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How Much Does An RV Inspection Cost? (What You Should Know)

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How Much Does It Cost To Inspect An RV?

That can vary, but it will likely fall between $250 and $1,200. It is largely going to depend upon the size and type of RV that you are seeking to purchase or already own.

New Trailers Still Need an RV Inspection

If you think that a new trailer will not need an inspection, think again.

There are many stories, and lots of experts that stress the need to always inspect, including the RVs that are being driven straight off the lot.

This is paraphrasing, but a well known RV enthusiast and author, Steve Lehto, has spoken multiple times that one in fifteen RVs will essentially be lemons.

Even the working ones are probably going to give you some major issues very quickly.

By the second year, 30% break down, 80% will break down by the 5th year, and almost every RV breaks down by the 8th year.

That should obviously scare you when you are likely about to invest $50,000 to $100,000 into a new home.

These are complicated objects, homes, that move on wheels; parts and pipes are sometimes

hooked up incorrectly, and driving can shake the weak parts lose.

How to Find a Quality RV Inspector

NRVIA is a well-known organization within the camper community that are dedicated to the goal of helping RV owners find companies that follow a standard set of RV inspection practices.

They also help train and educate those that wish to learn how to perform a solid inspection. 

Once individuals are trained, they are added to the list of knowledgeable inspectors that you can call upon to look at RV’s that you are interested in purchasing.

It is a great service, and you will find them highly recommended by the community.

I am not being paid to recommend them. They are just worth recommending.

Occasionally, you will come across deals that seem too good to be true.

Most of the time, that will be the case, and I’d argue that a pessimistic or realistic approach to this will serve you best.

Because they are rare, usually you are going to find them pop up at some other place in the country.

Travel plans will need to be made, vacation time possibly taken, and it could possibly be for nothing.

By hiring an inspector, you can stay comfortably at home while a qualified professional can almost definitively tell you if you are about to walk into a trap.

Don’t Count On Your Warranty and Just Forget the Inspection

Warranties do not cover issues that existed before the purchase of the extended warranty.

That doesn’t just mean that they do not cover parts that have broken, but they also don’t cover parts that are on the verge of breaking.

This common practice is not stemmed from corrupt behavior of companies that offer warranties.

They would go out of business if they repaired those items.

If everyone was to have every issue covered, then warranties would either be preventatively expensive or nobody would be covered because all of the companies would quickly go bankrupt.

With that said, do not forgo inspecting your RV because you assume that you can bank on your warranty covering any problems that might surprise you.

Many people are bewildered when their warranty doesn’t cover the multitude of issues that spring up over the first few years…I’m trying to emphasize the point that you need an inspection before buying.

There are honestly some great RV warranties out there, but you will benefit greatly from buying something that works from the start and won’t leave stranded on your first trip to the coast.

Secure a quality RV with a good warranty.

Perform Your Own RV Inspection

You can do some of this inspecting yourself if you are hesitant to hire someone to do it for you.

I’d recommend hiring a professional if you are inexperienced because it isn’t easy.

There are a hundred things to examine, and it will be a full eight hours of work by someone that knows what they are doing.

If you still want to do your own RV Inspection I recommend reading our RV inspection checklist. 

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