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Winnebago Adventurer Class A Motorhome: Specs, Prices and Review

Want to own your own motorhome so you can travel in style with your family? Take a look at this Class A motorhome from Winnebago Industries. It is built with your family in mind and it comes in as one of the most affordable RVs in the market.

Introduction to the Winnebago Adventurer

The Adventurer is Winnebago’s Class A gas powered luxury coach. It is offered in 5 floorplans so that buyers can choose the particular layout and slideouts that would make them more comfortable on the road.

The main features of the Winnebago Adventurer are its flexible floorplans and luxurious furniture, fun exterior entertainment center, stylish and functional kitchen, and additional sleeping and storage space to accommodate the whole family’s needs.

Winnebago Adventurer Construction

The Winnebago Adventurer is built on a Ford® F53 Chassis. Under its hood is a 7.3L V8 engine, TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission with tow/haul capacity. This helps ensure balance of speed and power as you drive along.

The Adventurer 27N, 29B, and 30T units use 4-wheel ABS Hydro-Boost System power brakes while the bigger 35F and 36Z make use of the Hydro-Max System power brakes so that you can put your coach to slow or full stop with minimal effort. This lets you have full control of your vehicle and keeps you safe on the road.

Here are other construction features for the Adventurer:

  • 210-amp. alternator
  • 7-pin trailer wiring connector
  • electronic stability control
  • Trailer Hitch 5,000-lb. drawbar/500-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight
  • Automatic hydraulic leveling jacks w/3-position controls
  • Stainless steel wheel liners (27N, 29B, 30T) or Stylized aluminum wheels (35F, 36Z)
  • Rear valve stem extensions (27N, 29B, 30T)

Winnebago Adventurer Exterior Features

This Class A gas motor home is available in 4 premium high-gloss fiberglass skin. You can choose among Frost Gray, Nightshade, Sable, or Wedgewood for its full body paint. These motifs give your motorhome depth and personality that sets it apart from other coaches on the road.

The front mud flaps help protect the paint and finish. At the front, there’s a protective mask to shield it from dents, chips, and scratches. There’s a ladder at the rear to help you get to the roof.

Every part of this coach is functional. There are lighted storage compartments on the outside where you can keep your travel gears.

Also on its exterior, there’s a powered patio awning to give you shade. It has LED lighting that you can use at night. Just bring out your foldable table and chairs and you’re in for a treat. You can watch exciting games and movies on the TV. There are speakers, DVD player, an AM/FM radio to complete the entertainment center. These are available on all floorplans except for 30T.

For the 30T unit, the entertainment package includes an AC/DC receptacle, AM/FM radio, 2 speakers, removable TV table, and portable satellite dish hookup. You can take out your TV and set it up outside for a fun time with the family.

You can have a party outside with the Adventurer’s Tailgate Package. This includes an exterior refrigerator, 3-drawer cabinet, LED lights, Quick-Connect LP hose, stainless steel sink, wall-mounted bottle opener, garbage bag holder, and paper towel holder so you can grill some BBQ and chill with some beer and soda.

Your furry pals can also join in on the fun outside. The Adventurer is a pet friendly coach. There’s a PetPal leash tie down so that you can be sure that your dogs won’t wander too far especially in unfamiliar surroundings.

The steps leading to the entrance automatically drops and retracts for your convenience. You can hold on to the assist handle for some support. There’s a porch light to keep it illuminated at night. The door opens using the KeyOne™ lock system which also gives you access to the storage compartment doors.


Winnebago Adventurer Interior Design And Features

To get to your destination, it is important for the driver to have a comfortable and safe cab area. The Versa driver’s seat makes the coach’s pilot at ease. It has a 2-position armrest, fixed lumbar support, and it can be adjusted in different settings so the driver can also recline and turn around when it’s time to rest. The passenger seat also has the same features to make your co-pilot comfortable while traveling. The seats have 3-point seat belts to ensure your safety.

At the dashboard, easily within reach of the driver, there’s a 7″ Bluetooth® multimedia radio/rearview/sideview monitor system with colored touch screen, iPod®/MP3 input, SiriusXM®-ready, AUX, USB, Apple CarPlay® , and Android Auto™. Aside from helping ensure your safety, these devices also provide information and entertainment during those long drives.

Other features of the cab conveniences are power steering with tilt wheel, cruise control, rearview mirrors with defrost and power adjust, chassis/house battery radio power switch, map lights, and instrument panel.

The front windshield has a powered MCD blackout roller visor or shade while the driver and passenger windows have MCD blackout roller shade.

The dash workstation has USB outlets and 12-volt power, a convenience tray, and removable pedestal table to make eating and drinking more convenient.

As if these features aren’t enough, buyers can choose to add a 6-way power assist for the driver’s seat pedestal, a 6-way power assist with powered footrest for the passenger seat, side-mounted colored video camera system, defroster fans, a satellite TV antenna with receiver, and radio with satellite SiriusXM to enhance the cab’s safety, comfort, and info-entertainment value.

The motorhome’s interior is available in Cool Contrast, Gray Tones, or Sand Stone design. But whichever motif you choose, you’ll still get an elegant look because of the thoughtful arrangement and combination of fabric, wood, countertop, walls, and flooring.

There is lots of storage space inside and outside the coach so keeping your personal stuff and travel gears organized isn’t an issue. There’s a generator to ensure that there’s no power interruption and it’s already prepped for solar power. This coach definitely has everything you need on the road.

