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5 Best Pop up Campers with a Toy Hauler

Maximizing space is very important when you travel with your recreational vehicles. Moreso when you have a pop up camper. Since you have to collapse its roof while traveling, there really isn’t so much space inside for some basic amenities and even storage.

Oftentimes, it means choosing only the essential items to bring with you for you to still enjoy some comfort and luxury on the road when you’re using your pop up camper.

However, there are some among us who to just have to bring our ATVs, dirt bikes, and canoe a.k.a. man toys to complete our camping adventure. But how can we do that with the limited space in our pop up campers?

Good thing there’s a solution for this dilemma. It key is in having a toy hauler on your pop up camper. Now, you don’t have to worry about where to put your beloved man toys!

Read on to find out more about these toy haulers and the best pop up campers with toy haulers in the market today.


What is a toy hauler?

First off, let’s define what a toy hauler is.

A toy hauler is a type of a towable RV. It combines the features of having a living space and a garage in a trailer. Consider it like a mashup between a travel trailer and cargo trailer.

The front portion of a toy hauler is very much like a traditional travel trailer. It is the camper’s main living area. There’s a bed, kitchen, dinette, and other features that may come with the trailer. At the back portion of the rig is the cargo trailer which is usually used as a rolling garage.

Toy haulers are heavier than travel trailers because their frames are sturdier to be able to bear the weight of your cargo. However, you have to sacrifice some interior space in your trailer’s living area to give way to the garage.

The garage space of a toy hauler can be used for different purposes. You can put your ATV, golf cart, canoe, bike, or even a small car inside the garage of your toy hauler. Or some put additional furniture at the garage area.

The trailer’s back wall can be opened and it could be transformed into a ramp to be able to load and unload these heavy items easily.

So, what about a pop up camper with a toy hauler?

This type of RV combines the features of a collapsible pop up camper and an open cargo trailer. Traditional toy haulers usually have an enclosed garage but in a pop up camper, the garage area is open and it looks like there’s a tent mounted on its top.

A pop up camper with a toy hauler allows users to have a great camping experience by taking them closer to nature and letting them play with nature too.


The Best Pop up Campers with Toy Haulers this 2021

Without much further ado, let’s round up the best pop up campers with toy haulers available in the market today.

Top 5 Pop up Campers with Toy Haulers

  1. Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast
  2. Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility
  3. Jayco Baja Pop up Toy Hauler
  4. A-Liner Somerset E-3 Deck
  5. 2021 Viking V3 V-Trec

Now, let’s go over each one to see what features they offer that make them truly stand out from the rest.


Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast

Key Specifications:

  • Hitch Weight: starts at 221 lbs
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: starts at 2,076 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: starts at 724 lbs
  • Exterior Open Length: starts at 20’1″
  • Exterior Closed Height: starts at 5’11”
  • Exterior Width: 84″
  • Box Size: starts at 10′
  • One Piece Vacuum Bonded Fiberglass Roof with Metal Interior Ceiling
  • Steel Air Conditioner Reinforcing Laminated Into Roof
  • 3-Stage Double Arm Lifter Posts
  • Five Piece Sectionalized Hurculite Supreme Tenting
  • Tent Permanently Attached on Bunk Ends and Slide Out
  • Plywood Bunk Ends W/1000 LB Weight Rating
  • Full Perimeter Aluminum Bed Frames
  • (4) E-Z Crank-Down Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
  • Under Floor 20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • 2000 lb. Tongue Jack w/ Swivel Wheel

We don’t even know where to begin to tell you what makes the Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast travel trailers great! These RVs come in 5 models. Each one comes with an indoor range with cover, 1.9 cu ft fridge, three speed ventilation fan, outdoor gas grill with a work table, and outside speaker. The pop up tent reveals quilted top bed mattresses to provide a relaxing and comfortable sleep.

But what really makes these units great for us is that they offer a lot of options for their users to upgrade their packages so that it would suit their camping style.

You can get ProRac Systems in the toy hauler that would allow you to bring your bikes and kayaks when you travel. ProRac also has tie downs and load stops made from heavy duty steel to reinforce the strength and holding capacity of the carriers. and to make it easier for you to load and unload your stuff.

There are also options to upgrade your camper to make you more comfortable while camping. You can opt to get a portable toilet, furnace, air conditioner, and solar panels.

You’re off to unbounded adventures with Forest River Flagstaff Sports Enthusiast package.


Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility

Key Specifications:

  • Trailer Dimensions Overall: 195″x92″
  • Total Weight: 1,950 lbs
  • GVWR: 7,000 lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 14″
  • Deck Height: 39″
  • Tent Headroom: 7′
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Protective Bag: Heavy duty vinylpolyester bag
  • Tent Shell: 13 oz. mildew and water-resistant marine canvas
  • Strong double stitched seams and reinforced corners
  • Seven large screened windows for excellent cross ventilation and clear outside view

The Jumping Jack Mid 6×12 Utility gives you the versatility that you need for your camping adventure. It allows you to carry your big toys and more travel stuff. This is specially designed to carry 3 full sized ATVs so you and your friends will have fun together!

