8 Best RV Antenna of 2021

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Winegard RVW-395 RV Antenna

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Winegard 24130 RVW-205 RV Antenna

What do you do when you suddenly miss the enjoyment of watching TV or the need to keep updated with the news while you’re away in your RV?

The good thing is, you can equip your RV with a state of the art TV for your entertainment. Being in your RV for days or weeks will never be boring. One thing you need for sure besides a good quality TV that you can bring anywhere, is finding a quality RV TV antenna.

Traveling on your RV is already entertainment itself but making sure you never get left out on TV shows or daily news, especially with the need of keeping up with weather reports and updates, will make your trip even better. To make sure that you have all the things you need when you travel with your RV, we have a list of the best RV TV antennas that you may consider adding to your cart!

Before we get into the list of the RV TV Antenna we will provide, let’s talk about what you need to look out for in a quality antenna. Here are the key features you should always consider before you add the antenna you want to your cart.

  • Strong Reception – The antenna’s most essential parameter is its reception. You should always be certain that your antenna has a broad coverage area so that you may plan longer excursions without any difficulty.
  • Quality and Durability – The antennas are usually mounted on the RV’s exterior. As a result, it will most likely be exposed to rain, dust, and, most significantly, wind. It is advised that you take note of getting an antenna that will last longer than most.
  • Style and Size – RV antennas come in different sizes and styles. For the styles, there are spherical antenna, an enclosed antenna, or a traditional antenna. You must ensure that you pick the appropriate antenna that suits your needs as well as the style and size of your RV.

Benefits of RV Antennas

Other than watching your favorite TV shows and keeping up with the news and weather reports, here are some more of the things that you can expect and get by having a quality RV antenna.

  • HD TV SHOWS. Nothing’s better than watching your favorite TV shows in HD! RV HDTV antennas can give you exactly what you need for better viewing and better quality for your TV shows.
  • WIFI. You can access the internet using the appropriate RV antenna. If you ever need to accomplish some work or just want to browse Facebook and other social media platforms, a portable TV antenna for RV can always help.
  • FREE LOCAL CHANNELS. To see local television channels, most people must pay a cable company. At no additional expense, an RV antenna will allow you to tune in to your favorite TV channels.
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Reviews of the 8 Best RV Antenna of 2021

First, let’s give you the list of the 8 Best RV Antenna that you may find and consider buying.

Let’s now talk about these RV Antennas and what makes them the best choice for buying your own.

Winegard RVW-395 RV Antenna

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Winegard RVW-395 RV Antenna

Winegard continues to provide amazing quality models for RV antennas. Their Winegard RVW-395 RV Antenna can offer you many broadcast channels because it excels in receives all VHF and UHF programming accessible that can be picked up within a 55-mile radius. You can watch them all in high definition. Due to its enhanced antenna, it is best at picking up digital TV signals.

To find the best signal, you can rotate, lift, or lower the antenna. The hand-crank device on the internal wall plate makes raising and lowering simple. If taken care of a little better, this crank can last you for years.

Another great feature and benefit of this RV antenna is that you can connect several TVs and other devices that use an ATSC tuner. It enables you to watch the channels on a TV, laptop, or PC so it’s very beneficial for your travels and trips.


  • has a 55-mile range
  • can pick up HD, UHF, and VHF signals
  • retracts for better aerodynamics during travels


  • antenna’s not universal
  • features plastic gears
  • heavy weigh


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One of the latest over-the-air antennas that give great quality and performance comes from KING and this RV antenna is the KING Jack Directional Over-the-Air Antenna with Mount and Built-in Signal Meter.

It promises to provide higher performance than imagined from such a little over-the-air TV antenna, with better reception and a new high-tech, but simple design.

To give an ultimate free HDTV experience, the KING Jack premium model incorporates a signal finder. The KING SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder takes the uncertainty and aggravation out of finding local TV channels by simplifying antenna aiming.

