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Top 5 Winnebago Travel Trailers (2022) That Won’t Disappoint

Have you been toying with the idea of buying a travel trailer so you can travel and enjoy the outdoors? But are you intimidated about the price of RVs? Well, travel trailers are the practical choice for you especially if you already have a pickup or SUV. You already have a towing vehicle, you just need to find the right camper to haul along.

This 2021, Winnebago presents a special lineup of towables that’s definitely worth your attention and consideration. They are offered in a variety of floorplans which means that you can find that perfect layout for you and your family. These are packaged with different features to make your stay more comfortable and convenient.

In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 Winnebago travel trailers to make it easier for you to choose the best camper for your family. Read on to know the amazing features that they offer and their prices. When you’re done reading, you’ll be closer to making that much-awaited decision.

5 Best Winnebago Travel Trailers of 2021

Here are 5 of the best Winnebago towables currently out in the market:

Know more about these travel trailers in this section.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306BHS

Of all the Winnebago towables, the Micro Minnie is the one that consistently makes it to the top when it comes to the best travel trailers in the market.

Micro Minnie is available in 10 different floorplans. The starting price is $23,808. The length ranges from 19’4.5″ to 25’8″ which are all considered small for travel trailers. But don’t be deceived by its size because Micro Minnie is packed with complete amenities to make your camping comfortable.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306BHS has a simple layout. It is one of the floorplans with the longest length. It has 1 slideout to make way for the dinette and it offers enough sleeping space for up to 5 people.

Construction and Exterior Features

Winnebago used aluminum for this travel trailer’s frame and fiberglass for the sidewalls. These materials assure you that this camper is both lightweight and durable.

You can enjoy hanging out under the shade of its power awning. You can stay there until nighttime since there are exterior LED lights to illuminate your camp. The best part is that you play your favorite tunes as there’s a roof mounted stereo antenna which will help you set the mood for the day.

It also has a built-in ladder to give you easy access to the roof. You also won’t have any trouble packing your camping stuff as it comes with a Pack N Play exterior storage. Plus there’s a shower right outside so you can clean up before you go inside the camper.

You can keep your travel trailer steady with the help of its 4-pt. stabilizing jacks. Micro Minnie also comes with a winterization kit which means this is a travel trailer that you can use not just during the warm summer months but also during the cold winter season.

It is also very easy to tow and maneuver especially as it has a width of 7’which makes it more visible for the driver.

Interior Design And Features

Winnebago has provided Micro Minnie 2306BHS with a spacious kitchen, large bedroom, and just excellent use of space.

At the front of the camper, the Murphy bed can be converted to a bed during the day. The dinette can be converted to a bed at night. There are bunk beds at the rear to offer more sleeping space especially if you’re traveling with kids.

The kitchen has functional appliances to make meal preps a breeze – a 3 burner cooktop, microwave, and a refrigerator.

The bathroom has a toilet, lavatory, and shower area. There are cabinets to help you keep your bathroom stuff organized.

There are large windows, a shower skylight, and vent fans at strategic places to help you appreciate the view and allow proper ventilation and natural light inside the travel trailer.

  • Exterior Length: 25’8″
  • Exterior Height: 10’4″
  • Exterior Width: 7’0″
  • Awning Length: 15′
  • Interior Height: 6’4″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 31
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • Gray Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 25
  • Black Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 25
  • LP Capacity (lbs): 40
  • GVWR (lbs.): 6,000
  • Sleeps: 5


  • responsive size
  • can be towed by SUVs and half-ton pickup trucks
  • open air entertainment
  • 10 floorplans to choose from


  • quality issues
  • difficult dealers

Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS

Minnie is Micro Minnie’s big sister. It has 5 floorplans that have lengths ranging from 26’10” to 32’5″. Its sleeping capacity can be from 3 to 8 people so small and large families ought to take a look at this camper!

Minnie is initially offered at $35,418. For this price point, you get to enjoy maximum comfort inside the camper, a stylish interior that’s easy to clean, a complete kitchen, great storage solutions, and outdoor entertainment.

The Winnebago Minnie 2801BHS is the longest floorplan and can accommodate up to 8 people. This is great news for big families who love to travel together.

Construction and Exterior Features

Minnie is constructed using careful engineering and superior quality materials to support its various features. It uses TPO roofing and fiberglass sidewalls with Azdel panels to make this travel trailer strong, lightweight, and weatherproof.

With its powered awning and exterior speakers, you can enjoy some outdoor entertainment. The pull-out cooktop, sink, and exterior refrigerator let you prepare for an open air feast with the family.

