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11 Small 5th Wheel Trailers to Consider For Your Next Trip

LOVE camping in your RV, but keep finding yourself WANTING for an even smaller one? Don’t worry because this is perfectly normal!

Some fifth wheel trailers are really just too large and hard to travel with.

Save on your expenses too, as we are here to share with you our 11 FAVORITE SMALL FIFTH WHEELS!

Our Top 11 Small Fifth Wheel Trailer Recommendations… Take Your Pick!

Winnebago Minnie Plus 29RBH: Best Overall

Source: Winnebago.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 33’9″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 11’11”
  • Interior Height: 7’9″
  • Dry Weight: 6,280 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 740 lbs
  • Total Floorplans: 6

The Winnebago small 5th wheel offers an IMPRESSIVE classic camping feel, making it our BEST OVERALL PICK.

First, it is decently sized with a gross vehicle weight of 9,995 lbs. These measurements are in proportion with the perfectly prescribed tow vehicle for most trailers!

To maximize space, it also has TWO SLIDEOUTS that extend the living space of the fifth wheel for a MASTER SUITE and ENTERTAINMENT CENTER… and yes, it has a queen-size bed AND seat recliners.

Add to these features are the U-shaped kitchen with the following apparatus:

  • Double-door refrigerator
  • Three-burner oven
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Microwave

That’s quite a LOT of features supported by its LARGE holding tank capacities as well:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 50 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 41 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 82 gallons

Another feature to LOVE is the overall sleek design of the Minnie Plus small 5th wheel. Its exterior is coated with an LED-lit glass cover that makes the design WORK for its FUNCTION and AESTHETIC.

You also get a choice of over HALF A DOZEN COLOR CHOICES! Feel free to either camouflage your fifth wheel trailer in the forest OR have it stand out.

The only tradeoff, though? The additional storage comes in the form of CARPETED STORAGE under each dinette bench. This is highly inaccessible and inconvenient for some campers.

However, despite preferring drawers… one can’t deny just HOW MUCH space these carpeted ones add to the fifth wheel camper.


  • Classic and spacious design
  • Sufficient storage and carrying capacity
  • High customizability
  • Decently sized and sufficient holding tank capacities


  • Location of additional storage

Grand Design Reflection 150 260RD: Best Value

Source: Granddesignrv.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 29’9″
  • Exterior Width: 7’4″
  • Exterior Height: 12′
  • Total Floorplans: 5

The Reflection 150 260RD is a small 5th wheel trailer from the reputable Grand Design team. It’s our BEST VALUE PICK.

THE 260RD is a mid-range travel trailer you should get if you’re looking for camping over a LONG period of time.

Firstly feel comfortable with a MASTER SUITE that features a queen bed, oversized underbed storage, and a king-size wardrobe. This master bedroom is also easily connected to an enclosed bathroom.

Enjoy all of these with LARGE TANK CAPACITIES:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 62 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 39 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 71 gallons

The small 5th wheel trailer is also EASILY TOWABLE with a hitch weight of just around 1,325 lbs. Route planning is virtually seen to NOT be a problem at all.

The gross weight of 9,9995 lbs justifies this all the more to its market of long-term camping. Some even make a HOME out of this travel trailer, which is a testament to its provided amenities and comfort.

Other features of the 260RD 5th wheel include:

  • Heated wall hugger theater seating with LED lights & massage
  • “One-Touch” electric LED awning
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Outside showers
  • Motion sensor pass through and entry lighting

You generally wouldn’t encounter any problems with this fifth wheel… you can EASILY expect the basic features out of a camper as well.

Just maybe anticipate its high price offering at $57,000.


  • Assured basic features
  • Quality and luxurious features
  • Designed for travels of longer periods of time or home building


  • Expensive

Scamp 19-Foot Deluxe Small Fifth Wheel Camper: Best Budget Pick

Source: Scamptrailers.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 19′
  • Exterior Width: 6’8″
  • Exterior Height: 8’10”
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Total Floorplans: 2

Priced at just below $20,000, the Scamo 19-Foot Delux small fifth wheel trailer is NOT ONLY our Best Budget Pick… it’s also the SMALLEST fifth wheel camper on our list!

Size is an important factor, especially for already SMALL fifth wheel campers. This is why small fifth wheels make up for it in HEIGHT… and the Scamp 5th wheel does NOT disappoint.

But don’t worry! The fifth wheel trailer will STILL be cleared from ALL BRIDGES AND OVERHANGS.

