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Casita vs. Scamp: Which One Should I Travel With?

The most remarkable thing about teardrop travel trailers is they are a MONUMENT in the culture of recreational RVs.

You’re probably part of the 11% of the US population who is part of the RV-ing culture, and of course, have heard the age-old debate…

Which one is better: the Scamp or the Casita?

Both have been in the market for a LONG TIME and have earned the trust of thousands of adventurers around the world.

But if you’ve been curious to find out which of their trailer models to invest your HARD-EARNED money in, we’re here to help with some FRIENDLY ADVICE!

We’ll have a glorious faceoff: Casita vs. Scamp!

Let’s get the ride on!

The Rundown: Casita vs. Scamp

We know you’re excited to get the road rumble going, but of course, let’s get to know both of these ICONIC brands first before we decide on which one is the better trailer!

Let’s Talk About the Casita

If you’re gonna ask us what makes Casita one of the most beloved travel trailer companies since 1983, it’s because of the WORKMANSHIP and MATERIALS that these travel trailers have.

Channeling the spirit of freedom and independence, the Casita has become an iconic teardrop travel trailer that can be easily drawn by an SUV.

Its models are LIGHTWEIGHT, BUILT TO LAST, and COMFORTABLE. Everything that your home on the road should have!

FUN FACT: Casita translated LITERALLY means small house!

Truly, these campers are state-of-the-art FIBERGLASS WONDER TRAILERS, and they sure do hold their value.

Casita Models

  • Spirit
  • Heritage
  • Liberty
  • Freedom
  • Independence


  • Casita 16′ Standard Trailer
  • Casita 16′ Deluxe Trailer
  • Casita 17′ Standard Trailer
  • Casita 17′ Deluxe Trailer

What Comes With It?

  • 12V battery pack
  • Two burner cooktop
  • 16-gallon freshwater tank
  • Two-piece marine-grade fiberglass body
  • Sides and overhead wall insulation
  • Safety chains
  • 14″ and 15″ tires


Definitely Lighter Than You Think!

One of the biggest reasons why the community loves the Casita models dearly is because they are LIGHT and EASY to bring around!

The fiberglass trailer models of the Casita can be easily drawn by your SUV or even your small cars!

No wonder these models are well-loved.

You Can Make It Yours!

Taking the leap for a Casita trailer is a worthy investment, we assure you! You have the option to personalize your travel trailer by having add-ons like bunk beds, side cabinets and etc.

You can also have some lightweight furniture to the mix, too!

Own it with custom color schemes that you can get sprayed on your model for that SNAZZY personal touch on your trailer.

Tons of Floor Plan Options!

Yes, you heard that right!

You can customize the layout of your Casita trailer with various floor plan options, depending on your preference. Thinking about having a kitchenette-slash-sleeping quarter? IT IS POSSIBLE!

As an added bonus, you get 50 FEET of storage space for your needs. Make your trailer as homey as you want it to be with more space!

Amazingly Built to Last!

Don’t underestimate the lightweight build of these travel trailers, as the Casita models are built like a TANK. Proudly made of a durable steel frame, on-the-go reliability isn’t a problem.

The Casita experience is synonymous with quality comfort and heavy-duty toughness to match. These things will definitely last you a LONG TIME!


While these fiberglass trailers are definitely more than AMAZING, Casitas still do have their drawbacks that you need to be aware of:

  • Anti-sway control is only available upon request.
  • Standard models DON’T have a toilet.

Is the Casita for You?

The Casita is definitely a must-have trailer for the adventurous person or two, who values the advantages of extreme durability, functionality, and customization for that personal flair and more.

If the spirit of STYLISH and ADAPTABLE adventure speaks to you, then this trailer is right up your alley!

Let’s Talk About the Scamp

Been on the road and seen that cute egg-looking trailer being towed by an SUV or small cars?

You must be so confused, and wondering how can such cute travel trailers exist?

Well then, come and check out the SCAMP!