Simply turn the internal knob to rotate the antenna, and the built-in signal meter will identify digital TV signals as you spin, indicating the ideal position for maximum reception. This model can also eliminate dead patches by rotating the antenna in 360 degrees.

It has an aerodynamic design and is  70% smaller than most RV antennas. There’s no need to crank the antenna up or down which makes setting up and traveling easier. The KING Jack has a wide reception range and features improved signal strength that provides improved UHF signal reception for you wherein more than 80 per cent of new HDTV channels are transmitted. It continues to attract all existing VHF channels with outstanding reception.

Through this RV antenna, it’s still easy to get a good signal reception and watch local channels even though you’re out during your trip.


  • simple design
  • compact footprint
  • high-performance model
  • offers more free channels than most


  • doesn’t feature an indicator light

Winegard 24130 RVW-205 RV Antenna

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Winegard 24130 RVW-205 RV Antenna

Another product from Winegard comes on the list!

With their Winegard 24130 RVW, you’re sure to get optimization for all digital channels in all markets. With a range of up to 55 miles, the Sensar IV amplified antenna catches all accessible VHF/UHF/FM channels.  The Sensar’s extended range and VHF features allow you to view your favorite shows even in places with poor service.

The Sensar IV is designed for digital HD detection and specializes in UHF (channels 14 to 51) and VHF (channels 2 to 13) digital channels, allowing you to enjoy all of your current favorite shows in standard or crystal clear HD. The Sensar IV’s Integrated Wingman UHF Booster improves the device for digital television (DTV) stations and boosts UHF efficiency by up to 100%.

This model is powder-coated for better quality and durability. Its Sensar antennas have been rigorously tested on UV and different environmental settings for guaranteed quality. Rest assured that you can take this RV antenna to various locations and still enjoy your trip!

Sensar head replacement can also be done easily and quickly with the provided pins and e-clips.


  • A more affordable alternative for antenna head replacement
  • Easy installation


  • all components are not included in the package

Winegard RZ-6035 RV TV Antenna

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Winegard RZ-6035 RV TV Antenna

The Winegard’s succeeding digital and HD broadcast Television RV antennas deliver Crystal Clear HD and 4K UHD programming with its Winegard RZ-6035 RV TV Antenna. This is one of the best RV TV antennas sold in the market and it continues to be a bestseller.

With this Winegard RV antenna, access to the major broadcast networks in your area is made possible with its optimal UHF reception combined with powerful High Band VHF. The sleek and aerodynamic design is shorter and smaller than any other conventional antennas, plus, it looks great on any RV.

No cranking is necessary to rotate the antenna in the direction of the transmission tower. It is made to replace and install the existing antenna units with ease so it’s perfect for changing your equipment right before you travel with your RV.

Unwanted signals from 4G LTE cellular transmitters are blocked so it allows you to have clear, uninterrupted TV viewing.

This RV antenna was tested rigorously with shock and vibration, humidity and temperature, and wind tunnel in order to provide good quality for a typical RV environment.


  • it’s a versatile set that may be purchased as a supplement to an existing set or as a complete set, giving you access to many channels.
  • can be used with any device that has an ATSC tuner.
  • can also be used with analog televisions, but you must have a digital to analog converter box in addition to the antenna.


  • it’s not portable
  • no automatic reception

Winegard Air 360+

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Winegard Air 360+

Another premium choice and best pick from Winegard is their Winegard Air 360+ RV Antenna.

The AIR 360+ is a game-changer in the omnidirectional field, offering tremendous performance in a simple-to-install design with 360-degree signal reception. The AIR 360+ can receive VHF/UHF/FM frequencies even when you’re parked right out of the box.

The Winegard Gateway adds 4G LTE and WiFi capabilities to this Internet-ready device. It is a one-stop shop for all of your Internet, TV, and FM signal requirements! The AIR 360+ antenna features a 360° reception so it does not require any hand cranking or targeting and pointing and is constantly ready for watching, listening, and Internet connectivity!

