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The Versatile & Lightweight Scout Campers: Price, Specs, & Review

From the all-new Scout brand, Adventurer Manufacturing is pushing the boundaries of hard-side camper style, materials, and craftsmanship to new heights. Scout, with its composite panels, modular components, and roof-top pop-up bed system, marks a daring and ambitious step forward in automotive design.

Introduction to the Scout Truck Campers

The Scout Camper is a new product from Adventurer Manufacturing. And, well, it’s a big thing, to be honest.

Those who like the great outdoors have a variety of options for providing shelter, ranging from large 5th wheel toy haulers to simple dome tents. These rigs have undoubtedly evolved significantly over the years, including technological advances as well as all of the comforts of home.

Truck campers, on the other hand, haven’t undergone much of a phase throughout the years… until now. As a result, we’re thrilled to share with you the specifics of Scout Campers!

The Scout Camper is a lightweight truck camper with features that may be utilized both inside and outside of the camper shell. The Scout Camper is available in a variety of colors. Adventurer Manufacturing created the Scout series to be an easy and versatile camping alternative for people of all ages and abilities. The company’s ultimate objective is to encourage people to travel with less luggage. In keeping with the campers’ basic design, they have removable equipment throughout the bus that they may utilize in various locations if they so want.

These truck bed campers are all energy saving, with a gravity-fed water system and solar panels on each one of their sides. They also have a water filtration system that is removable, making it simple to fill and utilize anywhere you need it to. Cooking on camp stoves is possible both outside and in the kitchen, and the refrigerator is also moveable.

Throughout the camper, the Scout includes gear bags that are hooked to ceiling hooks in a variety of locations. This results in a reduction in weight and an improvement in flexibility when compared to cabinets that have been placed.

Purchasers can customize their setups to match their specific requirements by adding optional enhancements. Additions such as refrigerators and freezers, bathrooms, fireplaces, and other amenities can be added to the base camper.

The new Scout Campers series is focused on providing adaptability, value, and outdoor experience in one package. These new slide-in truck campers, which are meant to look like a backpack, start at less than $20,000 and go up from there. Every system and feature is multifunctional, detachable, and designed in the most straightforward and high-quality manner.

For Scout Campers, adventuring in a remote, self-supported vehicle is second nature. They’re compact, lightweight systems with components that are built to last and can be used both inside and outside the camper.

Sure, we all like the comfort of a cozy camper, especially when the weather turns sour or when a swarm of insects lands on the campsite in large numbers. The vast outdoors is typically a preferable option till that time comes around.

With more than 50 years of truck camper construction experience under its belt, Adventure Manufacturing is situated in Yakima, Washington. Scout Campers will be manufactured, sold, and serviced at the same facility and through the same dealer network.

The key characteristic that distinguishes these new Scout Campers from a large number of other truck campers now available on the market is that every component may be removed and utilized separately from the camper.

This, in fact, stands in sharp contrast as well. You may use this camper to store all of the high-quality camping equipment that you currently have. Why would you want to pay for and carry double the amount of stuff on your next adventure?

You can simply include that double-burner camp stove, chiller, or portable refrigerator that you currently have into your setup. You may even transport them in and out of the camper to be used in the campsite or wherever else you may be.

The Scout Campers’ structure, on the other hand, is something that isn’t all that common, especially among RVs produced in the United States. The structure is made of an aluminum exoskeleton frame with foam-core composite sheets sandwiched between it. This results in a four-season camper that is lightweight, insulated and has a long lifespan and durability.

When it comes to solving a new product development difficulty, it is sometimes necessary to start from scratch. Traditional design and production methodologies, methods, and materials give the necessary foundation and experience, but they do not deliver practical answers.

It is only via wholly new thinking that a real product breakthrough can be achieved: innovative designs, production processes that are outside of the box, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge materials are all required.

It may be exceedingly difficult for teams with effectively established management and production cultures to embrace and adapt really new ideas, especially when those techniques are fundamentally different. After all, why mess with something that is working?

The solution is a well-worn business adage: “Disrupt your business or somebody else will disrupt your business.” When applied to the RV industry, this means, “Make better and more creative goods, or your rivals will.”

The Adventurer Manufacturing team has developed an entirely new design, which represents a radical departure from any other production camper currently on the market. Starting with a completely blank page, the team has developed an entirely new design portraying a radical departure from any other production camper currently on the market.

