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5 Great Travel Trailers with 2 Bedrooms

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Travel trailers with 2 bedrooms can greatly improve the RV experience. Without them, mornings become difficult to navigate. Those warm beds turn to prison cells when early risers try to be considerate of their fellow RV passengers.

The drooling heap cuddling oblivion on the dinette would be easily disturbed from a pot of coffee or a bit of breakfast. There is little to do but to go back to bed or to brave the frigid morning air.

Beyond conflicting sleeping schedules, introverts and extroverts alike have the need for privacy. It is part of the human psyche to require a bit of separation from time to time. Whether a door or a privacy curtain, having a place to retreat is vital.

The bunkhouse design is the RVs best current solution to these issues. They are not perfect. Noises and in some cases the lights can be problematic. However, travel trailers with 2 bedrooms do make RVs more livable, and they give a bit more flexibility to those itching to get out of their beds. 

5 Best Travel Trailers with 2 Bedrooms

  1. 2021 Grand Design 3000QB
  2. 2021 Northwood Nash 29S
  3. 2021 Winnebago 31BHDS
  4. 2021 Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHTS
  5. 2021 Forest River Grey Wolf 26DBH

How We Selected These Trailers

Before anything, we researched and did lots of it. We looked into the companies and then into the RVs; using a mixture of employee and RV review sites, YouTube reports, and forums. Few stones were left un-turned in an effort to develop the most complete and unbiased picture of this list of travel trailers with 2 bedrooms.

Most of these RV manufacturers sell multiple bunkhouse blueprints that could have easily made this list. However, we prefer to choose the best blueprint from each manufacturer, so they were left off of it. If you like one of these blueprints, we encourage you to peruse the rest of that manufacturer’s travel trailers.

2021 Grand Design 3000QB

The Grand Design company is known for building very durable RVs that will last for decades. That quality does seem to dip a bit on the fit and finish side of things, but Grand Design does have some good practices to attempt to counter those issues. If you want to know more about Grand Design and its practices, head over to our Grand Design manufacturer review.

Why We Recommend This Trailer

The whole unit is beautiful with a lot of high-quality touches, and the price is most definitely right. If you do the proper inspections to limit any surprises, we believe that most people will be very happy with this travel trailer. If you do run into any issues, Grand Design is known for supporting its customers after the purchase.


The 300QB has one of our favorite bunkhouses to date. There are three beds, each of them is spacious. The bottom bed is a double bunk, and the top bunks are connected at the feet. Don’t let that concern you. The beds are large enough, so everyone should be able to comfortably sleep without knocking their legs together.

The bunkhouse also has several large drawers and shelves, so everyone should have ample room to store whatever clothes they need.

There is even a bit of room for entertainment. The wall next to the bunkhouse entrance is prepped for a TV and is easily visible from each of the beds.

Carpetless Floors

Most owners tend to prefer the vinyl floors, but carpet is still an option for those that like it. The vinyl floors mimic the look of natural wooden floors but are of course, much lighter.

Dual Entry

Two entrances improve the flow of human traffic tremendously on these larger units. When filled to capacity, doors have a tendency to get clogged with people. This particular unit can sleep 10 people, so this is bound to happen. Beyond that, it is just more convenient to enter into the RV straight into your bedroom. It’s a great functional feature.


The bathroom separates the master bedroom from the rest of the travel trailer with two pocket doors. This has its good and bad traits. You’ll hear every flush and grunt on the toilet, but you will also have a bit more privacy from those with differing sleep schedules. 

On the positive side, you will have easy access from the bathroom to the master bedroom. You won’t need to worry about bringing your clothes with you into the bathroom since you can walk straight into the bedroom after a shower.


  • Basic: 12 Months
  • Structural: 36 Months
  • Roof: 12 Years


  • Exterior Length = 35’7”
  • Exterior Height = 11’
  • Exterior Width = 8’
  • Hitch Weight = 798 lbs
  • Average Price = $36,456

2021 Northwood Nash 29S

Northwood has earned a great reputation within the industry. Their RVs are durable, but they are also heavy. Company representatives have stated multiple times that they are not concerned with the weight of the RV. Their prime motivation is durability and insulation. When someone asks for a travel trailer that they can take into the snow, this is the brand that they are recommended.

Why We Recommend This Trailer

Superior Insulation

Let’s briefly dive into the insulation. If there is open space within the walls of the RV, high-density foam is placed into it. The underbelly of the travel trailer is closed and insulated. Compartment bay doors can sometimes be a weak point in insulation. That is not the case here. The compartment doors on the Northwood are one-inch thick and insulated.