Like any other Winegard model, the AIR 360+ is also tested rigorously for better durability and quality. It has a low profile design so it can give you peace of mind while driving and parking with your RV!


  • has a low profile RV antenna for a decent look
  • is suitable for any vehicle
  • includes all necessary components in the package


  • has short leads

Winegard RV-WING RV Antenna

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Winegard RV-WING RV Antenna

The Winegard RV-WING RV Antenna is one of the most affordable choices in the market while still helping you increase your RV’s existing UHF reception by up to 100%.

The Sensar’s extended range and VHF capabilities allow you to view your favorite shows even in regions with poor signals. It’s one of the best options for RV antennas because it’s capable of optimizing your signal broadcast and giving you almost all channels you can possibly watch.

This is also very simple to set up because you don’t have to remove your RV’s current sensor. The tool-free installation approach makes it simple to attach the antenna to your current sensor in just minutes. It’s powder-coated, just like Winegard’s premium options, for long-lasting durability and sturdy construction that will keep it operating for at least 20 years.


  • easy to install
  • tools are not required for installation


  • reception can be affected by bad weather

Magnadyne RVTV-W2 RV Antenna

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Magnadyne RVTV-W2 RV Antenna

One of the best options to get for your RV is Magnadyne RV Antenna! This model is one of the easiest antennas you can install quickly and easily. It’s fairly simple to put together with the help of the accompanying accessories. It’s as simple as unwrapping the bundle, plugging it in, and scanning the channels.

Signals can be received from all directions via the Magnadyne RV Antenna without the need for aiming and adjusting. It has unlimited access to all of your favorite TV series and is completely free. It also comes with a strong, wind-resistant mount and is sure to stay on your RV no matter where you go.

Other than that, this model is made with weatherproof and UV protected materials which makes your trip in your RV more enjoyable without worrying too much about your antenna!


  • simple to use and set up
  • it has a built-in amplifier
  • free HD programming for life 
  • has exceptional wind resistance


  • reception may get affected in remote areas

KING OA1501 RV Antenna

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KING OA1501 RV Antenna

Last on our review list is the KING OmniGO RV Antenna with its amazing upgraded technology that will surely provide what you need for your RV! This omnidirectional antenna is specially designed to take up transmissions from all directions without requiring the gadget to be moved or adjusted.

The boosted signal increases signal strength for the greatest possible TV reception in your location. When looking for a TV signal in a new area, there’s no need to rotate the antenna; just sit back and let the KINg OmniGo do its job.

This model is intended for mobility and includes everything you’ll need for your busy mobile lifestyle.

The package includes a folding tripod mount, a magnetic vehicle mount for momentary mounting, a flexible coax cable, a power supply, and a carry bag. Installing this antenna is made easy because there’s no drilling, no holes, and no labor required.

Traveling is much easier when you get an RV antenna so quick to install like this one!

What’s more is that this product is weatherproof, sturdy, UV-protected, and rust-resistant. This antenna are surely made of durable automotive-grade plastic. It’s built to last through all of your outdoor pursuits, regardless of the weather.

All in all, this product is compact but doesn’t lose its function and power to grant you what you need.


  • compact/travel-friendly design
  • 360-degree signal receptors are included
  • pre-amplified boosters are included
  • audio quality that is free of noise


  • Doesn’t deal well with ubstructions

And that’s all we have for the 8 best RV TV antennas of 2021 that you can choose from! Hopefully, you have a little more idea of what’s the best option for your RV’s antenna.

What is an RV Antenna? How does it work?

An RV TV antenna is what helps you view remotely broadcast TV.

This could be free OTA (over-the-air) programming or satellite subscription services. Each of these can be used in a variety of situations. You can acquire an interior antenna, but most RVs come with roof-mounted TV antennas. Having one on the roof boosts the height and improves reception.

