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Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

Class A RV

These three motorhomes, in my opinion, are the best class A motorhome under 35 feet. There are other class As that deserve to be on this list. However, I wanted to present a varied enough selection to meet the needs of a varied group of people.

Below, you will find RVs that will offer a perfect blend of the convenience of a Class A with a short enough length to be hauled through the inner-city and parked at most national parks.

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

1. Class A 2021 Thor Axis 24.1
2. Class A Coachmen 29SS
3. Class A Winnebago Vista 29VE

Class A 2021 Thor Axis 24.1

Class A 2020 Thor Axis 24.1

If you want a small Class A motorhome, it doesn’t get any smaller than the Thor Axis. Literally, it officially the smallest Class A at the time of this article, so it’s not going to be nearly as difficult to drive as the larger RVs.

According to Matt’s RV Reviews, there is a little bit of contention regarding its true classification. Thor does list this as a Class A, and that is what people will see at glance. The counter-argument to the claim is that the chassis is made for Class C motorhomes. Since it is the most important component of any vehicle, I can see his point. You can decide for yourself. I’ll just write down the details.

The Driving Experience

Driving a Class A RV can be a terrifying experience for a newbie. They are large vehicles that constantly challenge the incompatible instincts of people that have spent their whole lives driving cars. It is difficult to constantly be aware of the turning radius, backing up, bridge clearance, and that terrifying blind spot under the window. The Axis 24.1 might just be the easiest of its class to drive down the road.

You have a great view of all of your surroundings from the driver’s seat. The windows are huge, the mirrors work well, and the cameras on the mirrors show you everything that you might have missed. Also, I know it’s obvious, but a 25’6″ RV is going to be easier than a 40′ diesel pusher. Finally, you get a backup camera as a standard.


I love it! I spend a lot of time with the smaller campers, so maybe I am not seeing this through normal eyes. However, from my perspective, I love the size of this sofa bed and table. The sofa bed is 5’8″ and the removable table is roughly two-thirds of that size. The TV is 32″ and placed in the usual spot that is opposite the dinette. I could easily see myself falling asleep to some Netflix without needing to twist my neck to do it..

The Cabinets Are Beautiful

Thor did a fantastic job with the cabinets. They are euro-style doors with nickel-finished T-handles. The polished surfaces have a wonderful gleam and really set themselves apart from a lot of their competition. The soft-close hinges will prevent any of them from slamming shut. Finally, when opened, the struts even look appealing. It is just a clean and lovely design.

Bed-size is Wrong

The bedroom is located at the back of the RV. The bed can convert between a king-size and two twin beds. While the twin beds are the correct dimensions, the king-size is technically 5″ too short to be considered a king. That shouldn’t be a problem if you are an inch or two shorter than the 6’3″ dimensions of the bed.

Drop-Down Overhead Bunk

The typical drop-down bed is included. It has a carrying capacity of 500lbs, so it can hold a single person. It’s a twin bed, so it isn’t a bed made to share. Once again, the mattress is just a bit shorter than what is considered standard. 3’2″ by 6’1.”  It’s still good, and it will work for most people.

TPO Roof – Not Bad, Not Good

The Axis uses a TPO roof. It’s a rubbery material that isn’t bad exactly but definitely isn’t the best option out there. A lot of motorhomes use this material, but they tend to be used on the inexpensive RVs. Officially, the roofs are supposed to last for a couple of decades. That doesn’t mean that they will not leak around the seals; they will.

The RV App

Yep, RV’s have apps now. Crazy world. You can monitor and control pretty much everything on the RV: lights, water pump, climate, water tank levels, water heater, slides, awnings, vents, fans, and the stabilizer jacks. The future is here folks. The only thing that we need is for this to become self-driving.

Exterior Storage

There are a few external storage compartments. Two of them are on the small side. The third is a pass-through storage compartment that is accessible from three separate locations: side, side, back. The third one is large but not as large as what you might see on a larger-sized Class A.

