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9 Best South Padre Island RV Parks To Visit

South Padre Island’s gorgeous beaches are excellent for a family holiday in the presence of nature. Visitors who want to plunge into the sea or sit around a bonfire on the beach can find plenty of fascinating excursions in the pleasant island atmosphere. South Padre Island has everything, whether that’s capturing a breathtaking view of migratory birds as they swoop above or peering beneath the waves to see rescued marine turtles.

Numerous RV resorts on South Padre Island make it so much easier than ever to preserve the beauty without compromising contemporary conveniences. These South Padre RV Parks each have somewhat unique to give visitors looking to put their feet on the beach. Before you can go on your upcoming tropical excursion, check out this list of the top RV parks in South Padre Island.

The 9 Best South Padre Island RV Parks

While arranging a trip might be tough, fully equipped RV parks in South Padre Island, Texas need no effort. RV parks in South Texas have a well-deserved track record of delivering convenience and entertainment.

We’ve compiled a selection of the top RV parks on South Padre Island for you all to check out. Four of the parks selected will be on the island, with the remaining parks located in the nearby cities.

Isla Blanca County Park Campground

Location: 33174 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX 78597

Website: https://www.cameroncountytx.gov/parks-coastal-parks/parks-isla-blanca/

Contact: (956) 761-5494

The Isla Blanca County Park Campground should be first on the ranking. We chose this Southern Texas RV Park as that of the top of the ranking selection for various reasons.

You’ll have a great view from this location, which is in the southernmost part of South Padre Island, TX. The park’s mile-long coastline, which touches the Gulf of Mexico, is stunning. If you’re looking for water-based leisure activities, this is the place to go. Plus, based on where you park, you might be able to see dolphins straight from your RV.

During the summer, the Isla Blanca County Park Campground provides fully equipped beach leasing opportunities. During the wintertime, hours may change or concessions might shut down. While looking for an RV resort in South Padre Island, this really is certainly a one-stop-shop. It’s also a common family vacation spot.

At the oceanfront pavilions, there are onsite restaurant services, as well as over 600 RV sites with full hookups. At Isla Blanca County Park Campground, you’ll discover infinite entertainment, from adequate parking to various jetties to surf fishing plus bay fishing amenities.

There are plenty of restrooms and facilities, as well as shaded picnic places. This VIP South Padre Island RV Park is a wonderful choice for outdoor and beach enthusiasts because it contains a range of water activities.

Andy Bowie County Park

Location: 7300 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX 78597

Website: https://www.cameroncountytx.gov/parks-coastal-parks/parks-andy-bowie/

Contact: (956) 761-3704

Andy Bowie County Park features everything you’ll need for a fantastic outdoor adventure. You’ll have immediate access to seaside activities because this South Padre Island RV Park is situated on the Gulf of Mexico’s coastlines.

There are lots of seaside things to pick from, from beach picnicking to cobalt tide surfing underneath the pavilion. Furthermore, if you enjoy cooking, you will enjoy barbecuing BBQ at your own RV site.

This facility has it all, from beach rentals and exclusive bathing facilities to park food vendors. Andy Bowie County Park on South Padre Island allows you to create personalized RV camping experiences.

Most tourists and campers have access to the water, showers, and facilities. The park is situated directly across from the South Padre Island Convention Center, which organizes a variety of special events during the year. Make a point of visiting Andy Bowie County Park when you’re in the South Padre Island area.

South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park

Location: 1 Padre Blvd South Padre Island, TX 78597

Website: https://koa.com/campgrounds/south-padre/

Contact: (956) 761-5665

If you’re searching for palm palms and pristine beaches, the South Padre Island KOA Holiday will just not fail. The South Padre Island KOA Holiday has all of the accommodations you’ll need to get away from everything.

Consider visiting the South Padre Island KOA Holiday if you’re searching for a great area to play, engage, and rest. You’ll never run out of things to do or travel destinations around!

There are numerous outdoor seaside activities available, notably high-quality swimming pools. In addition, you and your travel companions will have the opportunity to supper at a few of the area’s best top restaurants. The KOA Patio and onsite premium cottages give the RV sites a wonderful experience for everyone who visits.

Visitors can relax with snack bars, hot tubs, and even more of all the amenities. South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park is a fantastic choice because of its pleasant accommodations and well-equipped RV sites.

