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Best RV Covers of 2022: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best RV Covers of 2022: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Some RV owners feel that RV covers are just an accessory that you can do without. It is an unnecessary expense, they say. But this article will prove them wrong.

Our RVs are exposed to different outside elements which we can be oblivious about. Without us knowing it, these particles have already caused changes and damages to our rigs. But these could have been avoided simply by putting an RV cover over our rigs whether they are parked or in storage.

As RV owners, we want to give our campers all the protection that we can give them and an RV cover is a simple and practical way of doing this. There are so many benefits in using an RV cover and we’ll discuss them all here. We’ll also review the best RV covers in the market and guide you in choosing the best cover for your rig.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about RV covers and how they can give protection to your camper.

Reviews of the 8 Best RV Covers of 2021

Let’s start off right away with our list of the 8 best RV covers that you can find in the market today.
Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 30-33 Foot

Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover

  • breathable and quick-drying fabric
  • helps you achieve the perfect fit
  • easy to install
Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover for up to 20' Class C RVs

Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover

  • durable fabric
  • dwaterproof
  • dUV protection
ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, Gray

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover

  • great water protection
  • prevents moisture buildup
  • easy to install
KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits 22'-24' Motorhome -Breathable, Water-Proof, Rip-Stop with 2Pcs Extra Straps & 4 Tire Covers

King Bird Extra-Thick Travel Trailer RV Cover

  • multi-layered on all sides
  • resistant to water, wind, and tears
  • has good air vent system
OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover, 4 Layers Non-Woven Fabric Roof & Weather Resistant Cover Fits for 24' - 27' RVs, Breathable Waterproof Anti-UV Rip-Stop Camper Cover

OOFIT Travel Trailer RV Cover

  • easy to install
  • thoughtfully designed with reinforced corners and pocket straps
  • multiple zippers for easy access

Camco ULTRAGuard Supreme RV Cover

  • durable
  • snug fit
  • comes with a patch kit
ADCO 34813 Designer Series Gray/White 23' 1" - 26' DuPont Tyvek Class C Motorhome Cover

ADCO 34813 Designer Series DuPont Tyvek Class C Motorhome Cover

  • durable
  • excellent protection
  • easy to install
Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover or Toy Hauler Cover, Fits 22' - 24' RVs (73363)
Now, here are our reviews of each of the best RV covers so that you’ll know what makes them great choices.

Amazon Basics products are highly rated products offered at low prices. This trailer RV cover is no different as Amazon Basics wants to provide the RV community with a quality product within a reasonable budget.

The Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover is made of breathable and quick-drying fabric. The roof side has 3-ply while the sides have 1-ply fabric. This gives adequate protection for your rig from the snow, rain, dust, and dirt. It prevents scratches and nicks on the surface of your camper caused by outdoor elements.

This RV cover has an integrated vent system that prevents moisture build up inside the cover and helps it to endure the winds without breaking. There are zippers so that you can easily access certain portions of your rig even with the cover on.

The Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover is available in 4 sizes so that it can cater to different types of RVs: 18′ to 20′, 22′ to 24′, 27′ to 30′, and 30′ to 33′. It also comes with a storage bag so that you can keep it safely after using.

The cover has an integrated buckle attachment system, the front and rear tension panels are adjustable and there are elastics at the hem corners so that you can achieve the perfect fit for your rig.

Key Features:

  • 3-ply roof material and 1-ply breathable sides
  • integrated air vent system
  • adjustable front and rear tension panels
  • elasticized hem corners
  • integrated buckle attachment system
  • backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty



The Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover is available in 7 different sizes so that it can fit RVs with sizes ranging from 20 feet to 42 feet.

This RV cover is made of quick drying PermaPro fabric. It also has an air vent system to ensure that it stays dry and no moisture is left in the inside panels that can lead to molds and mildew if left unattended. This also ensures that the cover can withstand wind stress and won’t easily be torn and ripped.

The PermaPro fabric is made using ripstop fabric technology. Classic Accessories uses this technology to make it more durable and lighter than other fabrics. As such, you can be sure that this RV cover can give you a high level of protection from the harmful rays of the sun and other harsh elements brought about by changing weather conditions. It also shields your rig from dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles that can be carried by the wind.

