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4 Best Pop up Camper Bike Racks of 2022

More and more bikers are drawn to pop up campers because of their light weight, ease of towing, and affordability.

With pop up campers being lighter, they are easier to tow. This means you have more options when it comes to towing vehicles because you can use smaller ones to tow these campers along.

Another plus factor is that pop up campers will allow you to go to remote places which will be more difficult to go to if you have a bigger travel trailer. With a pop up camper, you can go on more adventures in the backcountry where it’s really nice to go biking. You get really close to nature and have a great workout at the same time.

However, there’s a bit of a challenge if you want to bring your bike with you in your pop up camper. This is due to the fact that the point where your pop up camper attaches itself to your towing vehicle is also usually where bike racks are located.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t take your bike with you when you use a pop up camper. All it takes is finding the right pop up camper bike rack for your rig so that you have a place to keep your bikes as you travel.

In this article, we’ll help you find the best pop up camper bike rack so that you can enjoy your camping adventures even more!

Reviews of the 4 Best Pop up Camper Bike Racks

Let’s start off right away with the list of the best pop up camper bike racks being offered in the market.


Pro-Series Reese Eclipse 4 Bike Rack for 2″ Hitches

  • easy to assemble
  • easy to install
  • easy to use

Swagman XC Cross-Country Two-Bike Hitch-Mount Bike Rack

  • easy to assemble
  • great locking mechanism
  • easy to store

Yakima High Road Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • simple to use
  • keeps your bike secure

Maxxhaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack

  • sturdy
  • easy to install
  • keeps your bike steady and secure

Here are the reasons why we love these bike racks.

The Pro-Series Reese Eclipse 4 Bike Rack for 2″ Hitches is highly recommended by bike lovers. They say it is easy to assemble and install.

You will definitely enjoy your camping trip when you get to bring your precious bikes with the help of this dependable bike carrier. It has a strong center tower design. It comes with hoop and loop straps so that you can keep your bikes secure while in transit. They are also easy to remove which makes loading and unloading your bikes uncomplicated. You don’t have to worry about scratches on your bike as it has soft rubber cradles.

The bike rack can be tilted sideways for convenience. Because of this feature, you can access the trunk of your towing vehicle and unload your bikes without any hassle. It comes with a reflector for added safety on the road. This bike rack can be folded when you’re not going to use it so it won’t take up too much space in your storage area.

Key Specs and Features:

  • Tilt feature
  • Hook and loop straps
  • Soft rubber cradles
  • Rear reflector
  • Fits 2 inches receivers.



The Swagman XC Cross Country Two-Bike Hitch-Mount Bike Rack is made of steel and can fit most frame sizes.

Buyers are mostly raving about its lock and security features. They are also saying that it is easy to assemble. In a matter of few minutes, it is ready for use and you can go on your camping trip with one or two bikes in tow.

While traveling, you can have peace of mind because this bike rack comes with locking ratchet hooks and locking hitch pin that keep your bikes secure all the time.

When the trip is over, you can fold this rack easily. This helps you save storage space as it can conveniently

Key Specs and Features:

  • locking ratchet hooks and locking hitch pin
  • transports up to 2 bikes and is compatible with a Class 2 or higher, 1- 1/4″ and 2″ hitch receiver.
  • fits most frame sizes, shapes and style (fits 12″ to 29″ tire sizes)
  • maximum weight capacity of 35Ibs. per bike



The Yakima High Road Wheel-on Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks has gotten almost perfect ratings from its users. This rack can hold 1 bike. It fits bikes with 26″ to 29″ wheels and 23mm to 4″ tires. It also fits most roof racks although you would need a SmarT-Slot Kit for T-slot crossbars.

This rack is easy to assemble and disassemble – no tools required and no screws to lose! You don’t need to remove the wheel of your bike and there’s no contact with the bike frame which will prevent scratches and dents.

It will keep you precious bike secure with its Torque Right Knob for the front wheel and and ZipStrip for the rear wheel. These mechanisms are easy to use and get the job done quickly. Or you can also get their 2 SKS (Same Key System) locks so that you can lock your bike to the mount and the mount to the base rack for additional safety precaution.

