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8 Best RV Propane Regulators of 2021

8 Best RV Propane Regulators of 2021

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Can you imagine the hassle of being in the middle of nowhere in a dark chilly night and not being able to use your furnace? You’d probably be shivering from the cold and won’t be able to sleep well through the night.

Your RV propane system ensures that you enjoy the comforts and conveniences offered by your propane-powered appliances. This includes your stove, oven, grill, furnace, water heater, and refrigerator. And an important part of your RV propane system is the propane regulator.

What makes it a crucial part of your camper’s propane system? Read on to find out. We’ve also complied a whole lot of information to guide you in your search for the best RV propane regulator in the market.

Reviews of the 8 Best RV Propane Regulators of 2021

There are a lot of propane regulators in the market but you must understand that they are not all created equal. Here’s a quick rundown of the 8 best RV propane regulators that we’ve found.


Flame King KT12ACR6 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Regulator

  • maintain a constant gas pressure
  • refill your tank without interrupting power supply
  • easy to install

Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk Propane Regulator

  • automatically switches to reserve tank
  • helpful indicator
  • easy to install

MARSH EXCEL MEGR253H Marshall Excelsior Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk

  • allows higher gas flow
  • automatically switches tank once main tank is empty
  • easy to read indicator

Fairview RV Camper LP Propane 2 Stage Automatic Regulator

  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • can be used for 1 or 2 propane tanks

Fairview GR-9984 High Capacity RV Camper LP Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator

  • high capacity
  • auto changeover feature
  • useful indicator

Camco 59005 2 Stage Auto Change Regulator

  • auto changeover feature
  • useful indicator
  • easy to use

GASPRO Two Stage Propane Regulator

  • durable
  • secure connection between tank and appliances
  • more consistent gas flow

And now, here are our reviews for each of these RV propane regulators. Read on to find out what makes them great choices so that you can also choose the best RV propane regulator that would work for you.

Key Specifications:

  • Pairs well with Flame King 48 Inch Thermo Plastic Hose
  • Inlets are 1/4″ SAE inverted flare and outlet is 3/8″ NPT female pipe thread
  • Rated for 190, 000 BTUs
  • Product Dimension: Product Depth: 7 inches, Product Height: 4 inches, Product Width: 4 inches

The Flame King KT12ACR6 2 Stage Auto Changeover Propane Regulator is a bestseller. Flame King is a trusted brand is the RV propane regulator business. The manufacturer is dedicated in providing the RV community with high quality and world class products.

What’s great about this two stage regulator is that it can maintain a constant gas pressure for your RV appliances despite the changing conditions and demands of life on the road. It means that you can expect your propane-powered appliances to function as they should – without their performance going down due to low gas pressure.

The Flame King KT12ACR6 2 Stage Auto Changeover Propane Regulator allows those with dual propane tanks onboard to refill their empty tank without having to experience any power interruption inside the rig. If you have a dual propane tank in your camper, it will automatically switch to your reserve tank once the primary tank is empty. There’s an indicator that would let you know when it has already switched to the other tank.

This model comes with two 12″ pigtails so that the regulator can be mounted on your propane tanks perfectly. Users of this two stage regulator say that it is easy to install and offers great value for money.



Key Specifications:

  • Type: Two Stage
  • Max Inlet Pressure: 250 PSI
  • Inlet Connection: 1/4″ Female Inverted Flare
  • Outlet Connection: 3/8″ FNPT
  • Exterior Finish: Raw Zinc / Powder Coat
  • Meets UL, RVIA and NFPA requirements

Marshall Excelsior is known in the RV community as a trusted company who manufactures high quality products and the Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk Propane Regulator is another proof of that. It is an Amazon’s Choice product for its high quality and reasonable price.

You can use this if you have one or two propane tanks onboard. If you have dual propane tanks, it will instantly redirect the power supply to your reserve tank once the main service cylinder is empty. Thus, you won’t have to deal with any service interruption. You can continue using your RV appliances as you refill the empty cylinder.

There is a helpful indicator to let you know when it’s time to refill your propane gas supply. When the indicator is green, you know that your supply is still good but once it turns red, you are alerted to refill your tank.