Rather than being extremely tall, the Scamp 5th wheel features everything PROPORTIONAL to its size:

  • Cargo capacity of 1000 lbs (which is actually HUGE for this size)
  • Small holding tasks: 12 gallons for freshwater, 9.5 gallons for blackwater, and 21 gallons for gray water
  • Miniature interior with a queen-size loft bed
  • Two-burner stove

These features make the Scamp 5th wheel perfect for an AUTHENTIC CAMPING EXPERIENCE. The manufacturers even highly encourage using other public facilities for utilities, such as a full wet bath.

This 5th wheel may have almost every feature limited in size relative to others, but it does a GREAT job serving its purpose.


  • Affordable
  • Small and lightweight for ease of towing
  • Features that are proportional to the size


  • Limited features and floorplans
  • Relatively tight spaces and sleeping space

KZ Sportsmen 231RK

Source: Kz-rv.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 24’5″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 11’11”
  • Interior Height: 6’3″
  • Total Floorplans: 6

The 231RK may be categorized along with small fifth wheel campers, but DO NOT BE FOOLED. It’s REALLY LONG for its size at almost 25 feet!

What’s even greater about the 231RK is that it has storage tanks designed for a BOONDOCKING RV LIFESTYLE:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 45 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 53 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 85 gallons

These numbers are HUGE for their size.

The KZ Sportsmen 5th wheel’s length also allows for slideout features. This means MORE SPACE in the form of expendable rooms. The 5th wheel also utilizes this by having:

  • A kitchen with a three-burner range, microwave, and a compact refrigerator
  • A master suite with a queen-size bed
  • A full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower
  • A retractable awning

In terms of size, it also has a dry weight of around 6,150 lbs and a payload capacity of up to 1,350 lbs. The 231RK 5th wheel definitely packs more than it shows.

The only downside is that you may have a hard time lugging the 5th wheel around… yes, despite it being built for boondocking.


  • More spacious than other small 5th wheel trailers
  • Complete features and luxurious amenities
  • Large tank capacities


  • May be hard to tow vehicle around

Palomino Puma 253FBS

Source: Palominorv.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 28′
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 12’2″
  • Awning Size: 17′
  • Hitch Weight: 1,128 lbs
  • Total Floorplans: 6

The Puma 253FBS is a decent-sized and spaciously designed camper. Moreover, it’s an affordable small 5th wheel trailer with a LOT of luxurious features:

  • Solar panels
  • Pass-through storage
  • Back-up camera
  • Exterior speakers
  • Outside shower

But what’s TRULY great about the Puma 5th wheel is its wide electric awning with LED LIGHTS. You can definitely have a great time both inside AND outside of your RV!

This awning feature goes hand in hand with the HIGH CUSTOMIZABILITY of the 5th wheel.

The Puma 253FBS is also considered to be SPACIOUS most especially because of the U-shaped dining area design. This makes everything easily accessible: the kitchen, the entertainment section, AND the master suite.

The interior is already well-decorated for a modern finish and even more so designed with ADDITIONAL storage! Don’t be surprised at all to see racks and more cabinets over your high-density foam mattress.

Holding tanks are also capable of storing A LOT… well enough for a boondocking RV travel destination.

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 43 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 35 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 69 gallons

Of course, there is a downside to this small 5th wheel: it’s not as high quality as other campers you’ll find in the market… but it does make up for it with the number of features you’re getting.


  • Lots of features
  • Spacious and well-crafted design
  • Large tank capacities


  • Finish is not as high quality as others

Chaparral Lite 25MKS

Source: Coachmenrv.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 29’3″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 11’10”
  • Hitch Weight: 1,307 lbs
  • Total Floorplans: 5

The Chaparral Lite small 5th wheel is another affordable camper on this list! At over 29 feet, this is already considered to be on the larger side of SMALL 5th wheels travel trailers.

It’s spacious enough with TWO SLIDEOUTS that feature its kitchen pantry and extra storage.

You can also perfectly fit a queen-size bed, a tri-fold sofa, and various kitchen appliances around the trailer.

The entertainment section is also decked with theater seating AND a high-quality TV if that’s more of your entertainment type! There is also a fireplace perfect for a cold stay-in.

However, there IS a trade-off: the relatively smaller capacity for its holding tanks:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 33 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 33 gallons

Regardless, feel free to also relax under an awning decorated with an LED light strip. Just remember to TURN THIS OFF before… some complain that it’s too bright for a camping trip.


  • Affordable
  • Spacious camper
  • Weather adaptability


  • Smaller holding tank capacity

Northwood Fox Mountain 235RL

Source: Northwoodmfg.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 27’10”
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 12’9″
  • Cargo Capacity: 3239 lbs
  • Total Floorplans: 2

The 235RL 5th wheel has an average length for a small camper, albeit on the taller side at almost 13 feet.