Winnebago Adventurer Quick Stat Comparison

Exterior Length
Exterior Height
Exterior Width
Exterior Storage (cu. ft.)
Awning Length
Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal)
Water Heater Capacity (gal)
GVWR (lbs.)

What Floorplans Are Available On The Winnebago Adventurer?

The Winnebago Adventurer is available in 5 floorplans. The length ranges from 28’5″ to 36’11”. It can sleep from 4 to 6 people. The number of slideouts would also depend on the floorplan that you choose.

Winnebago Adventurer 27N

The Adventurer 27N has 3 slideouts. This floorplan has a length of 28’5″ and can accommodate up to 4 people with its queen size bed, convertible dinette, toilet and shower area, complete kitchen, and optional loft bed.

  • Exterior Length: 28’5″
  • Exterior Height: 12’4″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 123
  • Awning Length: 19′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 64
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 4

Winnebago Adventurer 29B

The Adventurer 29B has only 1 slideout. It has a length of 30’1″ and has a sleeping capacity for 5 people. There’s an optional loft bed, a sofa bed, a convertible dinette, enclosed toilet and shower area, complete kitchen, and a queen bed.

  • Exterior Length: 30’1″
  • Exterior Height: 12’4″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 147
  • Awning Length: 17′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 70
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Adventurer 30T

The Adventurer 30T has 3 slideouts and can fit up to 5 people. It has an optional loft bed, queen bed, TrueComfort Plus Sofa, complete kitchen, separate shower and toilet areas, and a convertible dinette.

  • Exterior Length: 31’1″
  • Exterior Height: 12’4″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 118
  • Awning Length: 19′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 78
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • GVWR (lbs.): 18,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Adventurer 35F

The Adventurer 35F has a length of 35’5″ and has a sleeping capacity for 5 people. This floorplan has 2 slideouts, 2 toilets, 1 shower area, a queen bed, convertible dinette, full kitchen, fireplace, extendable sectional sofa, and optional studio loft bed. Buyers can choose to include the washer/dryer combo in their package.

  • Exterior Length: 35’5″
  • Exterior Height: 12’6″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 137
  • Awning Length: 16′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 74
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 10
  • GVWR (lbs.): 22,000
  • Sleeps: 5

Winnebago Adventurer 36Z

The Adventurer 36Z has a length of 36’11” and can accommodate up to 6 sleeping persons. It has 3 slideouts, a full kitchen, fireplace, an optional loft bed, sofa, convertible dinette, 2 toilets, 1 shower area, and a queen bed. Buyers can opt to have a washer/dryer combo and convert the bed to king size.

  • Exterior Length: 36’11”
  • Exterior Height: 12’6″
  • Exterior Width: 8’5.5″
  • Exterior Storage (cu. ft.): 122.2
  • Awning Length: 26′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 93
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 10
  • GVWR (lbs.): 22,000
  • Sleeps: 6

What Is The Winnebago Adventurer Warranty?

Winnebago Industries offers 12-month/15,000 mile basic limited warranty for the Adventurer. Aside from this, buyers will also get 36-month/36,000 mile limited warranty on structure and 10 year limited warranty on roof skin parts and labor.

Winnebago Adventurer Review

The Adventurer has been a part of Winnebago’s lineup of Class A motorhomes for 3 decades. We’ve done our research regarding the RV community’s response to this luxury coach. Two words were very prominent among their reviews. Winnebago Adventurer owners love the comfort and space that it offers. Some say that this motorhome sets the standard in its class.

It is not perfect though. Some owners reported issues concerning the awning that won’t open all the way, damaged furniture and appliances, and jacks that didn’t work properly. However, there were a lot of positive reviews compared to negative ones. In fact, this motorhome got an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars when it comes to livability, quality, floor plan, driving, and customer support.


  • comfortable
  • spacious
  • affordable


  • Isolated issues reported

Wrap up

It is no wonder that the Adventurer has been around for a long time. It gives buyers lots of flexibility regarding how they want to use up their space without compromising comfort, elegance, and safety. You’ll definitely have lots of fun on the road while traveling on these motorhomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Winnebago Adventurer Cost?

The Winnebago Adventurer is one of the most affordable Class A motorhomes in the market. Its starting price is $179,613 with its standard features. There are opportunities for upgrade to make the cab more comfortable as well as in the interiors, bedroom, and electrical system.

Who makes the Adventurer RV?

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Adventurer RV. This is part of their collection of Class A motor homes.

When did Winnebago start making the Adventurer and what has changed since then?

Winnebago has first started making Adventurer motorhomes in the early 1990s. They wanted to offer top-notch convenience and comfort to the RV community. The 1993 Adventurer was built on a Chevrolet chassis with 7.4L 454 V-8 fuel injected gasoline engine. They also offered a pusher unit that’s built on Oshkosh chassis and runs on 5.9L 190HP Cummins After-Cooled Turbo-diesel engine.

Some of the standard features included large double door refrigerator/freezer, storage drawers and cabinetry, and toilet and shower. The interior space was very livable and buyers had the option to include various RV appliances to enhance their level of comfort and style while traveling.

In 2009, the Winnebago Adventurer made headlines as manufacturers turned it into a hybrid concept RV. This means it would run both on diesel and electric motor to power the motor home.

Nowadays, the Adventurer is a Class A gas-powered engine. It is still designed to provide comfort and convenience on the road. Winnebago has already partnered with top brands in RV furniture that would utilize the space efficiently while providing utmost comfort to its users.

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