Buyers are raving because of its ease of installation, good packaging, and value for money.



Key Specifications:

  • Type: two stage
  • Max inlet pressure: 250 psi
  • Inlet connection: 1/4″ Female Inverted Flare
  • Outlet connection: 3/8″ Fnpt
  • Exterior finish: Raw zinc/ powder coat
  • Meet UL, RVIA and NFPA requirements

The Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253H Reg 2-Stage Auto Vert Bulk Propane Regulator is another must-have in your rig. This model allows a higher flow rate than the MEGR-253 version so it’s great for those who need a stronger gas pressure for their RV appliances and those with bigger rigs .

This automatic changeover gas regulator also allows you to use your reserve propane tank when your main tank already needs refilling. This assures you of continuous power supply inside your rig even when your main tank has run out of propane gas supply.

It has an easy to read indicator that lets you know the status of your propane tanks. It is green when the supply is full and it turns red when it’s about to go empty so that you will be notified to have it refilled.

Its safety and quality have been tested and certified by the NFPA, RVIA, and UL.



Key Specifications:

  • 262,500 BTUs Per Hour Capacity.
  • Set at standard propane low pressure – 11″ Water Column
  • The male end connects a standard size propane QCC-1/Type-1 tank and the female end attaches to a 3/8inch flare fitting.

The Fairview RV Camper LP Propane Two Stage Automatic Regulator is an Amazon’s Choice product. Buyers have been providing great reviews especially about its ease of installation and use.

Since this model is an auto changeover regulator, you will enjoy the benefit of uninterrupted power service even if one of your propane tanks run out of propane gas. It will automatically use the other tank so that you can refill your empty tank.

Even if you only have a single propane tank onboard, you can rely on this two stage regulator for your power needs. It has been preset to release a gas pressure at a safe level. Your RV appliances will function efficiently and effectively with the help of this Fairview RV propane regulator.



Key Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • 345, 000 BTUs Per Hour Capacity.
  • Set at standard propane low pressure – 11″ Water Column

This is another Amazon’s Choice product from this manufacturer. Buyers of the Fairview GR-9984 High Capacity RV Camper LP Propane Automatic Changeover Regulator are recommending this product for its ease of installation and value for money.

This high capacity regulator has a 345, 000 BTUs per hour capacity. It is made of aluminum which guarantees its durability.

You can hook this up to one or two propane tanks depending on how many you have onboard and it will ensure that your gas-powered appliances have the power they need to function effectively. You can adjust the gas pressure as needed.

If you have 2 propane tanks in your rig, this propane regulator has an auto changeover feature which will instantly use your reserve tank when your main tank is already empty. There’s an indicator that changes color from green to red as the propane gas inside the cylinder gets depleted.

Your power service won’t be interrupted because you can use your reserve tank while you’re refilling your main propane tank. You just need to flip the supply lever so that it’s facing the other tank and the indicator will be reset according to the content of your reserve tank.



Key Specifications:

  • Inlets are 1/4″ SAE inverted flare and outlet is 3/8″ NPT female pipe thread
  • Primary cylinder 210,000 BTU/hr capacity; Reserve cylinder 130,000 BTU/hr

Camco needs no further introduction among RVers. They are a trusted company because they strive to meet the demands of the RV community. It is no wonder then that the Camco 59005 2 Stage Auto Change Regulator is an Amazon’s Choice product.

This RV propane regulator is for those with dual propane tanks onboard. The auto changeover feature makes it possible for you to enjoy uninterrupted power service even when one of your propane tanks gets depleted because it will automatically use your reserve tank.

It comes with a supply handle or indicator. The handle should be pointing to the tank that you want to use first. When it is already empty, you will see a red color in the window during which the propane regulator will automatically use the second tank. You then have to point the handle on the second tank so you will be guided regarding its propane supply.

This regulator has been designed so that you can easily remove the empty propane tank that you need to refill without causing power interruption. Since it is a double stage propane regulator, it is fit to meet the changing needs and demands of RV life.