First and foremost, Scout campers are made from marine-grade, high-density polyurethane and fiberglass composite panels, which are then assembled into a frameless exoskeleton structure. Please recognize that there really is no wood or frame in the Scout truck camper’s structure. The sidewalls, floor, roof, and wing walls are all made entirely of composite panels, as are the floor and roof supports.

Secondly, almost every feature and components of a Scout camper are detachable, portable, and multi-functional. Included in this package are a mobile freshwater system, a mobile lithium battery system, an inverter, a mobile 12-volt compressor refrigerator, a mobile propane stove, and an exclusive Happijac set of detachable jacks designed exclusively for Scout’s needs.

Finally, Scout is equipped with an optional Roost roof-top pop-up tent system, which can be accessed through a hatch on the inside of the vehicle. Not only does this increase the capacity of the Scout’s first generation to accommodate up to six people, but it also provides owners with a completely new sleeping option: they may choose to sleep inside in the cab-over or on the roof in a pop-up tent room. Oh, how we like the concept of a virtual reality game. There is so much more that can be written about this group of artists.

Will the Scout Truck Camper be worth the buy?

When you consider it as an investment, I feel that it is actually quite reasonable, with prices starting at just under $20,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Scout Campers, as previously said, are made to last, with marine-grade materials and resilience in the harshest settings possible.

Essentially, you shouldn’t have to spend much more money on a camper in the future if you make a single upfront payment. Another thing to consider is the fact that some of the optional features, like the cooktop, are extremely pricey, even if they are quite necessary.

You should keep in mind that if you acquire the official upgrades, you will be able to utilize them in a variety of situations outside of the camper, which means you will not have to purchase duplicates of items as you would if they were permanently installed. Another thing to consider is that you may easily find lower-cost models of the extra appliances you’ll need to bring along on your camping trip by shopping about.

There will always be drawbacks to something that is extremely lightweight. For Scout Campers, I honestly feel that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind as well.

Total cost per square foot

When you compare the price of a truck camper to the quantity of room it provides, you will find that it is pretty pricey. But keep in mind that you’re also paying for the creative design, and Scout certainly makes use of the available space to its greatest potential.

There is no grey water tank.

It’s usually not a problem if you’re in a completely isolated location where it’s perfectly safe to deposit your greywater directly into the earth. However, if you are searching for a camper to live in full-time, this might provide a significant challenge. You should be aware that you generally cannot pour grey water directly into the road, for example.


Despite the fact that the campers are relatively light for their size, they will still add a significant amount of height to your vehicle. Therefore, if you want to leave the camper mounted at all times, you will be prohibited from entering certain areas such as low-hanging trees or underground parking garages, among other things.

Storage Space Is Limited

Because the camper has now taken up residence on your tray, you are left with just a limited amount of space to keep your outdoor recreation equipment. However, while it does feature an outside storage box and you can, of course, keep your belongings inside the camper while you travel, it isn’t the best long-term solution for those who have a lot of belongings.

To be quite honest, I feel that the Scout Truck Camper is a great new product and a wonderful answer for individuals who seek comfort without compromising their ability to travel off-road and live off-grid.

Scout truck campers are the most affordable option for people wishing to make a long-term investment without the need to take out a loan. But some of the extras, such as the fridge with Internet and the gas fireplace, are a touch excessive in my opinion.

Scout Campers is a fantastic alternative for younger adventurous individuals or even families, and it is truly anticipated to see more people become engaged in the outside environment as a result of their efforts!

Scout Camper Olympic

The Olympic is the first model in the Scout fleet, and it is also the most expensive. It is designed for adventurous households, minimalist adventurers, and weekend warriors who like to travel light and have a lot of options. This is due to the fact that, unlike other truck bed campers, it can accommodate up to 6 people, can be used for off-grid travel, uses minimal energy to run, and is designed to suit mid-size import and domestic vehicles. Every function you could possibly want is there, and there are lots of choices for customizing it to fit your own needs and preferences.

The Olympic is the first product from Scout Campers, which is based in Yakima, Washington. Adventurer Manufacturing, on the other hand, has been in the truck camper industry since 1969 and is the parent company of the Adventurer brand. Despite the fact that the majority of its items are substantially larger than the Olympic,

Aluminum is used in the construction of the Olympic truck camper’s chassis and body panels. According to Motor1, the latter, including the ones on the top, is covered with gel-coated fiberglass to provide a protective layer. At 1133 pounds, it isn’t the lightest truck camper available on the market, but it is one of the most comfortable. However, it does provide a number of typical features.