Interior Design And Features

What we love about Minnie 2801BHS is that its layout assures you that there’s a space for everyone. It has a long slideout that expands the living area. There’s a trifold sofa and dinette. Both can be converted to beds at night.

Winnebago lets you switch things up so you can have either theater seats or a sofa with a chaise. You can also choose free standing table and chairs instead of the dinette. While you can’t convert them to a bed, you can bring them outside when you want some al fresco dining.

The main bedroom has a queen bed. There are bunk beds at the rear. The bathroom is enclosed and has a shower, toilet, and lavatory.

The L-shaped kitchen offers generous counterspace so you can prepare meals at your convenience. There’s a 3 burner cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator. They also complement the overall look of the interior to give it a comfy and homey vibe.

There are lots of storage spaces from the walk in pantry to shelves, wardrobe cabinets, and overhead cabinets so you can organize everyone’s stuff inside the camper.

  • Exterior Length: 32’5″
  • Exterior Height: 10’9″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Awning Length: 20′
  • Interior Height: 6’8″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 60
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • Gray Water Holding Tank 1 Capacity (gal): 49
  • Gray Water Holding Tank 2 Capacity (gal): 47
  • Black Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 49
  • LP Capacity (lbs): 40
  • GVWR (lbs.): 8,800
  • Sleeps: 8


  • tow well in a variety of terrain conditions
  • functional layouts
  • spacious living space
  • good use of exterior space
  • ample storage


  • mattress can be on the thin side
  • Some owners have reported issues with the sink and shower faucets leaking.

Winnebago Hike H215HS

Hike is one of Winnebago’s newest RVs. This travel trailer will take you further. It is perfect for those who love camping at remote places. Feel the rush that the great outdoors promise.

With a starting price of $29,605, you have more freedom to explore and elevate your adventure experience. Traverse difficult terrains with its off-road tires and tough fenders. Strap your adventure gears in its exoskeleton rack system.

You can mount solar power on the rooftop so you can stay comfy while off-grid.

Hike is available in 5 floorplans with lengths from 20’7.5″ to 25′. It has a sleeping capacity for 3 to 4 people depending on the layout.

We chose Winnebago Hike H215HS because of its simplified layout that can accommodate 4 people. It also has useful features both inside and outside the camper.

Construction and Exterior Features

Hike is built using an NXG engineered frame that guarantee superior quality. Its roof is made of one piece of fiberglass. The sidewalls also made use of fiberglass but they were strengthened by Azdel panels. This makes them more durable and the walls provide better insulation.

This new Winnebago travel trailer allows you to stay outside while enjoying some form of entertainment. There’s a power awning with LED lighting and exterior speakers.

There’s also a pull-out cooktop so you can prepare your food outside. It helps you conserve energy and it’s just fun to eat outdoors on a fine day.

Hike comes with a unique and rugged exoskeleton rack system. This allows you to strap your sports gear such as your bikes and kayaks outside of your travel trailer. You can also pack more travel stuff in its large powder coated gear storage box.

Interior Design And Features

Winnebago Hike H215HS has a modern and practical interior. There’s a combination of light and dark shades of gray on the furniture and fabrics used and light-colored wood for the cabinetry. All these elements work together to give this camper a cozy vibe. The surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.

This floorplan has 1 slideout to make way for the kitchen by the galley. You’ll find it easy to prepare and cook your meals with the 3 burner cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator.

The bedroom is at the rear while the U-shaped dinette at the front of the travel trailer can be converted to another bed at night. Hike has a spacious bathroom with shower, toilet, and lavatory.

Winnebago Hike H215HS has a LED TV and AV system for your entertainment. There’s also a wireless cell phone charger which is so cool and convenient!

Various storage solutions are provided. There’s a pantry, storage cabinet, and overhead cabinets at the kitchen. There are medicine and linen cabinets in the bathroom. In the bedroom, you can place your personal stuff inside the wardrobe and overhead cabinets. There are more overhead cabinets at the living area.

  • Exterior Length: 25′
  • Exterior Height: 10’2″
  • Exterior Width: 7’9″
  • Awning Length: 12′
  • Interior Height: 6’5″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 37
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • Gray Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 43
  • Black Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 25
  • LP Capacity (lbs): 20
  • GVWR (lbs.): 6,000
  • Sleeps: 4


  • adventure-ready
  • full exoskeleton rack system
  • multi-use front storage
  • residential feel


  • You need a larger SUV or truck to tow it.

Winnebago Voyage V3033BH

Voyage is Winnebago’s top of the line travel trailer. It is offered with a starting price of $43,926. It promises to let you enjoy comfort and connectivity for an extended period. That means you can leave your worries behind and just bask in the beauty of nature for days on end.