Holding a 50-year milestone in the industry of travel trailers, the Scamp is definitely an adventurer’s NOSTALGIC FAVORITE.

The Scamp is known for being lightweight and incredibly easy to tow because of the aerodynamic form factor that it has in its models. Because of this, it is also torqued for fuel efficiency!

A standout feature for the Scamp is the insulated and heavy-duty fiberglass shells. The Scamp truly has a reputation of QUALITY, AERODYNAMICS, and FUN ADVENTURE!

Durability speaks for itself with the Scamp, as many Scamp trailers from the 70s are still up and running to the day.

Scamp Models

  • Scamp 13′ Standard Trailers
  • Scamp 13′ Deluxe Trailers
  • Scamp 16′ Standard Trailers
  • Scamp 16′ Deluxe Trailers
  • Scamp 19′ Standard Trailers
  • Scamp 19′ Deluxe Trailers

What Comes With It?

  • Hardshell exterior material for more durability
  • Closet and rear side cabinets
  • 12V lighting
  • Bunk bed space
  • Drawer and cabinet in the kitchenette
  • 13″ an 14″ tires


It’s Easy and Lightweight

Scamps are synonymous with aerodynamics and lightweight trailers! It is designed to be an easy-going travel trailer to suit the needs of a free-spirited adventurer.

Because of the easy weight, Scamp travel trailers can be towed by anything, from trucks, SUVs, and a small car, too!

Insulation Is Optimized

Planning to do a cross-country trip through the winter, spring, or fall?

Scamp trailers guarantee premium R15 insulation in their models to BLOCK THE COLD away and keep the heat in the travel trailer!

Another amazing feature about Scamp travel trailers is the addition of a marine fabric called “rat fur” that keeps the water out to prevent the development of PESKY molds and mildew.

You get all of these and MORE with the SCAMP!

Light on the Wallet, Too!

Not only is it light for your car to tow because of aerodynamics, but it’s light on your wallet due to the fuel efficiency!

Expect gas expenses to be lighter, like your SCAMP TRAILERS!

Readily Available Parts

Thinking about the long-term maintenance of the Scamp trailers? Don’t worry, the spare parts are READILY AVAILABLE in the market!

Keeping your beloved Scamp in its pristine form is gonna be way easier because of this advantage.

Impeccable Quality

In terms of the quality of Scamp trailers, we don’t know where to start because it just SCREAMS value!

From the incredibly lightweight yet durable shell, interiors and features, you’re getting a SOLID deal with the Scamp for the price that you’re paying!

Interesting to note that vintage Scamp travel trailers from the 70s are still hot in the market right now!

They have a decent resale value, just to assure you of the CRAFTSMANSHIP that these travel trailers are made with!


While value and durability is the obvious highlight for the Scamp travel trailers, you need to be aware of some of the drawbacks of the Scamp trailer models:

  • Standard Scamp travel trailers only have essential appliances and none of the bonus add-ons from the deluxe.

Is the Scamp for You?

If you’re someone who values the nostalgia of egg-shaped campers and wants a lightweight and aerodynamic travel trailer to bring around, the Scamp models are a sure bet for you!

Battle of the Trailer Brands: Scamp Vs. Casita

We know that trying to figure out the right travel trailer to get between the Scamp and Casita.

Let’s do a little showdown between the two companies to see which one is the better trailer between Scamp or Casita that can suit your needs!

Safety Features

While we’re on the road, of course, the first thing we need to keep in mind is our safety!

Scamp features a hand brake as a bare essential for safety features, which is of course enough to keep your trailer from moving unexpectedly.

But the Casita meanwhile comes stacked with electric brakes and safety chains for a more secure hold. Aside from those, the Casita also features an escape window in case of emergencies!

Scamp Vs. Casita Winner For Safety Features

The Casita takes the spot for safety features because of more security measures to ensure you and your travel trailer are safe!

Comfort and Features

Being comfortable while on the road on these travel trailers matters a LOT. It’s a home away from home!

Purchasing a Scamp trailer gives you the essentials you need like drawers and cabinets for the standard trailers.

