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Rockwood Campers 2022: Key Specs and Features

Forest River Rockwood RVs are great to have in tow as you go on your camping adventures. They come in different shapes and sizes. Today, we’ll give you a glimpse of each of their campers so that you’ll have an idea on what they are made of and what comforts they offer in order for you to know which one will suit you best.

Introduction to Rockwood Campers

Rockwood is one of the brands owned by RV manufacturing giant Forest River Inc. This brand features a great selection of fifth wheels, travel trailers, and pop-up campers. They have a signature line of fifth wheels and travel trailers. They also offer mini lite and ultra lite campers which are very convenient to tow by most vehicles.

Forest River takes pride in ensuring the quality of their Rockwood campers. They make certain that they are subjected to rigorous testing during manufacture and prior to delivery.

Offering a wide range of products without sacrificing quality and dependability has been the guiding principle of Forest River RV. This is good news for the buyers because they have a lot of choices when it comes to quality campers so that they can enjoy their RV experience to the fullest.

Rockwood Campers 2022

Here is a quick rundown of all the campers in Rockwood’s lineup.

Let’s look at the construction details, specs, exterior and interior features of each camper so that you can decide which one is the best for you.

Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels


The Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels re built with a six-sided fully aluminum frame and one piece seamless roofing membrane. They use 5/8″ tongue and groove plywood for the subflooring and have an enclosed underbelly which gives them added protection on the road.

If you’re curious about the insulation, the roof is R-14, the floor has R-12, while the side walls are R-7. The underbelly, front cap, and slide out floors are insulated with radiant foil. The holding tanks are heated and thermostatically controlled which is great when the weather gets chilly.

Inside the fifth wheel, the bed and dinette bases are also made of aluminum for solid support. The roof has vaulted ceilings that not only adds character to the interior but also allows more natural light to enter the camper.

Exterior Features

The fiberglass sidewalls of Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels can come in laminated white or champagne color.

Some of their excellent exterior features include the shielded power awning with adjustable rain dump and LED light strip. You can also enjoy listening to some cool music through the outside speakers.

You can pack your camping equipment in the front outside storage. The rear ladder gives you easy access to the roof. These fifth wheels also come prepped for your Teton all-in-one Wi-Fi Booster/LTE antenna and roof and ground solar panels.

You can save energy and cook outside because they have an outside griddle with LP hookup and work table. There’s also an outside shower so you can wash up before going inside the camper.

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels come in 2 floorplans. Both layouts offer complete amenities and a huge living space for the whole family.

The living area has a deluxe tri-fold sofa and theater seats. The ceiling fan, carpeted floor, and fireplace give it a cozy ambiance. There’s a LED TV with upgraded speaker system and subwoofer, multi-zone stereo with DVD/CD players, AM and FM radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is truly a place where everyone can gather together and chillax.

The bedroom has a king bed and lots of room for storing your personal stuff. You can also put a TV here so you can watch your favorite show or catch up on the news before sleeping. There’s a space for your washer and dryer so you can do your laundry on the road.

The kitchen has a modern vibe with its designer kitchen backsplash. It’s very functional, too. It comes with a three burner high output gas range, cooktop with oven, microwave oven, stainless steel sinks with high rise pull-down faucet, and a 20cu. ft. residential refrigerator with inverter to make it energy efficient. There are solid surface kitchen countertops and cabinets for storing your kitchenware.

You’ll enjoy using the bathroom with its enclosed shower area, porcelain toilet, and sink. The toothbrush holder, soap dish, and towel ring are nice details that help organize your bathroom stuff. There’s also a skylight, Maxxair® ventilation fan and vent cover, and ShowerMiser Water Saver System.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: 37′
  • Exterior Height: 13’2″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Awning Size: 10′ & 11′ or 10′ & 13′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 80 to 90
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 50
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 10,519 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,701 lb.

Rockwood Ultra Lite Fifth Wheels


These ultra-light fifth wheel trailers are made using the same materials as the Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels but they come in a more compact size. The aluminum frame on the structure gives them a solid foundation. These campers are well-insulated for added comfort no matter what season you choose to go camping.

