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The Best Class A Toy Hauler: Make that Garage Space Yours!

So the SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE is screaming from inside you, huh?

You’re contemplating a Class A RV, but maybe you’re also considering an ALL-ROUNDER motorhome that has the storage area and features that you need, and also a garage to put your precious TOYS in…

And by toys we mean, that precious jetski or maybe even the family golf cart!

Well, you’re in the right place! We made a buying guide for the BEST CLASS A TOY HAULER for you!

Ready for a CRANKED UP mobile-living space with toy haulers? Let’s get right into it!

What Class A Toy Hauler is Right for Me?

Thor Outlaw Class A: Our Top Pick

Ever thought of having an all-in-one that can pack ALL OF YOUR PASSIONS in convenient Class A toy haulers?

Introducing our top pick on the list, the Thor Outlaw Class A Motorhome!

It’s a practical ROAD GIANT that has all the functions that you need to haul that prized toy.

The Outlaw isn’t your ordinary Class A motorhome, among other Class A toy haulers.

This mighty beast goes out to a WHOPPING 39 FEET in length, and can fit an entire family of 8 people!

With the interior furniture just screaming pure comfort with a king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and TV comfort, the Outlaw literally a fully functional house! It even has a state-of-the-art kitchen, too!

And we’re not even at the best part of the deal, yet!

The inside of the Outlaw has all the standard features that you can possibly need in toy haulers, and more!

Sky Bunk

  • 5 LED TVs for your viewing pleasure
  • 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi for effortless connectivity
  • DVD, Blu-ray, and stereo for FUN entertainment on the road
  • A residential fridge
  • “The Sky Bunk” loft for PURE RV comfort.

BUT… It’s important to note that this class A toy hauler has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

The sliding glass doors that partition the bedroom area from the garage doesn’t really offer much privacy, especially if other people are using the sleeping area in the rear of the toy hauler.

But other than that, it still sounds like the SLICKEST DEAL to get, right?

The additional stuff still OUTWEIGHS the minor hiccup, in our opinion. It’s still a JAM-PACKED Class A motorhome that has everything you need!

We assure you, you can’t go wrong with the Thor Outlaw Class A, one of the best motorhomes in the market!


  • Spacious
  • Can fit 8 people
  • The generator has hard-wired surge protection
  • Also available in a Class C variation


  • The sliding door in the main sleeping area doesn’t offer much privacy

Newmar Canyon Star: Best In Value

So maybe you’re thinking…

Can a Class A toy hauler motorhome have a garage and storage area, but still have all the functionality I need?

Well, you better read on because you’re in luck! Our best value pick will surely keep you on your toes!

The Newmar Canyon Star just PURELY SCREAMS VALUE!

Since this bad boy is built for HEAVY DUTY USAGE and AMAZING comfort, you’re gonna be hitting two birds with one stone as one of the best class A toy hauler motorhomes out there!

The Canyon Star is exactly what it sounds like!

It’s designed to take you on an adventure as one of the best class A toy haulers for many RVers!

This toy hauler comes in an 8×10 ft. long toy hauling garage to fit the FUN STUFF for your travels! Running at a staggering 39.92 ft. long, space will never be an issue.

The fuel type it runs on is diesel, too!

Boasting an up-to 10 man capacity, this unique gem among toy haulers is bigger than other motorhomes.

Don’t get us started with the comfort you get on the inside, though!

It has a REALLY COMFY queen-size bed in the master bedroom and a sofa bed in the motorhome! It’s perfect for the entire gang in the RV!

If you think about it, it’s basically a hotel room that’s mobile, plus a garage to store all the FUN!

It doesn’t fall short on features and add-ons either…

  • LED TV and DVD for that home theatre on the go
  • BOSE Stereo for your favorite tunes
  • Kitchen appliances for your cooking and baking needs
  • Frameless windows
  • And a toilet in the bathroom!

We’re telling you, folks, it has all the things you need, and the VALUE YOU GET WITH THIS is off the charts!

But of course, no toy hauler is perfect and it does come with a small drawback…

It’s important to take note that the Canyon Star’s garage can be a bit steep to ride your toys in. Since the chassis of the hauler is higher than most motorhomes, the ramp’s angle is steeper.

Loading something like a motorbike or a chopper can be a HUGE HASSLE, but adding a ramp extension can hugely help for loading and unloading your favorite adventure toy!


  • Can accommodate up to 10 people
  • Big garage area for your weekend toys and storage space


  • The garage space ramp is steep, so loading and unloading can be a burden for some

Winnebago Sightseer – Best Budget Option

Winnebago has proven itself to be A MONUMENTAL BRAND in the world of RVs, and it’s definitely one of the best motorhomes for a good reason!

And of course, their take on toy haulers is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore.

The Sightseer is an excellent entry-level Class A toy hauler that is MADE TO LAST, and is economical, too!

This Winnebago is one of the toy haulers that we highly recommend because of the BUILD QUALITY.

It’s made with a Ford chassis and engine and boasts an automatic hydraulic leveling system.

You won’t regret getting it for the add-ons that it has, as well!

  • Gas and electric water heater
  • Hallway storage for more space to put your daily stuff
  • Electric patio canopy
  • Outdoor shower
  • Black tank rinse system
  • Outdoor fun center/family area that you can use with your loved ones when you’re out and about!

Overall, you CAN’T GO WRONG with the convenience it brings to the table when it comes to RVs, plus it also has an option to turn the outside area into a great space for bonding!