Voyage comes with 15″ 6-Lug tires with aluminum rims and leaf spring suspension to capably take you to different places. It is available in 7 flexible floorplans with lengths ranging from 27’9″ all the way to 38’11”. It can offer a sleeping capacity for 4 up to 8 people.

We chose Winnebago Voyage V3033BH because of its various furniture options and it can sleep 8 people! The more, the merrier, right? Bring the whole family along and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Construction and Exterior Features

Voyage is constructed using fiberglass exterior sidewalls with Azdel and one-piece TPO roof membrane. This makes it a durable and lightweight travel trailer with superior quality. You can even walk on the roof deck.

There are various electrical connections on the roof for solar power, WiFi, satellite, and antenna for your power and connectivity.

Voyage has a drop frame design to provide you with ample storage space in its exterior. You can surely fit your travel essentials in its end to end compartment.

You can also enjoy some entertainment as you lounge outside. Use the wide awning, bring out your table and chairs, and cook your favorite camping food in the pull-out kitchen to relax in the shade.

Voyage comes with an enclosed universal docking station to make it easier for you to connect to hookup services at different RV campgrounds.

Interior Design And Features

Winnebago Voyage V3033BH features a spacious and functional interior. There’s a trifold sofa and dinette at the living area. You can relax and watch TV because it comes with an entertainment package.

The main bedroom has a queen bed and there are bunk beds at the rear portion of the camper. You can upgrade to a king bed so that you have more sleeping space.

You can switch the dinette to freestanding table and chairs which you can also use outside. The trifold sofa can be upgraded to theater seats or a sofa with chaise to offer more comfort as you relax in the living area. We love that you get to choose which furniture you like so that they’ll suit your preferences.

You also have a generous space at the L-shaped kitchen counter to prepare food for everyone. It has a 3 burner cooktop with oven, microwave, and a refrigerator with pantry. The bathroom has complete amenities – shower, toilet, lavatory, and medicine cabinet.

There are lots of storage spaces inside starting with the walk-in pantry, kitchen drawers, wardrobe cabinet, and overhead cabinets in the galley and bedroom.

  • Exterior Length: 34’1″
  • Exterior Height: 11’6″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Awning Length: 20′
  • Interior Height: 7′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 50
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 10
  • Gray Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 100
  • Black Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 50
  • LP Capacity (lbs): 60
  • GVWR (lbs.): 10,400
  • Sleeps: 8


  • furniture options
  • ample storage
  • large holding tank capacity


  • Winnebago’s website does not include updated images of the rig.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS

We just can’t get of Winnebago Micro Minnie. It is the most affordable travel trailer in Winnebago’s line up with a starting price of $25,236.

Micro Minnie also shows us that great things come in small packages. And this is what the Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS proves to us. With a length of only 20′, it makes 3 people super comfy inside. It also comes with flexible storage, open-air entertainment, and spacious living space.

It is compact and complete. It is uncomplicated which makes it a practical choice.

Construction and Exterior Features

What we love about Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS is that it comes in such a compact size so it’s easier to tow. besides, it’s got all the other features that you’ve come to expect from all Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers so you’re assured about its quality, as well as the comfort and convenience that it offers to its users.

For example, you also get to enjoy outdoor entertainment. Just setup the power awning and exterior speakers plus the inherent beauty of nature and you’re poised to have a fun and relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There is a storage compartment where you can put your gears and camping furniture so you’re sure that you’ve got everything you need to have a good time.

Interior Design And Features

Inside this travel trailer, you’ve got basic furniture but the amenities are complete. There’s a slideout to give way to the living area. You can choose between a convertible dinette or sofa with a table. Both will do well when you need an extra sleeping space at night.

There’s an LED TV and AV system for your entertainment so you won’t be bored when the weather won’t allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

You’ve got yourself a functional kitchen with a 3 burner cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator. If you need more counter space, it comes with a flip-up table. There’s also a pantry for your dry goods.

The bathroom has a toilet, shower, lavatory, and a medicine cabinet. This is a a big deal for us because you won’t have to use public restrooms anymore.

If it’s just you and your spouse and perhaps a fur baby, then this is the perfect travel trailer for you! You don’t have to spend more to get yourself a really comfy and high quality camper.

  • Exterior Length: 20’0″
  • Exterior Height: 10’4″
  • Exterior Width: 7’0″
  • Awning Length: 10′
  • Interior Height: 6’4″
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 31
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal): 6
  • Gray Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 25
  • Black Water Holding Tank Capacity (gal): 25
  • LP Capacity (lbs): 40
  • GVWR (lbs.): 5,000
  • Sleeps: 3


  • simple and compact
  • can be towed by SUVs and half-ton pickup trucks
  • open air entertainment


  • quality issues
  • difficult dealers

These are just some of the best Winnebago travel trailers which are available in the market today. This is a good place to start when you’re thinking of getting one as we’ve made sure that there’s diversity and functionality in our list.