RV TV antennas are also compatible with digital television and can pick up a variety of free channels.

Many RV antennas can now pick up high-definition channels, thanks to the widespread adoption of HDTV. You can freely enjoy the crystal-clear transmission provided by high-quality RV TV antennas.

Similarly to radio stations, TV antenna channels are transmitted for free. Even when you’re away from your home, you can enjoy and appreciate programs.

An OTA TV antenna’s range varies from one to the next. Their range is usually between 25 and 55 miles. However, mountains, trees, and even weather conditions, on the other hand, can interfere with your reception. 

What are the different types of RV TV antennas?

RV antennas usually come in different sizes, shapes, and types but if you’ve been already familiarized with these products while looking for the best RV tv antenna yourself, you probably know by now some of this information. Different Rv antennas are made to give you the best signal receptions even while you drive around with your RV.

Here are the different types of RV antennas to give you more insights into their features and what suits your style and needs the most.

Outdoor Antenna

As its name states, an outdoor antenna is mounted and installed on the exterior of your RV. Usually, people pick an outdoor RV antenna for their own because it gives better reception and picks up signal strongly than most antennas since it’s placed outside. This allows people better viewing when they watch tv.

Its main problem usually is that the outdoor environment can disrupt its signal reception, however, they can be removed easily as well. Another issue that may meddle with its signal is the weather. Other than rain or wind interrupting its transmission, dust and other environmental factors can leave your outdoor antenna shaky or dirty.

Indoor Antenna

An indoor RV antenna on the other hand is usually smaller than most antennas and has a lesser range than those mounted outdoors. Its best feature is that it’s easier to clean since it’s not exposed to the outside environment and you don’t have to worry about removing things that interrupt its reception.

Indoor antennas are much safer mounted inside your RV but unlike outdoor antennas, they may not give you the best signal reception. Though it’s easier to have an indoor tv antenna, in return, you might not enjoy a variety of HD programs.

Satellite Antenna

The satellite TV antenna is great for giving outstanding receptions and provides you with great programs that you can watch anywhere, anytime.

However, this antenna requires you to subscribe to a satellite service. It won’t be a problem if you already subscribed to this type of service and is actually more beneficial for you since satellite antennas will make it easier for you to get a reception despite being in your RV.

Take note that this also may cost you more money because of the subscription and its services.


One of the most popular RV antennas among people is the UHF/VHF/Digital and HDTV Antenna.

It’s considered being one of the best RV antennas because it provides UHF and VHF signals for your HDTV reception. These can pick up HD signals and channels as well as other stations like FOX or ABC.

A great quality RV TV antenna can pick up both UHF and VHF digital channels though some can’t do this and are only able to pick one but not both.

Why is it necessary for you to have an RV TV antenna?

An RV TV antenna is not just for entertainment but is a necessity for you. Here are the reasons why it’s a must-have:

Effective updates on important news and forecast

RV antennas sure make your road trip more entertaining because you’re able to access TV and watch your favorite shows.

However, it doesn’t just make your travels much more amusing but also makes it safer for you.

In order to make sure you enjoy your trip or be certain about weather reports and status while you drive in different locations, you should make sure to get the best RV antennas that would help you out the most.

When driving in different locations, it’s still important to stay connected to the world and know what type of weather you will be expecting outside. With this information at hand, you will know when and how to take precautions should be there a need for you to be safe outside in bad weather.

Some are capable to provide WIFI

Watching locals channels for news or weather reports are easy to do once you get your RV antenna, however, it’s not only capable of doing that for you. A lot of antennas are also able to provide wifi for people since it’s helpful with signals and receptions.

Being connected not just through news or tv is necessary for a better update on news and social interaction. Traveling in your RV is a good idea for unwinding, but it’s better to never forget to stay connected to people despite being away or taking time off the crowd.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best RV Antenna

Now that we’ve told you about the importance and different types of RV Antennas, we’ll now help you choose and get the best one. There are many factors you should consider when buying an RV antenna and here are some of the things you might keep in mind.