But with a Casita though, the included appliances make the purchase worthwhile, even if it costs more. Why? Because you get these and more among others!

  • Silverware drawer
  • Sink covers
  • Outdoor shower
  • Two-burner cooktop
  • Plenty of storage space

Due to these bonuses, the Casita travel trailer models make for a better investment PURELY because of the add-ons!

Scamp Vs. Casita Winner For Comfort

The Casita again takes the lead for comfort and features because of the additional quality of life features to make the trips in the trailers worthwhile!


The price department is always a top consideration when purchasing travel trailers. It’s always good to consider the right model that suits your budget and needs!

To give you a quick overview between the pricing of the Scamp and Casita, the latter costs more.

Casitas range from $17,000 to $20,000 for their trailers, with the cheapest one being the 15′ standard model.

Scamp, on the other hand, doesn’t have its pricing readily available, as they’re usually made to order.

The prices for their trailer models range from $11,000 to $24,000, depending on the included features and size.

Scamp Vs. Casita Winner For Price

Scamp takes the win for pricing, as these are generally more budget-friendly travel trailers that are worth the price you’re paying for!


Scamp and Casita are both very lightweight trailers because of the shell material and trailer build!

Although it’s important to note that the Casita is heavier because of the furnishings that come with it.

The Scamp, however, makes for a lighter drive and feel because of its aerodynamic shape!

Scamp Vs. Casita Winner For Weight

While both trailers are light, the Scamp secures the weight category, PURELY because the Casita has more appliances inside.

Overall Winner

Now that we did a quick BATTLE OF THE TRAILER BRANDS based on different categories that apply to both the Scamp and Casita, and we reached a tie!

Scamp and Casita have the BARE ESSENTIALS that you need to get you started, regardless of which model you plan to buy.

These trailer companies offer options for bunk beds, floor plan selections, and more.

They also have each of their own significant advantages over the other so it’s best to consider your priorities or preferences for trailers

But overall, we think that the Casita still takes the overall win by a margin simply because of the SIGNIFICANT VALUE you get when purchasing one of these travel trailers.


What Is the Warranty for Each of the Trailer Brands?

One year warranty is offered by both companies for all their models so rest assured that your selection will be secure especially during the break-in period of the trailers.

Where Can I Buy These Trailers?

The trailers can be purchased directly from the manufacturers themselves! It would be best to check their websites for the information that you need on the model that you’re planning to get.

You can also check out RV Trader! It’s an online community dedicated to the culture of RVs and on the road adventures! Here, you will find listings of various trailer models, some spare parts, and more!

But overall, we highly recommend visiting their showrooms to check out the trailers for yourself, so you can also identify which model is the right one for you!

Checking it out and getting a feel for what the bunk beds, tires, floor plans and accessory types included in the trailer packages will definitely help you in ULTIMATELY deciding.

How Do Casita and Scamp Compare to Escape?

If you think you need more space and the Scamp or Casita models seem a bit small to you, you can check out the trailer models from Escape Trailer Industries!

We highly recommend you consider their 21′ model. It’s fully customizable to fit your preferences, has a bigger floor plan, and a separate bed and dinette!

You can also opt to add some features like solar panels to their trailer models!

How Many People Can Teardrop Trailers Accommodate?

Teardrop trailers are generally known to be small and compact in shape, but they can accommodate 2-6 people depending on the model you choose!


While the Scamp vs. Casita debate is purely based on personal preference, each one has a specific set of features that may appeal to the various people who are PROUDLY part of the road culture.

Go for the Casita If…

  • You value the added features to the trailer model despite the price
  • You look for durability, functionality, and customization for that personal flair on your trailers

Yet, Go for the Scamp If…

  • You’re looking for a stylish egg-shaped retro trailer look
  • Saving fuel expenses is a priority because there is less drag and weight with these trailer models

We hope you enjoyed our guide on which brand of travel trailer to get for that FREE-SPIRITED ADVENTURE you’ve been dreaming of. See you on the road, camper!

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