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RV Storage Ideas for Clothes: Maximizing Space and Style

RV Storage Ideas for Clothes: Maximizing Space and Style

Are you looking for RV closet storage ideas along with ideas for RV closets? It’s a known fact that RVs don’t have the most spacious living quarters. This can make finding places to store all of your belongings difficult. The good news is that organizing and storing everything you need for a great trip is entirely possible.

A nice place to begin with right now is definitely some RV closet and clothing storage ideas and suggestions! It’s a great idea to organize your RV closet. Good storage solutions for RV closets ensure that you make the best possible use of this extra storage space and that you can find what you need when you require it.

In this post, we’ll show you several of our preferred RV closet storage solutions. If you apply your favorite camper closet management suggestions from this list, you’ll have one of the prettiest closets while you are traveling!

Utilize Containers in the RV Closet

Utilize Containers in the RV Closet

The top suggestion on the list of RV closet organization suggestions? Get additional bins and place them to good use. Almost every orderly RV closet we’ve ever seen has a collection of bins, baskets, or boxes to keep comparable stuff together while rendering things like socks and underwear easy to find.

The dimensions and kinds of containers you choose will be entirely reliant on what you’re holding and the size of your cabinet or closet, however we guarantee you won’t be sorry! As previously said, practically every single example of RV closet storage we discovered included bins and boxes. That being said, we love how sleek the bins depicted above look and propose finding a product that fits in neatly and snugly like this if possible.

Install or Put RV Shelves

Install or Put RV Shelves

Bins are excellent, but if the storage area is one big tall, tight space anyway, you’ll have to stack them rather high to make the most of the room. This is where RV shelving in closets comes in handy! Putting shelves in RV closet areas makes it easy to reach the boxes storage bins you want to use without having to move the ones you aren’t using right now. This saves time and prevents you from having to clean up messes produced by tumbling bins and boxes.

When hunting for amazing camper clothes storage and other ideas for rv closets and closet organization ideas, we came across a number of outstanding examples of RV closet shelves, but the shelves seen above stood out (the photo above is from a house but they definitely have the same ones in RVs). They’re a perfect fit, and the fact that they can accommodate both bins and shoes provides an especially handy RV closet organization solution. These would be ideal if you plan to store some of your RV kitchen equipment in your closet as well.

Consider Hanging Shelves

Consider Hanging Shelves

Do you believe typical shelves will not fit in your cabinet or closet? Rather, if you already have a clothes rod, you may try those floating shelves that people use as well in their homes and RVs. 

Since they are soft, they’re not ideal for holding bins, but you could potentially able to come across a set that can take small boxes, and this kind of shelves will absolutely store clothing, allowing you to separate your shirts from your trousers and give each type of apparel its own home.

Get a Hanging Shoe Organizer

These things are definitely called a “hanging shoe organizer,” however these multi-pocket organizers are actually very useful for much more than shoes. As a matter of fact, I dedicated a whole post to these flexible organizers.

To keep socks, underwear, and toiletries, some campers will place one of these on the back of their bedroom entrance or on the interior of their bedroom closet or door.

They can also be clipped to make them shorter. (You may then cut each horizontal row and attach it to the bottom of the headboard for to provide extra storage space.) These items can be found in local stores or even through online shops!

Include Drawers

Drawers are comparable to bins, although they are often superior. This is due to the ease with which the drawers may be taken out to display their contents, eliminating the need to remove the entire box from the closet.

A lot of people like how drawers can help you make the most of the room in the back of a deep cabinet or closet avoiding losing goods behind objects put in the front. The drawers shown above are extremely stunning. They fit precisely in the small space and make the most of every inch while remaining neat and tidy!

Take a look at some tension rods

Tension rods are another great thing to keep on hand for organizing your camper closet. They are one of the RV accessories you will want for a variety of reasons. These can perform a variety of functions. For one reason, a heavy-duty tension rod can double as a clothes rod, providing an opportunity to hang shirts or pants if your RV didn’t come with one.

Smaller tension rods work well as well. These can be set up in front of bins or other objects that you would rather not find on the floor as you open the closet door after a long drive. They function admirably as “seatbelts” for your belongings, keeping them firmly in place on the closet shelf.

Hooks should be used

If you have additional closet space after utilizing the RV clothes storage suggestions above, you may wish to keep some extra items in the closet. This is where Scotch Command Hooks can help.

Everyone definitely appreciates utilizing these hangers to make extra hanging space and keep things organized in our rig, and they deserve to be included on this list of RV closet organization suggestions. These hooks are self-adhesive and do not require screws. They can also be quickly removed without causing damage to the wall and can support an unexpected quantity of weight.

Command Hooks can be employed for hanging a broom or mop, as shown above, but they are additionally suitable to hang clothes, hats, jewelry, or even just shoes.

Don’t Forget About the Closet Door

The tiny closet door is among the useful item on the list of RV closet storage options. Make use of the space for hanging clothes provided by the closet door to ensure that you make the best use of all of your available space. It’s a novel RV bedroom storing solution.

