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Best RV Portable Waste Tanks of 2022: A Complete Guide

Best Portable RV Waste Tanks of 2021

Let’s start off with our list of the best portable holding tanks on sale right now. This will help you understand what a good quality portable waste tank does and which one suits your needs perfectly.

Here’s a quick look at the Best Portable RV Waste Tanks of 2021.

Camco 39000 Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank with Hose and Accessories - Durable Leak Free and Odorless RV Tote Tank

Camco Rhino 39000 Portable Waste Tank

  • comes as a complete set
  • durable
  • 2 year warranty
Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport - 25 Gallon Capacity , Gray

Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport

  • sturdy and rugged construction
  • completely assembled
  • easy to transport
Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 25 Gallon Capacity (25895) , Blue

Barker 25895 Portable Holding Tank

  • durable
  • easy to manuever
  • convenient waste disposal
Barker 10893 Tote Tank - 10 Gallon Capacity

Barker 10893 Tote Tank

  • polyethylene construction
  • extra large wheels
  • easy to use
SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 35 Gallon - Thetford 40519 , Silver

SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank

  • autostop level gauge
  • drains fast
  • easy to rinse

And here are our reviews about what makes them great choices for your waste holding tank in your camper.

  • Capacity: 15 Gallons
  • Item Weight: 31.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 33 x 13 inches

This waste holding tank comes with everything you need to be able to transport your RV waste from your camper to the sewer line. The package includes a sewer hose, water hose rinse adapter, and other accessories you need to use it right away.

It is made from durable blow molded, UV stabilized HDPE that guarantees it can withstand different weather conditions. It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

From its looks, you can tell that the Camco Rhino39000 Portable Waste Tank is no ordinary tank. It has been designed to keep up with RV living. 

It has an integrated ladder hook that makes it easier to secure it in place. It is smooth inside so that it is easier to clean. There is a low drain hole for ease of emptying. The large no flat wheels are heavy duty.



  • Capacity: 25 gallons
  • Item Weight: 22.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 35.25 x 24 x 11.63 inches

The Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport is a good choice for a waste holding tank. It increases your RV’s capacity to hold waste by 25 gallons and its sturdy and rugged construction will ensure no leaks and that you can use it for a long time.

It is completely assembled and ready to use upon purchase. It also comes with a drain hose, hose clamp, and a tow bracket.

Its design makes it easy to carry and it is supported by 2 quiet rubber wheels to make transporting waste a lot better.



  • Capacity: 25 gallons
  • Item Weight: 35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 24 x 11.5 inches

This is a bestselling waste holding tank among RV owners. They are raving about this well-built and heavy duty product.

It is built to last using blow-molded polyethylene, zinc-plated steel and aluminum. The rubber tires roll effortlessly across the ground and the handle makes it easier for you to maneuver this tank into the sewer connection. 

With this model, you don’t have to lift up the heavy full tank to empty its content. You just have to open the valve and it’ll drain by itself for a hassle-free experience.



  • Capacity: 10 gallons
  • Item Weight: 9.24 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 8.75 inches

This simple and basic tote tank gets the job done. Many users are raving that it is so easy to use and with proper care, it will be your reliable waste holding tank for your RV black water tank.

It is made from blow-molded polyethylene construction and quality zinc plated steel brackets all throughout. It also comes with extra large, heavy-duty wheels ready for transporting waste from your water tanks to the sewer line.

When you receive this product, it is already completely assembled and ready to use. When the waste water tank is full, you just connect the hose to rinse the tank out.



  • Capacity: 25 gallons
  • Item Weight: 29 pounds

This versatile tote tank comes fully assembled and ready to use upon delivery. You just have to connect the bayonet to your RV’s sewer outlet so you can start emptying your black water tanks.

This waste tote tank has an autostop level gauge which is activated once it detects that the tote tank has reached its maximum capacity. This feature is very useful in preventing the waste water from your black water tank from overfilling.

It is constructed from rugged polypropylene and there are 4 wheels attached to the tank. This makes it easier to move the waste tank to the dumping station. The front wheels are directly attached to the handle for excellent maneuverability and the handle can be hooked to your trailer for fast and easy towing.

