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The 5 Best Off Road Pop up Campers

Are you tired of staying in the usual campgrounds? Do you feel limited in the places you can go to because of your large and heavy motorhome or travel trailer?

It’s true. There are places you won’t dare to go with your large RV. There’s a little stream that you need to pass? It’s a no. You have to traverse narrow roads to go deep into the wilderness? It just won’t do.

You have no choice. Your RV won’t be able to make it. That’s why you’re stuck at the boring campgrounds.

Good thing there are pop up campers that can take you to off-road adventures. There may be bumps and dips along the way but it’s okay, you know you’ll make it through and enjoy the beauty of nature that’s waiting on the other side.

In this article, we’ll talk about off road pop up campers and we’ll tell you the best ones out there for your rugged adventure.


What are off road pop up campers?

Off road pop up campers are also known as off road tent trailers. They have been specially designed and constructed to take on unpaved roads and rough terrains and give you a place to stay when you finally reach your destination.

Off road pop up campers are compact, small, lightweight and easy to tow using smaller vehicles so that you can take them to the great outdoors. The top portion of the trailer can be expanded to provide adequate living space and some amenities such as sleeping, kitchen, and dining areas.

These campers allow you to enjoy some comforts and luxury even when you’re in the wilderness to elevate your camping experience.


Most Important Features of Off-Road Pop up Campers

These are the remarkable features that set off-road pop up campers apart from other RVs out there. When you’re planning to buy a camping trailer for your outdoor escapade, check these the main details you should be looking out for to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience when traversing all kinds of terrains.

Suspension System

Off road pop up campers have more robust suspension systems than traditional trailers. This will provide better support in handling rugged roads and offer steering stability while making the ride smoother.


A good off road pop up camper should have a solid set of tires that can withstand the rough terrains. Larger tires with deeper tread will be very useful in dealing with the bumps and humps along the road.

Electric Brakes

Towing a trailer will take its toll on your towing vehicle but having electric brakes on your camper will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. It reads the signal from your towing vehicle when you need to slow down or stop and apply the same on your trailer. As a result, you get to stop or slow down more smoothly and it makes it easier to tow your trailer.

Ground Clearance

Since you’re going off the road, expect that there are bumps along the way. There would be rocks on the unpaved paths and you don’t want the bottom of your trailer to hit them. That’s why you need a trailer that gives you a high ground clearance so that the bottom of your trailer won’t be scraped whenever you encounter those bumps and humps.


Of course, you’re going to need space to keep your camping gears which can be rather heavy. That’s why it is recommended that you look for a trailer that has a storage space at the front area so that the majority of the weight will fall at the center. This will keep your vehicle and trailer balanced as you travel. This will prevent the rear of your trailer from swerving or skidding from side to side.


Top 5 Off Road Pop up Campers of 2020

Now, here’s our list of the best off-road pop up campers available in the market today that would take you further and take you to a higher level of camping experience.

  1. Sylvansport Go Pop Up Tent Camper
  2. 2020 Opus OP 15 hybrid caravan
  3. 2020 TAXA Mantis
  4. Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Package
  5. 2020 Into the Wild Overland Boreas XT

Let’s take a look at each one and see what makes them great off-road pop up campers.


Sylvansport Go Pop Up Tent Camper

Key Specifications:

  • Interior height expands from 17” to 48” with a simple hand crank
  • Deck size 48″ wide x 84″ deep
  • Max carrying capacity 960 lbs.
  • Accommodations: 2 XL twins (80” long by 34” wide) or 1 king plus (80” long by 116” wide)
  • Tent Pod: Standing height 6’ 5”; 80” long by 116” wide

The Sylvansport Go is so versatile, comfortable and durable. What more can you ask for? This camper is a trailer and toy hauler in one . You get to take it off the road and bring your man toys with you, how cool is that?

Its spacious tent is very easy to set up so that you can get started with your exciting adventure right away. You have enough space for sleeping, eating, and moving around inside your trailer. Best of all, the tent is made of heavy duty and high quality materials and is supported by powder coated aluminum for enhanced durability.


2020 Opus OP 15 Hybrid Caravan

Key Specifications:

  • Independent Trailing Arm Coil Spring Suspension
  • Gas Shock Absorbers
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Matching Alloy Spare Wheel
  • 265/75R/16 Mud Tires
  • Electric Brakes
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 6600lbs

This camper performs as tough as it looks. Opus has specifically designed it for the pleasure of overlanders and adventurers. You can explore what nature has to offer and still get to rest in its spacious interior plus enjoy the comforts of home even when you’re in the middle of the wilderness.

