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List of the Top 4 RV With Garage

List of the Top 4 RV With Garage

Class A toy haulers have evolved into real hybrid RVs with stylish inside and tough garages throughout the years. Since its introduction in the late 1990s, toy transporters have grown dramatically in popularity. Additionally, Class A toy carriers have improved from earlier, less useful models as the toy hauler market has grown.

Occasionally we have to bring along a few extra toys because our RVs by themselves aren’t always sufficient. These toy hauler motorhomes serve as excellent illustrations of equipment that enables you to achieve that. Two of these are toy-hauler-equipped Class A motorhomes, while the other two are toy-hauler-equipped Class C+ RVs. Use one of the class A or C+ RVs with toy haulers on this page to travel with your toys.  We’ll discuss a couple of the top toy hauler motorhomes currently on the market in this article. Find out below why each of these unique Class A and C toy haulers is so well-liked by the RV community.

What is a Class A Toy Hauler RV?

Most frequently, toy transporters are either travel trailers or fifth-wheel trailers with all the usual amenities and garage room for moving “the toys.” Class A toy haulers are typical Class A recreational vehicles with a ramp leading to the garage in the back.

There are many garage sizes for towable toy haulers. Class A toy carriers, meanwhile, often have 10-foot garages. These can accommodate a golf cart or many motorcycles. Toy haulers and other Class A units differ noticeably in that they do not have diesel pushers. The area typically occupied by a rear diesel engine is now home to a garage and ramp. Therefore, the engines on Class A chassis must be placed up front.

Toy Haulers Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Simple storage for your equipment and travel things. The fold-down ramps at the back of a toy hauler make storage easier. The ramps permit easy access to and secure storage of all of your equipment inside the storage space. Heavy equipment can be easily lifted and stored thanks to the motorized ramps that certain toy carriers also have. Equipment may be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily using the ramps, whether they are computerized or manual.
  • The use is quite adaptable. A toy hauler can do a wide variety of different tasks. If something happens to your home and you have to stay in your RV by using a toy hauler room, you can utilize it as an emergency living space. With a generator, adding a microwave, refrigerator, and oven to your toy hauler is simple. Some toy haulers even include bathtubs and showers. Based on your requirements and preferences, the storage area can also serve as a workspace, an art studio, or a child’s playroom. On the other hand, it can be loaded up and utilized as a storage space for your “things.” Make sure your toys are safely fastened in place before transporting them to prevent damage. The additional room can be utilized for storage or for sleeping equally as simply. Depending on the floor plan, toy haulers can also have restrooms, lofts, and washers/dryers. They give you access to a room that can accommodate all of your requirements. You might utilize them to unwind, carry out projects while traveling, or transform your RV into a multipurpose device.


  • For some people, analyzing the towing capacity could be a hassle. One drawback of a toy hauler is that you have to research the towing capacity of the hauling vehicle because the items you put in the toy hauler space can take up a significant amount of the free space. To move this weight, you must require a heavy-duty vehicle of some sort.
  • The cost might also be a little too high. You will need to pay the additional expense of this heavy-duty vehicle, which in theory costs significantly more than a regular vehicle because you need it to handle the extra weight of a toy hauler loaded with heavy things. You also have the price of the toy hauler RV itself, which is usually more costly than other RVs like class B and class C RVs. Additionally, they cost more than travel trailers. A class-A motorhome or some fifth-wheelers are comparable in price to a big toy hauler.


Best Toy Hauler Motorhomes

Thor Outlaw Toy Hauler Motorhome

Thor Outlaw Toy Hauler Motorhome

  • Length: 39′ 10″
  • Height: 13′ 3″
  • GVWR: 26,000 lbs.
  • Chassis: Ford
  • Sleeping Capacity: 7 – 8
  • Exterior Storage: 105 cu. ft. – 141 cu. ft.

Front to Back 38KB

One very well-known class A motorhome that comes with a toy hauler is called the Thor Outlaw. In comparison to many RVs on the market, it is virtually a behemoth. The Thor Outlaw can transport you everywhere you want to go, along with one or two toys. The motorhome’s garage space (toy hauler) has a weight restriction for freight of between 1600 and 1800 lbs. Depending on the model of Thor Outlaw you select, the maximum weight varies. Choose from a variety of variations that are offered. The bed sizes, storage capacities, basic utilities, weight restrictions, and other basic utilities vary slightly from one model to the next. The length of these RVs comes to around 39 feet.

2023 Thor Motor Coach Outlaw

They can accommodate up to eight guests in total with a king bed, two queen beds, and a couch bed (a leatherette). The whole motorhome is also equipped with a ton of hidden storage spaces. Modern and state-of-the-art everywhere, the kitchen is very reminiscent of a very high-end camper. The toy hauler motorhome’s inside is very lavish (and even the exterior of it looks pretty nice as well). It has polished countertops, glazed oak flooring, and nickel-finished hardware all around the car. There are five TVs, a reading table, built-in 4G hotspots, Wi-Fi, DVD, and Blu-ray players, a stereo, and many other amenities within.