The Nitrogen-filled 16″ E-Rated Goodyear Endurance Tires together with the LCI turning point pin box hitch, torsion axle, Rubber-Ryde suspension with easy lube axles and never adjust brakes make towing these trailers easier because they are more stable on the road.

Exterior Features

Outside these lightweight fifth wheel campers, you will definitely appreciate the shade given by the power awning which also comes with adjustable rain dump and LED light strip. This will extend your living space as you can cook and dine outside without being bothered by the heat of the sun or occasional rain showers. There’s a griddle outside which already comes with LP hookup and work table so you can prepare your food. You also have exterior speakers so you can listen to some nice tunes while you unwind.

The entry doors are big. There are folding grab handles and the steps leading to the entrance are lighted for your safety.

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood ultra lite fifth wheels are offered in 11 floorplans. There are 2 to 3 slide outs to expand the living space inside these campers.

The living area holds a deluxe tri-fold sofa and theater seats. Some units come with a fireplace for extra warmth when you’re winter camping. You won’t be bored even when you’re stuck inside the camper during bad weather because it comes with an entertainment system.

After a whole day of adventure, you can recharge for body and mind by having a relaxing sleep on your queen bed. If you want to read a good book, just turn on the reading lights. You can also charge your devices as you sleep. You have the option to put a TV and there’s also a space for your washer and dryer so you can say bye bye to your dirty laundry while on the road.

You have the convenience of a spacious bathroom where there’s a shower and toilet. Rockwood has also incorporated residential features to help you organize your stuff and make you feel more comfortable using the restroom.

Cooking is a breeze in its classy kitchen. It has a 3 burner high output gas range, recessed cooktop and oven, microwave oven, residential refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and a very flexible high rise pull down faucet. You’ll fall in love with the details such as the designer kitchen backsplash, solid surface kitchen countertops, drawers, cabinets, and they have even included a trash can to make sure that this area is easy to clean and maintain.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: starts at 28′ 11″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 1″ to 13’2″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Awning Size: varies according to floorplan
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 80 to 90
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 40 to 90
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 7,764 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,584 lb.

Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers


Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers are constructed using aluminum frames on their front, side, and end walls as well as on the roof and floor. Rockwood has applied vacuum lamination for the roof and walls to make them more durable. They use one-piece vinyl or rubber roofing material to prevent leaks and make the roof sturdy. For the subfloor, they utilized 5/8″ tongue and groove plywood.

The side walls have an insulation value of R-7, the floor is R-12, and the ceiling is R-14. These travel trailers’ underbelly and slide out floors have been insulated with radiant foil to prevent heat loss. The underbelly is also enclosed to protect it from elements. The holding tanks are heated and electronically controlled to prevent them from freezing during the winter.

Inside the travel trailer, the roof has vaulted ceilings while the base of the dinette and bed feature an aluminum cage.

Exterior Features

The exterior sidewalls of the Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers come in either laminated white or champagne color.

The power awning is very useful in giving you the much needed shade from the sun. You can cook outside using the griddle with LP hookup.

You can bring your camping table and chairs so you can dine outside. You can store them in the exterior compartments that come with slam latches and magnetic compartment doors.

You will surely enjoy staying outside and taking in the beauty of nature. You can play your favorite tunes through the speakers.

The outside shower comes with hot and cold water. No more reason to skip bath when the weather is cold.

The trailer is also prepped with cable and satellite hookup, Teton All In One Wi-Fi Booster/LTE and antenna, and roof and side solar panels.

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers are offered in 6 different floorplans. There are slideouts to extend the bedroom and living areas.

The interior is very cozy with the combination of Newport Ash and Autumn Wood for the cabinetry. Most floorplans have a fireplace and ducted furnace. The kitchen is complete with appliances you need for cooking and keeping your food fresh. Meanwhile, the bathroom does not just come with a shower, toilet, and sink but have also been detailed with a skylight, ventilation fan, and organizing solutions.

The living area has deluxe theater seats and most units also have a tri-fold sleeper sofa that serves a dual purpose to increase the sleeping areas at night.

You’ll feel right at home because you still get to watch your favorite shows on TV and the upgraded sound bar with subwoofer will enhance your viewing experience. You can also watch movies or listen to the radio because it comes with a multi-zone stereo.

