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6 Best Teardrop Trailers with Bathroom

Teardrop trailers are lightweight, easy to tow, easy to maneuver, easy to set up, and offer more comfort than sleeping in a tent. They are fun and economical for those who love to go camping. They have that cool retro vibe that takes us back to the time when everything was simpler. This is also the reason why they are growing in popularity again.

Easy, simple, and practical – these are just some of the reasons why we love our teardrop trailers. Surprisingly, they also offer a lot of comfort and convenience on the road as there are teardrop trailers that come with complete amenities! Yes, even bathrooms!

So, if you want to have a lot of fun with an extra dose of comfort and convenience on the road, why not get a teardrop trailer with a bathroom? This way, you have access to your very own bathroom that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Here’s your guide in looking for the best teardrop trailers with bathroom and everything else you need to know about these travel trailers.

Reviews of the Best Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms

Let’s start off right away with our list of the 6 best teardrop trailers with bathrooms that you can find in the market.

  1. Timberline by Homegrown
  2. Little Guy Mini Max
  3. Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB
  4. KZ Escape Mini Trailer E14 Hatch
  5. The Traveler by Happier Camper
  6. ICamp Elite

We want you to know what makes these campers the best teardrop trailer with bathroom in the market so here are our reviews about each one.

Timberline by Homegrown

Homegrown Trailers’ Timberline is quite a looker with its iconic teardrop shape and wood paneling. But more than being attractive, it provides you with complete amenities while you’re on the road to keep you comfortable and worry-free.

This customized teardrop camper can be towed by medium to large SUVs. It is made of sustainable materials so it’s perfect for those who want to minimize their impact on our environment.

It is weatherized and has been insulated to ensure that the temperature inside is maintained at your desired level throughout the year. The appliances and lights used in this camper are all energy-efficient so you can maximize your power source. It can also be powered by its 600 to 800 watts of solar panels. There are many 120V and USB power outlets for your appliances and gadgets.

Timberline by Homegrown Trailers can fit up to 5 people because it has a queen size bed and 3 bunks or dinette. There are large windows which allow lots of natural light to enter the camper and the air will flow continuously. The large kitchen has a cooktop stove, sink, and fridge so you can cook fresh and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This teardrop camper has a comfortable full bathroom. Its wet bath area has an indoor shower and composting toilet. The freshwater tank capacity varies according to the model that you’re getting. There is hot water available when you need it.

These environment-friendly campers with bathrooms are only available for custom order so you better keep in touch with Timberline by Homegrown Trailers regarding your purchase.

Key Specs:

  • 23’L x 7’11”W x 8’11”H
  • 4,250-4,750 lbs dry weight
  • 23.5-29.5 gallon freshwater system with hot water

Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Mini Max may be a mini version of its bigger brother, Max, but it promises maximum level of fun and comfort for your camping adventures. This teardrop camper can accommodate 2 to 3 people.

The Little Guy Mini Max is made of high quality materials – Azdel composite sidewall, a custom tubular steel chassis, a seamless fiberglass roof, with 4 insulated dual pane windows. It also has 15″ premium tires and a unique 2″ rear receiver for additional cargo so you can take your bikes or kayaks with you when you go on your outdoor adventure. It has been constructed to be lightweight and compact so that it can be easily towed by smaller SUVs or crossovers.

The interior of this teardrop camper is very spacious. It has room for a dinette that converts into either a queen size bed or 2 twin size beds. It also features a sturdy dinette table top so you can eat or work comfortably. There is hardwood cabinetry all around the camper to give you adequate storage space. You’ll also enjoy cooking your favorite food in its kitchenette that has a 2burner glass top stove, stainless steel sink, microwave, and a large refrigerator to keep your food fresh while you’re on the road.

The Little Guy Mini Max also comes with a 13,500 BTU A/C, 16,000 BTU furnace, and an LED panel control center so that you can keep your camper warm and cozy any time of the day.

Its wetbath features a water conserving ITC 3-function sprayer and a marine-style, pedal flush toilet with a tall-profile so that it’s comfortable to use. It also has an enclosed glass shower to ensure that other areas of the bathroom do not get wet when you take a bath.

You can also also get an awning, visors, and a cover for your teardrop camper from their shop to give you protection from the sun.

Enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest and relish the comforts of home inside this teardrop trailer.

Key Specs:

  • Dry Weight: 2,320 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 240 lbs
  • Overall Length: 17’2″
  • Overall Width: 6’9″
  • Exterior Height: 8′ 11″ – 9′ 1″
  • Interior Height: 6′
  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 19-20 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity: 25-30 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity: 9 gallons

Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB is lightweight, compact, but you’ll be amazed to know that it’s fully packed with everything you need to make you comfortable while camping.

