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Winnebago Vista Class A Motorhome: Specs, Prices and Review

Looking for a Class A coach with an affordable price tag? Is the Winnebago Vista the perfect motor home for you and your family? Let’s see if its specs, prices, and owner reviews fit your requirements.

Introduction to Winnebago Vista

Vista is the product of Winnebago’s quest for comfort, luxury, and innovation. We have seen how it has evolved through the years from a Class C recreational vehicle to a Class A motor home. It has maintained its flexibility of space for the living area, storage, and sleeping sections. And of course, it bears Winnebago’s SuperStructure construction to assure buyers of its quality.

With 5 floorplans, adjustable living space, elegant interiors with multipurpose furniture, comfortable indoor environment, and plenty of power charging stations for your devices, this motor home promises to take you and your family on the road with luxury and entertainment for the ultimate rest and recreation. Enjoy all these with a budget-friendly price tag.

Winnebago Vista Construction

This Class A motor home is built on a Ford® F53 Chassis. It is gas powered with 7.3 PFI V8 engine under its hood. The TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission with tow capacity gives it the right balance in terms of power and speed on the road. It’ll allow you to haul your travel gears with the help of its 6 5,000-lb. drawbar trailer hitch that has as much as 500 lb. maximum vertical tongue weight.

Here are other construction features of Vista that help ensure its safety on the road:

  • 210-amp. alternator
  • electronic stability control
  • hydraulic brakes w/ABS
  • 7-pin trailer wiring
  • stainless steel wheel liners
  • stylized aluminum wheels (35U)
  • automatic hydraulic leveling jacks
  • rear valve stem extensions

Winnebago Vista Exterior Features

The Winnebago Vista is available in 4 exterior colors accentuated by premium high-gloss sidewall skin. The options include Cafe that combines hues of cream and brown, Cafe Mist for a darker background color, Sea Mist for white and blue highlights, and Pewter Sea Mist for streaks of blue on a mostly gray backdrop.

The graphic package includes black mirrors while the deluxe package comes with chrome mirrors. The rearview mirrors have defrost and adjustable settings to make it easier for the driver to be aware of the traffic situation around him no matter what the weather is outside. There are front mud flaps to protect the exterior from dirt and debris while on the road.

There is a built in ladder at the rear to give you access to the roof for cleaning or setting up connections for your appliances.

One of the things that you’ll love about this Class A gas powered motor home is its abundant storage space, both inside and outside. You can bring your travel gears and other essentials and keep them inside the side-hinged compartments. These are lighted for your convenience so it is easy for you to see what you’re looking for. The paddle latches make accessing the storage space hassle-free.

The powered patio awning with LED lighting coupled with the entertainment center with large HDTV and speakers promise a night of fun with the family. Outdoor cinema with fresh air and the best views in sight.

Of course, it’s no fun without some food and drinks. With Vista 29V and 31B floorplans’ tailgate package, there’s an outdoor refrigerator, a Quick-Connect LP hose, a sink, wall mounted bottle opener, garbage bag holder, and paper towel holder. This is the perfect setup for outdoor cooking. You can grill some burgers and sausages and sip ice cold drinks while enjoying the movie marathon with your family.

For some families, the fun isn’t complete without their furbabies by their side. Winnebago has thoughtfully provided a PetPal leash tie down so that your doggos can also stay outside to join the camaraderie.

The door steps leading to the main entrance automatically goes down and up. There’s an entry assist handle to make the ascent easier especially for those who need the extra support. The porch light will make it easier to see your key.

Winnebago Vista Interior Design And Features

The cab is one of the most important features of any motor home. It should offer functionality and comfort to the driver.

As you travel unfamiliar and difficult roads, Vista provides the one behind the wheel with everything he needs to get to the destination safely. There’s a radio, rear color camera, rearview monitor system with a 7.0″ LCD color touch screen and Bluetooth® technology. It is compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto. It is also Sirius XM ready.

Be in control behind the power steering wheel that tilts to a comfortable level while you’re driving. You can also put the RV on cruise control, use the map light and the switch power for your radio from chassis to house battery.

The large panoramic windshield keeps everything within sight. At the campsite, it is protected by a powered MCD blackout roller visor or shade. The driver and passenger windows also have MCD blackout roller shade to shield everyone from the glare of the sun.

There’s a snack tray when you need a quick meal on your way to the campsite. You can choose to upgrade the cab convenience with a video camera system that offers side view activation from turn signal.

Take a look at those Versa seats with vinyl covers. They seem so luxurious and comfortable. One wouldn’t mind long drives while sitting on these versatile chairs. The 3-point seat belts help ensure your safety on the road.

These seats can be turned around when you’re no longer driving. You and your passenger can face each other and share a meal with the help of the removable utility table. The armrest can be adjusted two ways. The seats also offer fixed lumbar support and the back can be adjusted to a recline position so you can rest comfortably for those power naps.