The main bedroom is very spacious and truly inviting for a goodnight’s rest. The king bed has a designer headboard with backlights. There are cabinets under the bed and on the sides so you can store your clothes and personal stuff.

The 8336BH floorplan has another section for bunk beds to offer more sleeping space at night. You can get a TV for the main bedroom and an entertainment package for the bunkroom. Everybody happy, right? You can also add a washer and dryer especially if you plan to go on long vacations with the family.

RV systems can be controlled using the WeRV App which makes it very convenient to manage your camper.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: starts at 29′ 11″
  • Exterior Height: 11′ 7″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Awning Size: varies according to floorplan
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 80 to 130
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 40 to 50
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 7,809 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,651 lb.

Rockwood Ultra Lite Travel Trailers


Rockwood Ultra Lite Travel Trailers are manufactured much the same way as the Signature Travel Trailers. They have an aluminum frame, well-insulated structure, and an enclosed underbelly.

But unlike the Signature Travel Trailers, these campers are shorter in length and have a lighter weight. This is mostly due to their decreased freshwater and waste holding tank capacities.

Exterior Features

You’ll also be delighted to know that most exterior features found in Rockwood Signature Travel Trailers have also been set up in their Ultra Lite Travel Trailers. They have a power awning, outside griddle, exterior speakers, and shower. They even come with 190W roof solar panel with 1000W inverter for your power needs.

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood Ultra Lite Travel Trailers are available in 9 floorplans. They have slideouts to offer a lot of living space for the family. The interior has a stylish and comfortable ambiance that will truly make you feel at home wherever you go.

The living area of the bigger units features a hide-a-bed sofa, theater seats, and dinette. For those with shorter floorplans, it can be just be a dinette and sofa but still, that’s a lot more than what you can expect from other campers.

The bedroom has a queen-sized bed with a designer bedding. There’s also a large wardrobe for our clothes and other travel stuff. You can upgrade to a king bed and have a TV here so you can lie down comfortably while you have a marathon of your favorite TV series.

The kitchen has everything you need for preparing and cooking delicious meals. You will find a three burner high output gas range, gas oven, and microwave oven. It also has a 12V refrigerator and double bowl kitchen sink. The residential style faucet comes with Water-Pur Filtration System so that you’re sure that the water you’re drinking is clean. This area is stylish, too, having a designer kitchen backsplash with solid surface kitchen countertops. The large window by the side gives you a nice view of the outdoors to inspire you while cooking.

Meanwhile, these travel trailers come with a spacious bathroom so you can do your thing comfortably. The shower area is enclosed, the foot flush toilets are easy to use, and you have a water heater, ventilation fan, and Showermiser Water Saving System.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: starts at 29′ 8″
  • Exterior Height: 11′ 2″ to 11′ 3″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Awning Size: varies according to floorplan
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 45 or 90
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 45
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 6,158 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,341 lb.

Rockwood Mini Lite


Rockwood Mini Lite have been specially constructed so that they can be towed by most SUVs. They use 6-sided full aluminum frame, fully laminated one-piece roof, aluminum truss roof bracing, and painted fiberglass front cap with clear coat. They also utilized Azdel Composite Panels. These are lighter than wood and provide better insulation.

Exterior Features

Some notable exterior features of the Rockwood Mini Lite are the 190W roof solar panel with 1000W inverter,4 frame mounted manual stabilizer jacks, and two 30 lb. gas bottles with molded bottle cover.

They also come prepped for Teton All In One Wifi Booster w/ LTE Antenna, back up camera, and more solar panels on the side and roof. 

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood Mini Lite may be more compact in size but they are not lacking in amenities that’ll make you comfortable during your camping trip.

They come in 11 flexible floorplans. Each unit has slide outs to expand your living space. The interior color scheme is available in chocolate (brown hues) or stone (gray tones). You can choose between Autumn Wood or Newport Ash for the cabinetry and floor covering. Rockwood gives you the opportunity to make this camper feel a lot like home.

There are different sleeping arrangements depending on the chosen layout. You can choose from a Murphy bed, queen bed, or 2 twin beds that can be converted to 1 king sized bed. The 2509S floorplan also has double bunk beds to be able to accommodate a bigger family.