This teardrop camper features an American-made Dexter® rubber-torsion axle and American-made Goodyear® radial tires with self-adjusting brakes to help ensure your safety on the road.

You can enjoy the comforts of home inside this camper. The 60×75 Murphy bed can be folded during the day so that you can have a sofa right across the TV stand. You can watch your favorite TV shows when it’s too hot to go outside.

Prepare delicious meals in its seamless residential-style kitchen countertops with recessed 2-burner cooktop, an oven, and a microwave. There’s also a pantry and refrigerator where you can keep your food items.

This teardrop trailer has a spacious bathroom occupying almost the entire length of the rear portion of the camper. There are lots of storage spaces all around the rig to keep your travel stuff organized. There is also a power awning with multi-color LED lights if you want to spend more time outside. There’s an exterior grill so you can enjoy some drinks with your BBQ.

Jayco also offers an off-road package if you love to take your camping adventure to the next level. No matter where you take it, this camper with a bathroom will surely meet your needs.

Key Specs:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs): 2780
  • Dry Hitch Weight (lbs): 315
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 3,550
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs): 970
  • Exterior Length: 19′ 10″
  • Exterior Width: 97″
  • Interior Height (living area): 78.00″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gallon): 25.60
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gallon): 25.4
  • Black Water Tank Capacity (gallon): 25.4

KZ Escape Mini Trailer E14 Hatch

The KZ Escape Mini Trailer E14 Hatch is a budget-friendly ultralight teardrop camper. What you’ll love about this travel trailer is that it offers a lot of possibilities and that means a lot of fun when you’re out camping.

The KZ Escape Mini Trailer E14 Hatch comes with a queen bed, dinette, full kitchenette with a pantry and refrigerator, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

Its door opens vertically making it easier to load and unload your outdoor gears such as bicycles and kayaks so that you can enjoy your time with nature even more. This hatch door can also be an overhead covering when you just want to stay outside to breathe in the freshness of the natural setting.

This teardrop camper has solid entry steps, LED lights, and a power awning so that you can relax outside while drinking a cool glass of your favorite drink. Just pull out your lawn chairs and you can chill and unwind. You can check out their off grid and off road package if you want to level up your camping adventure.

Key Specs:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs): 2,825
  • Dry Hitch Weight (lbs): 330
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 3,500
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs): 675
  • Exterior Length: 15′ 3″
  • Exterior Width: 90″
  • Interior Height (living area): 78″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 20
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 30
  • Black Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 30

The Traveler by Happier Camper

The Traveler by Happier Camper is fully equipped for the road. You can go to different places and still enjoy the comforts of home wherever you are. This is easily towable by many vehicles because it is lightweight coming in at under 2,500lbs even when loaded.

This teardrop camper with a bathroom is made of high quality fiberglass. It is built to last and you can take this for your cross country travels. It is fully insulated to keep you comfortable for all seasons. It has a strong power system and it is solar ready if you plan to go off grid. It has a heater and you have access to hot water when needed.

The Traveler by Happier Camper has a semi-modular interior. The space in this teardrop camper has been optimized so that you can work and play. This is made possible by its Adaptiv floorplan. Happier Camper gives you the opportunity to customize your teardrop camper to suit your needs. It consists of rugged modular pieces such as bench/bed, cabinets, table top, counter top lid, and cooler cube that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

Happier Camper gives you the option to upgrade this teardrop camper to have a full kitchenette. Its bathroom has a shower, sink, and you have the option to get a dry flush or plumbed toilet.

With all these comforts and conveniences, you’ll have no worries going further in this teardrop camper with a bathroom.

Key Specs:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs): 1,800
  • Dry Hitch Weight (lbs): 220
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 3,500
  • Exterior Length: 17′
  • Interior Width: 6’5″
  • Interior Height (living area): 6’5″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 17
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 17

ICamp Elite

The ICamp Elite is your mini home on the go. As little as it may seem, it offers complete amenities. This teardrop camper is available in blue and orange colors. It is made of powder coated steel frame, laminated structure foam body with aluminum frame, gelcoat high-gloss fiberglass exterior skin, and four layer laminated floor. Its entry door comes with a screen and it has glass slider windows with screen.

The ICamp Elite’s standard features include high gloss finish vacuum-formed cabinets, overhead cabinets, and a wardrobe for your storage solutions. There’s also a convertible dinette with an adjustable table. This transforms into a bed so you have a sleeping area during the night. The kitchen has a countertop with 2 LP burners, oven, sink, and a 3-way refrigerator. You can store your ingredients, prepare your food, and cook delicious meals in this simple kitchen.