Key Specifications:

  • Standard P O L tank connection
  • Left hand thread
  • 160,000 BTUs per hour capacity

This Mr. Heater propane regulator has been getting good reviews from its satisfied buyers. They claim that it’s good value for your money because of its high quality.

Mr. Heater products have become the industry standard for dependability that’s why you can’t go wrong with this two stage regulator. The manufacturer continuously strive to improve their innovative technology to come up with products like this.

This regulator can be used to power your indoor and outdoor appliances when you’re on the road. It will ensure that the gas pressure is kept at a minimal and safe level.

This Mr. Heater Horizontal Vent Propane 2 Stage Regulator has an excess flow safety feature that makes it safer to use for your RV. It features a standard P O L tank connection so that it would fit snugly with propane gas tanks.



Key Specifications:

  • End Fitting to Appliance: 3/8” female flare fitting
  • BTU Capacity: 190,000 BTU/hr
  • Standard P.O.L. tank connection
  • 100% solid brass
  • CSA Certified 

The last product to make it on our list definitely deserves its spot. The GasPro Two Stage Propane Regulator is an Amazon’s Choice product. It has received great feedback from its buyers because of its ease of installation, effectiveness, and overall value for money.

This RV propane regulator is durable as it is made of 100% solid brass. It is certified safe to use by the CSA. It has an excess flow protection feature and it’ll automatically shut off your propane tank once it detects excess gas to protect you from harm.

It has a standard P O L tank connection for its gas inlet and its outlet has an 3/8″ female flare fitting. Its high quality construction ensures secure connection between the tank and your appliances.

This two stage regulator ensures a smoother and more consistent gas flow to your RV appliances while you’re on the road. This means no matter where you are, no matter the conditions you’re experiencing, your RV appliances will work as expected.



That’s it! Those are the best RV propane regulators available in the market today. Knowing their specific features gives you a better idea of what to look for when getting an RV propane regulator so that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

What is a propane regulator for RV?  

An RV propane regulator is a mechanism that you connect to your propane tank’s shutoff valve. Its main function is to regulate the gas flow to the appliances in your RV that’s powered by your propane tank such as the oven, stove, furnace, outdoor grill, refrigerator, and water heater.

A propane regulator for RV is an extremely important safety feature. It controls the gas flow in your camper. As we all know, anything that deals with gas inside a vehicle should be safely handled and monitored to prevent leaks and a possible explosion. This is an extremely dangerous situation that we should try to avoid at all cost.

That is why you need an RV propane regulator to ensure your safety in your camper. It monitors the propane pressure level in your propane tank and make sure that it is within a safe level. This will ensure that all your devices onboard that run on propane gas are working properly and safely.

It is important that you keep your RV propane regulator in good working condition because it is your key to the proper functioning of your propane tank and propane-powered appliances. It doesn’t matter if your propane tank is full if your propane tank regulator is not working properly. This also means that your safety inside the camper is compromised.

With this information, we have established the importance of having an RV propane regulator. It ensures your safety, comfort and convenience inside the rig. This is why you should get yourself a good quality RV propane regulator.

How does a propane regulator work? 

An RV propane regulator is a relatively simple device. Its main parts include the inlet, outlet, the vents, and the docking mechanism. RV propane regulators also need a cover. This is usually made of plastic. Some regulators already come with a cover. For those that don’t have a cover, it is recommended that you buy one.

The propane regulator works by using a combination of diaphragm and pressure spring to regulate the gas pressure. The moment that the gas from the propane tanks is released, the propane regulators go to work to make sure that the gas pressure is kept at a reasonable level and then they forward the gas to the appliances that they are connected to so that they will have power.

Take note that the gas pressure directly from the tank is extremely high. It is around 100 to 200 psi with some even reaching 250 psi. This is a dangerous level that’s why you need an RV propane regulator to bring it down to a manageable level between 10 to 15 psi- big difference right?

To do this, you just have to turn off the regulator valve as you’re filling up your propane tank. When it is full already, you can turn the valve on. It is now ready to power your appliances.

For those with two propane tanks in your rigs, you don’t need to buy a separate regulator for each one. You can use an automatic dual propane tank regulator instead. This allows you to control both propane tanks with the help of the regulator’s lever.