Even the living area is flexible. You can have a dinette, a sofa, or theater seats. Those with a Murphy bed get a sofa during the day which gives them more living space. There’s a LED TV and multi-zone stereo for your entertainment.

The kitchen and bathroom features are the same with the previous campers. That means you still have the convenience of a complete kitchen and full bathroom which is always a big plus.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: 22′ 4″ to 25′ 11″
  • Exterior Height: 10’11” to 10’3″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Awning Size: 14′ to 19′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 30 or 60
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 30
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 4,493 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,344 lb.

Rockwood Roo


Rockwood Roo is an expandable hybrid travel trailer. It has distinctive square bunk ends with permanently attached tents at the front and rear portions of the camper. Rockwood used aircraft-grade cable supports for the bed ends.

The rest of the camper is your traditional travel trailer. It is made of superior construction using 6-sided full aluminum frame, aluminum floor joints, and 5/8” tongue and groove plywood floor. They also utilized a fully laminated one-piece roof, aluminum truss AC bracing, Easy Reach latch system, and frameless windows.

Exterior Features

Despite its compact size, Roo’s exterior has the same features as its larger counterparts. It has a power awning, outside griddle with LP hook up, shower with hot and cold water, speakers, antifreeze station, and a 190W Roof Solar Panel with 1000W inverter.

It has been pre-wired for Teton All In One WiFi Booster/LTE antenna and more solar panels on the roof and sidewalls.

To ensure the users’ safety on the road, Roo is equipped with dexter torsion axles, MORryde Strut Assist Steps, TST Tire Pressure Monitor System, and Nitrogen-filled Goodyear Endurance tires.

Interior Design and Features

Rockwood Roo has 5 different floorplans. Their interiors are designed with Newport Ash cabinetry and floor covering. They have tones of gray and light wood.

Since these are expandable hybrid travel trailers, the bunk ends are used for sleeping spaces. Three floorplans have 2 queen beds while two units have 3 beds. There are fans and lights in each bed.

Three floorplans have slideouts to broaden the living space. 21SS, 233S, and 235S have a dinette and sofa while the other floorplans only come with a dinette. The kitchen has a 3 burner high output gas range, gas oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, double bowl kitchen sink, a residential style faucet with Water Pur Filtration System.

You also have the convenience of a complete bathroom that comes with a water heater, Showermiser Water Saving System, and Maxxair Ventilation Fan and Cover.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: 21′ 2″ to 24′ 10″
  • Exterior Height: 13’2″
  • Exterior Width: 10’6″ or 10’11”
  • Awning Size: 15′ to 18′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 54
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 30
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 30
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 4,259 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 1,259 lb.

Rockwood Geo Pro


Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers are compact and lightweight campers. They are made with 6-sided full aluminum frame, fully laminated roof and walls, aluminum truss roof bracing and floor joists, and 5/8” tongue and groove plywood floor.

They also use Azdel construction for the interior and exterior walls. Meanwhile, the dinette and beds have aluminum cage bases for solid support.

Exterior Features

Among the notable exterior features of the Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers are the Dexter® Torsion Axles, MORryde® Solid and Supported Steps, TST Tire Pressure Monitor System, and Nitrogen-filled tires to enhance your safety.

They also have a power awning and outside griddle which are perfect for having a picnic and enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors. You can put on some nice music over the speakers.

There’s also an outside shower. It is very convenient so that you can clean up after going hiking or trekking some muddy trails.

Interior Design and Features

The Rockwood Geo Pro comes in 11 floorplans- 10 travel trailers and 1 for a toy hauler for those who always want to bring their outdoor sports gear for their adventures.

The interior is decorated with Monte Carlo cabinetry and floor covering. This is mostly in the shades of gray and brown to give this camper a homey vibe.

There are different sleeping arrangements depending on the chosen floorplan. There can be twin beds, bunk beds, a couch that converts to a bed, full bed, queen bed, or a Murphy bed. This variety is offered to maximize the floor space of the camper.

The living area may have a sofa (for those with Murphy beds), dinette, or a pull-out sofa. Despite the compact size, there’s still room for users to eat comfortably or watch movies together. It also comes with a 12V TV with DVD Player and an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth and USB ports.