Another great thing about this RV cover is the integrated strap system and toss bag. It has five connection points on each side. It also uses a weighted toss bag so that you won’t need to crawl under your RV to complete the installation. The long zipper pulls make it possible for you to install it properly without using a ladder. By simply opening the zippers, you can access any part of your rig without having to take off the whole RV cover.

When you look at a rig covered with the Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro Heavy Duty Cover, you would think that it’s a customized cover because of how well it fits the camper. This is because of its elasticizes hem corners and adjustable front and rear tension panels.

Once folded after use, it can be placed inside its storage bag and can fit in a small space in your shelf.

Key Features:

  • 7 sizes to fit 20′ – 42′ RVs
  • adjustable front and rear tension panels
  • elasticized hem corners
  • air vent system
  • quick drying PermaPRO ripstop fabric
  • integrated strap system
  • includes zippered storage bag
  • backed by a four year warranty



The ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed RV Cover is a bestseller and highly recommended. It is available in 10 different sizes to fit RVs from less than 15 feet all the way to 37 feet.

This RV cover is made from SFS AquaShed fabric and polypropylene material. It features a contemporary design. ADCO advises buyers that this is suited for use in moderate climates, where the heat isn’t too intense but there’s a high moisture level so rain and snow are likely to happen.

It offers multi-layered fabric protection. The top panel has 3 layers of SFS AquaShed fabric to protect the roof from water pooling whenever it rains. This material offers the ultimate water resistance and it also has UV protection to help prevent fading, peeling, and cracking of RV coating. The side panels are made of 3 layers of polypropylene material. This ensures that your rig is fully protected from harsh elements at all sides.

Air vents are sewn in all over the cover to allow moisture to escape and prevent the formation of mildew and molds. It is easy to install with the use of the front and rear buckle system, cinching system, and weighted buckle toss under strap. You can adjust the buckles and straps to get the perfect fit and so that your RV cover will stay in place even when it’s windy outside. There are zippers along the entry doors so give you access inside the rig even when the cover is in place.

Key Features:

  • Air Vents
  • SFS AquaShed Top Panel
  • Quick Connect Buckles
  • Cinching System
  • Passenger-Side Zipper Doors
  • Weighted Buckle Toss-Under Strap



The King Bird Extra Thick Travel Trailer RV Cover is a best seller and highly recommended product. It is available in 6 sizes to fit various kinds of RVs from 18 feet to 33 feet.

This RV cover is extra thick. The top panel is made of 4-ply fabric and the sides are made of 3-plynon-woven fabric. The multiple layers assure you that you’ve got maximum protection from all sides. It would definitely help a lot in preventing damages to your rig.

The fabric used is water proof, wind proof, and tear proof. It has a special membrane that helps it resist water. The material is breathable which allows moisture to escape. It has reinforced straps to give it better protection from heavy winds so that it won’t be torn or ripped easily. This RV cover offers protection from UV rays, heavy rains, and frost. It also shields your rig from bird droppings, dirt, and corrosion.

The ventilation system consists of 6 air vents on both sides which helps in reducing wind stress. The material is also quick to dry so that it won’t retain any moisture after getting wet. It has a zippered door on both sides of the camper that can be rolled so that you can conveniently access your RV engine and doors any time you want to. The yellow reflective panels along the cover help make your rig visible especially at night.

It comes with wheel covers to ensure that every part of your rig is protected from the harsh elements. You also won’t have a hard time storing it because it has its own storage bag.

Key Features:

  • Breathable
  • Water-repellent
  • Snow Protection
  • Rip-stop & Anti-UV
  • Bird Dropping Protection
  • Dirt Dust & Scratch Protection
  • Extra-Thick 4-Ply Top + 3-Ply Side Panel



The Oofit Travel Trailer RV Cover is a heavy duty cover that can shield your rig from all types of weather conditions. It is available in 3 different sizes ranging from 24 feet to 33 feet to fit different RVs.