Key Specs and Features:

  • Fits 26″ to 29″ wheels and 23 mm to 4″ tires with no adjustment
  • Low profile tray minimizes hatch interference
  • Crossbar spread must be between 18″ and 35″
  • T-Slot compatible with SmarT-Slot conversion kit (sold separately)
  • New integrated TorqueRight tightening knob



The Maxxhaul 50027 Hitch Mount Platform Style 2-Bike Rack is a popular choice among bikers. It has gotten great reviews because of its ease of installation and security features. It is sturdy as it is made of steel. It is also very affordable. It fits most bike frames with 20″ to 26″ wheel sizes.

This bike rack comes with 2 foam padded hooks which will help secure and keep your bikes steady during travel. This arrangement prevents scratches on your precious bike’s finish. The bike tire cradles can easily be adjusted with the help of the knobs to ensure a snug fit. There are also rubber straps to ensure stability.

When it’s time to remove the bike rack, the vertical post can be removed and this will make your bike rack compact and easy to store.

Key Specs and Features:

  • fit most bikes frames with 20″ to 26″ wheel sizes
  • Vertical post can be quickly removed for compact storage
  • Material:Steel
  • Fits Class III and IV standard 2″ hitch receivers.
  • 80 lbs Maximum Capacity or up to 40 lbs per bike
  • Unique hook design adjustments using quick hitch pins



These are are 4 best pop up camper bike racks which are readily available in the market so that you can take your bikes with you to your camping trip.

What is a pop up camper bike rack?

A pop up camper bike rack is designed to hold your bikes while you travel. Its main purpose is for you to be able to take your bikes to your camping destination without them getting in the way of your other travel gears and necessities.

Pop up camper bike racks have been specially designed so that they don’t have to be attached to the towing vehicle’s hitch, which is where the pop up camper is connected. These bike racks make it possible for pop up camper owners to have a special place for their bikes as they travel.

What are the different types of pop up camper bike racks?

There are actually different types of pop up camper bike racks which you can install in your rig. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Camper Roof Racks

Some pop up camper manufacturers have already integrated a roof mounting system in their campers. In case your pop up camper doesn’t have one, then you can install a camper roof rack for you to be able to bring your bikes when you go camping.

The good thing about this is that it has a minimal effect on aerodynamics so it won’t affect the movement of your vehicle as you travel. They reduce wind drag. Also, it is easier to mount your bikes on top of your camper rather than on top of your towing vehicle since campers are lower than your towing vehicle.

Truck Bed Racks

If you have a pick up truck as your towing vehicle, then this will be a great option for you. You can optimize the space at the back of your truck to make room for your adventure gears. It is a safe and secure place for your bikes as you travel to your camping destination.

The bike rack is placed at the truck bed. Depending on the number of bikes that you’re bringing, you can choose to install a frame mount rack, fork mount rack, wheel mount rack, or tailgate pads.

Towing Racks

This type of pop up camper bike rack uses a ball mount so that you can attach your bikes at the back of your pick up truck. This arrangement won’t work well with other types of towing vehicles.

They can be a hanging rack or a platform which you will slide into your hitch or clamp. This way, the bike carrier is between your towing vehicle and camper.

This type of rack gives you a lot of versatility- you can choose if you want your bikes to be on a platform or in hanging form. However, you might experience some trouble when making turns especially if you attach more bikes on the carrier.

Tow Vehicle Roof Racks

For pop up camper owners have found a solution by putting up a bike rack on the roof of their towing vehicles. You can attach your bikes on a mount to the roof of your car.

However, your main concern here is wind drag as it tends to get worse with this kind of set up. Also, if you have a tall towing vehicle, it would be a challenge to mount the bikes on top of it.

Front Mount Hitch Racks

The front mount hitch rack makes use of the front grille of the vehicle to mount your bike rack. Some owners prefer this because they are able to monitor their precious bikes while traveling. This also means that the back of the vehicle can solely be used by the pop up camper.

However, if you do choose this kind of pop up camper bike rack, make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your headlights or cause blocking of the airflow to your car’s radiator. You’ll also be limited to the number of bikes that you can bring.

Hitch-Mounted Racks

This type of pop up camper bike rack can be attached to the bumper of the camper or fixed on the frame of the rig. You have to make sure that your rig’s bumper is able to take on the weight of the rack with the bikes.