Since this is another shinning feature, le’s talk about the durability of this travel trailer. Northwood is one of the companies that choose to construct a wooden truss as part of the superstrong roof structure. Within their brochure, there is a company photo with thirty-six employees on top of one of their roofs. Of course, you shouldn’t do this yourself, but it is an impressive testament to its quality and strength.

Northwood inserts solid lumber throughout all of its heavy-gauge aluminum superstructures. If you want a travel trailer that will not fall apart, you want a Northwood. This dedication to durability extends into their custom-made chassis. They make them in-house, and each chassis is designed for the unit that utilizes it.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has one entrance for each side of the room. The queen bed is almost completely pressed up against the wall near the foot of the bed. There is a tiny bit of space where you could cross, but most people would simply climb over the bed or walk around through the other entrance.


There are two entry points to the bathroom. One entrance is from the main living space. The other is açcessed from the outside. It’s a very convenient location for those that like to get dirty, don’t want to track mud everywhere, but also don’t want to resort to the exterior shower.

The full-sized bathtub/shower is contained with a shower screen, so water will be easily contained within the tub. There is enough head-room for 99% of the population, so you can bathe without contorting your body at awkward angles.

Finally, you have all the other typical bathroom appliances and fixtures: exhaust fan, mirrored medicine cabinets, porcelain toilet, storage below the sink, etc.

The Bunkhouses

While they aren’t closed off by walls and a door, the bunkhouses do have privacy curtains to give you a bit of separation. Each bunk has its own window and nightlights. Underneath the bed are a couple of drawers. They won’t provide enough room to store the clothes of either bunkmate, but they are still useful for a small amount of storage.


  • Basic: 12 Months
  • Structural: 12 Months
  • Roof: 12 Months


  • Exterior Length = 32’4”
  • Exterior Height = 11’6”
  • Exterior Width = 8’
  • Hitch Weight = 548 lbs
  • Average Price = $38,000

2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS

Winnebago, a well-known brand if ever there was one. Over its long history, it has developed into a manufacturer that produces RV structures with a level of quality and dependability that is above the status quo. It isn’t the best, but it is above average. 

Why We Recommend This Trailer


With three beds and a trifold couch, the bunkhouse on the 31BHDS sleeps a lot of people. Each sleeping location has its own window, USB outlets, and lights. There are four drawers and netted storage, so the storage is somewhat limited when it is split amongst everyone.

There is also an entertainment center within the bunkhouse, far away from the master bedroom on the other side of the travel trailer. You can probably see how that will be useful.


First, there are two entrances. One entrance is accessible from the outside, and the other is from the main living space of the RV. The bathroom is comfortable; not huge but not small. The shower with a sliding glass door is large enough to comfortably contain an average adult. However, it is smaller than some of the other showers on this list. Finally, the foot-flush toilet is plastic which isn’t great.

Outdoor Kitchen

The width of the outdoor kitchen is fine, but it is roughly half the height of most outdoor kitchens. It is primarily inset. The mini-fridge, sink, and counter space all sit within a cubby, and the stove extends outside on a sliding plank. When extended, it creates an L-shaped cooking station. Relatively to some of the other RVs, it isn’t fantastic, but it will probably serve your needs just fine.

Durable and Water Resistant

Winnebago chose some fantastic materials for their ceilings, walls, and floors. Starting from the outside, the walls are made from fiberglass, then there is a layer of Azdel. These are held up by an aluminum frame which gives a structure to the walls. Any open areas of that frame are plugged with high-density foam insulation, and a finished interior wall is placed on top of that.

To dig in a bit deeper, the layer Azdel paneling is twice as insulative as wood and half the weight. It is also impervious to water damage. Many dealers have demonstrated this by storing a piece of Azdel in a jar full of water. The glue can wear away over time, but the paneling always looks fresh.

There is also plywood in the flooring which is a step up from the particleboard that is thankfully becoming less common in RVs. It is a superior product that is less prone to absorbing water. When absorbed, it is less prone to warping.


  • Basic: 12-month/15,000 miles
  • Structural: 36-month/36,000 miles
  • Roof: 10 years


  • Exterior Length = 35’6”
  • Exterior Height = 11’4”
  • Exterior Width = 8’
  • Hitch Weight = 860 lbs
  • Average Price = $48,000

2021 Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHTS

Jayco is another manufacturer with a great reputation. They offer the best RV warranty in the industry, so it’s a company that truly stands behind its products. They also make pretty consistent choices to improve the RVing experience for the owners of their RVs.