RV antennas vary in different sizes as well and usually, this will have an impact on how it is mounted as well as how long it will last. When choosing RV antennas with larger sizes, you should know that they have higher coverage areas but require a lot of vacant room on your RV to install effectively.

Though larger RV antennas can give you a greater coverage for signal receptions, keep in mind that they are also more exposed to many things while you’re on the road. This may result in getting your antenna damaged easily.

Smaller or more compact models on the other hand may perform less on giving you quality reception but they are safer mounted on your RV. They have fewer risks and exposure to damages but affects your signals as a result of their smaller size.

This is why you should think about your choice of sizes when it comes to your RV because they vary in quality and performance as well.

Signal Range and Reception Quality

One of the most important things to consider when buying an RV antenna is its signal range. This is a very important and crucial aspect of your antenna because it depends on its signal range and reception quality how you will expect your RV antenna to perform. Usually, having an RV antenna with wide signal coverage is ideal since it’s most beneficial for you.

Reception quality is also important especially when combined with a great signal range. High-quality signals should be able to be intercepted by the ideal antenna for your RV TV. It must also be capable of intercepting a large number of high-quality signals.

The best units of RV antennas most likely will have a 55-mile range. This is considered to be one of the most important features of many RV antennas and is favored by many people.


Most of the RV antennas are designed to be mounted on the roof of your RV, where they are subjected to a variety of extreme weather conditions. As a result, they are also exposed to many factors outside depending on the location or weather.

It is advised for people who are planning to buy an outside antenna to be sure that their choice is composed of strong materials that can survive harsh weather and environmental factors.

A lot of models in the market also comes with powder coating for optimal UV protection. This is ideal because it helps greatly in making sure your RV antenna stays protected long and guarantee a longer performance and lifespan. Other features include a weather-resistant build that helps keep moisture and rain out of the way of their functioning.

If you’re getting an indoor antenna, getting one that’s made of plastic would be fine but it is advisable to make sure that they are still sturdy so it will last you long.

However, for outdoor use, models with aluminium material usually last longer and keep up with harsh weather conditions the most. These types of models are approved by those who usually drive despite the difficulty in outdoor conditions.


Lastly, it’s better to keep in mind the ease of installation of your antenna on your RV. It’s more than advisable to get an antenna that wouldn’t give you so much trouble in installation.

You can always install your RV antenna by yourself but to do that, make sure that you know the procedure and that the RV antenna itself is made for easy installation. You can always ask for professional help with the installation process but if you really prefer getting it done by yourself, consider opting for antennas that will be possible to be installed with ease.

When buying an antenna for your RV make sure to choose the one that includes all the necessary components in its package so that it won’t be a hassle for you for installation. make sure that that antenna you will buy is also suitable for your RV’s system so that everything will be done easily and there’ll be no extra work for you.

Other Factors You May Consider


There are variations of RV Antennas, many of them differ in styles and quality so it’s important to know that antennae are frequently available at a variety of costs.

When searching for an RV antenna, it’s critical that you understand what you’re getting, not just the quality but also the price that comes with it.

The most popular models are priced between $50 and $150. You’ll find a variety of alternatives here, with varied designs, mounting capabilities, and added amenities, allowing you to select the right model for your RV.

If you want, you can also get a satellite-capable antenna, which can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500 or more. You must pay a subscription fee to access these units, so be aware of this additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can RV antennas work with digital tv?

The answer is yes.

RV TV antennas do function with digital television and can pick up a lot of free stations.

A lot of RV antennas can now pick up high-definition channels, thanks to the widespread adoption of HDTV. You’ll appreciate the crystal-clear reception provided by high-quality RV TV antennas. Similarly to radio stations, TV antenna programs are transmitted for free. This way, you can always enjoy the programs as long as you’re in range.