This is preferred by more drivers because it is more aerodynamic and eliminates concern about overhead clearance.

These are the different types of pop up camper bike racks which depend on where they are installed in your camper or towing vehicle. Each one gives you the opportunity to optimize the space that you have so that you can bring your bikes with you when you travel. You just have to factor in the convenience factor as you make your decision which one is the best pop up camper bike rack for you.

Pop Up Camper Bike Rack – How To Pick The Best One

With the many types of bike racks for pop up campers, we understand that choosing the best pop up camper bike rack can be confusing. Our suggestion is that you take into consideration these important factors so that you won’t end up regretting your decision.

Type of Bike Rack

When choosing the type of pop up camper bike rack, you can ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a spare tire at the back of your pop up camper?

If you do, then that’s good because most bike carriers are attached at the back of the spare tire. It doesn’t matter if your spare tire is located at the back of your towing vehicle or back of your camper.

Does your pop up camper have a large back bumper?

If the answer is yes, then you can get a bumper hitch receiver and it will make the back bumper of your camper compatible with a 2 inch hitch where you can attach a hitch mounted bike rack.

Is it easy to remove your bike’s front tire?

If it’s easy for you to remove the front tire of your bike and you also have a proper place to store it while traveling, you can consider a fork-mounted bike rack. This is attached to the tongue of your camper and to the fork of your bike once its front tire is removed. The back tire of your bike will be resting on the top of your camper.

Do you mind the extra drag or loading difficulty of a rooftop rack?

If you don’t mind the extra drag, then a roof-mounted bike rack is a good option. This type of bike carrier is installed at the top of your towing vehicle or camper. It requires the installation of two crossbars where you will be able to attach your bike racks. You can install bike racks on top of your towing vehicle and camper if you want to bring more bikes. But you can also use these bars for carrying or loading other travel stuff as well.

Make sure that you check the weight rating of your roof so that you know its carrying capacity. This will determine how many bikes you can safely carry on top of your roof. If you go beyond this rating, it is unsafe and can damage your roof. It also poses some kind of a challenge on how you can mount your bikes on top of the roof.

Wind drag is not much of a factor when your bike rack is installed on the roof of your camper. It becomes more of a concern when the bike carrier is on top of your towing vehicle and it also affects its aerodynamics.

Reliability and Durability

Of course, the bike rack should be durable and sturdy to be able to carry the weight of your bikes. There should be a reliable mechanism to keep the bikes securely in their place while in transit.


Consider the installation process and ease of loading and unloading. As mentioned earlier, it might be a challenge for you to mount your bikes on top of your tow vehicle roof rack because of its height.

Weight and Load Capacity

The bike rack should be made of lightweight but strong materials so that they won’t add significant weight to your camper or towing vehicle. Remember, increased weight has an effect on your gas mileage and can increase wind drag.

These are the factors you have to consider when buying a bike rack for your pop up camper so that you’ll be confident that it suits your travel needs.

Wrap up

Bikes can definitely level up your adventure experience when you go camping. It takes you to great places not accessible to your 4-wheel drive. It’s a good thing then that manufacturers of RV accessories have found a way to integrate bike racks to pop up campers. This way, you can have a great time in your vacation as you enjoy the outdoors and have a nice workout along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a bike rack on a pop up camper?

Yes, you can put a bike rack on a pop up camper. In fact, there are different ways to carry your bikes when you have a pop up camper. You can install a camper roof rack, truck bed bike rack, ball mount bike rack, tow vehicle roof bike rack, front mount hitch bike rack, or a hitch mounted bike rack.

The placement of each bike carrier maybe different from other travel trailers but they do offer a viable solution so that you can take your bikes with you whenever you go camping.

Is it illegal to drive with a bike rack?

State laws may differ so its best to always check their requirements when it comes to bike racks. But usually, you could get in trouble if your bike rack is blocking the view of your vehicle’s license plate. There are also some states that would require you to remove your bike racks if you’re not using them. You should not be driving around with an empty bike rack. And of course, having a bike rack that’s not securely attached to your vehicle or camper can lead to legal problems as it could lead to accidents and injuries.

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