Why We Recommend This Trailer

“On The Shelf” Repair Parts = Faster Repairs

One example of their consumer-focused decision making can be found in their repair policy. Aside from cases that attain special approval, other manufacturers will not let repair facilities use products that they have on hand to repair the RV. Usually, they must wait for a part to be ordered. This adds a lot of wait time to what could be a quick repair. Instead of this unnecessarily sluggish process, Jayco lets those repair facilities use the parts that they have on hand to make the repairs.


If this travel trailer interests you, you should take a look at the side-by-side pictures of Jayco construction and the average manufacturer. When you do, you will notice that Jayco uses thicker lumber and metal in their construction. It then becomes clear that they can offer a better warranty because they make better products.

These units are built with strong bodies and roofs. Haylett RV has a couple of videos worth watching that demonstrate this strength. Here are links to those videos. The first shows Jaycos that toppled over in a windstorm and looked fantastic after that, and the second discusses the strength of the roof truss system itself. By the way, that roof truss system is known to be the strongest roof in the industry; even stronger than Northwood.

Beautiful Interior

Windows are everywhere and let in lots of natural light. It visually opens up the camper and makes it feel a bit larger than it really is. The kitchen, in particular, has several windows that provide a wide view of the world outside. 

The dinette table and chairs are both freestanding. This means that you will have plenty of leg-room, and you won’t need to trap people in the seats of a u-shaped dinette. It’s a definite plus if you plan on filling the RV to its seven-person sleeping capacity.

A dozen little touches combine to make this travel trailer feel residential, and this is particularly true in the kitchen space. Considerable counter space, freestanding range, residential refrigerator, a convection microwave, and lots of beautiful cabinetry.


The bathroom is well-designed. It might not be huge, but you probably won’t feel cramped. Every component looks classy and they’re made from high-quality material choices. The toilet is porcelain, the sink backsplash is tile, and the curved shower is large is shielded by a slide glass door,


  • Basic: 2 Years
  • Structural: 3 Years
  • Roof: 10 Years


  • Exterior Length = 41’
  • Exterior Height = 12’
  • Exterior Width = 12’7”
  • Hitch Weight = 1,660 lbs
  • Average Price = $54,134

2021 Forest River Grey Wolf 26DBH

Forest River isn’t the highest quality brand, but this company does offer a rather extensive collection of RVs. The Grey Wolf travel trailers belong to the family of Forest River’s Cherokee line. The Cherokee line of RVs is currently the second best-selling line of travel trailers in the world, and according to Haylett RV, also one of the fastest-growing.

Why We Recommend This Trailer

The 26DBH is the model that you will want to look at if you want a travel trailer that is a bit shorter or if you are on a limited budget. Although we do recommend this travel trailer, we recommend it with a word of caution. Forest River products are usually built with lightweight but less durable parts. If you are good with a toolset or willing to learn, this trailer could be a good way to get a travel trailer of your own.

Super Slide

The 26DBH is equipped with a super slide that improves the overall floorspace tremendously. When closed, you can still operate around the camper. Every point of the RV is accessible. It just won’t be as comfortable. 

Cab-side Kitchen

In addition to the indoor kitchen, this travel trailer contains an outdoor cooking space. It isn’t an inset kitchen like you set in most of the larger RVs. This kitchen slides out of a compact compartment on the side of the trailer. It is functional and will do everything that you need it to do: Mini-fridge, hot/cold water with a sink basin, and a two-burner stove.

Indoor Kitchen

The pantry on this travel trailer is massive. You won’t have any issues storing all of your food. The counter space is decent. You can work around it. If you utilize the kitchen sink cover and glass cover on the stovetop, you will have a ton of space. If you need more, you literally have a dinette table one or two steps away.

As far as the rest of the kitchen goes, you have a high-rise faucet over a stainless steel sink, a three-burner stove, an oven, a microwave, two large drawers, two large cabinets, and a dedicated space for the trash can. 

The Furrion refrigerator deserves some special attention. According to the Forest River website, this 12-volt fridge is super efficient and can cool four times as fast as every gas refrigerator on the market.

Master Bedroom

A large queen bed fits snuggly into the master bedroom. The foot of the bed is pressed up against the wall of the room. If you want to get from one side to the other, you will need to climb over the bed or go in through the entrance on the other side of the bed. Those entrances are closed off by sliding doors which can give some valuable privacy.


  • Basic: 12 Months
  • Structural: 12 Months
  • Roof: 12 Months


  • Exterior Length = 31’7”
  • Exterior Height = 10’6”
  • Exterior Width = 8’1”
  • Hitch Weight = 725 lbs
  • Price = $25,000
RV in Redwood Forest
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