When you’ve got a propane regulator that’s working properly, you wouldn’t have to worry about your RV appliances not functioning. You won’t experience running out of gas in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t have to bear the discomfort that it brings. All you have to do is make sure that your propane tanks are full and your regulator will take care of managing the gas flow to your appliances.

Types of Propane Regulators for RV

Here are the main types of propane regulators in the market that you need to know so that you can choose the best RV propane regulator. You have to have a basic understanding of these types because each one is intended for a different purpose so you need to choose the type that will fit your specific needs.

First or Single Stage Propane Regulators

This is not for RV use so you shouldn’t get yourself a first or single stage propane regulator. This type of regulator is used for smaller level of application such as a portable campfire or barbecue grill.

If you use a first or single stage propane regulator for your RV, you won’t be able to control the gas pressure and this is very dangerous.

Double or Two Stage Propane Regulators

Most RVs use this type of propane regulator. The two stage propane regulator is capable of managing the propane needs for all your appliances inside the camper. This includes your stove, oven, water heater, furnace, refrigerator, among others.

If you have a larger rig such as a Class A motorhome, you can opt for a high flow version of the second or two stage propane regulator. This version will efficiently power multiple furnaces, outside kitchens, and other accessory connections that you have in your rig.

Automatic Dual Tank RV Propane Regulators

If your RV uses two propane tanks, you should get an automatic dual tank regulator. It will allow you to control those tanks with the use of a lever which is located on the regulator itself. Now you can enjoy continuous supply of propane for your appliances.

To summarize, the 3 types of propane regulators are the first or single stage propane regulator, second or two stage propane regulator, and automatic dual tank regulator. It just shows that you should choose the right type based on your RV propane tank. If you have a single tank, then you should buy a second or two stage propane regulator. If you have a dual tank, get an automatic dual tank regulator. But don’t ever buy a first or single stage propane regulator for RV use.

Knowing this information is a great help when looking for the best RV propane regulator.

Benefits of Propane Regulators

To further seal the importance of having an RV propane regulator, here are the specific benefits that you’ll be enjoying by simply using one in your rig.


First and foremost, for safety reasons. Safety should always be our top priority. An RV propane regulator ensures your safety by making sure that the gas flow in your rig is kept at a minimal and safe level.

As mentioned earlier, the gas coming directly from the tank has a pressure of 100 or even up to 250 psi which is very dangerous. We need to keep it down to only 10 to 15 psi and that is what propane regulators are for.

An RV propane regulator will ensure that you can power your RV appliances safely, reducing any risk of damages or explosion to your gas-powered devices such as your stove, oven, furnace, water heater, and refrigerator.

Make sure that your appliances are working properly

Without an RV propane regulator, your appliances won’t work effectively. If you don’t have one in your rig, you could encounter issues that would have damage your appliances because of the unregulated flow of gas.

An RV propane regulator will ensure that your RV appliances are functioning well by distributing adequate amount of gas that they need to keep running.

Save money

A good quality RV propane regulator will save you a lot of money. Since it regulates the amount of propane being used in your rig, you don’t waste any propane and use just enough as needed to power your RV appliances.

And if your appliances are working properly, you won’t have to spend money over repairs and replacements.


When your RV appliances are working as they should, you get to enjoy the comforts and conveniences they bring no matter where you are.

You get to store food in your refrigerator, cook your meals over the stove or grill, and stay snug and comfy even when it’s cold outside with the help of your heater.

These are the benefits of using an RV propane regulator. You have peace of mind because you know that your rig is safe. Your appliances will work properly thus you’ll enjoy the comforts and conveniences of having them. And you’ll save money because you are using your propane efficiently and you won’t have to pay for costly repairs and replacements.

How To Pick Up The Best RV Propane Regulator

The benefits we’ve discussed above reiterate the fact that you need to get yourself a good quality RV propane regulator. That is why you should take your time in choosing the best RV propane regulator. Here are the top considerations you have to make when buying a regulator.


The RV propane regulators that you’ll see in the market will have different BTU capacity. This is relevant because it determines the amount of gas that your appliances need to function properly.