The modular fiberglass bathroom features a marine toilet and a hot/cold shower. You also get a water heater, interior lights, a porch light, and a powered roof vent.

For your safety, there are smoke and LP gas detectors inside the teardrop camper with a bathroom. You can upgrade your ICamp Elite to include a DVD video/audio system, flat screen TV, Apple iPod connection, an LP Furnace, a Cool Cat 2-in-1 A/C and heat pump unit, and a 20lb LP cylinder.

Key Specs:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (lbs): 2,366
  • Dry Hitch Weight (lbs): 236
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 2,890
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity (lbs): 524
  • Exterior Length: 14′
  • Exterior Width: 6’8″
  • Interior Height (living area): 5’11”
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 22
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 14
  • Black Water Tank Capacity (gallons): 6

There you have it – our top 6 teardrop campers with bathrooms! You’ll surely have a lot of fun in any of these campers.

Why would you want a teardrop trailer with bathroom?

As they say, not all teardrop campers are created equal. There are some teardrop trailers without bathrooms and some are okay with that. But here are the reasons why it’s better to travel using teardrop campers with bathrooms.

Connect with Nature

Experience nature at its finest. Get as close to nature as possible with your teardrop trailer. With its ease of towing and maneuverability, it can take you to remote and beautiful places. And the best part is, you don’t have to stay in expensive hotels because you can stay in your teardrop trailer with a bathroom comfortably.


Teardrop trailers cost much cheaper than other RVs. One of the main come-ons of these travel trailers is that they are relatively inexpensive. You need not break the bank when you buy one unlike other RVs that usually cost around the same price as a small house!

There are teardrop trailers sold for as little as $3,000 and this is a great deal for outdoor lovers who want to experience the RV life. This is even cheaper than what you would pay for if you go on a one-week vacation in an expensive hotel. And what’s great about it is that you can go to as many adventures and vacations as you like using your teardrop trailer with bathroom.

But of course, keep in mind that the more amenities that a teardrop trailer offers, the more expensive it’ll get. So choose the features that matter most to you so that you won’t go overboard with your budget.


A teardrop trailer elevates your camping experience. You do not have to endure back pains and a bad sleep from having to sleep with very little protection and comfort when you’re camping in a tent.

With a teardrop trailer, you get to enjoy the comforts of home. You’ll appreciate it even more after an exhausting day of hiking and all you want to do is freshen up and lie down in a comfortable bed. Some teardrop trailers have a complete kitchen, dinette, and bathroom. You can cook your favorite meals, eat comfortably, and you don’t have to share the bathroom with everyone else in the campgrounds. You’ll surely enjoy this level of comfort provided by a teardrop trailer.

Cool Retro Design

Teardrop trailers are reminiscent of the 1950s. They exude that cool retro vibe. They look so good, they’re always Instagram worthy. You’ll definitely catch the attention of everyone in the highway or campgrounds because it looks so cool and fun!


Teardrop trailers are durable. The materials used for their construction are strong that’s why they can offer you adequate protection from outside elements. They are built to last so you can enjoy many years of camping adventures using your teardrop camper.

This is what makes teardrop campers so worth it! Your small investment for your leisure and recreation goes a long way. The memories you’ll create are definitely priceless.

What are the basic features of teardrop trailers?

There are some basic features that you can expect from teardrop campers. This means these are the most essential parts sans the upgrades and other special features that RV manufacturers offer.

Air Conditioner and Heater

You can expect teardrop campers to have an air conditioner and heater. This will help keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep inside your warm and cozy teardrop trailer. You can take pleasure in reading a good book inside your camper when the weather is too hot outside.

Entertainment System

Modern teardrop trailers come with their very own entertainment system – from stereos, speakers, to TVs. There are those days when it’s too hot to go outside or the weather is really bad so you have no choice but to stay inside your camper.

You won’t get bored because you can play your favorite songs or catch up on the episodes of the television series that you’ve missed.


Count on it that each teardrop trailer has an allocated sleeping area. It may not be a whole room but there’s definitely a space where you can lie down on a soft mattress to rest for the night.


Most teardrop trailers have a galley kitchen where you can prepare and cook your food. This is a big help because you don’t have to rely in instant meals on the go. You can cook sumptuous meals in your very own kitchen.


You’d be surprised that a lot of teardrop campers nowadays have bathrooms in their units. There are different kinds of bathrooms and it depends on the space and floorplan what kind of bathroom would be suitable in the camper.

