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What to Know About Toyota Camper Van

What to Know About Toyota Camper Van

No other recreational vehicle can offer the versatility that a campervan does. Without needing to carry anything, you can take the comforts of home everywhere you go. A rooftop tent is also a great option if you want the whole outdoor experience.

You can avoid the inconvenience of establishing a campsite, which isn’t for everyone. Pop-up roof motorhomes have been available for quite long. But the choices available today are very different from those that campers had to make a few decades ago. The vans now on the market are elevating the campervan lifestyle. Why d0n’t we take a look at what Toyota camper vans can offer us?

Toyota Hiace Camper Van

The Toyota Hiace is a distinctive, endearing, tiny vehicle with a retro appearance. It was one of Toyota’s most popular models when it was introduced in Japan in 1967. Depending on where you are in the world, you may know it by the nicknames “Commuter” or “Quantum”.

Currently, Asia, Africa, and Australia continue to be major markets for the Hiace. Even though it has been produced with a camper inside and a pop-top, it is primarily utilized as a minivan or a work van in this country.

The Hiace is a great adventure van because it is short and thin, has a forward drive option, and is accessible. On it, you can travel to a lot of untamed, remote locations.

This article examines 8 creative Toyota Hiace camper conversions. These builds will provide you with plenty of inspiration and clever room-maximizing suggestions if you’re thinking about purchasing a Hiace or another short, narrow van.

Is the Toyota Hiace available in the U.S.?

Let’s start by responding to this important query that many would-be Hiace owners have. The Toyota Hiace has never been manufactured in the United States since it doesn’t meet the standards for local safety crash testing.

Yet, over the years, some vehicles have been introduced into the nation. This is why used Toyota Hiaces occasionally come up for sale. It’s difficult to acquire one, but if you work hard and are willing to travel across countries to see them, you will be compensated.

You might want to wait a little longer if you aren’t quite prepared to purchase a van yet but are really keen on obtaining a Hiace. According to reports, Toyota plans to import the minibus to the United States as soon as 2022. Watch the market news, prospective purchasers.

Toyota Hiace Camper Vans Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using this specific car as a camper van before we look at several Hiace adaptations.


  • It is highly dependable.
  • Due to the van’s tiny size (16 feet), it can travel and park practically anyplace.
  • It is offered in 44.
  • Several variants have a pop-top for additional capacity.
  • Driving it is pretty agile.
  • Modern vehicles use little gasoline.


  • In the US, it may be difficult to locate.
  • It costs time and money to import one into the nation.
  • You cannot initially go look at the van if you are importing.
  • Due to its diminutive size, it has limited storage, and the sleeping area is fairly modest.
  • No place exists for a bathroom.

8 Toyota Hiace Camper Builds

Prepared for some motivation? Get a look at these modifications for the Hiace. Some were DIY projects, while others required professional execution. They all offer a ton of inventive methods to maximize the small amount of room provided by the vehicle.


8 Toyota Hiace Camper Builds

Off-road Office on Wheels

To test out the life of the van, Nate and Shannon purchased a 1995 Toyota Hiace with a four-wheel drive from Japan. The pair claims that importing it was less expensive than purchasing a 44 in the US. The car was already configured as a camper, but they chose to renovate the interior to fit their living. They worked on this in their free time and it took them over a year to finish.

The exterior’s white color gives off an 80s vibe. A storage container with a cushioned interior that doubles as both a seat and a composting toilet is located inside, behind the passenger’s seat. A modest kitchenette with a fridge/freezer, a three-burner gas stove, and an oven is located close by. A good-sized bed and an office are located at the back. They constructed a bench and a swivel table at the foot of the bed where Nate and Shannon may use their laptops. It’s really evident how they made efforts to make the little vehicle appear to be a residence.

Toyota Hiace Complete Conversion

Toyota Hiace Complete Conversion

Chris purchased a used Toyota Hiace panel van, and within just 4 days, he and a friend transformed it into a camper. The guys wrapped the chassis with plywood panels and added insulation. The floor and ceiling were then covered with laminate vinyl.

They then built a platform bed with numerous wooden storage boxes underneath it, as well as cabinets, a chest of drawers, plus cupboards. As everything was custom-made, it all fits nicely within the vehicle. The guys finally installed solar panels on the roof.

The concealed, slide-out desk is among this conversion’s best features. Chris may work or eat on this while seated because it pivots on the upper edge of the chest of drawers.


Overland Toyota Hiace Camper Van

Overland Toyota Hiace Camper Van

This Toyota Hiace with a Cruising Cabin was expertly transformed into an actual overland automobile. Crossbars, a front cargo basket, as well as a snorkel, are included on the exterior to allow cleaner air to enter the engine. Three solar panels are put on the roof, which is accessed via a side-mounted ladder.

Seven passengers can fit inside thanks to the three-seater front seat configuration. A kitchenette with a fridge, stove, and sink is located behind this one. There are a few storage containers on the opposite side.