There are appliances that need a high level of BTU so your propane regulator must be able to let out that much gas to be able to power those appliances. The higher the BTU, the more propane your regulator will release.

Just a heads up, propane regulators with a higher BTU capacity are more expensive. But it is important to get one that has the capacity to provide your propane needs. Because if you get a regulator with a low amount of BTU, your RV appliances won’t be able to get the right amount of gas that they need in order to work properly.

That is why you need to know the BTU requirements of your RV appliances so that you can buy the appropriate regulator for them. Then, you should balance this with the budget that you have set. Get the propane regulator with the highest BTU capacity that’s within your budget.

It is safe to get an RV propane regulator with a capacity of 50,000 BTU. This should be enough to power all your appliances onboard. But you can get one with a lower or higher capacity depending on your propane-powered appliances.


As we keep mentioning above, you should get yourself a good quality RV propane regulator. Whenever your safety is concerned, it is best to invest in a product that’s built from quality materials so that you can rely on it to get its job done effectively.

Will you get a regulator that’s made of brass, raw zinc, aluminum, or stainless steel? To give you an idea, the best RV propane regulators have a lifespan of 15 years. For them to last this long, they should be made of durable materials. Look for a regulator with a heavy duty construction so that you know that it can withstand the test of time. They should be able to resist rust and corrosion.

You can also read the customer reviews regarding their feedback on the quality of the product. Watch out for reports about product malfunctioning or those that break easily. For sure, you’ll read lots of feedback regarding the product’s quality. Customers will definitely rant when they’re not satisfied with the quality of the regulator that they bought.

Ease Of Installation  

RV propane regulators shouldn’t be too hard to install. You won’t be needing professional assistance to put this in place.

But there are some models which can be complicated to install. For example, there are some automatic dual propane regulators that don’t come with a mounting hardware. This can make the installation process harder. This is why you should buy a regulator that requires no tools for installation or one that comes with all the tools and hardware that you need to complete the process immediately.

This is where it’s helpful to read the customer reviews as buyers usually share their experiences regarding the installation of the product. This will give you a good idea if they had an easy time in connecting the regulator to their RV’s propane tanks.


Your propane regulator needs maintenance so that you can be sure that it continues to do its job effectively. With that said, you should look for one with a simple maintenance procedure so that you can do it yourself.

You can do a quick research regarding the maintenance procedure from the manufacturer’s website or check the customer reviews for feedback from the users themselves.


As mentioned earlier, your RV propane regulator needs to have a cover to protect it from harsh elements. A cover will reduce its exposure to harmful particles. This will help prolong the lifespan of your regulator as it fights off rust and corrosion.

It is good if the regulator that you’re buying already comes with a cover so that you won’t have to buy one separately.


If you’ve been browsing the internet for the prices of RV propane regulators, you’ll notice that most of them are offered at an affordable rate. On the average, they cost around $30 per unit. This is a reasonable price considering the benefits that you’ll reap.

But of course, there are regulators available at various price points – other manufactures will lure customers with a very cheap price or some will promise enticing features to justify the expensive price.

Like we always say, look for a balance between price and quality. Don’t go for the cheapest one out there because chances are, the quality of the product is compromised. As for the more expensive regulators in the market, ask yourself if you really need those added features.

As we mentioned earlier, the higher the BTU capacity, the more expensive the regulator. But the thing is, do you need a regulator with this kid of capacity? How many appliances do you have in your camper? How much BTU do they require to work properly? If you don’t need a high capacity regulator, then it is wise to choose the regulator with a lower BTU capacity which comes at a more affordable price.

This will help you stay within your budget. Set a price limit before looking for the best RV propane regulator and stick to that range. You will also find it easier to buy a propane regulator when you have a specific budget in mind.

Wrap Up

An RV propane regulator is essential in your RV life. This simple device can do a lot in protecting you from gas leaks and possible explosion and fire inside your rig.

Ensuring your safety on the road is priceless plus you get to enjoy the other benefits of having a propane regulator in your rig.