This is in response to the demand of buyers to have bathroom amenities inside their trailers so that they won’t have to share the toilet with the rest of the campers or wander into the woods just to do their thing.

RV manufacturers will offer you different options to be able to upgrade your teardrop camper but these are the most essential features that you need to be able to have a comfortable and relaxing camping experience.

How to work a teardrop trailer toilet?

Toilets inside teardrop trailers work differently compared to residential toilets. Unlike our toilets at home, they are not directly connected to the sewer pipe. So there are some other things you need to do after flushing your RV toilet.

When you flush the toilet, the waste then goes into your waste holding tank located under your travel trailer. You need to empty its contents when it’s nearly full. The frequency will depend on the capacity of your holding tank and how many people are using the RV toilet. You empty the wastes in your holding tanks in the proper dump sites.

How to flush an RV toilet

First time users are somewhat confused on how to go about with flushing an RV toilet. Most RV toilets do not have a handle or button like what we usually see on residential toilets.

Look for the pedal under the toilet bowl. You can use your foot to press it down and flush the toilet. Once you press the foot flush pedal, this will allow water to fill the toilet bowl and the liquid waste will flow out to make its way into the holding tank.

You can save water by just pressing the pedal softly especially if you just need to flush down some pee. Make sure also that there are no leaks so that you won’t waste your water supply.

Bathroom Tips While Camping with Your Teardrop Trailer

Since you choose to have a teardrop trailer with bathroom, it’s best that you know some tips on how to use your RV bathroom to avoid any issues. These are helpful especially if your toilet requires water unlike dry flush toilets. You don’t want to have problems using your toilet, do you?

Use RV-approved toilet paper

You cannot use regular toilet paper in your RV toilet. It’s because this kind of toilet paper can cause clogging and also lead to having foul smells in your bathroom.

Use only RV-approved toilet paper. They are available at stores in campgrounds or online. This kind of toilet paper is usually made of 1-ply making it easier to break down and dissolve faster than regular toilet paper.

Empty your Toilet Tank Regularly

As mentioned earlier, you should empty the contents of your waste water tank when they are nearly full. If there are many people using the RV toilet and your holding tank has a small capacity, then you have to dump your RV waste more often.

This is important so that there won’t be any issues with clogging and nasty smells. Empty your RV waste at the dump station and make sure to clean your holding tanks after.

Buying Used Teardrop Trailers: 6 Things To Consider

If you love to go on exciting camping adventures but want to save some bucks, then you can consider buying a used teardrop camper. There’s a market for used teardrop campers but you have to be wise and discerning when you choose to go this route.

Here are the major factors that you need to look into before buying a used teardrop trailer.

Rust Decay

You should inspect the teardrop camper carefully and watch out for any signs of rust and decay. You must specifically check underneath the camper, areas behind the wheels, and other portions of the rig that are hidden from view.

You should also look at the windows and door frames if there are indications of damage or decay. You can use your thumb to check any soft spots which can be caused by water damage. If the teardrop trailer has a strong musky smell, it could be a sign of water damage or there’s excessive condensation inside the camper.

Check the roof, ceiling, and walls for water stains. Make sure that the frame is intact, structurally sound, and no portion is in a state of decay. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of money because that camper is on its way to the junk yard soon enough.

Weight and Wheels

When buying a used teardrop camper, make sure that you verify the weight rating of the trailer especially those which have been customized by their previous owners. There are cheap teardrop trailers out there which were built on a Northern or Harbor Freight trailer. The problem with this is that these trailers aren’t designed for highway speed or heavy load as when the camper is fully loaded. This could be dangerous to take on the road.

Make sure the teardrop trailer that you’re getting is roadworthy so that you’ll be safe while traveling.


Check the electrical components of the teardrop trailer that you’re planning to buy. Make sure that the wirings are still in good condition and working properly. You can get the services of a professional electrician to help you with this. They have the expertise to determine if the trailer’s electricals are up to scratch. This will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your camper.


How many years have the batteries been used? RV batteries usually last for 5to 7 years. Check the age of the teardrop trailer’s battery so that you know if you would need to buy a new one.

RV batteries are a bit expensive so that’s an added expense on your end. Btu of course, they are worth the extra bucks since they will provide you with the power you need for your appliances. It would be such a hassle if your battery suddenly dies while you’re camping.


This one is quite an easy task. Just check each window in the teardrop trailer to see if they are working properly. You should be able to open them without much effort. It would also be great if the camper has plenty of air vents to keep the air circulating. But in case the teardrop trailer doesn’t have an active ventilation system, you can have it retrofitted so that you can have sufficient ventilation.