Basic Features

  • Water Tanks
    • Fresh: 42 Gallons
    • Grey: 40 Gallons
    • Black: 30 Gallons
  • Interior Height: 6 Feet, 10 Inches
  • Exterior Height: 11 Feet
  • Exterior Length: 25 Feet, 11 Inches
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 12,500 Pounds
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Furnace: 30,000 BTU

Key Features

  • Related Floor Plans: 3
  • Average Price: $85,148
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5


Class A Coachmen 29SS

Coachmen Pursuit Class A

This is just a hair over 30 feet.  It’s a beautiful unit, feature-packed, and it is a Coachmen product. They have better consumer ratings than most manufacturers, so I think you’ll be happy with their product and services. It’s one of the top motorhomes you can find under 35 feet. 

Large Fridge and Freezer

The 29SS has a residential-sized fridge, so you won’t have any trouble storing your groceries. The freezer is actually even larger than most residential fridges, so enjoy the one time an RV appliance one-ups your average brick-and-mortar home appliance.

Good and Bad Kitchen Space

The double-basin sink with the high-rise pull-down nickel-finished faucet is fantastic. I love the triple-burner stove that is flush with the countertop. The one downside is the counter space. If you are using the stove and the sink is full, you aren’t going to have a lot of room left. If the dinette table is empty, then you shouldn’t have an issue.

Computer Work Station with Charging Center

During those long trips, it’s nice to have a place to work and keep yourself busy. The passenger seat is equipped with a work station and a charging center, so you can hook up a laptop and work on the road.

Hard to Stain, Easy to Clean

The countertops are going to hold up to a lot of abuse thanks to being made of Thermofoil. Thermofoil is a medium-density fiberboard with a laminate finish. Thermofoil counters can hold up pretty much any cleaning solution and look good for years down the road. 

Resistant to Water Damage

Water damage, the bane of the full-timer’s existence; second only to RV warranty debacles. It should be a problem here. At least, it will be less likely thanks to the Azdel sidewalls. Azdel is a superlight composite material that can literally soak in a pond for years without succumbing to the damaging effects of water. 

Good View, Great Mirrors, Wonderful Cameras

Like the Thor Axis, this Class A has a great view of its surroundings. There are large windows, large mirrors, a camera system with a camera on each mirror and the rear of the camper. You’ll see everything that you need to see. 

Relaxing Bedroom

There is one thing that I don’t like about most RV bedrooms. You just can’t maneuver around them. I am not saying that it isn’t an issue here, but I can definitely breathe a bit easier within the provided space. This is a bit of a trade-off though. The bed is queen-sized, so you are going to have a bit less room to share with a partner.

At least for my tastes, I believe that the smaller bed is worth the trade for the less cramped quarters. While you are hanging out in the bedroom, you might notice how much storage you have. Part of that storage includes a hanging closet that I fell in love with at first sight.


A well-designed bathroom with a well-placed toilet paper holder. The sink is stainless steel which is awesome. I can’t stand it when manufacturers install those cheap plastic faucets that will instantly be replaced.

Unfortunately, the shower design might have some potential for water damage thanks to the potentially inferior two-piece design. It’s a personal gripe that may or may not be a problem. Most professionals in the industry claim that it doesn’t pose a risk, but it makes me and apparently others nervous. 

They won me back with the porcelain foot flush toilet. Overall the bathroom is almost ideal as far as I’m concerned.

LOVE The Outdoor Space

The entertainment center and the kitchen some of my favorite features of the larger RVs, and they make a grand appearance here. The outside LED TV is one of three TVs on this unit. There is a medium outdoor fridge, a pretty good sink, a cabinet, and a drawer. There isn’t a stove, but there is an LP quick-connect for the 20-Gallon LP Tank and a grill of your choice. 

Basic Features

  • Water Tanks
    • Fresh: 50 Gallons
    • Grey: 35 Gallons
    • Black: 35 Gallons
  • Interior Height:
  • Exterior Height: 12 Feet
  • Exterior Length: 30 Feet, 3 Inches
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 18,000 Pounds 
  • Gross Combined Vehicle Weight: 23,000 Pounds
  • Large Awning, 20 Feet
  • Two Comfortable Theatre Seats
  • Drop-down Bunk
  • Large 32″ Bedroom TV
  • Gas/Electric 6-Gallon DSI Water Heater

Key Features

  • Related Floor Plans: 4
  • Average Price: $88,694
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6


Class A Winnebago Vista 29VE

Winnebago Vista

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you will know that I have great respect for the Winnebago brand. They have their problems, but they present a better than average product and they have a great warranty. When consumers try to use that warranty, Winnebago doesn’t usually fight those consumers. There are stories out there, but people seem happier with their products than the average.