The top panel is made of 4-ply of non-woven fabric while the sides only have 1 ply. This non-woven fabric is weatherproof and can provide protection for your rig from UV rays, rains, winds, and snow. It will also cover your camper from bird droppings and shield it from possible nicks and scratches. It is indeed a simple way of protecting your investment.

The seams of this RV cover have been double-stitched to be more durable. The corners have been reinforced too. It has adjustable tension panels at the front and back and the hems have elastics on them so that you can get a snug fit. There are zippers along multiple panels so that you can access different portions of your rig without having to take off the entire cover.

The Oofit Travel Trailer RV Cover is easy to install. It even has labels and fluorescent cursors on the door side to guide you along the way. It comes with an integrated undercarriage strap system with 6 connections on each side to ensure that it stays secure even when the winds are strong. When you’re not using the straps, Oofit has thoughtfully placed little pockets for each strap so that they won’t scratch your RV coating.

It has a vent system that allows moisture to escape and it also helps the cover in fighting off the wind. It comes with a storage bag and a patch kit so that you can repair it easily in case there are rips and tears.

Key Features:

  • adjustable tension panels
  • zippers for access
  • air vent system
  • rollable door panel
  • reinforced corners
  • quick release buckle strap



The Camco ULTRAGuard Supreme RV CoverTravel Trailer Cover is available in 8 different sizes from 15 feet to 37 feet. You can also choose the design if you need it for a pop up camper, Class C or travel trailer, fifth wheel, or Class A motorhome.

It gives the roof of your rig triple layer protection with its three-layer panel that offers excellent resistance to water and snow. The side panels use heavy duty polypropylene fabric to ensure that your rig is protected from harsh weather conditions and unwanted particles. The cover is made more durable with the use of tough interlocking seams.

The Camco ULTRAGuard Supreme RV Cover Travel Trailer Cover has an air vent system that allows moisture to escape. It is also made possible because of the breathable fabric used to make the cover. This is important so that there’s no build up of moisture, molds, and mildew that would destroy the cover. The air vents also help the cover resist the force of the wind so that it won’t easily be damaged.

Key Features:

  • Triple layer top panel
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene fabric around sides
  • Vented design resists mold and mildew growth
  • Vent flaps reduce wind lofting and inside moisture
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Storage bag included



We simply can’t get enough of ADCO RV covers and many RV owners seem to agree with us. 

We love this RV cover because you can depend on it to get the job done. The ADCO 34813 Designer Series can protect your camper from any weather because it makes use of DuPont Tyvek material which enables it to fight the harmful UV rays and harsh weather conditions. This material is breathable so it doesn’t retain moisture and prevents molds and mildew.

The ADCO 34813 Designer Series is easy to install. It has a strapping system from top to bottom to ensure a perfect fit. It also uses a weighted toss-under buckle so that it’s easier to connect the buckles to the other side. The door panel is zippered so that you can still gain entry inside the rig while it is covered.

Key Features:

  • Slip-Seam strapping system
  • Tyvek RV top panel, Designer polypropylene sides
  • Weighted buckle toss under for easy installation underneath the coach
  • 3 year warranty
  • 4 travel tire guards included with every cover



Last but definitely not the least on our list of best RV covers for 2021 is the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover. 

Its PolyPro3 triple ply roof fabric can confidently shield your camper from different weather conditions. It can withstand UV rays, snow, and rain. This RV cover can effectively protect your rig from outside elements that may cause it damages like dust, debris, and unwanted particles blown by the wind.

The adjustable tension panels, integrated straps, and the elastic hem corners work together to help you achieve the perfect fit for your rig. It also has air vents around the cover to let moisture escape. This is also helpful in fighting wind stress.

The Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro3 Deluxe Travel Trailer Cover comes with zippered panels which makes it convenient for you to access the door and engine of your rig without having to take off the entire cover.

Key Features:

  • zippered access panel
  • integrated strap system
  • PolyPRO3 triple-ply roof fabric
  • air vent system
  • tension panels
  • 3-year warranty



There you have it! Our 8 best RV covers of 2021. Have you chosen which one you’ll get for your rig? We understand that it’s not that easy to decide. So, read on to find out more about RV covers and we’ll guide you in choosing the right cover for your camper.

