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Retro Campers [8 Top Picks to Pursue Outdoors With Great Adventurist Class]

We know that you’ve always been dreaming of a sweet camper ride into the sunset, and now you’re looking for retro campers to match the vibe.

No doubt, having a retro camper is COOL, and we’re here to show you the best ones you can get in the market!

Ready to stand out? Check these out to find the camper of your dreams!

Top 8 Retro Campers for Your Adventures

Top Pick: Riverside White Water Retro

One thing’s for sure, our top pick for the best retro camper just SCREAMS NOSTALGIA.

The OH-SO-CLASSIC retro style, construction, and lines of this Riverside Retro camper are begging to say “take me back to my youth!”

This Riverside RV takes modern function on a whole different level! While it does have that striking retro look, it is also packed with features!

A modern White Water Retro is a well thought and amazingly designed piece of a retro travel trailer!

It has classic interiors that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, but still have the modern necessities. Just like Winnie-the-Pooh’s bare necessities, ey?

We promise this Riverside RV is a worthy rig!


  • Stylish
  • Easy-to-tow weight
  • Affordable


  • Limited warranty

Best Value: Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser

Channel the spirit of the 50s inside you with our best value retro camper rig!

The Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser is one of the most AMAZINGLY constructed retro travel trailers! It features a laminated wall construction that is light and aesthetically pleasing.

Aside from the beautiful retro look on the exterior, the inside will surprise you, too! It’s the perfect mix of design and function. Talk about great value in an RV, right?

Camping in style is made more fun and retro with this vintage cruiser, so you bet that you’ll have a real blast on the road on this camper, HANDS DOWN.


  • Can fit 4 adults
  • Durable
  • Light build and weight


  • Limited warranty

Best Budget: Shasta Airflyte

Making memories on the road doesn’t have to cost you a LOT, and our top budget pick in our list of retro campers is here to prove that!

The Shasta Airflyte 16′ is one of the HIGLY COVETED retro campers in the market, and that’s for a good reason.

This release is a modern reissue of a 1960s travel trailer hallmark, but with a modern kind of twist to adapt to today’s road conditions.

Stepping in this Shasta RV is like entering a time capsule! To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the company, they made around 2000 trailers to celebrate the milestone.

Shasta’s attention to detail on this one is impeccable and impressive – owners will feel the retro vibe while they’re on the road.

They nailed everything down like the floor plans, the drapes, and even the fixtures. It’s modern comfort and features with the vintage camping vibe, without breaking the bank!


  • Great for camp trips


  • Good for 1-2 people only

TAB Teardrop

Vintage teardrop trailers have proven themselves as a hallmark of RV camping culture, and the TAB Teardrop is an iconic camper to prove that!

Featuring the VERY RECOGNIZABLE teardrop trailer shape that so many folks know and love, it’s the RIGHT SIZE for a weekend getaway for campers and stylish retro fans alike.

Don’t be fooled by the small looking size, this teardrop trailer is packed with a lot of features to make you scream “TAKE MY HOME!”

It is one of the travel trailers that come with a wet bath and a kitchenette for your needs!

You’d be surprised that a teardrop shape camper has everything in one small and convenient solution.


  • Easy weight
  • Stylish and iconic shape
  • Functionalities


  • Pricey

Airstream Bambi Sport 16′

Who says you can’t explore the GREAT BIG WORLD in a SMALL RV? The Airstream Bambi Sport 16′ makes it possible to make your retro camping dreams a REALITY!

This vintage-style RV enables you to relax and recharge on your trip through the clever design and features that Airstream implemented in this RV.

Who says you can’t fit a kitchen gallery and a space that you can interchange between a lounge, a dinette, and a sleeping space? Well, the Bambi Sport RV surely does!

So if you’re looking for a fun-sized, vintage camper for your outdoor lifestyle, then this is surely for you!


  • Easy and aerodynamic in weight
  • Durable and versatile


  • Not family-sized

Scamp Egg Campers

Feel the vintage camper spirit with an RVing classic.

Egg campers are small fiberglass trailers that somehow have a cult following and for a good reason. They’re well known for their well-built design and weight!

These small and cute retro campers are perfectly comfortable to chill in while you’re on your travels.

And for the best part about Scamp Campers? You can choose a floor plan of your preference to suit your needs!

You can adjust the space to how you’d want it to look, and can even equip it with air conditioning!

So if you’re into a highly functional and stylish vintage camper but with a touch of modern comfort, look no further!


  • Easy-to-tow weight
  • Durable


  • Too small for more than 2 people

Winnebago Class A Models

Compared to the other campers on the list, this one is a bit different but still deserves some recognition as one of the best retro RVs out there.

