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An Overview to the Vintage Shasta Camper: Prices, Specs, and Review

When you start arranging your next spectacular vacation to your favorite campsite, imagine your stay in one of the Shasta travel trailers! These simple-to-tow travel trailers are great for families or couples searching for an easy method to make their camping fantasies a reality.

Introduction to Shasta RV Vintage Trailers

It all began in 1941 when the Shasta Trailer Company opened a facility in Los Angeles, California, to manufacture mobile home trailers for the United States Armed Forces. Following World War II, they began selling mobile homes under the Cozy Cruiser brand. The year 1952 marked the first year that the Shasta brand was produced in Van Nuys and shipped to customers. Models ranging in length from 14′ to 35′ were available. During this time period, the boom in mobile homes and travel trailers was in full swing, and the Shasta brand was in high demand among consumers. Shasta constructed a new factory in Goshen, Indiana, in April 1958 to meet the growing demand for its products.

The characteristic wings were first added to the Shasta travel trailer series in the late 1950s and remained on trailers and even some motorhomes until the early 1980s, when they were discontinued. During this time period, the Shasta trailer brand was the most popular trailer brand in the United States. That is why, even after all these time, “Vintage” Shastas continue to be so popular and readily accessible everywhere you look.

By the beginning of 1963, Shasta had expanded to include a second manufacturing facility in Leola, Pennsylvania, and was producing five distinct trailer styles. Later in the same year, the all-new model 1500 was introduced to 5-star reviews and was quickly sold out. Once again, demonstrating to the general people that the value that has been put into the Shasta brand is well worth the low cost!

With the debut of the revised Compat model in 1964, the first of the “square-ish” Shastas was unveiled for the first time. Its leaner, cleaner lines were a foreshadowing of what was to come, and the general public reacted well to it as well. By the end of 1966, all of the Shasta trailers would have been redesigned to have a more contemporary appearance. Production facilities have also been established in Grapevine, Texas, and Battle Ground, Washington, among other locations.

During 1969, the brand new Loflyte was introduced to the market, and it quickly became a popular with the RVing audience. Because of the high demand for Shastas, a sixth factory was built in Columbia, South Carolina, to accommodate the increased production. The company had approximately 500 Shasta dealers around the United States by 1973, all of whom were providing all-new models with attractive interiors and all-new exterior style, which included strong striping down the sides. They were a little smaller than they had been, but they were still there!

For most of the 1960s and beyond, the “wings” on the rear sides served as a distinguishing feature. Coachmen Industries acquired the trademark. Before 2004, Shasta travel trailers were marketed by Coachmen. Only vintage trailers were marketed until 2008 so when brand was resurrected complete with its legendary shasta wings. There are no gas engines in the new trailers, which have been refurbished with art deco interiors. There are stainless steel microwaves, stainless steel sinks and mini blinds, hot plate cooktops, wet showers, and entertainment facilities – including a 19-inch LCD television – among its many amenities.

What makes the Shasta branded travel trailers best?

One of the most popular lines of trailers is the Shasta. Since the 1940’s, Shasta trailers have been particularly popular for their inexpensive cost, very light weight and big quantity of room relative to their tiny size. Easily identifiable by its characteristic wings and “canned-ham” design, the Shasta trailer was the greatest selling travel trailer brand from the 1950’s until the 1980’s. Shasta trailers immediately became a favorite of campers all across the United States owing to its inexpensive price and great craftsmanship and ancient models are still quite popular among antique trailer restorers and collectors today.

Shasta’s numerous versions provide a choice of interiors, exteriors, and degrees of self-containment which lets you to pick the type which best matches your likes and needs. With the table below, compare each antique Shasta trailer model to help choose the ideal one for you.

Shasta provides a large selection of high-quality, reasonably priced, lighter-weight floorplans that are filled with features and provide excellent value. Couples and families who want to get away from it all and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation will appreciate our retreat. Shasta has been giving campers with unforgettable moments for years.

Their well-designed interiors are bright and spacious, including modern woodgrain cabinets, LED inside lighting, and counters with a home style aesthetic. It is impossible not to be impressed by the huge stainless steel household refrigerator. You might want to consider adding an optional freestanding diner with four seats or an LED fireplace to your interior design to liven it up.

Although the vintage canned ham campers may be regarded as cute and snug, the 21st-century version of Shasta’s trailer rolls forth grandeur and elegance.