There are a lot more options out there as Winnebago has come up with different floorplans for each model to make sure that you get a camper that perfectly suits your needs.

Benefits of Travel Trailers

We’ve always said that different RVs suit different people. Here are the advantages of travel trailers so that you’ll know if they fit your particular travel lifestyle.


There’s no disputing that travel trailers are way more affordable than motorhomes. Looking at the starting prices of Winnebago towables, you won’t find anything above $42,000 whereas motorhomes cost an average of $100,000. That’s a huge difference right there.

Of course, this is applicable when you already have a towing vehicle because a travel trailer is no good without one. For those with pick ups and SUVs, then you can consider getting these campers when buying RVs as you can save a lot of bucks.

Easy to Tow

Travel trailers have been built using lightweight but durable materials so that they can be towed easily. You just simply hitch it to your towing vehicle and you’re good to go. But of course, you need to know the towing capacity of your vehicle so that your towing will be smooth and safe.


Travel trailers come in different shapes and sizes. You have a lot of option when it comes to choosing one that will allow you to stay away from crowded campsites.

Once you’ve parked and stabilized your camper, it also frees your towing vehicle. That means you can use it for your errands or exploring the place without having to bring the trailer along.

Exterior Features

The usefulness of travel trailers extends outside. From the awning to storage compartments, you can enjoy outstanding exterior features to elevate your camping experience. Some have pull-out kitchens, exterior wash stations, and entertainment system so that you can chill outside while enjoying the fresh air and great view right before you.


Travel trailers are available in different floorplans which combine the use of space and various amenities so that you can stay there comfortably. They also offer convenience so that you’ve got what you need right there inside the camper.

These campers range in size from small ones offering the most basic amenities to large travel trailers that provide utmost comfort and luxury while you’re on the road. You just have to choose which one fits your needs and budget.

Things to Consider when Buying a Travel Trailer

Buying a travel trailer is an investment on your part so you have to make an informed choice before making that purchase.

We’ve come up with a list of the major factors that you need to consider so you can get the travel trailer that ‘ll work best given your particular circumstances.

Hitch and Tow Capacity

Let’s start with your vehicle’s towing capacity so you can narrow down your choices. Check the manual to determine how much it can tow. You can also consult your trusted mechanic to know more about it and what else you need to install so you can hitch and tow a camper.


Each travel trailer comes with various exterior and interior features to offer you comfort and convenience on the road. Priorities will differ from one person to another. For example, some need an enclosed bathroom while some are okay with a portable cassette toilet.

You should choose the camper with features that are useful for you. Decide which ones you need the most. Let’s be real. You might not need all of their listed details anyway.

When you narrow down your priorities, you can choose the best camper that’ll suit your needs and you can even save some bucks by doing away with some of the attributes that you can live without.

Places where you want to go

Are you the type of camper who is okay with going to national parks and RV grounds? Or do you love to explore and go off the beaten path? Some travel trailers have been specially equipped for off-road and off-grid camping if that’s where you want to go.

You also have to think about the weather and season. You need a travel trailer with proper insulation and winterization package if you want to go camping during cold weather.

Number of people you’re traveling with

Travel trailers are available in different sizes which can fit a certain number of people. Choose a floorplan that’ll fit your family – one which gives you enough space to move around and do your daily activities without bumping to each other all the time.

Visualize how each member of your family will fit in the camper and how you will all use it within your stay. Is the sleeping capacity enough for the people you’re traveling with? Do the water tanks have enough holding capacity so that you don’t need to visit the dumping station everyday?

It’s always a good idea to come up with a list of the things that each person needs so that you can match it with the attributes of the camper. This will ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable as you travel.

Financing Options

Check the available payment options. You might get a loan from the bank or the dealer may have a list of accredited lenders. Study their terms and rates and choose where you can get the best deal. Make sure that the amortization fits your budget so that you won’t miss out on your payments and incur unnecessary charges.

Wrap Up

Travel trailers are a more affordable way to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Choose one that’s within your vehicle’s towing capacity, hitch it, and off you go to have a good time.

The 2021 Winnebago towables are a great starting point when choosing the best travel trailer for your family. They come in various sizes and floorplans. You’ll surely find a layout that’ll work best for all the people you’re traveling with.

Winnebago travel trailers are built to last and equipped with practical features that you’d definitely want to have on the road.

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