This is why it is important to get yourself the best RV propane regulator out there. Use all the information we’ve provided here to guide you in making a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect a Propane Tank to an RV?

Connecting a propane tank to your RV is a relatively simple process. It is something that you can do on your own. You can also do some research to make sure that you’re doing it properly. There are helpful videos, visual guides and other resources on the internet to help you out.

Here are the basic steps.

  • Check out the location for your propane tank compartment at the exterior of your RV. See whether the propane tank should be attached horizontally or vertically. This is important because it would tell you what kind of tank you should get for it to fit properly in your RV.
  • Buy the tank that you need. You can get your tank at a gas station, auto shop, or RV shop. If you have a vertical connection, you should get a DOT cylinder. If you have a horizontal connection, you should use an ASME tank.
  • Put the propane tank at the designated compartment. Connect the nozzle of the propane tank to the hose and propane connector. Make sure that the connection is tight.
  • For added protection, you can use a latch or straps to ensure that the propane tank stays in its place.
  • To start using the propane tank, turn the valve at the top of the tank slowly to the right. This way, you are opening up the tank and gas will be released into the hose. Watch out for any hissing sound as it means you have a loose connection or a damaged hose.

Once you’ve ensured that you have a secure connection, you’re all good.

How to install RV propane regulators?

As we mentioned earlier, installing your RV propane regulator should be a simple process. You can do it by yourself without the help of a professional.

Just follow the detailed instructions in the manual regarding the installation. Make sure you follow them to a tee to avoid encountering any issues.

Most manufacturers already provide you with everything you need to install the regulator upon purchase. But in case yours didn’t come with the tools and parts that you need, you can easily get them from your local hardware store.

But if you’re not confident in your ability to do this kind of stuff, it is always wise to hire a professional to do the job for you. Don’t worry, they don’t charge a lot for this and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your propane regulator is installed properly.

How to adjust an RV propane regulator?

Once your RV propane regulator is installed in your rig, there is no need to make any adjustments. Most of them have already been preset to control the flow of gas into your RV appliances. But should you find a good reason to have your regulator adjusted, get a professional assistance.

Propane is something that should always be handled safely. It has certain properties that can put you in danger if not handled with care. This is why we strongly advise that you hire a professional when adjusting your RV propane regulators.

There is a reason why they’re called professionals at what they do. They can have your propane regulator installed and adjusted properly and ensure that that are no issues affecting the performance of your propane-powered appliances.

This might cost you some extra cash but it’s a small price to pay for ensuring your safety. Your safety should always be a top priority. If you’re not knowledgeable about the proper propane handling, leave it to the experts rather than putting your life at risk.

What kind of propane regulator do I need?

You can refer to our discussion on the different types of propane regulators. For RV purposes, you’ve basically got2 choices: a second or two stage propane regulator or an automatic dual tank regulator.

If you have multiple tanks in your rig, you should get an automatic dual tank regulator but if you only have 1 tank, then you should get a second or two stage propane regulator.

What is the average life expectancy of propane regulators? 

With proper maintenance, a good quality RV propane regulator can last for 10 to 15 years. This is why it’s such a steal really for its price and the benefits that it gives you.

Is it wise to adjust propane regulators on my own? 

No, it is unwise to adjust the propane regulator on your own especially if you don’t know a thing about safe propane handling. We’re talking about your safety here. Propane has some dangerous qualities that can put you in danger so it’s not really recommended for a DIY project.

But if you’re confident about your knowledge regarding propane handling and while practicing proper caution, you can adjust your RV propane regulator on your own. You can manually adjust the valves according to what your RV needs. Make sure you look at the manual or check the manufacturer’s website for instructions and tips in adjusting your regulator.

But then again, it’s best to leave this job to the experts for your own safety.

How could I tell if my regulators have gone bad?

You’d be able to tell when it’s time to have your RV propane regulator replaced when you notice a drop in the performance of your propane-powered RV appliances. This is true especially when you know that you’ve just filled your tank 100%.

For example, your refrigerator can’t keep the food and beverages inside cool enough or it takes your water heater a longer time to heat the water.

These are telltale signs to have your propane regulators checked and replaced if needed.

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