The firm supplies two basic kinds in a range of lengths and options. Classic travel trailers come in lengths up to 32 feet long and link up to a hitch on the rear of your automobile. Fifth-wheel varieties grow to lengths of 39 feet, and both sorts come with slide-outs that may make the recreational vehicles feel more like an apartment – a long cry from the modest but attractive campers of yesteryear.

You’ll be “roughing it easy” when you burrow into the modern style of Shasta camper. How about sleeping in your own private queen bedroom suite while the kids are nestled in bunks in a room at the other end of the trailer? Gather the family for supper at the huge indoor kitchen with a dinette and modern adaptations that include a glass-top cook burner, microwave and pantry. Or, select a model with an extra outside kitchen/barbecue combo with a built-in entertainment system, and enjoy the beautiful weather. There are also options for outdoor showers to wipe away sand and dirt from a busy day before you step inside.

Kick back in dual rocking recliners to enjoy a movie on a flat-screen TV or, better yet, upgrade to theater-style seats with warming, massaging, cup holders and individual lighting. Opt for a roaring fireplace, motion sensor lighting, memory foam chairs and more.

Back to the day when, Shasta RV model floorplans maxed out at 19 feet. That meant you could traverse the United States freely and pull into any camping place from coast to coast. With today’s larger-sized campers, there’s lots to consider while deciding the size of a model.

If your plans entail traveling national parks from coast to coast. A 19-foot Shasta rv will get you into all apart from around 2 percent of park sites and offer you passage to most size-restricted routes. However, if your focus is camping in commercial RV parks with all the services, even the largest rig won’t be an issue.

The Shasta RV firm has perhaps more expertise than just about any other motorhome maker internationally. With many years in the RV market, Shasta is a very well motorhome brand that handles dedicated followers’ scores.

Although, a few does not know much about Shasta, and it’s vital to gather as much information as possible about an RV company before purchasing in its goods.

One of the nice things when you’re investing in an RV is that the Shasta has it all. If you desire larger rvs, then you’ll be in luck as Shasta RVs makes a comprehensive choice of huge motorhomes with numerous distinct floorplans to choose from. Bigger RVs are frequently more roomy, aerodynamic, have a home feel, and are filled with features and conveniences.

Undeniably Shasta RVs are among the most inventive, trustworthy, and resilient motorhomes currently on the market. As the firm has been in existence for more than 75 years, they’ve successfully refined several of their models. An interesting sidenote of all this is that large number of their motorhome models, notably their fifth wheel Phoenix series, enable all-season travel.

The phoenix family of RVs offers lasting insulating characteristics and remarkable construction qualities that allows them to be driven and lived in diverse weather situations. Which concludes that the Shasta RVs could possibly be the right camper for you as it varies lots of floorplans that may suit your taste. As it also makes a great investment for you, your friends, and your family.

Shasta Airflyte

The Shasta Airflyte was so successful that it was reintroduced in 2015 in an updated canned ham camper to commemorate the company’s 75th anniversary. This 16-foot trailer has the same window sizes, door sizes, and overall proportions as the 1961 model, and any modern improvements are put away so you’d never know you weren’t in the 1961 model. That is, until you switch on the 5,000 BTU air conditioner, crank up the Bluetooth audio, or microwave some popcorn. A wet-bath replaces the original closet in the design, and you may enjoy energy-efficient LED lighting both inside and out.

An extremely popular and sought-after Vintage travel trailer for your consideration. Shasta’s Airflyte is still a popular search term and (hopefully) buying option. Their reissue contained several recent upgrades that are still quite useful and current enough for most of our current equipment three years later.

Shasta has built a nearly perfect reproduction of their historic 1961 Shasta Airflyte 16SC Travel Trailer, complete with the distinguished Shasta wings, for 2015. Shasta then began in 1941, and for them to mark their 75th anniversary, they started making a limited run of 1,941 trailers in the all three authentic colors: Seafoam Green, Matador Red, and Butternut Yellow.

Shasta has meticulously replicated every minute detail, even down to the original Shasta logo magazine rack. To match the needs of today’s campers, the new Shasta Airflytes will also include an all-in-one bathroom with a toilet and shower in place of the closet.

The Airflyte “canned ham trailer” features a historic interior that is nearly identical to the original, but with contemporary utilities and plumbing. However, certain changes have been made: instead of a twin-size bed, the replica accommodates more people by providing for a full bed. There is also the Bunk bed option. This will have the same big bed/dinette and bunks as the last one.