Enter the iconic Winnebago model reminiscent of the Winnebago Brave, one of the HALLMARKS of American recreational motorhomes!

While this camper feels more like a bus-slash-trailer, most people consider this as the RV of all RVs because it can LITERALLY function as a HOME FOR THE ADVENTUROUS FAMILY.


This GEM of an RV is one of the most go-to retro travel trailers not only because of the pretty exterior but also because of the spacious interiors, big windows, and sturdy materials it’s made of.

The crowning highlight for this is it can QUITE LITERALLY fit an entire camper family and have TONS of space to spare. The floor plan possibilities on this one are ENDLESS!

While the Winnebago Brave model may be discontinued, these new models surely won’t disappoint you on your retro camper journey!


  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Multiple floor plan options
  • Durable


  • Motorhome-sized instead of the towable trailer
  • Expensive

Dub Box Dinky

Don’t be fooled by how silly this retro camper is named, it just speaks for its quirky personality!

The Dub Box Dinky model is the company’s take on retro teardrop trailers with all the modern functionality you need.

We gotta point out what makes it stand out first, though: THE UNIQUELY VINTAGE VW LOOK. Yes, Beetle fans, we’re looking at you!

Aside from the amazing vintage look, Dub Box also included features like a roof rack, window shutters, A/C, and so much more. You can also use it for your retail business ideas! It’s that COOL.

If you think that you can’t ride out in the retro fashion, then look no further from this model and prepare to have your MIND BLOWN (and expect teardrops of joy) with the Dub Box Dinky!


  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Packed with features


  • Too small for a family

Vintage vs. Modern Vintage

Ah, yes. The age-old argument between retro purists and the new school is the question:

“Should I go full-on vintage or go with a modern vintage model?”

Honestly, we think this is based on your personal choice and taste! The best thing about retro campers is you can do anything you’d want with this anyway, and the possibilities are endless!

If you’re willing to SPEND EXTRA and take the time to maintain a full-on vintage RV, then go! It is definitely a fulfilling experience.

  • The way of going with modern vintage models though is it complies with modern safety precautions while you’re on your trip.
  • Going with modern retro campers gives you the opportunity to experience the convenience of MODERN TECH.

You can’t go wrong with a vintage exterior for personality, and a functional and comfortable interior, right? Yes, we know YOU ALL LOVE blasting your favorite tunes while you’re on your way!

The choice is ultimately up to how you’d love to take on your adventures.

Things to Consider for Your New RV

If you’re planning to take the jump and invest in the retro campers lifestyle, you can keep some of these things in mind:

What Do You Want to Use It For?

Always consider this: A motorhome IS DIFFERENT from a weekend adventure capsule.

A small retro camper is ideal for weekend trips, while motorhomes can be better for long-term rides!

With Whom Will You Be Sharing the Experience With?

Size also matters! Making sure you have enough space will ensure comfort. Always consider this while browsing models you like.

What Functionalities Are You Considering?

Travel trailers these days offer a host of features. Models these days offer a tent slide, solar panel, and even amazing sound systems.

Considering this can also help you out in your budgeting plan!

What’s the Look You Want to Go For?

Choosing the right look from retro campers is definitely a satisfying experience. It’s best to choose one that you really like, as IT IS a real investment!

We’re not gonna lie, one of the most fun parts is picking the colors you like from the catalogs! CHANNEL YOUR PERSONALITY IN YOUR RETRO CAMPERS!

Where Are You Gonna Be Riding It?

Riding out to nature camps? Going on a snowy expedition? Always consider these things before you make your choice of choosing a model.

The materials of what the retro campers are made of makes a huge difference, so it’s best to consult with the manufacturer and even friends before you take the big jump!

Check out more things to consider here!

Where Can I Find Retro Campers?

Finding the right retro camper for you can be overwhelming to some, especially if you’re new to travel trailers! But don’t worry, we got your back!

RV Trader is a good place to check for what’s on sale in the RV world. You’ll find sweet deals and what other campers have for sale!

The best part about the site is you’d instantly see a detailed list of specs like the materials, what the exterior looks like, options for colors, and etc.

The site is doing a great job of fostering a community for retro campers and dealers that’s also extremely welcoming to beginners and experts alike!


Retro campers are definitely an amazing investment for the nomadic and the adventurous!

We highly encourage the Riverside White Water Retro as our top pick because of the value, looks, and most importantly function.

For those with value in mind, you CAN’T GO WRONG with the Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser for the pure usability and comfort you get.

Finally, budget-conscious are in for a treat with the Shasta Airflyte for everything it brings to the table at such affordability!

We hope you enjoyed our list of top recommendations for camper RVs, and we wish you a GREAT ADVENTURE!

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