The basic Scout Campers Olympic is equipped with a 160-watt solar panel and a portable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1045-watt-hours. With a developed 1500W inverter and various USB ports and 110V outlets, the latter is a convenient option. Also included are integrated LED ceiling lights, a stainless-steel sink, as well as a solar-powered vent for cooling the truck camper. An 11-gallon Jerry can is included, which has a charcoal filter and spray wand for purifying the water. The water system is gravity-fed, which helps to save on energy costs. There are also detectors for carbon monoxide, smoke, and gas leaks available.

On a normal day, the Olympic offers ample seating and sleeping space for four people. However, you may even add a rooftop tent large enough to accommodate two more people. There are also portable toilets, a portable 3000 BTU heater, a refrigerator unit, WiFi, an awning, a portable gas stove, and a 4500 BTU fireplace among the other options available. As a result, there are so many detectors.

A slide-out gear locker, as well as extra water and storage packs, are available as options for buyers. The Olympic truck camper goes with an included 5-cubic-foot gear storage, which is a nice addition.

As of this moment, the Scout Campers Olympic is available for pre-order with prices starting at $19,980. There is no set date for the completion of full-scale manufacturing at this time.

The Olympic is 71″ long and 47″ broad without the cab-over component, and it is designed to fit mid-size pickup trucks. So, if your vehicle has a payload capacity of 1133 pounds and a bed that is at least 6 feet long and 4 feet broad, it will be able to transport this truck camper.


  • Weight – 1133 lbs
  • Floor – 74.25″ x 47.5″
  • Sleeping Capacity – 4 to 6 persons
  • Fits – Full-sized import and domestic trucks
  • Interior Height – 78″
  • Fuel Capacity – 10 lbs
  • Center of Gravity -27″
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 4.9 Gallons
  • Power Station – 2000 watt
  • Bed Dimensions – 54″ x 80″
  • Dinette Sleeper Conversion – 34″ x 80″
  • Exterior Height – 81″ (without optional rooftop tent)
  • Exterior Width – 83″ (without optional awning)
  • Exterior Length – 127″

Scout Camper Yoho

This has all you need to get off the beaten track. The Yoho is basically like a backpack for your vehicle, it has everything of the camping supplies you’ll need for off-grid excursions, as well as the mobility to take features outdoors and utilize them. Built to accommodate mid-sized vehicles, with a base weight of only 958 lbs and the ability to sleep up to four people, truck camping has never been lighter, more environmentally friendly, or more accessible.

A camper that has everything you need and nothing you don’t need is what you want. A number of off-grid basics, such as solar power, a portable power station, LED lighting, portable water storage with filtration, and other features, are included with the Yoho. Select any extra add-ons you require to enhance your off-grid adventures, such as the 45L portable fridge/freezer, the dual-zone cooktop created particularly for Scout by Dometic, the 260-degree awning, and other options to personalize your Scout experience. In particular, we’ve searched out and tested just the most necessary elements for off-grid activities, ensuring that they meet our high standards.

Because of its tiny size and incredibly low base weight, the Scout Yoho opens up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of accessibility. It makes truck camping more accessible by fitting mid-sized pickups such as the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and other similar models of pickup trucks. With a dry weight of only 958lbs, you’ll be able to take more stuff and worry less about cargo capacities on your off-grid adventures. And, thanks to unique features such as the detachable camper jacks, you’ll be able to keep your travel weight under control to an absolute minimum.

While the Yoho is one of the smallest and lightest hard wall truck campers on the market today, it is just as capable of taking on challenging excursions as its larger counterparts. Scout campers are built with aluminum exoskeleton structure and no-wood composite structural panels, making them extremely durable, safe, and suitable for travel in all four seasons… Even if you’re planning on camping in the chilly weather, you can be confident that you’ll be comfortable. It is anticipated that moisture and humidity would be kept to a minimum due to the camper’s impeccable construction as well as the 12V solar-powered cross-ventilation system.