How to improve RV TV’s antenna signals and channels?

There are some cases of RV TV antennas not functioning properly or just receiving bad receptions resulting in poor performance. Usually, you get fewer channels for your TV when this happens but to be frank, no one wants this to happen.

However, not all cases are controllable because many factors may affect your antenna’s reception. Sometimes it may depend on your location and range for signals and you’re miles and miles away from the nearest broadcast stations.

Though some circumstances are unable to control, we have some tips that may help you to get more channels on your RV.

First is you can adjust your antenna. Some RV antennas are built in a way that you can adjust them. Sometimes, you may be getting bad receptions because of the weather or locations or maybe, there are just some obstructions in the way. Adjusting your antenna can help solve this problem easily.

The second and last options are getting your antenna upgrade or booster upgrade. sometimes, the problems lie in your antenna itself or your antenna booster just doesn’t work properly anymore. If you prefer, you can have them upgraded instead of just opting to buy a new one or replacing your antenna itself.

Sometimes, it’s easier to just replace your antenna when it malfunctions for a bit, but make sure that you check for other easy solutions before deciding to buy a new one.

How to lubricate an RV antenna?

It is common knowledge that you should take care of your own RV TV antenna in order to make sure they last long for you to use.

Since this equipment usually faces different weather conditions and things outside your RV, it’s not impossible for them to be dirtied or work less effective after time. One technique to look after it is to lubricate the maintenance mechanism that allows it to raise and lower smoothly especially for those made for cranking.

Your crank up TV antenna will need some simple, do-it-yourself maintenance to keep working properly.

Though please note that only silicone spray should be used for this task. Using solvent-based lubricants like WD-40, on the other hand, can damage your directional antennas craning system. During the rainfall, they could also harm your RV’s rubber roofing seals and create leaks.

For further instruction, you can watch different tutorials on the internet so you’re guided accordingly on your maintenance. You can also get professional help when trying to maintain your RV antenna.

What is Antenna Booster used for?

We have talked about how the distance between your local signal towers and other factors such as weather, terrain, and your surroundings all affect reception quality.

It’s not impossible to have your reception affected by such factors and that’s why there are many alternatives to opt for when trying to fix a poor signal transmission on your antenna. If you are unable to improve the signal quality obtained by your antenna by rotating it, a TV antenna booster might be able to solve your problem.

Having an amplified TV antenna usually already gives you a boost and benefit for signal reception. So if you already have this, you might see better performance on your antenna already.

In case that you have no amplified TV antenna, you can opt for connecting it to an antenna booster in order to get better quality for signal transmissions.

What is Antenna Signal Meter used for?

It’s not uncommon to always wonder whether you’re getting a good signal or reception from time to time. This sometimes leaves you guessing, confused, or curious about your RV TV antenna.

If you want to stop worrying or wondering about your signals, you can go for getting an antenna signal meter. This device connects to the antenna cable on your RV and checks the signal strength every time the antenna moves.

With a signal meter, you can quickly determine which local stations are within range and speed up the setup procedure.

You can also use a signal meter to:

  • Amplification can be tweaked to improve picture quality.
  • Turn your antenna (available on certain models)
  • Audio signal feedback volume can be adjusted.

Getting yourself an antenna signal meter may even be more beneficial for you.

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I am a well traveled Marine Corps veteran that enjoys the outdoor and nomadic lifestyle that RV living provides. I am also a member of the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA.org). As the founder of Camperguide.org my goal is to provide you with well researched information so that you can enjoy the best of the RV lifestyle.

Johnathan R. Smith
Johnathan R. Smith

I am a well traveled Marine Corps veteran that enjoys the outdoor and nomadic lifestyle that RV living provides. I am also a member of the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA.org). As the founder of Camperguide.org my goal is to provide you with well researched information so that you can enjoy the best of the RV lifestyle.

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