The trailer MAXIMIZES this space by loading in an L-shaped design kitchen.

This is glammed up with LOTS of counter space, a refrigerator, and a dinette and pantry that extends into its SINGLE SLIDEOUT FEATURE.

This space is also home to a sofa bed upgradeable to twin recliners and a master suite with a private toilet and bath.

You’ll also find it convenient as the suite’s queen bed has charging stations on both its side for 12-volt DC and USB ports.

The Northwood Fox Mountain 235RL also has decently sized tanks. More notable would be its value for its freshwater capacity:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 59 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 36 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 42 gallons

Perhaps its downside is its high gross vehicle weight of 11,500 lbs. This is heavier than most trailers on our list, so you may find it a little hard to drive around.

However, the 5th wheel does come with a 4,205-pound cargo capacity. This, along with its outdoor features, could be useful for longer AND camp-heavy trips!


  • Spacious design
  • Outdoor space features
  • Decently sized tanks


  • Heavy gross vehicle weight

Escape 5.0

Source: Escapetrailer.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 21’2″
  • Exterior Width: 7’4″
  • Exterior Height: 10′
  • Hitch Weight: 646 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 3,910 lbs

The Escape 5.0 5th wheel is another COMPACT and LIGHTWEIGHT camper that can be easily towed by a half-ton truck.

It’s HIGHLY maneuverable with a LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY and DECREASED WIND RESISTANCE. It’s strong and durable, too.

More on its compact size, the Escape 5.0 is still able to have features you might only expect from regular sized campers:

  • A queen bed
  • A 6.7 cubic feet refrigerator
  • A full wet bath with a glass shower enclosure
  • A kitchen with a two-burner mount and stainless steel finish
  • Extra storage for microwave space

Its tank capacities are also just perfect for short weekend travels… they’re not too heavy to contribute much to your gross vehicle weight capacity of 5,500 lbs:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 28 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 30 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 28 gallons

However, this gross weight might be limiting for some campers who are after a comfortable trip.


  • Small and lightweight for ease of towing
  • Decently sized tanks for a short weekend trip


  • Limited cargo weight

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2442BS

Source: Forestriverinc.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 28’11”
  • Exterior Width: 7’4″
  • Exterior Height: 13’1″
  • Hitch Dry Weight: 1,252 lbs
  • Total Floorplans: 15

The Rockwood Ultra Lite 2442BS 5th wheel is another camper you should consider.

Forest River is one of the most reliable RV manufacturers in the RV industry. This is apparent in the QUALITY BUILD of the travel trailer.

It has laminated fiberglass sidewalls and a fully coated aluminum frame. This is perfect for its extended space, thanks to its TWO SLIDEOUTS.

The U-shaped dinette also leads to the master suite with a private entrance to a dual-entry bathroom.

What’s even more reassuring is that you may even go and try for a little boondocking, especially with these holding tank capacities:

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 54 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Graywater tank capacity: 80 gallons

Moreover, feel free to spend your time both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE of your small fifth wheel camper with outdoor features like

  • Outdoor surround sound speakers
  • Outdoor grill
  • Awning

This Forest River 5th wheel trailer may just become a bit too heavy depending on the additional RV gear.


  • Luxurious outdoor features
  • Decently sized tanks good for boondocking
  • Lots of possible floorplans


  • May become too heavy

Jayco Eagle HT 25.5REOK

Source: Jayco.com

Key Measurements

  • Exterior Length: 28’8″
  • Exterior Width: 8′
  • Exterior Height: 12’11”
  • Interior Height: 7’10”
  • Awning: 20′
  • Total Floorplans: 8

The Eagle HT 25.5REOK 5th wheel is PERFECT for a trip across the Midwest!

Aesthetically, this trailer does not offer that much for its customization. This makes it EASY for Eagle HT to market itself towards a community that plans to blend in with the other RVs of the Midwest.

Its main features include WIDE TANK CAPACITIES. Most notable should also be its TWO GRAYWATER TANKS that separate bathroom use from kitchen use.

  • Freshwater tank capacity: 42 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 32.5 gallons
  • Graywater tanks (2) capacity: 65 gallons

This might be a problem if you are NOT stopping at multiple destinations. Make sure to dump and refill your tanks every now and then.

Other than this, the Eagle HT 25.5 REOK 5th wheel is a decently sized trailer with most of the basic features you would expect it to have. It is also quite SPACIOUS with a lot more legroom than most on this list.