2020 Newmar Canyon Star 3927

2020 Newmar Canyon Star 3927

  • Length: 39′ 11″
  • Height: 12′ 11″
  • GVWR: 30,000 lbs
  • Chassis: Ford F-53
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5

The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 i

The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 is unique in that it is the only Class A toy hauler with a diesel engine (as of this writing). The front-engine Class A hauler’s quiet engine produces the horsepower and torque we all love from various varieties of diesel, despite the fact that it isn’t officially a diesel pusher. To eliminate the characteristic “dog house” hump in the cockpit, it is built with a lower engine. This also greatly improves the comfort of both sitting and moving around. With the addition of the back garage, the Canyon Star toy hauler seems to be every bit as opulent as the other Canyon Star models. It distinguishes out as the Class A hauler with the best equipment. If you didn’t have seen the garage, you genuinely wouldn’t realize you were inside a toy hauler.


There is still ample space in the garage of this apartment, despite the washer/dryer enclosure taking up some of it. Two queen beds are also located in the garage, one of which is a bunk bed and the other is a dinette that may be used as a bed. When they’re not in use, both of these bunk beds lift out of the way. However, the dinette is a terrific place to enjoy the back entertainment unit while dining at a table. 1,500 pounds of stuff can be stored in the garage and 6,000 pounds of weight can be towed by the Freightliner chassis. If you have extra toys than your garage can hold, you can pull a cargo trailer. The steeper angle of the ramp is the one drawback to the Canyon Star’s garage (and it applies to all Class A carriers). Class A chassis sit higher than towable toy haulers. As a result, compared to a standard toy transporter, the ramp entrance is smaller and the angle is higher. A hefty bike will be challenging to load. To lessen the angle and aid in loading and unloading, you can add blocking and a ramp extension.

Renegade Classic Garage Model

Renegade Classic Garage Model

 Super C RV by Renegade

The Super C RV by Renegade has six different toy haulers. Every floor plan includes 7.5-foot ceilings and plenty of space for a garage full of toys in addition to living space. Renegade rigs are powerful moving vehicles that are based on Freightliner Cascadia, Volvo VNR/VNL, or Peterbilt 567 chassis. A 35-foot vehicle is the Renegade Classic with Garage. The typical garage is 9′ x 4′ and has everything you need to store your toys, use it as a second bedroom, or set up a business. However, Renegade Classic garages can be customized by the customer with as much as 18′ x 8′ of room in mind!

Rev Renegade

Renegade rigs’ interior living areas are well-equipped with top-notch technology, featuring Bose audio and HD satellite, in addition to high-end furnishings, appliances, flooring, and other features. The Renegade Classic has a king-size bed in the master bedroom and numerous more sofa beds scattered around the vehicle. These setups are really costly and the buyer has a lot of customization options. Out from chassis to the flooring to the storing & cupboards to the countertops to the insulation, it’s all up for selection! Even the quantity of D-rings you wish to put to secure your favorite toys can be chosen. Naturally, the cost of luxury and personalization is higher, and some Renegades can cost $400,000 or more.

ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29 Toy Hauler

ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29 Toy Hauler

A 35-foot-long, powerful motorhome with a toy hauler, the ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29 is making a splash in the RV industry. This enormous vehicle is essentially a premium class C RV and a mobile garage combined. The motorhome’s garage space is sufficient to hold practically any vehicle or toy, has a weight capability of 1600 lbs., fluorescent lighting, and a hydraulic lift as well. It wouldn’t be wise to search any further than this ShowHauler if you’re seeking a simple-to-drive motorhome and toy hauler with lots of room for a regular rotation of different toys.

Super C RV Models

The ShowHauler SHU 1376A-29 is made of high-end craftsmanship and high-quality components, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The motorhome’s inside is just as monstrous as its outside. A top-notch kitchen and equipment, roomy storage areas, a stereo, LED lighting, and more can be found within. Along with other upscale and opulent furniture, it includes oak cabinets, shelves, closets, and other furnishings. You can choose between a King or Queen size bed in the master bedroom of the RV, along with various pieces of furniture and sofas that can be used as overnight beds. Despite this, the rig can comfortably accommodate more than six people and may be modified to accommodate many more.

Things To Consider When Buying a Class A Toy Hauler

There are a few considerations to make when examining Class A toy transporters. Don’t let the aesthetics distract you from the requirements. Make sure the garage’s dimensions and freight carrying capacity are suitable for the items you intend to transport. Additionally, you should never buy an RV if the floor design is unsuitable for your family. You want a place that accommodates your family’s demands whether you’re on weekend getaways or longer journeys.

The Garage Cargo Carrying Capacity

You need to be aware of the garage’s ability to carry cargo in addition to the first factor. As a result, you must be aware of the amount of weight the garage can accommodate. When all the dishes, clothes, toys, and other items are in the coach, how much load will be left for the garage? Are the toys inside that restriction?