It has Formica counter tops with a dog bone pattern formica, birch cabinet doors, and LED lighting. The bench seating in the dining room is made of tuck-and-roll pleather that matches the outside hue and appears to be ancient. The floor is similarly black and white vinyl.

This new travel trailer has a ton of storage and stylish finishes throughout! The Shasta weighs around 2,270 pounds and can be readily towed behind most SUVs, sedans, and minivans. So, with this 2015 Shasta AirFlyte 16, you may enjoy the better things in life.

Interior Features

  • Rear-Pilot Audio Controls with USB Port
  • Hidden Bluetooth stereo
  • Two toned dinette with tuck-and-roll pleather wi silver welt
  • Dinette makes 54″ x 76″ front bed
  • Rear couch makes 39” x 56″ bed
  • “Dogbone” style Formica counter tops accented with aluminum framing
  • Restroom with shower and toilet
  • Birch hardwood cabinet panels and other interior aspects
  • “Scalloped” cabinet panels with classic “Chevron” knobs
  • Flooring with a checkerboard pattern in black and white
  • Interior color palette to match outside
  • A very nearly exact replica of a 1961 gas lamp is used for all of the interior lighting. LED\sThrowback Hehr Jalouise Draperies for Windows
  • 3 Burner Cooktop\s
  • 3 Way ReferSS Micro Oven\s
  • 3-Way Refrigerator with Freezer

Exterior Features

  • Stabilizer jacks that can be flipped down and hidden
  • Speakers tucked away in the landscape
  • LED outside lights in the guise of a ’61 vintage 24-inch entry door
  • a door with a friction hinge
  • Door Handle with Built-In LED Lighting
  • Hidden air condition
  • True to the original, except for the back, Jalousie windows
  • The same three original shades of fire escape window)
  • The wing’s original dimensions have been faithfully reproduced.
  • Same 3 Original Colors to pick from:
  • Seafoam Green\sButtercup Yellow\sMatador Red (color from GM in 1961) (color from GM in 1961)
  • Awning with Rope and Pole and 30 AMP Service on Wide Sidewall Radial Tires
  • Old-Fashioned Log Design Aluminum Sliding


  • GVWR – 2,470 lbs
  • Exterior Length – 15′ 10″
  • Height – 8′ 4″
  • Exterior Width – 7′
  • Hitch Weight – 200 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity – 6
  • Fresh Water Tank – 25 gallons
  • Gray Waste Water Tank – 18 gallons
  • Black Waste Water Tank – 11 gallons
  • Lighting – 110V, 12V, Gas
  • Axle – Single
  • Tire Size – 6.70×15
  • Gas Tank – 1
  • Air Conditioner – 5,000 BTU

Shasta Phoenix

The Shasta Phoenix is gorgeous inside and out! Step inside, and you are met with this stunning kitchen that comes complete with a residential fridge, kitchen island, and stainless steel appliances. You’ll have plenty of storage space as this model features two pantry compartments! The three internal slides expand your liveable area, and you’ll love to kick back in the living room and put on the game or have a warm evening by the fireplace.

In addition to the residential fridge, this 33′ 10″ fifth wheel includes a full-size shower stall in the bathroom. The skylight allows for natural light to come in and brightens the area, even on dreary days. The master bedroom contains a queen bed, with a possible upgrade to a king-size, if that’s more your taste, plus a large wardrobe for all your belongings.

Choosing a fifth wheel isn’t easy. You want something that goes within your budget, is comfy, easy to tow and provides you an experience above what a hotel could deliver. Enter the Shasta Phoenix. These fifth wheels claim to give you with all you need and more to enjoy your time on the road.

Phoenix fifth wheels include an 8’4″ wide body, which gives maximum living space. Power front jacks assist make putting up your campground easier, while the Reese Revolution Pin Box allows you to quickly turn and move these fifth wheel travel trailers. A fully covered and heated underbelly protects your holding tanks and makes travelling in a range of conditions possible.

The living area comes with big tinted safety glass windows for optimum light. Imagine waking up in the mountains and being able to take in the complete vista from your living room while you drink a fresh cup of your favorite coffee. Motorized roller shades give seclusion, while recessed lighting in the sliding room and under cabinets, and LED accent lighting all make an appealing, warm and friendly interior.