You better check what material was used to construct the exterior of the teardrop trailer. This will give you an idea regarding its durability and its proper maintenance.

Most teardrop trailers are made of fiberglass or aluminum. there is also what they call the poor man’s fiberglass.

The best choice for you is one that’s made of aluminum. Aside from its durability, aluminum is easy to maintain whereas fiberglass can weaken or crack over time. There are telltale signs of decay in a fiberglass exterior. There could be stains, discoloration, or musty smell and appearance.

Next to aluminum, your best choice is the poor man’s fiberglass. This material is tough and easy to maintain as well. You just need to repaint it from time to time to maintain its good appearance.

Check also if the exterior has any tears or damages and which areas have undergone previous repairs.

When buying a used teardrop trailer, you’ve got to make sure that it is structurally sound, the battery and electrical components are working properly, there is proper ventilation, and it has the right weight rating so that you can take it on the road safely. There are great deals out there if you just know what to look for.

Wrap up

A teardrop trailer with bathroom will surely enhance your travel and camping experience. Go where you want to go in this lightweight, easy to tow, and easy to maneuver trailer with a fun and cool design to boot.

Enjoy the comforts of home even when you’re on the road. And the best part is that you won’t have to share restrooms with the rest of the campers or go looking for a public toilet when the need arises. You will be able to fulfill your bathroom needs anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do teardrop trailers have bathrooms?

There are teardrop trailers that come with basic features which include the sleeping area and a galley kitchen. But there are RV manufacturers who offer teardrop trailers with complete amenities including a bathroom.

So, to answer this question, yes there are teardrop trailers with bathroom. You just have to look for the right model and teardrop camper floorplan that provide this particular feature.

What is the smallest trailer with a bathroom?

Even small travel trailers can have bathrooms. The smallest trailer we’ve found is the Scamp 13′ Deluxe which features a wet bath – a shower and toilet, inside the camper.

Are teardrop trailers worth it?

Yes, teardrop trailers are definitely worth it! They give you the opportunity to be closer to nature and have a comfortable place to rest and relax after exploring the great outdoors.

Teardrop trailers are cheaper than other RVs. You get to live the RV life for a fraction of the cost. It is even more expensive to stay in a luxury hotel than to buy a teardrop trailer. And you can take your camper wherever you want to go so do can do away with hotel expenses for many years to come.

There are teardrop campers that come with complete amenities so you’ll have no worries when it comes to comfort and convenience. They are also durable which means you can make many more memories with your teardrop trailer because they are built to last.

What is the cheapest teardrop camper?

The most inexpensive teardrop camper that we’ve found is the PeeWee Campers Small Fry which has a base price of $5,295.

This price includes heavy duty welded square tube steel trailer frame, 15” slotted wheels with hub cover, factory laminated with white, high gloss aluminum walls, vinyl flooring, large A-frame tongue with welded shelf, 2″ ball front receiver hitch with heavy duty safety chains, one side window with sliding, tinted glass, screen, and interior trim, 7-pin heavy duty wiring harness, and 2,000 lb Dexter axle among others.

As you can see, the base price is just for the travel trailer itself. It doesn’t include the amenities yet that you need to make your camping more comfortable and convenient.

How much do they cost? New & Used

A price of a new teardrop trailer can range from $8,000 to $60,000. On the average, you can expect to pay around $15,000 for a new camper which offers essential features such as a sleeping area, kitchen, air conditioning unit, and heater.

Take note that the price depends on the specifications, floor plan, upgrades, and other special features. RV manufacturers also give you other options to make the camper more suitable to your needs. That’s why there’s a wide gap in the cost of a new teardrop camper.

As for used teardrop trailers, you can find some campers below $1,000 while there are also some being sold at $50,000. The average price of a used teardrop trailer is $8,000. The price depends on the condition of the teardrop trailer, its age, floorplan, and other upgrades that the previous owner has done on the unit.

This is what’s great about teardrop trailers because you will surely be able to find one that suits your particular needs and budget.

How much do they weigh?

We’ve been saying that teardrop trailers are lightweight but how light exactly? Their weight usually ranges from 500 lbs to 3,000 lbs.

The weight will depend on the amenities included inside the camper. But generally, teardrop trailers are lighter than other RVs which makes them easy to tow and maneuver on the road. They can be towed even by smaller vehicles. This is what makes them very appealing to RV enthusiasts.

But of course, there are larger teardrop trailers which will weigh more and need to be towed by larger vehicles. That’s why you need to keep this in mind when buying a teardrop trailer.

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