If you plan to change the layout of the room, be sure that the new arrangement and any additional furniture won’t put too much weight on the cargo space. If you overload a motorhome, you run the risk of breaking it, or at the very least wearing out the suspension, axle, brakes, and wheel components. You are spending a lot of money, as was already said. By exceeding the weight restrictions, you risk throwing it away.

The Garage Size

The majority of toy hauler motorhome garages will be 10 feet long. Travel trailers including fifth-wheel toy haulers offer extra alternatives. In a Class A toy hauler, you won’t find a 13-foot area if you need one. Determine what you’ll be bringing and whether it can fit in the garage.

Make sure the garage is big enough if you want to convert it into another room. When making such a significant purchase, take some estimates and have a restoration plan in mind if it will be a bunk room for the kids. Toy hauler designs cost a lot of money, therefore you would like the garage to be functional for your needs.

Layout, Floorplan, and Sleeping Space

Lastly, the design and accommodation capacity of any RV you buy must always meet the requirements of your family. Consider the master bedroom area if you’re retired and want to ride your motorcycle on weekend beautiful travels. Is it adequate? Does it provide the storage and closet space you require?

Where will the kids sleep while you’re on the road? One option is the garage, but where would the kids store their toys if you need to use that space to transport a golf cart? Verify that the floorplan accommodates the lifestyle you desire.

The Engine: Diesel or Gas?

The choice between gasoline and diesel fuel should be carefully considered before buying a vehicle, as is the case with almost any other vehicle purchase. There are significant differences between the two, and consumers feel that each has a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, gas is more affordable, operates similarly to diesel, and requires longer-term maintenance. But at the other side, diesel is somewhat more expensive than gasoline but encourages a smoother and much more regular level of performance in addition to requiring less maintenance.

Whichever option you decide is appropriate for you and your specific circumstances is up to you. Just make sure that when you make the purchase, you are completely aware of the kind of engine as well as the fuel you are committing to. Regardless of the option, you select, the financial difference will be considerable.

Extra Storage Space

Prior to actually settling into a motorhome that you won’t throw out of, additional storage space is yet another crucial factor to take into account. Furthermore, it’s a fact that not all RVs are created the same. Indicating that your decision is significant and won’t necessarily satisfy all of your needs or wants unless you take the necessary steps to ensure that it does.

Throughout the entire mechanism, storage capacity is typically built-in and discreetly placed where it is still accessible. In contrast to your residences, however, space is severely constrained, even in RVs with extra room for storage. Therefore, when you shop, be sensible. The very last thing you desire is to be crammed into a mobile home with insufficient space for all of your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a toy hauler cost?

Since toy haulers represent one of the RV categories with the highest growth, nearly every RV manufacturer produces a toy hauler in some form. encompassing everything from tiny, compact ones all the way up to enormous, luxurious variants.

But you may be thinking exactly how much a toy transporter costs if you’re considering purchasing one. Toy haulers start at roughly $20,000 for a tiny, basic toy hauler travel trailer but quickly increase in price from there, while some of the most luxurious 5th-wheel toy haulers go well over $150,000. However, relying on the size, class, and amenities of the vehicle, the majority of average-sized, well-equipped toy carriers will run between $25,000 and $100,000.

What RV has the largest garage space?

There are five different floor layouts available for the Showhauler Motorhome with Garage, another Class C toy hauler choice. The length of them varies from 9’6″ to 12″, leaving the RV with the most spacious garage possibilities.

Additionally, Showhauler constructs its motorhomes on strong truck chassis. As a result, their automobiles have larger weight ratings than regular RVs.

How much weight can I load in my toy hauler?

Carrying capabilities for trailer or fifth-wheel toy carriers typically range from 3,000 to 5,000 lbs. Minis and pop-up toy carriers have a lower carrying capacity, usually under 2,000 lbs. Know that not everything is about size. Although it may be enticing, you should resist the need to pack everything that will fit in the garage of your toy hauler. Overloading your toy hauler’s freight-carrying capability is risky, and you are responsible for any mishaps that occur. Keep in mind you are not exceeding your vehicle’s towing capability if you own a 5th-wheel or travel trailer toy hauler for the identical reason.


RVs with garage space sure are one of the best things ever made in the RV industry. These toy hauler motorhomes can provide you such great advantages especially if you consider RV living or if you are a great travel enthusiast. If you are looking for an RV of your need, there are a lot to consider. This list should be able to help you with your quest if you’re looking for a motorhome with a toy hauler. These four models were chosen specifically because of their outstanding size, garage units, weight capacities, plush interiors, cargo carrying capacity, garage space, sleeping spaces, and more.

A lot of RVs with garage areas can offer you luxury features but you will still be the one to find the perfect motorhome for yourself or your family. If you want to make your own research on the market today, we wish you the best of luck!

List of the Top 4 RV With Garage
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