However, some users of the RV mentioned a drawback when it comes to repairs after some wear and tear, which of course cannot be avoided.

According to some, the repair service from the company was a little difficult to reach.

But if you’d still opt for the quality and add-ons that this toy hauler brings, and maybe don’t mind getting some chops done by third-party RV garages, then don’t hesitate to get the Sightseer!


  • High-quality build
  • Affordable and economical
  • Features-packed


  • Winnebago customer service might be sadly unreachable or inaccessible, according to some owners of the toy haulers

Lance Camper TH 2612

This full-featured toy hauler RV is EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR to travel with your precious gear!

Whether it’s your sportbikes, surfboards, or ATV, it is sure to be well taken care of on the adventure as you are.

Boasting 12 ft. of pure cargo space, you surely wouldn’t fall short of extra space in the garage for your leisure or storage spaces, too!

Going out with the entire family for a seasonal adventure wouldn’t be a long-shot, since it could fit 7-8 people inside.

We promise: it’ll always be a FUN FAMILY ADVENTURE with the Lance Camper!

Surely, you wouldn’t be disappointed with its features to suit your needs!

  • 100-gallon water tank
  • 40-gallon fuel tank
  • Snazzy interior decor
  • Full airconditioning
  • LED lighting
  • And more!

While the features and space for hauling toys may sound extremely exciting, the factory warranty and support came a little too short on the trailer company’s end.

Some owners reported that getting spare parts for the toy hauler might take months, despite the warranty of these motorhomes.

But still, if you’re looking for a customizable motorhome with a spacious garage, you can’t go wrong with the TH 2612!


  • 12 ft. space in the garage for cargo and gear
  • Jam-packed and fully functional add-ons


  • Slow turnover time from customer support and repairs from the trailer company


What is a Toy Hauler, Exactly?

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and yes it is exactly what it sounds like!

A class A toy hauler is basically all that you need to bring your precious hobbies and lifestyle gear around with you, and basically haul them around in your journey!

Just imagine, this awesome rig is HUGE and is BUILT TO LAST. It’s literally a garage attached to your travel trailer!

The garage part of the toy hauler vehicle is what makes it more interesting, compared to other kinds of motorhomes.

With something like a class A toy hauler, lugging around your motorcycle, surfboards, or dune buggies will be as CONVENIENT as ever!

No need to tow an external carriage, since you’ve got all the space inside your motorhome for everything you need!

How it works is that the back door of the toy hauler opens up and folds down into a ramp to ride your sweet gear in. It’s as simple as that!

Another interesting is that some class A toy hauler models feature a fueling station on the exterior to gas up your toys! It’s literally the all-in-one that you need!

You can also use the extra in the vehicle to use as a sleeping area. Make it into an extra bedroom, storage space, or even just a place to chill, you can have this RV your way!

What Is a Class a Motorhome?

Been wondering what “Class A” means in the brochures that you’ve been seeing?

Class A motorhomes are basically built on HUGE and STURDY frames that are extremely heavy-duty. To scale the size, think bus or commercial truck chassis big!

Now, that’s huge, right?

These motorhomes are known for their big wheels to support the heavy load, and way bigger than a Class C!

But of course, the shining highlight of the Class A toy hauler, however, is the extra room it can provide while you’re on the go.

The Class A toy hauler is one of those breeds of RVs that enable you to enjoy a comfortable home-like feel and luxury while you’re out and about.

Just imagine, in one RV, you can have an entire MOBILE HOME that has full functionality

  • Bedroom area for sleepers
  • On-board bathroom for convenience
  • A garage for the extra room that you need
  • A kitchenette for meal prep on the road

Now does that sound like an amazing deal for you? If you’re looking for the comforts of a home but still be on the go like other RVs, then don’t hesitate with the Class A toy hauler!

What Do You Get With a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

There are three important things that you get with a toy hauler RV, and it is definitely something to consider when you’re choosing among RVs to get!

All The Space That You Need in Toy Haulers

The best part about toy haulers is you get the extra room to do whatever you want with it, and make it a fully functional living area while you’re on the go!

Larger families will appreciate this, or if you basically haul an entire inventory for your hobbies around with you!

Compared to a Class C, you’re getting way more space here!

The fact that these motorhome RVs can fit an entire master bedroom for your comfort says it all.

The Quality You Want

These Class A toy haulers are built to last and are made to take on heavy loads!

This kind of RV has been constructed and reinforced to last on all your adventure needs, while still being a fully functional motorhome to suit a comfortable lifestyle for an entire family.

Basically, TOY HAULERS are made for the LONG HAUL!

The Versatility You’ve Been Looking For

Class A toy haulers aren’t just for your motorbikes, hunting gear, and your other fun toys! While they’re not as mobile as Class C trailers, you’re still getting what you’re paying for.

The garage portion of this Class A RV can be repurposed into an extra area that you need, and it’s all up to your imagination! You can also tow an extra trailer for extra fun!

Remember: THINK BIG. It’s your motorhome, so have it the way you want it!


Motorhome toy haulers are exceptionally built machines. It is definitely a well-rounded RV to suit your needs!

These Class A travel trailers have the floor area that you need to customize it the way you want to!

Class A Motorhomes are the best possible investments for your spirit of adventure, we assure you!

We hope that we helped you out in deciding the right one for you in the Class A toy hauler market, and see you on the road!

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