleum
  • Walnut Cabinetry
  • Diamond Plate Front and Rear Wall Protection
  • Electric brakes


Cargo Weight:                      787 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:                       33 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:                         25 gallons

Black Water Capacity                         25 gallons

KZ Spree Escape Travel Trailer

KZ Spree Escape Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2202-2960 lbs.

Length: 16-22 ft.

Sleeping Capacity: 3-5

With the KZ, there are nine models to pick from which is quite impressive. The layouts cater to the different tastes and needs that each family may require when they next head out for a getaway.

Some of our favorites that you can check out are the E107s, E196S, and the E17FKTH. In each model you can expect to find 12-year warranty roofing, interior LED lighting and 16,000 BTU furnace for all your indoor use.

The bathroom has a shower and a foot flush toilet. You also get a mirrored medicine cabinet, and a sink with a cabinet underneath to store your toiletries and towels. There are a two burner cooktop and a three, four or five cubic foot gas and electric fridge depending on the model you select.

The dinette seats are five inches, making them quite comfortable. It converts into a large bed made of five cushions for a good night’s sleep.

If you want bunk beds for the kids, the E196S is best, though the E17FKTH offers two flip beds opposite each other if you’re looking for that camping in one tent feel to your getaway. They come with a closet and storage space underneath. The master beds are spacious with overhead LED lights and cabinets.

Key Features:

  • Nine different floor plans available
  • Alum-A-Tough Roofing with a 12 Year Limited Warranty
  • Titanium Gray Front and Rear Fiberglass
  • Tinted windows
  • M/FM/MP3/iPod Radio
  • 12V Converter with a charger
  • 5 Year Warranty all Aqualon tents


Cargo weight:     402-1,120 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     20 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       15-32 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     5-32 gallons

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2555-2860 lbs.

Length: 18-19 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  3-4

For the Hummingbird Travel Trailer, there are seven-floor plans under 3000 lbs. with an eight one to be availed in April 2018. The standard features are that they are lightweight for easy towing by an SUV or pickup truck.

They are somewhat small, but they don’t compromise on design. The windows have tinted safety glass, and the fenders are black-coated aluminum. The exterior has an aerodynamic, rounded design with front and back blank diamond plating.

The roofing is a one-piece fiberglass roof.

Inside the trailer, ceiling LED lights and plenty of storage spaces throughout the trailer either in overhead cabinets or below other features. The ball-bearing drawer glides make for easy opening and closing.

The floor has Beau flor vinyl flooring that spans wall-to-wall. The 16RMB and 17RMB feature larger bathrooms with foot flush toilets, a shower, sink and linen closet.

The dinette has a vinyl backing, and cushions are high density for comfortable seating and sleeping (depending on the layout you select). Each plan comes with a queen size bed, a Simmons mattress and pillow; the Hummingbird 16MRB and 17MBS have Murphy beds of a similar size.

Key Features:

  • 7-floor plans available
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth stereo with speakers
  • 30-amp service with a detachable power cord
  • LED brake lights
  • Murphy Bed (depending on plan)
  • Beau flor Vinyl Flooring


Cargo weight:     850-1080 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     25 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       25 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     25 gallons

Airstream RV Sport Travel Trailer

Airstream RV Sport Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2860 lbs.

Length: 16 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  1-4

This Airstream 16RB model trailer is light enough to get towed by an SUV. Though compact, it features a comfy bed, a bathroom and shower, two-burner cooktop, a microwave, a refrigerator and a dinette.

The fun-size trailer is perfect for those looking to make a quick getaway for a weekend in an in retro elegantly designed that fits right in with nature.

It’s fantastic for any weather; an air conditioner, auxiliary heat strip and a fan are at your disposal to cool or warm up your trailer no matter the temperature outside.

Just like the under 4000 lbs. travel tailor of the same brand, there are two picturesque interior decor options to choose from; the White Cypress in black or tan Ultraleather. This material is soft and supple yet durable given it adjust to extreme weathers. It’s also easy to clean and equally pet-friendly.

After years of use, it’ll still look as good as it did the first day you bought it.

This trailer also comes with a lounge and dinette seating made from Ultraleather, accent colors to complement the interior design and reflect the outdoors, handcrafted Italian cabinetry and vinyl flooring with no seams that are both durable and beautiful. There are overhead tambour door roof lockers where you can store your items out of sight.

This sink has a cover that converts into counter space when you need to chop up ingredients for a meal.

A notable feature of this Airstream is its use of light in the space. Apart from overhead LED lights, the panoramic front windows flood the room with lighting during the day.

The mostly white surfaces brighten up space. At night, the blackout shades let you have a good night’s sleep. Apart from the bed that sleeps two, the dinette easily converts to a bed that sleeps two.