What is an RV cover?

An RV cover is a material that you use to cover your rig to protect it from different external elements. You may think of it as your RV’s blanket. It adds an extra layer of protection to your rig so that you can shield it from physical damages.

When you have an RV cover, you can prevent damages on your rig caused by the weather, debris, or particles which you would not be able to notice right away but could cause severe damage to your camper.

There are many outside elements which may seem inconspicuous to us but over time, they all add up pile up and before you know it, there’s a leak in your rig. Rust has already caused major damages. You will also notice that the color of your camper has already faded sooner that you expected it to happen.

In case you’re wondering which external elements are causing major wear and tear to your rig, here are some of them so that you will be aware of their effects on your camper.

  • UV Rays. These are the harmful rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure of your rig to these harmful UV rays can cause severe damages. First, your exterior painting will begin to fade. As the color fades, your rig will look less handsome. Next, the paint will start to peel and crack. This diminishes the protection that the RV paint gives to the metal and plastic components found in the exterior of your rig. Without this protection, the damage can extend to the interior of your camper.
  • Acid rain. This is rainwater that contains elevated levels of hydrogen ions. This is caused by pollution. The acid has harmful effects on plants, animals, buildings, and yes, even your RV. It can leave stains on your rig which are difficult to remove and when they are left unattended, they will cause damage to the paint of your camper.
  • Wind. When the wind blows, it brings with it different particles such as debris and other objects. It may also cause twigs and branches to fall on your camper. And if you don’t have an RV cover, they can easily scratch the exterior of your rig.
  • Dust. These are unseen by the human eye but they can build up over time and cause damage to your vehicle. With an RV cover, you won’t have to wash your rig often due to the accumulation of dust and you will also prevent dust from piling up and damaging the finish of your rig.

There various other external elements that can affect your RV. Having the best RV covers will help you shield your rig from their harmful effects.

Why do you need an RV cover?

Some people think that an RV cover is an unnecessary accessory for your rig but here are the reasons why you should invest in the best RV covers.

It provides protection during storage.

It is common for RV owners to store their rigs for a long time. During storage, RV covers provide protection from outdoor elements such as UV rays or winter frost. This will help ensure that your rig is in good condition whenever you want to use it again. It will preserve your RV while in storage so that you’re always ready to go on your next trip.

It gives protection from the weather.

The best RV covers provide protection to your rig no matter what the weather is outside. It shields it from the rain, hail, snow, or wind. It gives your RV the protection it needs from the harsh rays of the sun. It covers it from the potential damaging effects of acid rain. It shields your rig from the hail which can cause scratches on its surface. It helps prevent moisture buildup inside your rig. During winter, RV covers provide a blanket all over your rig so that it won’t come in direct contact with the frost.

All these different weather conditions hasten the wear and tear of your vehicle. You won’t notice it right away but prolonged exposure to various elements have a compounding effect on the appearance and function of your rig. Without a good quality RV cover, you will be surprised at how fast your rig deteriorates.

Of course, this isn’t something you’d want for your RV. It is an investment that you want to protect. RV covers are a simple way of shielding your vehicle from external factors that might cause it any harm.

And since your rig is protected from different weather conditions, you can also be sure that you’re comfortable and snug inside your camper even if the weather turns bad. Since it repels water and prevents snow and dust from being able to enter your rig, you are also protected from these elements while you’re inside your camper.

It gives protection from outdoor elements.

Outdoor elements include dust, dirt, leaves, moisture, stones, bird poop, and many more. When they find their way on the surface of your rig or worse, in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, they can have a damaging effect.

This is where an RV cover becomes very handy. You will be able to mitigate the risk of damage that they can cause on your vehicle simply by providing covering for your rig. You won’t have to deal with an unsightly surface, annoying scratches or having a dusty vehicle.

It is durable.

RV covers are cost-effective because they give enough protection for your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements. Once you’ve chosen a good product, you will be able to use it for many years to come.