Over-the-door shoe holders or hanging baskets are ideal for storing small goods such as shoes, undergarments, or jewelry, while over-the-door hooks are ideal for for storing clothes, towels, bags, or jackets.

To be honest, you might want to employ this door-hanging idea as one of your RV bathroom and storage ideas for RV well. As everyone seems to know, camper restrooms are typically small, so using the door to store goods can be really beneficial.

Bags for Vacuum Storage

Once you happen to be a full-time RVer, you will require a place to keep your out-of-season clothing. Vacuum storage bags are a space-saving technique to create extra storage to keep clothing that you don’t need right away.

These space-saving bags can be used to store clothes or additional bedding. When the bags are deflated, they may be kept in a much smaller space. Consider the more difficult-to-reach areas of your RV closet or cabinet storage for these. A lot of long-time RVers keep their own in the very corner of the closet.

Vacuum bags come in a variety of sizes. For an RV, we recommend storing clothing in smaller bags. Small bags are simpler to handle in confined spaces and can be kept in a variety of compact spaces.

Plastic Drawers That Can be Stack

The hanging shoe storage and organizer is remarkably comparable to this RV closet organizer design. The biggest difference is that these drawers rest on the floor of your wardrobe rather than hanging on a garment rod. You won’t have to worry about how much weight you place in these drawers, as would be the case with hanging storage.

Stackable drawers are typically made of strong plastic, making them better suitable for spacious RV wardrobes in which you don’t require a great deal of flexibility to get them in. Nevertheless, an array of correctly sized stackable drawers might also function nicely in a smaller closet.

Make use of a Hanging Laundry Bag

The hanging washing bags offered by A1 Garage Doors provide a practical and space-saving solution for storing and organizing your dirty laundry and camp clothes. With two alternative hook options, these hanging organizer bags offer versatility in placement.

By utilizing the provided over-door hooks, the bag can be conveniently hung on the back of a door, making efficient use of vertical space in smaller living areas or camping setups. Alternatively, the included damage-free utility hooks allow for easy installation on any wall, providing flexibility in choosing the most suitable location.

The bag is designed with top straps that facilitate effortless removal from the hooks when it’s time for washing. This feature ensures a seamless transition from storage to laundry day, making the process more convenient and efficient.

Get a Slim Hamper for Storage Space

If your RV lacks a washing machine, you’ll need to find a small laundry bag or hamper to keep soiled clothes in. This small laundry hamper is 8 inches broad but tall, making it an ideal space-saving solution for your RV lifestyle.

The slim design of the hamper allows you to maximize your limited space and keep your living area clutter-free. You can conveniently store it alongside the bed, in a closet, or perhaps in the bathroom, ensuring that it’s always within reach whenever you need to toss in your dirty clothes.

Made from lightweight yet durable materials, this slim hamper is easy to carry around when you need to transport your laundry to a nearby laundromat or campground laundry facility. Its compact size also encourages you to stay on top of your laundry routine, preventing clothes from piling up and maintaining a neat and organized RV space.

Put Some Clothes in the Basement

This strategy is also used by certain people. They cut the back of a step to allow simple access from the interior of their RV to the basement storage. This access was originally designed to enable pets like a cat to reach their litter box, but the exact same idea could easily be applied to a laundry hamper, turning your RV’s underutilized space into a practical laundry solution.

By retrofitting a discreet access point under a step, you can create a designated spot to discard your dirty clothes directly into a laundry hamper kept in the basement storage area. This clever setup not only saves precious floor space inside the RV but also keeps store dirty clothes and any accumulated laundry out of sight and tucked away from your living areas.

To implement this idea, you can use a lightweight yet sturdy laundry hamper that fits snugly into the basement storage compartment. Make sure the hamper has a secure lid or cover to prevent clothes from spilling out during travel. Then, create an access point under a step, either by cutting out a small opening or installing a hidden door with a latch.

Install a Drawer Divider

Instead of boxes, RVers can install a drawer divider, which divides each drawer into two portions. The separators allow you to store pants and shirts in the same drawer without making a mess.

Those bamboo drawer separators are customizable to match various dresser sizes. There are also dividers that are additionally useful to organize the drawers in your RV kitchen.

Turn Your Clothes Into Decor

If you have a few gorgeous hats or fabulous handbags in your RV lifestyle wardrobe that you don’t want to be scrunched up in a drawer, try flaunting or hanging them as decorations instead. Not only does this add a touch of personal style to your RV’s interior, but it also frees up valuable storage space.

Simply get some stylish Command Hooks and put your better accessories on the partitions of your RV bedroom or at the front door. These adhesive hooks are perfect for an RV environment as they don’t require drilling, leaving any marks or damage on the walls when removed.

Consider Exploring Storage Outside the Bedroom

The last tip on our list of RV clothing storage solutions is to keep garments out of the bedroom. Because your living area is only a few steps away in an RV, there is no explanation why your closet should be limited to the bedroom.