The Opus OP 15 Hybrid Caravan features a dining area, a 12v fridge/freezer combo, dresser, shower and toilet, heater, air conditioner, and an outdoor kitchen all as part of its standard package.

What we like about it is that you can confidently tackle rough terrains with OP15’s trailing arm independent suspension for each wheel and twin shock absorbers. This camper is also packed with a solar panel when you’re off grid. What more can you ask for?


2020 TAXA Mantis

Key Specifications:

  • GVWR: 4,200 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 12″
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,028 lbs
  • 15″ Alloy Wheel with All Terrain Tires (5 year manufacturer warranty)
  • Torsion Axle Suspension with Electric Brakes

Taxa Outdoors lets you go the distance with their Taxa Mantis. Tough to withstand rough terrains and different elements of nature but it is also designed with your comfort and luxury in mind even when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four people, its living space is built with an 8,000 BTU air conditioner, a furnace and hot water system, wet bath with a shower and cassette toilet, a kitchen with stove and sink, an integrated 12V electrical system, and pre-wired for a solar panel system. They simply have everything you need to thrive outdoors.


Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast Package

Key Specifications:

  • UVW: 2,180 lbs
  • CCC: 724 lbs
  • Box Size: 10′
  • Ground Clearance:12″
  • 15” Mud Rover Radial Tires, Aluminum Wheels
  • Electric Brakes

Forest River’s Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast series is specifically designed for active couples and large families who love camping outdoors. Aside from going on unbounded adventures, they also get to have more fun because they can bring their outdoor sports equipment so that they have enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

Forest River also built Flagstaff with 21st century camping in mind. They understand the modern needs of campers and constructed this trailer to provide them with the amenities they need even when they’re outdoors. This includes a WiFi Ranger WiFi booster, an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth technology, a MP3 Player and USB auxiliary ports for streaming and recharging.

The floorplan design of the 206STSE shows that there are two tents with beds at either end of the trailer, a dinette that also converts into another bed, a Port-a-Pottie, stove, sink, fridge, cabinets, and a gas grill outside. There are also various options for upgrades to suit what you like when you travel.


2020 Into the Wild Overland Boreas XT

Key Specifications:

  • Timbren Axle-Less 3500lb HD independent suspension
  • 235/85R16 BF Goodrich All Terrain Ko2 tires (31.7×9.3)
  • Pro Comp 16″x8″ steel wheels
  • Full sized spare
  • Electric Brakes
  • 110w solar panel with charge controller
  • Deep Cycle Battery AGM Solar Energy Storage 12V 125AH

Off-road is definitely what Boreas Campers had in mind when they built the XT Camper Trailer. This is the camper for your overlanding adventure as it can take on different terrains and driving conditions with ease.

It also packs everything you need to make your camping trip comfortable and memorable, even when you go off the grid. This trailer includes a 2 burner propane stove with glass top, stainless steel pull out sink with on demand water, pull out Truma C60, 60 liter electric cooler refrigerator/freezer, 20 gallons of onboard freshwater, a furnace, and all weather fan.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Off-Road Pop up Campers

We really have lots of good off-road pop up campers out there but before getting one, here are some things you need to consider when buying this type of trailer.


The Pros

Off-Road Capability

This is the main advantage of this type of camper. It gives you more freedom to explore the great outdoors because you can take it through all kinds of terrain. You can explore more and won’t be limited to RV parks and campgrounds.

More Comfortable Camping

Yes, you’re in the wilderness but you get to enjoy some creature comforts such as a sleeping space and a living area where you can eat your food comfortably and have a dry place to put your travel stuff.


Since an off-road pop up camper is a trailer, you can unhitch it from your towing vehicle and use it as your living quarters and at the same time, you’re free to use your vehicle to go around town.


The Cons

Less Living Space

There’s less interior space in a small pop up camper compared to travel trailers and fifth wheels. It also limits the number of people that you can take on your weekend getaway.

Set up Required

Unlike motorhomes where you just need to find a nice place to park your RV then you’re free to enjoy your vacation time, you need some time to set up your camper so that you can enjoy its amenities.


Our Verdict

An off-road pop up camper is great for those who love to go camping in the great outdoors, for those who don’t want to be limited to the usual RV parks and campgrounds, for those who are comfortable in sacrificing some comfort and luxury in exchange for the experience to camp in the raw beauty of nature.

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