But just as heads up, this pop up camper toy hauler is as basic as it gets which can be a good thing or bad thing. It just comes with beds and an interior table in its living areas. Those who love the real camping experience would appreciate it as you’ll be closer to nature and free to experience the joy and fun promised by the outdoors.

For those who want to make their camping more comfortable, Jumping Jack offers the option to upgrade your unit. You can get a kitchenette top and a lantern post. You can also choose to have safety bars, water rack, cooler rack, and boat bars installed.


Jayco Baja Pop up Toy Hauler

Key Specifications:

  • Dry Hitch Weight: 300 lbs
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 2,520 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,030 lbs
  • Campsite Length: 24’2″
  • Exterior Closed Height: 69″
  • Exterior Width: 85″
  • Fresh Water Capacity:35 gallons
  • Customer Value Package: Awning, battery gauge, stereo with outside speakers, polished aluminum rims, solar prep and water purifier
  • Utility deck, rated for 1,500 pounds, with ramps/deck railing (dual use) with quick-connect deck attachment system
  • E-Z Lube axles with leaf spring suspension system
  • 15″ off-road Dunlop Mud Rover radial tires
  • DuraTek water-repellent sectionalized tent with 1,050-lb. rated beds 
  • Power roof lift with hand-held remote key fob
  • Jayco’s original, fully enclosed lifter system with lifter post covers integrated into tent 
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant A-frame construction

The Jayco Baja lets you travel in comfort and style. This pop up toy hauler has a living space that contains a king bed and double bed on either end of the trailer. There’s also a dinette, fridge, porta-potti cabinet, and a water heater. This model has an outside shower so that you can freshen up or clean your travel gears after an exciting day outdoors.

The front area of the trailer converts into a heavy-duty cargo deck where you can put your outdoor gears while traveling. The tent has been designed to withstand the elements. It is water-repellent and resists the buildup of molds and mildew.

You also have the option to get a 16,000-BTU furnace with auto-ignition, bed mat heaters, an outside grill, and a powered roof vent.

You’ll also be amazed that the Jayco Baja comes with a lifetime warranty for its roof, walls, floor, bed frames, and lifter system. That is a testament to the quality of workmanship that Jayco provides.


A-Liner Somerset E-3 Deck

Key Specifications:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 2,908 pounds
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,492 pounds
  • Exterior Open Length: 26’5″
  • Interior Height: 80″
  • Exterior Open Width: 10’8″
  • Box Size: 12′
  • Sectionalized Sunbrella 302 Tenting with Window Flaps
  • 15″ Off-Road Tires with Deluxe Alloy Wheels
  • Extra-Wide One-Piece Aluminum Framed Screen Door
  • Seamless, Aluminum Skinned, Insulated Roof
  • Stainless Steel Power Lift System with Current Limiter

The E3 Deck floor plan is designed with 2 bedrooms with king sized beds located at both ends of the trailer, another slide out bed, a dinette, fridge, toilet, water heater, stove, sink, a stereo, and a storage trunk that serves as your toy hauler where you can put your big travel gears. You also have the option to get a shower and cassette toilet for a more comfortable bathroom experience even when you’re outdoors.

These amenities guarantee a comfortable camping experience plus the fact that you get to bring your man toys with you, then it’s surely going to be a whole lot of fun. So, you’ll want to bring your family or friends along and get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime.


2021 Viking V3 V-Trec

Key Specifications:

  • Hitch Weight: 427 pounds
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 3,217 pounds
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,210 pounds
  • Exterior Open Length:23’5″
  • Exterior Width: 85″
  • Box Size: 12′
  • Wide Trac Ultra Lube Torsion Axle
  • “Zero Exposure” Bunk Technology
  • Laminated Insulated Bed Platforms
  • Essentials Package: 3-Way 1.9 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator, 20,000 BTU, Furnace, Awning, Electric Brakes, Spare Tire & Carrier
  • Bathroom Package

The 2021 Viking V-Trec from Coachmen features a king size and queen size insulated bunks with Ultra Comfort 4” heated mattresses for a restful sleep. These are located at the front and rear portions of your pop up camper. It also has a sink, stove, and dinette in the living area.

The floor plan is excellently designed to fit everything you need and want while camping. It also offers a lot of storage space in the main body of the trailer aside from the cargo deck that serves as your toy hauler.

You can choose to have a 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit and get 40 or 80 watt Zamp portable solar panels for your power needs. To secure your cargo and the toy that you’re bringing with you, you may want to install the “Jack It” Bike Rack and “Toylok” Cargo Security System.

The Viking is very easy to tow, set up, and store. Coachmen has made sure that they add a whole new dimension to your camping experience with this model.


Wrap Up

Now we understand why many people appreciate and take delight in having a pop up camper toy hauler. It enhances the camping experience a thousand times by letting you stay close to nature and taking your man toys with you so you can play and have fun wherever you go. This is how you can make wonderful memories when camping.

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