Lastly, this Jayco camper is easily towable with a hitch dry weight of 1,405 lbs and a cargo capacity of 2,440 lbs.


  • Efficient dumping system because of its tanks
  • Decent features for a trip around the Midwest


  • Need for multiple tank dumping and refilling
  • Low customizability

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Small 5th Wheel Trailer?

It’s quite simple: they are your typical fifth wheel trailer BUT SMALLER.

Smaller in this sense could either refer to length OR overall surface area. Of course, compared to a regular fifth wheel trailer.

This also directly addresses the loss of storage space due to a regular fifth wheel truck bed.

What Makes Small 5th Wheel Trailers Small?

As we’ve mentioned, smaller usually translates to a decrease in LENGTH or OVERALL SURFACE AREA.

For small fifth wheel trailers, this would mean an offset in HEIGHT… SMALL campers are usually TALLER than regular campers.

For a new camper, you might want to consider these rules of thumb:

  • Expect an additional 2 feet in overall height
  • Allot more time and attention for route planning
  • Plot routes with high clearances

We’ve noticed that the HEIGHT of your 5th wheel may become a huge problem only in SPECIFIC PARTS OF THE US: the western region, to be exact.

Most clearance issues were experienced farther into the northeast area of RV travel destinations.

Are Small 5th Wheel Trailers Towable Behind a Truck?

Quick answer: YES.

To know if your tow vehicle can successfully accommodate a small fifth wheel trailer, you would want to satisfy TWO THINGS:

  • Truck Towing Capacity > Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • Truck Payload Capacity > Trailer Hitch Weight

Small trailers CAN be towed even by a mid-size truck. This is in STARK COMPARISON with regular 5th wheels as you might need tow vehicles that are one-ton trucks.

Are Small Fifth Wheel Trailers Easier to Tow Than Travel Trailers?

This depends on your DRIVING SKILL as an operator… it will also help if you have a companion to help you navigate and guide you through parking.

However, campers DO report that it is a little bit harder to tow smaller trailers.

  • Mounting is less secure
  • Pivot point is farther from the rear tires
  • More likely to be affected by wind resistance

This can ALL be traced back to how smaller campers are taller. This means that if they’re NOT hinged and secured properly, their balance may be off.

Why Buy a Small Fifth Wheel Camper?

A small 5th wheel trailer is EASIER TO MANEUVER.

A regular fifth wheel travel trailer may seem like the MOST IDEAL RVs out there, but they DO come with some drawbacks:

  • You would need LARGE TRUCKS for towing, and
  • You might lose storage space in the truck bed

The maneuverability guaranteed by a small travel trailer makes it EASIER TO TOW even by a common half-ton truck. You may also get to save on fuel and end up with SPACIOUS FLOORPLANS.

Despite being small, a 5th wheel trailer may generally save on space and have you opt to maximize the features provided by OUTSIDE FACILITIES.

A Recap of the Top Fifth Wheels

Scamp 19-Foot Deluxe Small Fifth Wheel Camper: Best Budget Pick

As our budget pick, you will NOT get anything less from the Scamp 19-Foot Deluxe Camper! Yes, it does come at a lower price point, but it achieves this by offering its features PROPORTIONAL to its size.

The smaller legroom and sleeping space are all justified for COMFORT and ease of travel.

You should definitely choose this if you’re tight on a budget but would still want to travel RV-style!

Grand Design Reflection 150 260RD: Best Value Pick

It’s ALWAYS okay to spend a bit more if you’re assured that the trailer’s FEATURES WILL MAKE UP FOR IT. The Reflection 150 260RD is our value pick because it provides just that!

You should definitely choose this trailer if you are after ALL the basic features designed for a LONG TRAVEL. It’s also worth it to consider this for a more permanent housing situation.

Winnebago Minnie Plus 29RBH: Best Overall Pick

As our overall pick, you can expect to get most of your desired features out of the Minnie Plus 29RBH! You should especially choose this small fifth wheel if what you’re after is STORAGE.

Not only do you get the CLASSIC FEEL OF A CAMPER, but you also get to engage in its high customizability of features! It helps that the design also advocates for the importance of SPACE.


Choosing a SMALL fifth wheel trailer is not as easy as it looks. You have to consider its MANEUVERABILITY, COMFORT, FEATURES, and of course… the PURPOSE OF YOUR TRAVEL.

We hope our list gave you some ideas about which trailers to choose for your next trip!

Have we finally convinced you yet? Or have you at least had any experiences that come with small fifth wheels? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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