The interiors of a motor home is what makes it livable. For starters, buyers can choose the motif from Lennon with Medium Gray, Lennon with Charcoal, and Starr with Charcoal. This will set the overlook look of your home away from home. The perfect combination of fabric, vinyl, and wood gives it a cozy atmosphere.

The living area has a sofa bed and a large LCD HDTV. Everyone can get together here to watch your favorite shows on TV as it also comes with an amplified digital TV antenna system. It is also satellite system ready if you want to upgrade your viewing choices.

It is also adjacent to the dinette which has a Hi-Lo Table with storage. Talk about maximizing space as this also doubles as a bed during nighttime. There are tinted windows with MCD blackout roller shades to offer privacy.

Buyers can choose to customize their living area by getting theater seating and powered StudioLoft™ bed with ladder for more sleeping space.

The kitchen is located at the galley. You can prepare delicious meals for the family at the Thermoform countertops and stainless steel double sink. There’s a pantry and a large 2-door 10.0 cu. ft. 12VDC refrigerator/freezer where you can keep your ingredients. For units 32M and 35U, buyers can choose to upgrade the fridge to a large 4-door refrigerator/freezer.

You can cook over the 3-burner recessed range top with black glass folding cover. The burners can be sealed and they have blue backlit control knobs and stainless-steel control for your convenience. You can heat your food using the microwave oven so that you can serve warm and hearty meals all the time.

The LED lights help you see your way around during the night. There are USB chargers too in this area for your devices.

There’s a powered roof vent to prevent odors and stuffy air from staying inside the motor home especially after cooking.

Vista has an enclosed toilet and shower area. It has a skylight to let natural light in. There’s also a powered roof ventilator fan to keep moisture and odors away. The shower area has a flexible showerhead and shower door to ensure that water does not reach other parts of the motor home. The porcelain toilet with foot pedal flush is comfortable to use and easy to clean.

There’s a Thermoform countertop, towel rack mounted inside of the door, towel bar, towel ring, robe hook, tissue holder, and medicine cabinet to keep everything organized inside the bathroom. The vanity mirror makes the space look bigger.

The rear bedroom offers relaxation and privacy. It is separated from the rest of the unit with a room divider whether in the form of a sliding door or curtain. Get a good night’s sleep on the king bed for the 27P, 32M, and 35U units or a queen bed for the 29V and 31B floorplans. These beds have foam mattresses and a headboard to make them more comfortable.

There’s a storage cabinet below the bed where you can keep your linens. There’s a wardrobe across the bed for your personal stuff. A powered ventilator fan keeps the air circulating continuously for those with the 29V and 31B units.

If you get the 32M and 35U floorplans, there’s a special space for your pets to rest so everyone has their own place. The 31B unit comes with cozy bunk beds with their own privacy curtain so that’s an extra room for those with kids.

If you’re the type who enjoys watching late night shows or news before going to sleep, you can get an HDTV for your bedroom. Winnebago also offers 2 DVD players with 10.1″ LCD monitors and headphones specifically for the bunk beds in the 31B unit.

The motor home is kept cool with the help of a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. For the larger 35U unit, Winnebago has installed two 13,500 BTU air conditioning units. When the weather is chilly, you can still keep warm and toasty by using the furnace.

Winnebago offers a Cooling Upgrade Package for the 29V, 32M, 27P, and 31B floorplans. This includes two 13,500 BTU air conditioner, 50-amp. power cord, and a 5,500-watt Cummins Onan® MicroQuiet™ gas generator.

Two deep-cycle Marine/RV Group 31 batteries and a Cummins Onan® MicroQuiet™ gas generator give power to all the RV appliances and systems. There’s an AC/DC load center with 30 amp converter/charger for most units while the 35U uses a 50-amp. converter/charger to be able to handle more load. Buyers can also choose to add a solar panel/battery charger that can power up to 450-watts.

Everything can be monitored and controlled using the OnePlace® systems monitor.

The safety features of Vista include a child seat tether anchor for the forward facing dinette seat, LP, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguisher, ground fault interrupter, and a high-mount brake lamp.

Winnebago Vista Quick Stat Comparison

Exterior Length
Exterior Height
Exterior Width
Exterior Storage (cu. ft.)
Awning Length
Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal)
Water Heater Capacity (gal)

What Floorplans Are Available On The Winnebago Vista?

The Winnebago Vista is available in 5 floorplans. The length ranges from 28’5″ to 31′.Most units are able to comfortably accommodate 5 people while the 31B floorplan has sleeping room for 7.

Winnebago Vista 27P

The Winnebago Vista 27P has a length of 28’5″. It has 2 slideouts. There’s an optional studio loft bed by the cab, a convertible dinette, a sofa bed, full kitchen, bedroom with king size bed, and an enclosed shower and toilet.

  • Exterior Length: 28’5″
  • Exterior Height: 12’3″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 133
  • Awning Length: 19′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 51
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Vista 29V

This floorplan’s length is 30′ and has 1 slideout. It can sleep up to 5 people. This motorhome has a queen bed at the rear, toilet and shower area, complete kitchen by the galley, sofa bed, dinette that converts to a bed at night, and an optional studio loft bed at the cab area.