In the living room of many RVs, there are additional overhead or side table storage cabinets. These are excellent locations for storing jackets, shoes, sweaters, and other bulky apparel items.

Folding Methods for RV Storage Ideas for Clothes

Folding your clothes more efficiently is one of the simplest methods to increase clothing space in your RV or camper. Use these brilliant folding ways to make more room and organize clothes in your drawers and shelves.

KonMari Fold

Marie Kondo’s characteristic fold reduces the amount of space your basic clothing takes up in a closet. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts may all be compacted utilizing the KonMari fold.

Because folded objects lie upright in the drawer after folding, they are also simpler to locate and retrieve without moving the drawer. For more information on the folding method, watch Marie’s YouTube video.


Undies Flat Folding

You are unable to dedicate an entire drawer to underpants when you reside in an RV. Rather, fold the undergarments of women’s or men’s underwear into tiny, flat rectangles using a three-fold approach (see the folding process here).

The extra room in the undergarments drawer can then be used to store socks, scarves, and various other accessories.

Rolling Socks Effectively

When it comes to socks, there is a fantastic way to save space by folding them. Rather than folding one sock into another, simply place one sock on top of the other. Then, beginning at the toe, roll the socks up tightly.

Tucking your socks into each other may cause them to expand out. Instead, simply lay the socks’ loose ankle ends in the bottom of the drawer.

Sweaters should be folded in half

Sweaters are typically one of the bulkiest things in most RVers’ closets, so tucking them neatly is a fantastic method to save room. To fold a sweater most efficiently, fold its sleeves in first. Fold the sweater in half by bringing the bottom of the hem up. A visual representation of an efficient sweater fold can be found on the internet as well.

FAQs – Clothing Storage Solutions for RVs and Camping

Where do you store clothes in a camper trailer?

In a camper trailer, you can store clothes in various spaces to maximize storage:

  • Closets or Wardrobes: Utilize built-in closets or wardrobes for hanging clothes and storing folded items.
  • Drawers: Use drawers to store smaller clothing items like socks, underwear, and accessories.
  • Under-Bed Storage: Utilize the space under the bed to store clothes that are not in use or seasonal items.
  • Overhead Cabinets: Store folded clothes, towels, or lightweight garments in overhead cabinets.
  • Hanging Organizers: Use hanging organizers on doors or empty spaces for shoes, smaller clothing items, or toiletries.
  • Foldable Bins or Cubes: Invest in collapsible storage bins to keep clothes organized and prevent clutter.

How do I make more closet space in my RV?

To create more closet space in your RV, try the following:

  • Remove Unnecessary Items: Regularly declutter your closet to free up space for essential clothing items.
  • Slim Hangers: Use slim hangers to maximize hanging space and fit more clothes in the same area.
  • Hooks or Rails: Install hooks or rails on closet doors or empty wall space to hang hats, scarves, or belts.
  • Hanging Organizers: Utilize hanging organizers with shelves to stack clothes vertically and maximize space.
  • Shelf Dividers: Use shelf dividers to keep items neat and prevent them from toppling over.
  • Roll Clothes: Roll clothes instead of folding to save space and reduce wrinkles.
  • Store Off-Season Clothes Elsewhere: Keep off-season clothes in storage containers or under the bed to free up closet space.

Where do you hang coats in an RV?

In an RV, you can hang coats using these methods:

  • Wall Hooks: Install sturdy hooks near the entrance or in the living area for convenient coat hanging.
  • Over-the-Door Hooks: Utilize over-the-door hooks for hanging coats on closet or bathroom doors.
  • Coat Rack Stand: If space allows, use a freestanding coat rack near the entrance.
  • Closet Rods: Use the closet rod to hang coats along with other garments.

How do you store clothes for camping?

When camping, pack efficiently and keep all your clothes organized:

  • Roll Instead of Fold: Rolling clothes saves space and reduces wrinkles.
  • Packing Cubes: Use packing cubes to categorize and compress clothes for easy access.
  • Pack Light: Stick to essential clothing items and choose lightweight, quick-drying garments.
  • Plastic Bags: Store clothes in resealable plastic bags to protect them from moisture.
  • Separate Dirty Clothes: Bring a separate bag or container for storing dirty clothes.
  • Layering System: Go for versatile clothing that can adapt to changing weather conditions.

How do you store clothes in a truck camper?

In a truck camper, be efficient with clothing storage:

  • Under-Bed Storage: Utilize under-bed space for clothes storage in bins or bags.
  • Wall-Mounted Storage: Install hooks, rails, or hanging organizers on interior walls for easy access.
  • Foldable Bins: Invest in collapsible storage bins that can be stacked and stored when not in use.
  • Overhead Cabinets: Use overhead cabinets for folded clothes or less frequently used items.
  • Multi-Functional Clothing: Opt for items that serve multiple purposes to save space.
  • Laundry Routine: Develop a routine for washing and storing dirty clothes to keep the living space tidy.
RV Storage Ideas for Clothes: Maximizing Space and Style
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