Their swimming pools are accessible all year, and there is free WiFi and cable television. The pavilion’s on-site places to eat will keep you entertained for a long time. For most tourists, the fishing and hot tub capabilities make this a terrific vacation.

They are prepared to greet you at the South Padre Island KOA Holiday RV Park. Bring your pop-up camper or maybe even a 98-meter-long RV! There’s a spot for you right here!


  • 50 Max Amp
  • 98′ Max Length
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable TV
  • Pool (Open Year-Round)
  • Hot Tub / Sauna
  • Snack Bar
  • Propane
  • Fishing
  • Pavilion
  • KampK9
  • Free Shuttle, THE METRO
  • Kampstore
  • KOA Boat Ramps, free to guests
  • Pool
  • Sandy Playground
  • Sunset Deck

Edwin King Atwood Park

Location: 27159 State Park Rd 100, South Padre Island, TX 78597

Website: https://www.cameroncountytx.gov/parks-coastal-parks/parks-edwin-king-atwood/

Contact: +1 956-761-3704

If you’re looking for a beachfront RV park in South Padre Island, one certainly won’t have any trouble finding one. Even though most parks in South Texas include access to the beach, not even all of these fulfill the demand of visitors. Edwin King Atwood Park will suit your requirements and is deserving of a place on your itinerary.

It is a boondocking spot, therefore there are no hookups. To remain here, you should be self-contained. Also, consider driving on the sand it can work, but it could also keep you trapped. Near to the tide-line is the toughest sand. Because the water rushes in and out frequently, park below the tide line!

If you’ve already visited a South Texas RV park, you’ve probably noticed the hustle and activity. Edwin King Atwood Park provides complete seclusion from the Southside explorers’ day-to-night bustle.

A note of warning: Edwin King Atwood Park is accessible to automobile traffic. During weekends, when tourists come to stay, the beach might get crowded. Some people will sleep in the rear of their truck or van.

Tourists and campers alike like taking long walks on the beach alongside their four-legged companions. There are plenty of bathrooms and a handy boardwalk that leads to the beach. Choose a sun-drenched picnic table near the beach’s entrance gate at your preferred pavilion.

Because the location is practically fully covered with beach sand, carry the correct RV to prevent having trapped. If this occurs, do not even forget to contact the customer services at Edwin King Atwood Park in South Texas; staff may be able to assist or a local passer-by may be able to assist as well!

Tarpon RV Park and Marina – South Padre Island

Location: 226 Basin St, Port Isabel, TX 78578, United States

Website: https://www.tarponrvparkandmarina.net/

Contact: (956) 943-2040

Every Texan, including “temporary” Texans, are encouraged to park at the Tarpon RV Park and Marina! This welcoming campground is located in the great town of Port Isabel, Texas, inside the delightful Lower Rio Grande Valley on the magnificent Gulf of Mexico, and is accessible all year. South Padre Island, including its stunning white sand beaches, well-known eateries and nightclubs, and tranquil parks, is just a short drive from the park.

Port Isabel is just over the bridge from South Padre Island. A 55+ RV park is also available. This implies that only persons aged 55 and up are permitted to stay.

The Tarpon RV Park and Marina have roughly 36 enabled RV parking spaces. It’s worth noting that this park caters more to locals than tourists.

Use the boat docks at Tarpon RV Park and Marina to arrange a nighttime or day fishing adventure. Alternatively, you can fish from the RV park’s docks. Featuring these boat docks and a marina, as well as 36 RV spaces, Tarpon RV Park and Marina is an excellent choice for a peaceful camping vacation.

They are the ideal spot for an RV vacation because of our wonderful facilities and place, as well as their accessibility to certain other area sights.

Port Isabel Marina and RV Park

Location: 504 Hwy. 100 Port Isabel, TX 78578

Website: https://www.portisabelmarinaandrvpark.com/

Contact: 956-943-3373

Port Isabel Marina and RV Park is right across the bridge from South Padre Island in Port Isabel. They have both inner and seaside property available. The RV park caters to campers seeking the most appropriate style of camping for their requirements.

Port Isabel Marina & RV Park is conveniently located just on the channel in Port Isabel, TX, and provides a friendly and flexible environment with palm trees waving in the air, wonderful views of the channel, and, if you’re lucky, a dolphin dancing for guests.

Water and sewer hookups are available, as well as basic television, a wash facility, and a small dock and boat launch. For a price, you can use the shower and bath facilities.