It has been designed to drain waste faster. It is also easy to rinse because it has a large port opening. The handle can be folded under the tote and the hose and other fittings have a proper place in the PermaStore compartment that makes storage trouble-free.



What is an RV Portable Waste Tank?

An RV portable waste tank is a container that temporarily holds the waste from your gray or black tanks as you transport it to the dumping station. It is used to increase the capacity of the RV’s waste tanks which is necessary when you find yourself staying in a campsite without a sewer connection.

This means you can go on an extended trip even when there’s no waste dump station nearby.

An RV portable waste tank allows you to empty the content of your gray and black waste holding tanks without you having to break your camp just to move your RV to a dumping station.

RV portable waste tanks come with wheels. Some have two wheels located at the back portion of the tank while other models have 4 wheels on each side.

A two-wheeled portable waste tank “stands up” on the end and you have to lift it and support the front portion when you move it.

A four-wheeled portable RV waste tank can be rolled along without having to hold it up.

You have to support a two-wheeled waste tank so that it will stand vertically while you empty its contents at the dump site.

On the other hand, you can just leave a four-wheeled portable RV waste tank level with the ground when you need to dump the waste. There’s no need to support it because it’s already okay with its horizontal position.

Take note that a full waste tank is very heavy. This makes it more challenging to dump the waste using a two-wheeled waste tank. But the main advantage of this version is that it is more affordable than the four-wheeled portable RV waste tank .

What to Look For When Buying a Portable RV Waste Tank

We’ve prepared a buying guide for you to help you choose the right portable waste tank for your camper.

Type of Waste Tank

It is important for you to choose the correct portable waste tank. There are tanks made specifically for gray or black waste tanks but there are also tanks that can contain both kinds of waste.

To make it clearer, you have to understand the difference between a gray and black water tank. Gray water tank is for waste coming from the kitchen sink and shower. The black water tank is where the waste from the toilet goes.


RV portable waste tanks are available in different sizes ranging from five to more than 40 gallons.

To get the right portable waste tank, you have to know the size of your camper’s black and gray tanks. It is not recommended to get a portable waste tank that’s smaller than your RV’s waste holding tanks.

Think about it. If your portable waste tank has a larger capacity than your RV’s waste tanks, you can dump the contents of your black or gray tank into it partially or in full. As you’re filling it, you won’t have to worry about it overflowing.

Quality of Materials

Not all portable RV waste tank are created equal. They are made from different materials such as plastic, polyethylene, polypropylene, and some also have metal components. Their durability would depend on the materials used and how they are constructed. It is essential to achieve a balance between weight and durability.

Experts recommend getting a portable waste tank that’s made from polypropylene or polyethylene.

A polyethylene waste tank is durable that’s why this is a popular choice among RVers. But it’s more expensive and there have been cases when its users say that they tend to smell when the tank is full.

A tank made from polypropylene is lighter in weight. This is also more affordable than those made from polyethylene. It also does a better job at preventing the foul smell from escaping from the tank.

You have to check its quality and how it is constructed. With better quality comes the assurance that you won’t experience any leaks and you can use it for a long time.

Look at the wheels of the portable tank. They should be robust so that they can handle the heavy load as they travel from your RV to the dump station. Cheap plastic wheels would break under this amount of pressure.

You should also examine the axle and other connectors that keep the wheels in place. They should be made of heavy duty materials so that they won’t get bent or damaged when transporting the portable tank to the waste dump station.

But as they say, you get what you pay for. High quality comes with a more expensive price tag. But even so, you’re guaranteed to have a hassle-free experience when you use it. You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of having leaks or cracked wheels.

Easy to Use Flush Valve

Not all models of RV portable waste tank come with a flush valve. But you’ll see that the tanks that have a flush valve are a lot easier to use because you only have to insert the drain hose through the valve and gravity will take care of the rest.

Waste tanks that do not have a flush valve is more challenging to drain. You will have to manually purge the content. You will understand why many users don’t prefer this. Imagine how uncomfortable, stinky, and messy it could get!