Designed for short or long bed vehicles, the 2021 Scout Yoho is a hard-side, non-slide truck camper with a hard roof. The 2021 Scout Yoho has an inside floor length of 69.34 inches, an interior height of 75 inches, and a center of gravity that is 26 inches from the front wall of the vehicle. The Scout Yoho features a freshwater capacity of 4.9 gallons, no grey water tank, and an optional portable toilet with a capacity of 2.6 gallons. It is equipped with a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 1000 battery and even a propane tank that holds 10 pounds.


  • Weight – 958 lbs
  • Floor – 69.75” x 39.5”
  • Sleeping Capacity – up to 4 persons
  • Fits – mid-sized trucks
  • Interior Height – 75”
  • Fuel Capacity – 10 lbs
  • Center of Gravity – 26”
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 4.9 Gallons
  • Power Station – 1045 watts
  • Bed Dimensions – 54” X 72”
  • Dinette Sleeper Conversion – 23.5″ x 66.75″, 18.5″ x 65″
  • Exterior Height – 78”
  • Exterior Width – 74.75” (without optional awning)
  • Exterior Length – 121″

Scout Camper Kenai

The Kenai, a company that specialized in off-grid pickup truck campers, is located in Alaska. The Kenai, which begins at $23,625, is the most spacious and well-equipped of Scout’s three campers, with a starting price of $23,625. The vehicle also features three different sleeping areas, along with an optional rooftop tent, that can seat up to four to six people when mounted atop a half-ton or a one-ton box truck in either a short or long bed configuration.

The hardshell Kenai is fully configurable, has off-grid capability, and is equipped with movable amenities that can be utilized both inside and outside the camper, just like any other Scout unit. However, unlike with the company’s previous models, this latest 1,370-pound small home on wheels has a restroom, a mudroom, more storage, and a queen bed, in addition to the usual amenities.

The Kenai provides those contemporary conveniences on the road that are non-negotiable for some, while still providing ultimate pleasures for others. However, being a member of the Scout family, this model retains its principles of being simple, lightweight, and off-grid competent despite being the largest and most comprehensive model available. This truck camper, which sleeps 4-6 people and weighs just 1370 lbs, is designed to fit full-sized short and long box trucks and may be the most practical truck camper ever created.

The camper is constructed of reinforced aluminum structure and rock-solid composite hard walls, which provide the ideal blend of strength and sustainability for the outdoors. Highly dense polyurethane foam reinforced with fiberglass provides four-season insulation while maintaining a lightweight construction that does not compromise payload capacity or durability. Your journeys will be more environmentally friendly and straightforward thanks to energy-efficient technology and a basic design.

The Kenai provides more of the conveniences that some of us require, such as a contemporary cassette toilet, a heated and pressured rinse station, a larger bed, and greater storage space. And just because it contains more does not imply that it is heavier. This type is still of the lightest hard-wall campers in the industry these days.

For the Kenai camper, bigger vehicles with 2500-pound payloads and one-ton pickups with both short and long beds are required. It has a total weight of 1,370 pounds is carried by this camper, which can accommodate up to four to six people once again.

Among the many basic features of the Kenai are solar panels and a power station, a built-in inverter, an entry through a mudroom and a closet on the inside, a separate bathroom area, Lagun table bases, an optional moon roof, and convertible dinette, and much more.

Additional options include a RinseKit portable shower, a cassette toilet, a Dometic refrigerator/freezer, a cooker, a gas fireplace, and a variety of other fantastic additions.


  • Weight – 1370 lbs
  • Floor – 92.25” x 47.5”
  • Sleeping Capacity – 4 to 6 persons
  • Fits – Heavy half-ton to 1-ton short and long box trucks
  • Interior Height – 80”
  • Fuel Capacity – 20 lbs
  • Center of Gravity – 35”
  • Fresh Water Capacity – 4.9 Gallons
  • Power Station – 2000 watts
  • Dinette Sleeper Conversion – 22.25″ x 63.5″, 18.5″ x 67.25″
  • Exterior Height – 83” (without optional rooftop tent)
  • Exterior Width – 83” (without optional awning)
  • Exterior Length – 145.5″


Q. Who makes the Scout camper?

A. Adventurer Manufacturing built Scout campers at its newly enlarged Yakima factory. Adventurer is known worldwide for its quality for more than 50 years.

Q. Do Scout Campers have Bathrooms?

A. Scout Campers is a company specializing in off-grid hard shell pickup truck camper models. The $23,625 camper includes two bathrooms with mudrooms, three sleeping zones, and optional roof tents.

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