The kitchen is simple but gets the job done. It has a cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator. All units come with a toilet and shower area except for the G12SRK floorplan.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Length: 12′ 3″ to 21′ 8″
  • Exterior Height: 7′ 9″ to 10′ 0″
  • Exterior Width: 88″ to 92″
  • Awning Size: 8′ to 14′
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal): 20 to 31
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal): 6 to 30
  • Black Water Tank Capacity(gal): 0 to 30
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 1,763 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 948 lb.

Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers


Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers have a solid exterior like those of traditional travel trailers and they have a pop-up rooftop. These are easy to tow by most SUVs and hassle-free to set up once you’ve reached your desired destination.

These Rockwood campers are built with powder coated tubular steel frame for these campers. Fiberglass is used for the hard walls and laminated roof. There’s also a durable diamond plate at the front cap.

Rockwood also equipped these trailers with electric brakes and seven-way pigtail wiring for safer towing; and torsion EZ lube axles and EZ Crank Down stabilizer jacks with sand pads to help keep them balanced when parked.

Exterior Features

The exterior of these Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers are an extension of your living space. There’s a power roof lift, a hot water package with outside shower, outside griddle for cooking, and it also comes with double 20# gas bottles with molded cover.

The EZ Reach storage trunks at the front and rear allow you to bring your camping essentials without taking up precious space inside the trailer.

These campers have been prepped for solar power installation and cable TV. You can get a Port-A-Potty or the shower/cassette toilet to answer your bathroom needs.

Interior Design and Features

The interior of these Rockwood Hard Side Pop-up Campers come with an Autumn Wood color scheme. You have a dinette, kitchenette, and a flip-up bed for your convenience when camping.

The kitchenette has a 2 or 3 burner cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, sink, and faucet. These are all you need to be able to cook delicious meals on the road.

There are LED ceiling lights and floor lights. For more storage solutions, you have a hanging wardrobe with 2 shelves, cabinets, and drawers.

Overall, Rockwood has optimized the space to be able to provide you with a comfortable place to stay anywhere you want to go.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Open Length: 19′ 2″
  • Exterior Closed Length: 19′ 2″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 5’1″
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • Box Size: 12′
  • Hitch Weight: 284 lb.
  • UWR (lbs.): 2,120 lb.
  • CCC: 1,164 lb.

Rockwood Extreme Sports Package


The Rockwood Extreme Sports Package uses the same construction materials as the hard side pop up campers but they have been specially designed to accommodate the needs of couples and families who are into action sports.

These campers use Aluminum Wheels with 15″ Mud Rover Tires. These sports tires give these travel trailers more ground clearance. We all know that adventure seekers like to go remote places where the roads are rough and tough so these tires will help them get there without any hassle.

There’s also a spare tire with carrier and cover for those road emergencies.

Exterior Features

The Extreme Sports Package comes with a 100W solar panel with 1000W inverter that’s mounted on the roof. This will allow you to have a comfortable place even without electrical hookups when you go camping off the grid.

At the gray sport exterior, you will find an awning with LED lighting and griddle for your outdoor cooking. There’s also a Bluetooth stereo with outside speakers for your entertainment. Since you’re the type who loves to stay outdoors, Rockwood makes sure that you’ll have fun while doing so.

The ProRac Permanent Crossbars have a 150 lb. rating allows you to bring your toys and secure them during transit.

The power roof lift makes it easy to set up camp when you reach your destination so that you can get started with your exciting adventures.

There’s also a Spray Away Utility Hose outside of the trailer which makes it easy to clean your toys before you put them away.

Interior Design and Features

The Rockwood Extreme Sports Package is offered in 5 floorplans. They have an Autumn Wood interior decor.

The layout is very functional. The bunk tents at the front and rear are intended for your sleeping spaces. Rockwood uses Vinolon Supreme Tent to ensure their quality. The mattresses are heated to offer more comfort especially when the nights are chilly.

The living space of the camper has a wood plank flooring to give it a homey vibe. There’s a dinette and sofa bed when you want to eat and relax inside. The kitchenette has a 3 burner range, sink, faucet, and refrigerator. The 232ESP floorplan has a shower and cassette toilet inside while the 1910ESP comes with a Port-A-Pottie.