The Steel Super Structure

Winnebago is great about going the extra step in their construction. This always starts with their steel superstructure that is the backbone to all of their campers. If you have ever watched a walkthrough of a Winnebago, you will notice the sales rep pointing out how sturdy the cabinets are. This is due to the metal SuperStructure. The cabinets are secured directly into it. This gives the sales reps so much confidence in the product that they demonstrate its sturdiness by hanging off of it like a monkey. It looks a bit funny, but those cabinets never shake. This steel framework extends into a cage that wraps around the front cabin. It’ll keep your family safe and your Winnebago on the road for decades.

Full Wall Slideout with Power Gear Slide-out Mechanism

If I had to choose a favorite feature that affects my daily routine, it would be a full-wall slide out. Of course, slideouts of this size do bring some increased risks of moisture damage and potentially expensive repairs to the slideout mechanisms. How does Winnebago address these risks? 

Best Slide Out Mechanism to Carry The Load

The 29VE utilizes a hydraulic system called a Power Gear. The slideout is a heavy load, but the Power Gear system is fast, durable, and very strong. It is able to take the burden without trouble. These Power Gear systems are designed to move several slideouts with the use of a single motor. Moving one large slideout should not make much of a difference to it.

Materials and Construction for Moisture Damage Prevention

With modern-day construction techniques, there is still going to be a risk around those seals. Over time, the elements and constant movement of the slide can cause damage. That is why it is standard practice to reseal your RV every year.

Winnebago does address some of the risks through their material choices and typically better quality controlled construction. They use plywood instead of particle board because plywood is typically less absorbent and less prone to warping. This isn’t universally true because every product does improve with time; this includes particleboard. However, generally speaking, plywood is the better choice. They also use Azdel wall paneling in all of their Class A RVs. If you’ve never heard of it, you should know that Azdel panels are down-right impervious to water damage. That doesn’t that water won’t get around those panels, but it will never erode through them.

The Kitchen

Let’s start with the bad to even out all that earlier praise. I’ve got to be honest and say that the kitchen fixture kind of sucks. It is plastic and should be replaced immediately.

The microwave is smaller than I would like, but the oven makes up for that. The stove is a residential three-burner stove, so that’s very nice. It isn’t perfectly level with the countertop, but it is very close.

The cabinets and drawers are very large. The only exception is the space directly under the sink where you would have wanted to place a trash can. I’m just going to say that it is not likely to happen. A very large slide-out pantry with three shelves extends out from the kitchen’s opposing wall.

You have a nice countertop space that improves with the stovetop cover. Overall, it is a very nice kitchen that I would thoroughly enjoy.

Large Dinette

There is a notably large dinette. You shouldn’t have too much trouble not kicking your opposing neighbor. Of course, it can change into a bed which is also, of course, rather large.

The Bathroom is Plastic

Everything, the shower, the faucet, and the foot-flush toilet are all plastic, which is disappointing.

Aside from being plastic, the shower is great. Like the others, it is constructed from two separate pieces which I don’t like. However, it is large, it has a glass door, and it is one of the only RV companies that caulk the connection point between those pieces of plastic. Supposedly, not caulking this connection isn’t a problem. However, it concerns me and it concerns others based on my hundreds and hundreds of hours on YouTube.

Massive Hanging Closet and Storage Under the Bed

This is the largest closet that I’ve seen on a rig this size. It should be enough space for most people. If it isn’t enough space, there are plenty of other drawers to store your belongings.

One of those places is under the raised bed. There is enough room for you, your belongings, and any childhood monsters to hide under there.

Basic Features

  • Water Tanks
    • Fresh: 70 Gallons 
    • Grey: 40 Gallons
    • Black: 40 Gallons
  • Interior Height: 6 Feet, 8 Inches
  • Exterior Height: 12 Feet
  • Exterior Length: 30 Feet
  • Exterior Width: 8 Feet, 5.5 Inches
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 18,000 Pounds
  • Gross Combined Vehicle Weight: 23,000 Pounds 

Key Features

  • Related Floor Plans: 5
  • Average Price: $114,241
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5


Conclusion on Class A RV’s Under 35 Feet

While there are not a lot of Class A RV models to choose from under 35 feet we think the three we have included in our list above make for some great choices. 

Class A RV
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