A good quality RV cover is durable so it will be able to shield your rig from the harmful effects of outside elements. It will be able to protect your investment from scratches, dirt, moisture, among other things so that your rig is always presentable and ready to use for your next trip.

It is convenient to use.

RV covers are very easy to use. They come in different panels making it easy to put all over your rig. When you have to access different portions of your rig, it is still very convenient to do so. You don’t have to take off the entire cover. Just lift off the panel that leads to the portion that you want to access.

It helps ensure your RV’s high resale value.

Using an RV cover will protect your rig from fading, cracks, peels, and other damages that can result from exposure to outside elements. This means that your rig stays handsome, presentable, and free from damages. It reflects that you’re able to take good care of your investment. Having said this, it will ensure that you will be able to get a good deal should you decide to sell your RV in the future.

What are the different types of covers for RV?

There are different kinds of RV covers. Each one is designed for a specific part of the RV that it’ll shield from outside elements.

Here are the different types of RV covers:

Dashboard covers

Dashboard covers are designed to protect your rig’s dashboard from the harmful effects of UV rays. Your RV’s dashboard is constantly exposed to the harsh sunlight which can cause the paint to fade. When the color fades, your RV looks older and less appealing. Dashboard covers help preserve the outside appearance of your rig.

Tire covers

Your tires are also always in direct contact with the harsh rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage your tires. It can soften and weaken the material of your tires which would be risky when driving. It makes your tires vulnerable to getting damaged while on the road. Instances such as tire blowout are more likely to happen when you’re driving with sun-baked tires. This compromises your safety on the road.

Windshield covers

Windshield covers are covers are made for rig’s windshield to prevent the heat of the sun from getting inside your camper. They help keep your rig cooler as well as protect your dashboard from incurring cracks and peelings due to prolonged sun exposure. Windshield covers will also shield your vehicle’s chairs from the damaging effects of the UV rays because they do make their way inside your rig.

There are also other types of RV covers based on their function and protection. They are waterproof RV covers and RV covers with UV protection.

RV covers are also sold based on their sizes or which RV they will fit. As such, there are Class A covers, Class C covers, toy hauler covers, travel trailer covers, fifth wheel covers, among others.

Make sure you choose the right type of RV cover so that you can give your rig enough protection from harsh elements.

How to install and use?

Installing RV covers shouldn’t be too complicated for anyone. But it would depend on the RV cover that you buy.

There are RV covers that’ll require you to climb the roof of your rig to be able to put the cover on. We understand that this isn’t something most RV owners will appreciate that’s why you have to read the product information carefully and check the installation instructions to see if it’s convenient for you. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturers so that you can install their product properly.

Some RV covers can be installed by using a rope, step ladder, and broom so that you can position the panels properly. You will find that this process gets easier especially when you’ve already done it a couple of times. Some RV owners get it done in less than 10 minutes, not bad, right?

Here are some things you need to remember before you put on the RV cover on your rig.

  • Clean your rig first to remove any visible dust, debris and dirt from its surface.
  • Make sure your rig is dry before you put the cover on. This is also for your safety especially when your RV cover requires you to go up the roof to be able to install it properly. A wet roof is slippery and can cause you injuries.
  • It is recommended that you use reinforcement material to provide added protection when it comes to certain stress points and sharp edges. This will prevent accidental tears on your cover. You place the reinforcement material before you secure the edges of the cover.
  • You can use straps, ties, or buckles to make sure that your RV cover stays in place. This will keep your cover from flapping in the wind.
  • Make sure that the hems of the RV cover are secured beneath the front and back portions of your rig.

Take note of these helpful tips so that you will have no problem in installing your RV cover properly.

RV Cover Buyer’s Guide

There’s probably a gazillion choice for RV covers in the market but how will you choose the best one for you? Here are the main factors that you need to consider before you buy an RV cover.

Protection Level

This is the main purpose of an RV cover so as an RV owner, you want to get the best protection for your rig. Be careful because there are many RV covers being sold in the market that do not offer an adequate level of protection.