They also come standard with Create-A-Breeze Roof Vent Fan and 20K BTU Furnace to make you more comfortable through different kinds of weather.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Open Length: 20′ 1″ to 26′ 5″
  • Exterior Closed Length: 15′ 8″ to 22’3″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 5’11” or 6’2″
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 2,076 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 724 lb.
  • Hitch Weight: 234 lb.
  • Box Size: 10′ to 12′

Rockwood Tent


Rockwood Tent Campers come in 3 different models – Freedom Series, Limited Series, and High Wall Series.

For their construction, Rockwood utilized three stage double arm lifter posts, fiberglass vacuum bonded radius roof with no center seam, powder coated tubular steel frame, rafter poles and bed bows.

They also used five-piece Vinolon Supreme Tenting, full perimeter aluminum bed frames, and plywood for the bunk ends.

Exterior Features

The Rockwood Tent Campers come standard with E-Z Crank Down Stabilizer Jacks with Sand Pads to help keep the travel trailer steady when parked.

The Easy Lube Axle System, seven-way pigtail wiring, and Nitrogen-Filled steel belted radial tires to make towing safer.

They also have an awning with LED lighting so you can stay outside comfortably, griddle, under the floor 20 gallon fresh water tank, and an air conditioner that’s reinforced into the laminated roof.

Interior Design and Features

The Rockwood Tent Freedom Series is available in 4 floorplans, Limited Series has 3, and the High Wall Series comes in 2 floorplans.

The Limited Series is a basic tent camper to give you a better camping experience than a tent. Aside from the heated mattresses at the bunk ends, you also have a dinette, kitchenette, and cabinets. The 2280LTD floorplan also comes with a sofa bed; 1980 has 2 dinettes, a kitchenette, and a cabinet; 2318G and 2514F have a dinette, sofa, kitchenette, and cabinets but 2514F also comes with a Port-A-Pottie.

The Freedom Series will give you more comfort and allow you to bring your kayaks or bikes on your trip. The beds are at either end of the trailer. The 1940F has a kitchenette, dinette, and cabinets.

The High Wall Series is a tent camper that offers the comforts and conveniences of larger travel trailers. With these travel trailers, you have the convenience of heated mattresses at the bunk ends, dinette, cabinets, and a shower and cassette toilet. The HW296 also comes with a sofa.

Key Specs

  • Exterior Open Length: 17′ 2″ to 27′ 9″
  • Exterior Closed Length: 12’4″ to 21′ 6″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 5’4″ to 6’9″
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • UWR (lbs.): starts at 1,465 lb.
  • CCC: starts at 546 lb.
  • Box Size: 8′ to 16′

There you have it! These are all the campers that Rockwood has in their lineup. What a great variety of RV types, sizes, and features they offer which gives buyers more choices so that they can find the best camper that would truly fit their camping needs.

What is Rockwood’s warranty on their campers?

Forest River Inc. offers one year limited warranty for their towables or travel trailers. The coverage includes substantial defects in the units which are attributable to the manufacture and workmanship of the travel trailers. The said defects are regarded as obstructions to the proper functioning of the recreational vehicles.

For their tent campers, Forest River Inc. provides 1 year limited warranty covering substantial defects in the manufacture and assembly of the units. They also give 5 year limited warranty for the tent, frame and roof, 10 year limited warranty for the torsion axle., and 25 years coverage for the floor.

The warranty coverage mentioned above applies to Rockwood RVs purchased on or after July 1, 2021 and would only be applicable to the first purchaser of the unit.

Wrap Up: Are Rockwood Campers any good?

We love that Rockwood has a huge and impressive collection of campers. Some offer the basic comforts while some will even let you experience luxury on the road. They come in different sizes and floorplans which mean there’s one out there that will fit your requirements when it comes to space, storage, and living arrangement.

However, offering a vast selection in an already loaded lineup of RV brands does have its drawbacks. Buyers often raise quality issues and Rockwood only offers one year limited warranty for their campers. But overall, most reviews are leaning on the positive side because of their ease of towing, livability, and floor plan.

So we still say that Rockwood campers are worth considering when you’re planning to buy an RV. They really try their best to make you comfortable on the road and allow you to take your adventure to another level.

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