Check the features and reviews of the portable RV waste tank that you’re planning to buy. It is better if they have a feature that reduces the risk of clogging so that you will have an easier dumping time.


It is important that you take proper care of your portable RV waste tank so that it will be effective and you can use it for a long time.

Check certain features that will make it easier for you to clean the RV portable waste tank. Think about the accessories that you need for its maintenance so that you can implement what needs to be done so that it will continue to work properly.

Wrap Up

Getting a portable RV waste tank is one of the best decisions you will make. It will give you the flexibility when traveling because you won’t have to worry about your RV waste tanks filling up immediately.

But buying portable waste tanks is not as simple as it seems. You have to keep in mind that the tank that you should get should be the right fit for your camper and your adventure style. We hope you’ll use this guide to help you make the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Portable RV Waste Tank?

In our humble opinion, yes, RV owners need to have a portable RV waste tank. It gives you more flexibility when you travel.

We all know that not all campgrounds have a waste dumping station. Think about the remote places that you want to go to especially if you love boondocking.

If you don’t have a portable RV waste tank, you will be limited in the places you can stay or the number of days that you can stay in a remote area.

Or you have to pack up all your stuff, disassemble your camp just so you can you can go to a place where you can dump your waste. This is such a hassle especially when you’re still having a great time in that beautiful campsite.

Having a portable RV waste tank will relieve you of all these concerns so that you can truly have an enjoyable camping experience.

What size RV holding tank do I need?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. Truth is, each RV owner may require a different size of RV holding tank.

The size of the right RV portable tank that you need would depend on the size of your RV’s black or grey water tank.

Since you’re going to use the portable tank to empty or transfer the waste inside your gray or black water tank, you have to choose one that is at least equivalent to its holding capacity.

This will double the capacity of your camper in holding waste and you won’t have to worry about overflowing when you transfer the waste from your RV tank to the portable tank.

Your next question would probably be, why not just get a portable tank in the biggest possible size? You have to understand that portability is also a big factor.

A portable waste tank is very heavy once full and it will add up to the overall weight that you have to carry around as you travel. Just to give you an idea, a gallon of waste water could weigh around 8 pounds so just think about how many pounds will be added to your camper when you get a tank that has a very big capacity!

There should be a healthy balance between capacity and portability for you to fully enjoy the benefits of having portable RV waste tanks.

How often do you need to dump RV waste?

The frequency of dumping your RV waste will depend on several factors.

How many are traveling in the RV and using the sink, shower, and toilet? If you’re traveling by yourself, you can probably last a whole week without having to dump your waste tanks. But if you’re traveling with your family then you would have to empty your tanks like every other day.

It would also depend on the capacity of your RV’s waste tanks. The smaller the capacity, the more frequent you have to go to the dumping station to unload all the waste.

Some RVs have sensors that help you monitor the level of your waste tanks. This would alert you if it’s already full and you need to dump the waste already.

You should also dump and remove all the waste in your holding tanks after your camping trip. Don’t ever store your RV with waste water in its tanks to make sure that it stays in good condition.

How Do I Clean And Treat An RV Portable Waste Tank?

Just add 1 part bleach to 20 parts water to clean your waste holding tank after you’re done draining it. Then fill the tank with this bleach solution and let it rest there overnight.

Drain the bleach into the dump station or wastewater facility. And if you’re storing your tank, you can also put it some chemical treatment to help eliminate odors until you have to use it again.

Where and How Can I Empty My Portable RV Waste Tank?

Make sure that you empty your camper holding tanks into a sewer connection that is made specifically for this purpose and not anywhere else.

It is also a good practice to wait until your holding tanks are nearly full before you dump the waste because you’ll have the help of gravity which will make the process easier.

To drain the content of your waste holding tank, connect a sewer hose to its outlet drain and make sure that the other end is securely fitted into the city sewer inlet. Let it drain completely.

Once done, close the valve and disconnect the hose. Rinse the sewer hose with soap and fresh water before storing it. That’s it!

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