Experts recommend getting an RV cover with a top material that’s made of three layers and the side material can have only one layer. This is practical design which lends great protection at the portion where you need it most.

You should also look for an RV cover that offers UV protection and are resistant to wind and water. This will ensure that your RV cover is weatherproof.

RV owners also face different kinds of situation. Understanding your conditions will help you find the best RV covers for your rig. For example, you love camping in places with tropical climates. You would want an RV cover that has excellent waterproof quality so that the rain won’t be able to penetrate the inside of your rig. This will protect the paint of your camper and help prevent buildup of moisture, mold, and mildew.


There are different types of RV covers depending on size or functionality. You need to choose which one will suit your specific needs perfectly.

We have mentioned earlier that there are dashboard covers, tire covers, and windshield covers. There are also covers for Class A, Class C, travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc. There are also water repellent RV covers or RV covers with UV protection.

Waterproof RV covers will help ensure that no rain or snow can penetrate your rig. You can also avoid water pooling issues over your roof. This will protect the coating of your RV and prevent corrosion that could lead to leaks.

RV covers with UV protection will help shield your rig from the harmful rays of the sun. Prolonged sun exposure can cause the painting on your RV to fade, crack, or peel. It can also affect the condition of certain components of your rigs such as your tires. Too much heat can cause your tires to expand and burst and for sure, this is something that you do not want to experience.

Choose which type of RV cover will give you the best protection according to your situation.


Of course, your RV cover should be a perfect fit for your vehicle. This is why you should measure the size of your vehicle before buying a cover.

To get the right fit, here’s how you should measure your rig:

  • Start from one bumper to the other to get the length.
  • Start from the mid-wheel all the way to the top of the roof to get the height.
  • Include the windshields and rear bumper when measuring the width.

Most RV covers offered in the market come in standard sizes. This includes the windshield cover and tire cover. But we know that RVs come in different shapes and sizes so it’s better to be aware of the exact measurement of your rig so you can choose the right fit. In case your rig’s measurement is a bit bigger than the size of the RV cover, it is recommended that you choose the next bigger size for your vehicle.


The material from which your RV cover is made of has a big impact on its durability and how well it can provide protection to your rig. Make sure you choose an RV cover that’s made of high quality material so that it can shield your rig from harsh elements and you can be sure that it’ll last for a long time.

RV covers are usually made of polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, or solution-dyed acrylic. Here’s a quick discussion about the qualities of each material.

  • Polyester. This material offers great protection from the harmful rays of the sun. This makes it ideal to use for hot climates. However, an untreated woven polyester is not able to resist water that well that’s why it is not recommended to use in those places where the weather is humid. But if you already bought one, you can put a waterproof coating on it to make it effective in protecting your rig from the rain.
  • Polypropylene. This is a common material used for RV covers. It is known to have the ability to resist water, resist acid damage, and prevent cracking. It is a breathable material that helps it prevent moisture build up. However, be advised that it is not completely waterproof so you also have to put on a layer of waterproof coating to keep the water from penetrating inside the covers.
  • Polyethylene. Tyvek, a synthetic material made from polyethylene fibers, is known for being tough, durable, and has the ability to resist wear and tear. It is also a breathable material which helps prevent the buildup of moisture and at the same time, it is nonporous which keeps the water off. This material is ideal to use during the rainy season.
  • Solution-dyed acrylic. This material is also known as Sunbrella because of its excellent protection from the harsh UV rays. It can shied your rig from the heat of the sun and the damages that it can cause. Solution-dyed acrylic also comes with a waterproof coating. As such, this material is ideal to use for any kind of weather.

So, it’s best to go with an RV cover that’s made with solution-dyed acrylic because you can use it for whatever kind of weather. But if you mostly travel to destinations where it rain frequently, it is recommended that you choose an RV cover made of polyethylene. In the end, it’s about giving your rig the best protection that it needs based on your specific condition.

Ease of Use

No one wants an RV cover that’s too complicated to set up. Chances are the RV owner will get tired of it and won’t use it anymore so that’s a waste of money right there. There are also some RV covers that are risky to install and can put you in danger when you make a wrong move .