Two passenger seat seats in the back may be converted into a diner with a table that can be removed as well as a bed. There are two beds in total because the car also has a pop-top roof. Lastly, a diesel heater has indeed been added to this Hiace so you may continue traveling during the winter. Lots of people, including us would advise you to carefully consider this alteration if you wish to be able to travel anywhere in your little van.


Modern Toyota Hiace Camper Van Conversion

Modern Toyota Hiace Camper Van Conversion

Along with her father, Charlene completely rebuilt her ancient Toyota Hiace. White wooden slats line the whole inside, giving it a clean, contemporary appearance. The roof has a hatch that lets in extra light.

They constructed a platform bed below the front seats, allowing Charlene to store a lot of equipment underneath. The two created and installed a kitchen worktop with cabinets below it in the back. You can prepare food in front of it effortlessly because there is a lot of room. The vehicle appears to be spacious and modern throughout.

Camper Van conversion with a Stargazing Sunroof

Camper Van conversion with a Stargazing Sunroof

When it was first imported from Japan, the 1993 Toyota Hiace Supercustom that Madelaine and Caleb purchased had a camper interior. To fit their demands, the couple changed a few interior components. They can squeeze between the front seats to move from the front to the back of the car, which is quite useful while driving.

A kitchen area with a deep sink and an automatic sprinkler pump was constructed by the couple. They maintain a top-load refrigerator in the chest that is located next to it. A platform bed featuring storage on one side is located in the back. The guys put up nets above it to add more storage space.

Caleb and Madelaine installed two sunroofs in the vehicle because they adore them. One has slide-out covers and is located over the bed, allowing them to open it up at night to observe the stars.

Hiace Camper with an Office and Lounge

Hiace Camper with an Office and Lounge

To travel around Australia, Marcel and Vendula purchased a 1994 Toyota Hiace Commuter and turned it into a camper. Their design is distinctive since it has an L-shaped kitchen as well as a dinette with a table at the back. The couple built a lot of the furnishings so Marcel could use them even standing outside since he’s an extremely tall man. He could wash the dishes whilst also standing close to the van because the sink is just in front of a window. A tiny pull-up table was also installed next to the gas burner so he could prepare food and cook without bending over.

They constructed a kitchenette at the back with a table, two benches, and a bed that can be folded away. They work, eat, and relax in this location. The couple reclines on the benches and stores the table in lounge mode. The top, sides, and storage space beneath the bed are all available. The emergency chemical toilet, kept underneath the bed, is also accessible when you lift the hatchback

Toyota Hiace Camper Conversion

Toyota Hiace Camper Conversion

For a 4-day road trip on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Ryan leased this cool Toyota Hiace. He recorded the layout prior to returning it so that he may provide some motivation to anyone who wishes to begin their own build.

The slide-out kitchen, which protrudes from the left side of the truck, is what distinguishes this conversion from others. This was entirely built to order and included a bowl-shaped little sink and a single-burner camping stove. You can cook outside thanks to this wonderful device. A functioning refrigerator is to its right.

A platform double bed plus drawers are located in the van’s back. There is a tiny, mobile ottoman next to it that serves as a seat. There is a pull-out table in the back of the car that you may use to brew coffee or do work. We adore how this van has so many ingenious features.

Homely Hiace Camper

Homely Hiace Camper 

To travel around Australia, Shannon, and Kyle turned their Hiace into a compact house on wheels. They installed solar panels and a side awning on the roof, which shields them from the sun and the elements outside.

They constructed an L-shaped kitchen with a sink and refrigerator inside, behind the front seats. They constructed a platform bed to take up the maximum amount of room, filling the rest of the space in the van. They can work or eat at the piece of it that transforms into a mini-dinette close to the kitchen.

The boys equipped the vehicle with shelves, hangers, a small cork board, and other items to make it appear like it was their home. The end result is a comfortable mobile home with tons of storage.

Toyota Proace Campers

Toyota debuted two modernized camper van designs at the current Barcelona 2021 International Caravaning Exhibition. Spanish outfitter Tinkervan transforms the camper vans.

Salutations to the Proace City Small Camper and Verso Camper. You have the choice of an eight-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission with a 1.5- or 2.0-liter motor.

There is no 4WD available for either model; only 2WD. Although the Proace camper vans only have 2WD, Toyota campers are strong enough to get you some distance off-road.

The Proace Verso Camper

The Proace Verso Camper

Tinkervan removed the factory-installed roof off the Proace Verso and replaced it with a tent in order to transform the van into something much more. The improved top also includes with an awning.

The van also received rotating chairs, a modular kitchen, a 10.5-gallon refrigerator, and a sink with a 12V water pump from Tinkervan. A separate storage area houses a propane tank, a water delivery system, and a cooktop burner as well.

There are two body lengths for the Proace Verso Camper: medium and long. Four configurations are available to drivers, all of which include a different set of features. Toyota called the arrangement it displayed at the expo the Nomad Plus Home Finish.

This design offers the maximum amount of features—a 40l fridge, swiveling seats, pop-up top, and a moveable kitchen sink. It can sleep four persons as well.

