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Entegra Coach RV Review | Brand Reliability & Construction

Entegra Coach Quest RV

Entegra Coach Overview

Back in 2008, a company by the name of Travel Supreme filed for bankruptcy. The owners didn’t know it at the time, but something beautiful would rise from its ashes. Jayco saw an opportunity, purchased the company, and raised it onsite. Today, they still share and operate out of the same facilities. 

Until a couple of years ago, Entegra exclusively manufactured Class A motorhomes. Starting in 2018, this expanded to include Class C RVs. Benefiting from Jayco’s developed blueprints and facilities, Entegra was able to jumpstart their own line of nearly duplicate units. Because of this, they were able to skip over the poor construction decisions that many new RVs lines tend to experience.


2-year / 24,000 Mile Limited Warranty

5-year Structural Warranty

3-year Platinum-Level Roadside Assistance


Jayco is well-known for offering the best warranty in the industry. They double the basic limited warranty that almost every other company offers. Entegra, as you might expect, provides the same two years of basic warranty coverage. The full terms and conditions of the Entegra warranty are not available online, so we reached out to the customer service department for some additional details. Unfortunately, we did not receive a response. After some digging, we did come across a digital brochure provided by Joomag. That brochure provides some highlights that fill in some of the missing warranty details. This a paraphrased account of what it says:


  • The RV must only be used for recreational travel and camping
  • The 5-year Structural Warranty will cover defects directly caused during the initial assembly of the RV. This coverage is limited to the sidewall framing, roof framing, and floor framing.
  • Entegra will only cover RVs sold in the US or Canada.


Even though they aren’t listed in the brochure, there are undoubtedly many exclusions to the Entegra warranty. Most warranty exclusions are predictable, so the Jayco warranty will likely act as a decent guideline to the Entegra warranty. We will update this section with more details as we get ahold of them.


Most issues are fit and finish related. After many reviews, nobody is really talking about structural durability issues. One person mentioned their slide giving out right away, but nobody else seemed to have the same experience.


They don’t just share the fantastic warranty, the same factories, but these units have very similar layouts and durability. Don’t believe me? Take a glance at the Greyhawk Prestige and then click over to the Esteem blueprints. 


Not only are the blueprints nearly identical, but the Entegra line is also built upon the solid foundation of the Spartan chassis. You can easily see the family resemblance from the outside, the same massive window on the same body. It’s not a bad thing. As you’ve probably heard through RV rumorville, Jayco has the title of selling the number one RV for ten years straight. That doesn’t happen by accident. Entegra has been side-by-side with Jayco since 2008, and you can expect the same level of durability, most of the same features, customer service, etc.


Entegra installs one-piece fiberglass roofs onto all of their units. A roof made from a single piece of fiberglass greatly limits the potential exposure points, so this is a critical front-line defense against moisture damage. 


The Spartan Chassis is has a distinguished reputation as a chassis that provides a smooth, stable, and exceptionally durable ride. It can handle the massive Class A weight with ease and has enough structural integrity to tow massive loads. It’s a good product that is installed on every Entegra coach.


They are blissfully quiet. At least, that is what everybody keeps saying. It is the most common point stated in the RVInsider reviews. It shouldn’t be too surprising since their marketing material puts a strong focus upon that particular feature. Entegra credits this sound-proofing to the batting insulation that they stuff into every open space in the interior of their walls. One quote from the brochure says, “There are no gaps, and the result is an incredibly sound-proof coach.” It’s a benefit for the open-road and noisy campground neighbors. 


The floors are supported by a 2” x 4” truss and have a thick ¾” plywood subfloor. They are fully insulated and heated. The insulation extends to the floors, ceiling, and caps, so it fully encapsulates the RV. This creates the perfect environmental conditions that will allow you to take your RV into almost any climate. 


The countertops are either quartz or granite and they both look stunning. They won’t fail to catch the eye of all who enter, and they are naturally going to be quite durable. These counters are beautiful additions to any RV and you’ll find them in all of the motorcoaches.


There are a lot of excellent touches that improve the look, feel, and living conditions of the Entegra RVs’ denizens. Here a few more common interior features:

  • Central Vacuuming System
  • Extra Large Wardrobe
  • King Mattress
  • Home Theater System with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound


Of course, at this price-point, you can expect a lot of fantastic material choices: porcelain toilets, stainless steel sinks, large tiled showers, and hardwood cabinetry. They will all add a bit of class. Unfortunately, it isn’t all good. There is one major problem with some of the materials.


The Leatherette Issue and Warranty

For some of the units, there isn’t a problem. Entegra’s higher-tier motorhomes have fantastic looking furniture. All of the seating is wrapped in leather and will look amazing for years to come. For the less expensive RVs, the furniture is bound in leatherette. While it is an animal-friendly option, it is also less durable. 


RVInsider and the forums have multiple accounts of the Entegra leatherettes deteriorating too quickly. This deterioration is an annoying and unsightly problem. Unfortunately, it also becomes an expensive problem when you find out that the Entegra warranty does not cover furniture deterioration. You will likely want to reupholster within a few years. 

Standard and Upgradable Options

Front Independent Suspension

The Spartan chassis company is known for its innovation, and the most highlighted feature of their chassis is the front independent suspension. It gives a markedly smooth ride that a lot of reviews love to mention repeatedly.


Sleek Standard Options

The frameless windows and flush-mounted slideouts provide a smooth aesthetic that is quite eye-catching.



Entegra Coaches are equipped with an automatic generator start system. Whenever the house batteries are getting too low, the auto-gen will start up the generator to keep the stored power above a preset minimum.


Washer and Dryer

Most of the motorcoaches come standard with stackable washers and dryers. The only blueprint that didn’t list them as standard still presented them as an optional upgrade. They are useful timesavers that will save your collection of quarters for those inconvenient toll fees.


Keyless Entry

An increasingly common feature, but always appreciated. The included keyfob will make unlocking your RV in the dark quite a bit easier.


Lots of Electricity + Energy Management System

These motorcoaches are equipped with one of two powerful Onan diesel generators, either 10,000-watts or 12,500-watts. The eight 6-volt batteries will provide plenty of power in which the 2,800-watt inverter and 2,000-watt pure sine wave inverter will have no trouble converting to usable AC. When you do eventually recharge your batteries through a shoreline power pedestal, the energy management system will keep things running smoothly. The headache of resetting the pedestal circuit breakers are a thing of the past


Aqua-Hot Floor Heating

We touched on the floor heating already, but we didn’t mention that the heat came from an Aqua-Hot system. It’s a favorite feature that salespeople never fail to showcase. Waking up to a warm floor on a cold day is always welcome.

Customer Service & Quality Assurance

Unfortunately, Entegra isn’t perfect, and their Quality Assurance program seems to be a notable stumbling block for the company. Within the review sites, it isn’t uncommon to see people mention seeing the molding peeling away or the cabinet doors coming off their hinges. On the plus side, these mistakes are commonly cosmetic. The overall structure of the RVs tends to remain intact. It is a rather significant customer service issue when it wastes months of their customers’ time waiting for repairs on a brand new motorhome.


The company does have a good reputation for factory support, so you can be relatively confident that manufacture defects will be competently repaired with little hassle from Entegra. While customer support didn’t reply to us, they are still known for being both quick to respond to questions and knowledgable.

Entegra Coach Review Summary

Overall, Entegra is a great RV manufacturer that has been very careful to follow the traditions of the Jayco family. Most owners are happy with their RVs. We expect Entegra to continue to flourish, grow, and provide the world with durable Motorhomes for years to come.

Entegra Coach Quest RV
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