Read the product description regarding the installation of the RV cover. It is also helpful to read the customer reviews and check out their feedback regarding the product’s ease of use.

Additional Features

Here are other features that you can check when buying the best RV cover. You may look for one that comes with zippered panels. This will make it easier for you to access different portions of your rig without having to remove the whole cover. You can also conveniently check and monitor the outside conditions from your vantage point.

You should also check if the RV cover comes with vent systems. This is an important feature as it will reduce wind stress which causes your RV cover to rip or tear up. This will also help prevent moisture buildup inside the RV cover which can also damage the material if left unattended.

These are just some of the excellent features of an RV cover. They may cost you some extra bucks but we assure you that it’s going to be worth it.


As we always advice our readers, you should be a wise buyer. Set a reasonable budget for your RV cover and filter your choices according to it. Be practical about it. You don’t have to spend too much for an RV cover but you also don’t want to buy a cheap one that’ll only turn out to be a waste of money. Find a balance between quality and price so that you can get yourself a high quality RV cover.

Wrap Up

RV covers are a good investment for your rig. They add an extra layer of protection for your camper to shield it from harsh weather conditions and other external elements that constantly pose a threat to damage your rig. Their compounding effects on the appearance and functionality of your rig decrease the overall value of your vehicle. That’s why as a responsible RV owner, you should give your rig all the protection that it needs to shelter it from harmful elements.

There are different types of RV covers that you can find in the market. Choose the one that best suits the size of your RV and the functionality that you need it to possess so that it would be able to provide your rig with the protection that it needs at any given time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality RV cover?

You can check our buyer’s guide when choosing the best RV cover for your rig. The best quality RV cover is made of durable material, offers great protection level, easy to use, and fits your rig perfectly. It would be better if it comes with additional features such as zippers to make it easier to access different sections of the rig and vent systems to avoid moisture buildup and help it withstand wind stress.

Are RV covers worth the money?

For all the benefits that RV covers provide for your rig, we definitely recommend RV covers to RV owners. For us, it’s a simple way of sheltering your camper from the possible harms of external forces such as harsh weather conditions and outside elements. It is simply the responsible thing to do when you want to protect your investment and keep it in great shape while in storage.

RV covers protect the exterior and interior of your rig from damages. They can help prevent fading, cracking, and peeling of your RV coating. They shield your rig from too much heat, water, snow, rain, wind, and unwanted particles. They help prevent scratches, corrosion, moisture buildup, and the formation of molds and mildew.

In other others, RV covers give your rig an added layer of protection so that you can preserve it in good condition. This is what makes it worth the money. And if the time comes that you want to sell your RV, you won’t have a hard time getting a good deal because you’ve taken good care of your rig.

What size do I need for my RV/travel trailer?

As discussed earlier, you have to know the measurement of your rig so that you can pick the right size of RV cover. This shouldn’t be too complicated. Just get the length, width, and height of your travel trailer and you match it with the size of the RV cover that’s sold in the market.

In the event that the measurement of your RV does not fit the actual sizes presented by the manufacturers, go for the next bigger size that’ll fit your rig.

You might be asking why size matters. It is because you would want your RV cover to fit your rig perfectly or as snug as possible so that no water, dust, or other unwanted particles can pass through. However, you also do not want a cover that’s too tight for your RV because it might leave certain portions of your rig exposed to outside elements. That’s why you should make sure that you get a cover that fits your rig just right.

Should you cover your RV in the winter?

It is recommended that when you’re not going to use your camper for more than 2 weeks, you should have it covered. RV owners usually do not go camping during winter so they keep their campers in storage during this time. If this is the case, then you should cover your RV in the winter or anytime within the year that you won’t be using it for a long time.

The main advantage here of covering your RV in the winter is that no frost or snow will find its way inside your camper and cause damages. This should be a part of your RV maintenance so that you don’t have to spend on costly repairs and replacement.

Winter weather can be harsh on your rig. That’s why you should help it combat the freezing cold by enveloping it with an RV cover that has been designed for this kind of weather.