Beauflor wood plank appearance flooring is resilient and thoughtfully installed in high traffic areas to resist the wear and strain of travel. Lane home furniture is exceptionally comfortable, yet was created to endure the test of time and wear and tear of travel.

In the kitchen you’ll discover an oven with a range, microwave and elegant oil rubbed bronze fittings. The high rise faucet makes washing big pots and pans easy. Best in class pantry space means you will have enough of room for your favorite goods.

In the bedroom you’ll find a queen sized Shastastic pillowtop mattress that provides comfort beyond dreams. No more counting sheep; falling asleep in this RV is incredibly easy. Bedroom slide models have washer/dryer prep, while extra storage may be found beneath the bed.

Interior Features

  • Modern Entertainment Center Ready for 50″ (Movable TV Swing Arm Bracket with TV Option)
  • Cabinetry doors Made of Solid Wood Accent Lighting (LED)
  • Decorative Coordination Fascia Slide Out
  • TV Preparation in the Bedroom, Bunkroom, and Living Room (Where Applicable)
  • Brazilian Walnut Free Standing Table and Chairs with Leaf
  • Window Box Valance/Lambrequins in a Decorative, Modern Style
  • Heat, massage, LED lighting, and cup holders are standard features of Thomas Payne theatre seating
  • Memory Foam Tri-Fold HAB Sofa by Thomas Payne
  • Carefree Congoleum (Dove Grey) Resilient Sheet Flooring (Made in the USA with a 3-year cold crack warranty)
  • USB Charging Ports on Both Sides (Where Applicable)
  • LED interior lighting that is energy efficient is being used throughout
  • LED Motion Sensor Lights (Primary Locations) (Where Applicable)
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD Player with Bluetooth Shades of the Night
  • Modern Electric Fireplace with a High BTU Output

Exterior Features

  • Auto Painted Rear Cap W/ LED Strip Illumination
  • UV-Treated, Weather-Resistant Decals W/ Refreshed PHOENIX Logos
  • UV-Resistant, White Gel Coating Exterior Sidewall Panel
  • Textured Durable Silver Metal Radius Skirting\s 80 percent Privacy Tinted Safety Window Panes
  • Ultraviolet & Corrosion Resistant TPO Roofing with a 12 Year Warranty
  • Roof Fixed Solar Panel Prep
  • LP Quick Connect Port\s Exterior Back-Up Camera Prep
  • Motorized Awning with an LED Strip Light & One Hand Pitch Control
  • Exterior Marine Speakers W/ LED Light\s Solid Step Entry LED Entry Step Lights
  • Electric Front Jacks
  • Electric Rear Stabilizer Jacks\s Accessory Receiver Prep
  • Spare Tire\s Friction Hinge Main Entry Door\s LED


  • Sleeping Capacity – 6
  • Slides – 5
  • Length – 42 ft 2 in
  • Exterior Width – 8 ft
  • Exterior Height – 12 ft 6 in
  • Hitch Weight – 2,262 pounds
  • Gross Weight – 14,500 pounds
  • Dry Weight – 12,323 pounds
  • Cargo Weight – 2,177 pounds
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 48 Gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity – 90 Gallons
  • Black Water Capacity – 45 Gallons
  • Tire Size – 16″
  • Bed size – Queen
  • Type of Refrigerator – Stainless Steel Gas/Electric
  • Refrigerator Size – 6 cu ft
  • Cooktop Burners – 3
  • Number of Awnings – 1
  • LP Tank Capacity – 30 Pounds
  • Water Heater Capacity – 10 Gallons
  • Air Conditioner BTU – 15,000 BTU
  • Axle Count – 2
  • Electrical Service – 50 amp

Cost of Shasta Camper

Shasta Airflyte starts at $23,000

Shasta Phoenix starts at $49,988


Q. Is Shasta a good RV?

A. Undoubtedly, Shasta RV vehicles have such a unique reliability that puts them amongst some of the longest lasting. As they’ve been operating it for 75 years they have produced various models.

Q. Who is Shasta campers made by?

A. As a long standing company leader, Shasta has retained the acknowledged recognition of her customer base through a robust service provider network, renowned loyal, repeat clients who also have a good relationship with the e-commerce subsidiary, Forest River.

Q. Do Shasta campers have bathrooms?

A. The latest Shasta Airflyte contain a single bedroom that provides bathroom and bath facilities as a replacement to the closet.

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