WiFi, TVs, baths, lavatories, and even domestic utilities are available on the lots. The goal of operating this well-equipped RV resort is to attract campers returning for extended stays all of the time.

Guests, both short term and long term, are accepted all year!

Tropical Trails RV Resort

Location: 3605 FM 511 Brownsville, TX 78526

Website: https://www.tropicaltrailsrvresort.com/

Contact: 956-338-4040

The wonderful Tropical Trails RV Resort park in South Texas is approximately 150 acres in size. Tropical Trails RV Resorts has become one of the best options for campers because of the beautiful land surrounding the Rio Grande Valley. It should be about 30 minutes near South Padre Island near Brownsville.

Tropical Trails RV Resorts’ protection makes it an excellent choice for guests wishing to relax in a big spot with their preferred RVs. The entrances at Tropical Trails RV Resorts are kept locked and secured at all times.

Whereas the property spans 150 acres, the RV spots are now at least 50-55 feet apart, ensuring that you won’t feel isolated during your visit to Tropical Trails.

Optical fiber cables have been erected at each pedestal in the park. Visitors will have access to high-speed internet throughout their stay, allowing anyone to stay engaged. Since the network is guarded and reinforced through encryption methods, you can conduct financial transactions without fear of being hacked.

Many people choose this beautiful location because of the rental cabins, on-site dining, and accessibility of pubs. To get away from your stressful routine, consider visiting Tropical Trails RV Resorts. This location is unlike other crowded RV parks that may provide similar amenities.

Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park

Location: 1129 N. Minnesota Ave. Brownsville, TX 78521

Website: https://www.valleyrvparks.com/

Contact: 956-831-4852

Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park in South Texas is designed for campers and RV campers. It’s worth noting that it’s home to a large number of winter Texans who keep coming in for a month or above.

The vast majority of guests who arrived with a small circle of participants have returned with a bigger group. Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park is where lasting friendships are formed. Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park offer a variety of events, from sports tournaments to dance events, that make it worthwhile to spend time on site.

The RV sites and rental rooms are all rather large. Your RV must be no more than 16 feet tall and 60 feet long. The entire location has a variety of low-cost lodging options.

Try the new customer incentives and bundles at Sunset Palms RV and Mobile Home Park if you’re a first-time guest. The management and operators hope that everyone has an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Palmdale RV Resort

Location: 30910 State Highway 100 Los Fresnos Texas 78566

Website: https://www.palmdalervresort.com/

Contact: 956-399-8694

Palmdale RV Resort is around 40 minutes away from South Padre Island in Los Fresnos, Texas. This RV Resort has always been immensely popular period and offers all of the amenities a camper could ever want. You will also have a wonderful holiday at Palmdale RV Resort, regardless if you visit on sunny days or plan a terrific outdoorsy trip even during winter period.

The resort’s customer support team will immediately respond to all inquiries and fix any difficulties. Because of how fast they resolve complaints, Palmdale RV Resort has developed life-long connections with campers. Because it’s a family-owned and operated RV park, no one feels out of place.

There are 200 RV sites available, each with high-speed wifi, luxurious rental mattresses, and hot tubs, offering it as a fantastic vacation destination.

Palmdale RV Resort should be on your must-see list if you’re planning a trip to the Rio Grande Valley. If you explore Palmdale RV Resort in South Padre Island, Texas, you will never again be bored even when you’re alone or with friends, family, and even kids.

Wrap Up

South Texas’ vast array of recreational RV resorts or campsites has made it a favorite destination for RVers from all over the country. If anyone plan on staying on South Padre Island for a week, we suggest Isla Blanca County Park or Edwin King Atwood Park if you enjoy boondocking and therefore aren’t afraid of being trapped in the sands or the sea creeping up on you!

There really are numerous enjoyable and fun recreation on the island, including horseback riding, surfing, and bird viewing, as well as the Laguna Madre Nature Trail.

Please visit the official web pages of the RV parks and campgrounds listed above. You can reach out to the site via their website or by phone.

With South Padre Island, you can always enjoy the great outdoors on your next trip even if you bring extra vehicles for your pets or your big group, you will not regret coming to these RV parks. One can always escape their normal daily lives in the city and enjoy a relaxing space in any of these locations plus the recreational activities that will help you unwind and feel comfortable. If you decide to visit this place in your next group trip and fun camping, consider everything we have listed down for you so that you can be prepared and you can choose the perfect and more ideal RV park to your liking!

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