A good quality RV cover for winter should be thick and multi-layered to be able to add another level of protection to your rig. It should be able to prevent the accumulation of snow, the buildup of ice on the surface of your camper, and keep melted water from getting inside your rig. This way, you can be sure that your rig is in good condition for your next camping trip.

How much do RV covers cost?

Of course, price is a common concern among RV owners. For your information, the cost of RV covers can range from $50 to $300. The price can go up if you want your RV cover to be customized or semi-customized. In this case, the price could reach up to $1,200.

Price is influenced by various factors – customization, the material used to make the cover, and how many layers it has. The RV cover would also cost more if it has added features such as vent systems, zippers, heavy duty fasteners, straps, and other hardware.

We’re not here to tell you to go ahead and have a customized cover made for your rig. Nor will we advice you to go for the cheapest one that you can find. We’re telling you that there’s usually a good reason why some RV covers cost more than others. You have to pay for the additional features that you want your RV cover to have.

This is why you have to analyze which features matter to you and which ones you can do without. It is also important to set a price range for your budget so that you won’t overspend. Limit your choices to the covers that offer the essential features and fall within your budget.

Other costs for covering your rig can include a patch kit which is around $10 to $20. This will help you repair any tears on your RV cover. If you want a separate tire cover, the cost is between $20 and $50. As for the windshield cover, expect to pay around $30 to $100. These are an additional expense on your part but they will ensure that each part of your rig is given proper protection from harsh elements and unwanted particles.

How long do they last?

This will depend on the quality of the RV cover that you will buy. This is why we recommend investing in a good quality RV cover so that you can use it for many years to come.

In general, RV covers made from polyester or polypropylene fabrics are said to be more durable than covers made from other materials. They have demonstrated a special ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and endure other outdoor elements.

Polyester and polypropylene RV covers are made even more durable as you add more layers. Multi-layered RV covers offer more protection. They will also be better equipped to withstand wind stress so that they won’t be easily ripped or torn when the wind is blowing hard. However, they will cost more but these are well worth the money for the benefits that they provide for your camper.

How to fold RV covers?

Folding your RV cover properly is part of taking good care of it. After all, RV covers aren’t cheap so it’s best to give them proper care so that you can use them for many years to come.

Folding your RV cover properly will help prevent damages and buildup of molds and mildew. This is why you need to know how to fold and store your RV covers accordingly.

Before you fold your covers, you need to take them down from your rig. Now, there are proper conditions for doing this task. It is quite dangerous to remove your RV covers when it’s windy or stormy outside. The winds will also make it more difficult to fold the covers and may even cause them to be damaged. Wait for calm weather conditions and make sure there is proper lighting when you remove your RV cover.

Make sure that your RV cover is clean and dry before you fold it. It there’s moisture on your covers, it will cause the formation of molds and mildew which would damage your RV cover.

Choose a clean area where you can fold your covers. But don’t ever attempt to fold your RV covers while you’re on the roof of your camper. It is extremely dangerous to do so as you can fall off the trailer and get hurt badly.

Considering its size, you can try working on a clear pavement or a nice grassy area. You can also ask your spouse or friend to help you in folding your RV cover so that it’s more manageable and you can finish the task faster.

Lay the RV cover on the ground and smoothen it all over. Then fold it in half lengthwise. Or you can also fold the long ends of the cover towards the middle. Just carry on folding the cover into half until the width is only about 2 to 3 inches. RV covers are more convenient to store in this size. Make sure you pat the cover down with your hands or you can also sit on it so as to remove any air that might have been trapped inside the cover.

Another pattern that you can follow is the zigzag folding pattern. You fold your RV cover in zigzag fashion in about 1 1/2′ to 2′ sections. You just continue with the zigzag folding until you’re able to form a rectangle with a dimension of around 2 ‘ to 3′ by 1.5′ to 2’. Again, make sure that there is no air trapped inside before you store your folded RV cover in a secure area in your garage.

Some RV owners prefer just rolling the RV covers into a tube before they store it. Whatever pattern you choose to follow, just make sure that you store your RV cover properly.

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