It’s perfect for a couple’s weekend but allows for friends or family to pop in for a night. The trailer also has a bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

Key features

  • AM/FM/CD/DVD JVC stereo with Bluetooth
  • HD TV with omnidirectional antenna (LG LED)
  • Panoramic front windows and blackout shades
  • Aluminum mini blinds consistently with the design
  • White Cypress in black or tan Ultraleather interior options
  • Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and LP detectors fire extinguisher



Cargo weight:     640 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     23 gallons

Grey and Black Water Capacity combined:              25 gallons

Coleman 15BH – Lantern LT Conventional

Coleman 15BH - Lantern LT Conventional

Dry Weight: 2,883 lbs.

Length: 18 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  4

The Lantern LT Conventional 15BH has bunk beds, making it ideal for children as it adds to the feel of the adventure. The dinette turns into a bed for two, with overhead cabinets.

There is a provision for a TV hookup opposite the dinette on the wall separating the bunk beds to common area by the door. There are two interior decor options to choose from; the Shoreline Decor or Mackinac Decor

For privacy, there are mini blinds throughout the trailer.

The floor is made of residential grade vinyl to give the space a complete home feel. In the kitchen, you find a 3.3 cubic foot refrigerator, a microwave, two burner cooktop and a range hood with 12V light and an exhaust fan.

Full extension drawer guides are throughout the cabin, not just in the kitchen. Overhead cabinets above the cooker allow you to place your belonging within reach.

The bathroom has a non-power bath with a galley fan, sunlight above the shower area and shower curtain to keep the small room dry. The toilet is the foot pedal flush kind.

Key Features

  • Tinted Safety Glass Windows
  • 30 AMP Power Cord
  • 18,000 BTU Furnace
  • Stereo AM/FM/MP3/SC/AUX with interior speakers
  • Power Awning w/ LED Patio Light
  • Multi-Color Selectable Patio Light w/ Remote
  • Bluetooth Enhanced Stereo
  • Solar Charge Connection
  • 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner


Cargo weight:     967 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     27 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     28 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       28 gallons

Safari Condo Alto F2114 Travel Trailer

Safari Condo Alto F2114 Travel Trailer

Dry Weight: 2,883 lbs.

Length: 18 ft.

Sleeping Capacity:  4

The Safari Condo Alto F2114 is lightweight and can be easily towed by small SUVs. The frame and floor are made of aluminum.

The Alto is also a green travel trailer- most parts of it are recyclable, and the lightness of weight means that the car uses less gas to tow it around. The furniture mainly consists of aluminum as well as composite materials.

This series provides trailers with a more spacious interior and more storage space than the previous F17 series by Safari Condo. It, however, maintains the large windows and the durable material the brand used for their travel trailers.

The impressive feature that those who mainly love comfort when it comes to having a good night’s sleep are the king and queen size beds that you find in the travel trailer.

The water and propane tanks are also more enormous, as is the fridge.

The latter is a six to seven cubic feet three-way fridge. The heater and water heater system is equally compelling, guaranteed to keep you warm in the chilliest of nights and still let you have a rejuvenating hot shower.

The dining area is at the front and features huge curved window.

The seating allows for people who can comfortably share a meal, play games or look out the window at the scenic view outside. The table is detachable and can be fixed to the trailer’s side to create an exterior dining area when the weather is pleasant, or you just want to watch the stars.

The bathroom is quite spacious and comes with a shower and toilet cabinet with an exterior shower outlet. The king size bed also acts as two single beds that you can leave as is during your entire trip.

The dinette converts into a queen bed but can remain as is when two people are sharing the trailer. Some cabinets have sliding shelves and wardrobe to store items in. The trailer has LED lighting, with rear reading lights and exterior light as well.

Key Features

  • Electric brakes
  • Propane and CO and smoke detectors
  • Voltage indicator and Probeless tank level indicator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 2-Year Warranty, on the portion of the vehicle manufactured by Safari Condo


Cargo weight:     975 lbs.

Fresh Water Capacity:     26 gallons

Black Water Capacity:     14 gallons

Grey Water Capacity:       24 gallons

Conclusion on Travel Trailers Under 4000 lbs

There are plenty of travel trailer options to choose from in the market today. Most of the designs features on the list are traditional, with some breaking away to add a touch of modernity.

This list only comes to show that there’s no reason to put off your travel plans to travel the country.

Whether you want to go solo because you enjoy solitude or are soul-searching, or you’re young family eager to take your young ones on a road trip they’ll never forget and cement good memories in their mind, travel trailers offer a great balance of convenience, affordability, and comfort even for longer trips.

You don’t have to worry about hotel bookings or the cost of eating at a restaurant during every meal. With groceries and a few kitchen items from home, you can make any meal or snack you desire.

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