Toyota’s Proace City Mini Camper

Toyota’s Proace City Mini Camper

The adapted Proace City Mini Camper accommodates four people—two on the modular bed in the interior and two on the rooftop tent. The tent is approachable by a ladder on the exterior.

The kitchen sink in the Proace Verso Camper is not present in this van. The Proace City Small Camper is likewise offered with two body lengths but only one configuration, Outfun. You get movable beds, pull-out tables, swiveling chairs, and a fridge here.

Although it only sleeps two, the Proace City Small Camper can accommodate five people. For this model, the rooftop tent and awning are available as options.

Toyota Camper Van Modified from MPV to Mini RV

Toyota Camper Van Modified from MPV to Mini RV

With numerous years of expertise creating hybrid and “tribrid” camper vans, Campervan Co. has historically been regarded as one of the world’s leading pioneers in the hybrid camper van market. The Scottish company has now introduced some of its cutting-edge innovations to the market for pure-electric RVs. For zero-emissions touring and camping, the new Toyota Proace Electric-based Eco Revolution uses a solar-assisted dual-battery architecture. The Revolution boasts a convertible cabin that can accommodate up to seven people from Campervan Co, ensuring that its 205-mile (330-km) electric powertrain isn’t wasted back in the city.

It is hardly unexpected that the Proace Electric served as the foundation for Campervan Co.’s first entirely electric camper van. Since launching the Eco Pioneer in 2016, the business has been transforming Toyota Alphard Hybrid vans for the imported Japanese market. The collaboration continues seamlessly into the all-electric potential as Campervan Co constructs each Eco Revolution atop a brand-new electric Proace that gives up to 205 miles (330 km) of WLTP range when fitted with a 75-kWh battery or 143 miles (230 km) with a 50-kWh pack.

The PSA/Stellantis Group’s midsize van, previously branded as the Citroen Jumpy, Peugeot Expert, Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro, and, most notably, the Fiat Scudo, is the Toyota-badged version. However, this is the first Proace Electric conversion we’ve seen and unquestionably one of the first all-electric Toyota camper vans in the world. We’ve been seeing campers premised on the electric variants of some of these commercial vans or their passenger van equivalents, such as the Vauxhall and Citroen.

The Pioneer II mixed camper van that Campervan Co debuted last year employs a purely electric camper kit, and this company has fitted one in the Eco Revolution to ensure that the Eco Revolution can equal its zero-emissions motoring with zero-emissions camping. All of the van’s internal camping gear, such as the induction stove, LED lighting, and space heater, is supplied by a 230-Ah 24-V lithium recreational battery, so there’s no need for an LPG tank.

The Eco Revolution comes with a 240-V adapter for connecting to the mains to power the camp and charge devices. Off-grid, the battery may be recharged with up to 930 watts of built-in solar power. Thus according estimations from Campervan Co., the van can go without a plug for up to two weeks while camping alone.

An all-electric campervan with such a pure-electric zero-gas camping design is already a very sustainable and environmentally good choice, plus Campervan Co had one more objective in mind for reaching a trifecta of sustainability. It concluded that its e-camper van would need to serve as both a daily car and a second vehicle because doing so is fundamentally wasteful and goes against the essence of lean, eco-friendly living.

Campervan Co achieves its purpose with a detachable kitchen block that can be changed out for a third second-row seat. The Green Revolution transforms into a competent seven-seat minivan suitable to handle regular family driving when you remove the optional second two-seat bench from inside and place it next to the permanently built camper wardrobe.

The Green Revolution has four seats and four sleeping beds when it is used as a camper, allowing some room for luggage and equipment. The two-seat “rock-and-roll” bench expands into a double bed after folding out into a dining lounge with the addition of the dining table. An additional double bed is housed in the pop-up roof.

The dining table doubles as an outside table, which will please those who want to entertain themselves outside the van. The bidirectional “omni-slide” stove platform from Campervan Co. is located in the kitchen area and slides out the side door for outside cooking. A solid wood worktop, as well as a sink, are also included in the kitchen.

Before its anticipated public debut at the Camping, Caravan, and Motorhome show in Birmingham, UK, later this month, Campervan Co. unveiled the Environmental Revolution on Wednesday. Preorders for the camper, which costs £69,995 (about US$86,700) and also has four seats and a lower-range 50-kWh traction battery as standard, are already available. Priced at £4,999 (US$6,200), the 75-kWh battery and seven-seat package are available as upgrades. A variety of awnings, and electric cooking appliances such as microwaves, toasters, air fryers, and water heaters are further choices.


Have you fallen head over heels for the Toyota Hiace or even Toyota Proace after witnessing these amazing builds? Begin hunting for a pre-owned Toyota Hiace or Proace camper van in the US or hold off and see if production begins soon. You might even consider employing an importer to bring a car into the country if you have the money for it. Even if you haven’t decided which camper to get yet, you can always make sure to take your time to be able to find the most suitable camper van that you want to convert as your customized RV!

What to Know About Toyota Camper Van
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