  • Exterior Length: 30′
  • Exterior Height: 12’3″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 147
  • Awning Length: 17′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 70
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Vista 31B

The Vista 31B comes in with a length of 31’2″. It has only 1 slideout but unlike the rest of Vista’s floorplans, this unit has room for up to 7 people. There’s a sofa bed, convertible dinette, bunk beds, and a queen sized bed. You also have the option to put up a loft bed by the cab portion. The full kitchen is by the galley. The enclosed toilet and shower is adjacent to the rear bedroom.

  • Exterior Length: 31’2″
  • Exterior Height: 12’5″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 139
  • Awning Length: 19′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 70
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 7

Winnebago Vista 32M

The 32M floorplan is 31’9″ long. It can accommodate up to 5 people. It has 2 slideouts to make way for the sofa bed, convertible dinette, and rear bedroom. There can be a loft bed at the cab area to provide more sleeping and storage space. The shower and toilet areas are adjacent to each other. The full kitchen is across the living area.

  • Exterior Length: 31’9″
  • Exterior Height: 12’4″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 123
  • Awning Length: 17′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 64
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Vista 35U

The 35U floorplan is the longest Vista unit at 35′. It has 2 slideouts for the living area and bedroom. This coach has room for 5 people. The bedroom has a king bed, there’s a sofa bed, a dinette that can be turned into a bed, and can be upgraded to have a loft bed at the cab. Vista 35U has a full kitchen at the galley and an enclosed toilet and bath area.

  • Exterior Length: 35′
  • Exterior Height: 12’4″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 134
  • Awning Length: 16′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 74
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 22,000
  • Sleeps: 5

What Is The Winnebago Vista Warranty?

Winnebago offers 12 month/15,000 mile basic limited warranty for their Vista units. They also offer 36 month/36,000 mile limited warranty on the motorhome’s structure and a 10 year limited warranty for labor and parts concerning its fiberglass roof skin.

Winnebago Vista Review

Upon checking different sites on the internet to know the personal experiences of those who’ve bought a Winnebago Vista, we are happy to inform our readers that many buyers were very satisfied with their purchase. It was given an overall rating of 4.38/5 by RVInsider based on 63 reviews that owners sent in.

Many were raving about its livability. There was sufficient space to gather, move around, and sleep. This motor home also provides everything they needed on the road.

They also appreciate that it is compact and economical without sacrificing the comfort level of its dwellers. Some owners commend Winnebago for making drivers comfortable and helping them out by making everything they need very accessible from where they are seated.

Of course, Winnebago Vista has its fair share of complaints from buyers who reported some issues with their units. Some say that the generator stopped working, the water pressure was low, or side compartment doors were not closing properly. Still, these complaints were the exception rather the rule.

Overall, we believe that Vista is a good buy especially for those with smaller families who want to travel to different destinations. It comes with a reasonable price tag and complete amenities that any practical family will love to take on the road.


  • economical
  • spacious
  • complete amenities
  • driver comfort and convenience


  • Some isolated issues regarding the systems and appliances not working properly

Wrap Up: Is Winnebago Vista a good RV?

Vista is the perfect mix of comfort and practicality. Although the furniture and other amenities aren’t too flashy, Winnebago has ensured that everything you need is included in this coach. Altogether, you and your family will have a comfortable home away from home.

The heavy duty Ford F53 chassis and Winnebago’s commitment for quality construction assure buyers of its durability and reliability on the road.

The Winnebago Vista is a great choice for those looking for a compact Class A motorhome that’s dependable but won’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Winnebago Vista Cost?

The Winnebago Vista is offered with a starting price of $156,786. This is one of the most affordable Class A motorhomes in the market. Although the standard features already make for a comfortable coach, Winnebago provides many options to upgrade this unit even further so that buyers will be more comfortable in their motorhome.

How tall is a Winnebago Vista?

The Winnebago Vista’s exterior height ranges from 12’3″ to 12’5″ depending on the floorplan. All units have an interior height of 6’8″. There is sufficient headroom for its dwellers so it’s more comfortable to move inside the coach.

When did Winnebago start making Vista and what has changed since then?

Winnebago started manufacturing Vista motorhomes in 2002. It was advertised as the perfect combination of style, comfort, and efficiency on the road. It looks like a 5th wheel RV and was initially offered as a Class C motorhome.

The first versions of Vista motorhomes featured a versatile floorplan, spacious living area, good-sized toilet and bath, and full kitchen with a single door fridge. Its entertainment included a Sony AM/FM cassette with CD player and a TV antenna. It was built on a Volkswagen chassis and fuel efficient 201 hp, 24-valve 2.8L V6 engine. The trailer hitch had a 2,000 lb. towing capacity.

In 2008, Vista was released as a Class A motorhome and featured a new look. Through the years, Winnebago has upgraded its details to offer comfort and luxury to the RV community.

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