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24 Best RV Bathroom Accessories

rv bathroom

When living or traveling in an RV you will miss certain comforts of a home, one of those comforts is the size of a regular bathroom.

Due to the small size its important that you not only maximize the space that’s available but also the convenience.

There are a variety of accessories that can make your use of your RV bathroom a more pleasant one.

Below is my list of some of my favorite and most useful RV bathroom accessories.

1. RV Holding Tank Treatment

I know this might be an odd one to start of this list as being numero uno (no pun intended) but if your bathroom smells like what’s going down the tank you will likely dread each trip you take.

Utilize a scoop of this to keep odor at bay.

2. Loogun – The Water Gun for Your Toilet

This ingenious device should be in every RV bathroom.

Water conservation is a large concern in RVs. Those that do a lot of boondocking understand this even more.

RV Toilets are designed with this in mind, which can mean that the water dispensed isn’t always enough to remove the brown streaks. The Loogun is a really good tool for removing those nasty bits of poop from your porcelain.

3. Toothbrush Holder

Anytime that you can keep stuff off the counter and out of the cabinets while still maintaining a clean and convenient RV is an ideal situation.

One of the ways you can keep your RV bathroom tidy is to utilize a toothbrush holder. These can also help keep the sink clean since many people end up keeping them around the RV bathroom sink.

I personally like anything by the Camco brand and this one is my favorite that you can find on Amazon.

4. ILifeTech Toothpaste Dispenser (and Toothbrush Holder)

If you looking for something cool, unique, and space saving, take a look at the ILifeTech Toothpaste dispenser.

It is very easy to install (It has an adhesive backing) and maintains a very strong hold.

It gives proper toothpaste proportions, so it will help to eliminate those messy excessive globs of toothpaste that kids seem to leave behind.

5. Wall Soap Dispenser

I first started using these in Japan and I instantly fell in love.

Japan is all about little items of convenience and mounted wall soap dispenser certainly provided that.

No more keeping bottles of conditioner or soap on the floor or outside the shower.

The best one available in my opinion is this one here. I really think you will like it.

6. Magnetic Shampoo Wrapper

This is a similar concept to the wall dispenser.

The difference is that this is a wrapper that…well, it wraps around the conditioner and the shampoo.

The wrapper has a magnetic piece that attracts to another another magnetic piece that is attached to the wall of your shower.

7. Luffoliate – Exfoliating Hands-Free Shower Loofah Back Scrubber

RV showers are tiny. Generally speaking, you aren’t working with a lot of space which can make those hard to clean spots even harder to clean.

For me, cleaning my back requires a lot of elbow room that I don’t have.

The Luffoliate Back Scrubber helps me with that.

I simply back up against the loofah that is suctions the back of the shower wall, and move around.

The scrubber does the rest and it feels amazing.

One quick tip though, When installing it, use a lot of force to achieve the needed level of suction.

If you don’t, you will probably get frustrated as it loses its suction and falls to the floor. Once you do, you shouldn’t have problems with it.

8. Shower Curtain Bathroom Organizer

If you don’t want to mount your soap to the wall you have another option and it works well.

Its simply a two in one shower curtain and organizer. On one side is your typical shower curtain.

On the inward facing side are netted holders that allow you to store all your shower items.

Handy Laundry on Amazon has this one that’s pretty good.

9. Pinless Moisture Meter

After reading so many stories regarding the RV destroying moisture problems, I have become a little paranoid about water issues.

What is that saying, “You’re only paranoid if you’re wrong.”?

Well, I would rather be paranoid to keep myself from being right.

These cheap meters are good for every potential source of water damage, and they are cheap.

This may not be a typical bathroom accessory, but I certainly find it useful.

If you do buy one of these meters; make sure it is pinless. They do a better job at detecting moisture.

10. Towel Holder

This is one of those items where you will think to yourself, why did I not get this in the first place.

It will seriously make your shower trips much easier.

You nicely mount it to the wall and it suspends all your towels in a nice tidy row.

DecoBros make this one which I think is very nice. It is multipurpose so it can hold more than just towels.

11. Small Dehumidifier

Bathrooms are one of the areas in an RV where moisture can get trapped, and trapped moisture in an RV is a very bad thing.

Mold can destroy your home is you aren’t careful, so taking precautions with a small bathroom safe dehumidifier is recommended.

They don’t have to be expensive either.

Do yourself a favor. Find one of the $50 – $100 dehumidifiers, and sleep a little better at night.

Think of it like an inexpensive insurance policy.

12. Air Purifying Bags

As any RVer will know, tight quarters can often mean unpleasant smells and musty environments.

These little packs contain bamboo charcoal that helps absorb moisture and get rid of unwanted smells.

They are great because you can use them for more than just the bathroom.

You can really just throw them anywhere.

You might keep one upfront by the console as well, and maybe another one or two in the kitchen cabinets.

13. RV Quick Dissolving Toilet Paper

Yes, this is really a thing since it can help to prevent clogs.

Although if you are rather partial to your current brand you might be able to put it through this TP test to see if it passes.

Many brands are perfectly acceptable to use in your RV bathroom.

If you don’t have a particular brand but want to make sure that you prevent blockages in your RVs sewers system I would recommend going with something like this since its specifically designed to dissolve quickly and prevent those unwanted buildups.

14. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Everyone likes music, and that is made clear by the sheer volume of inexpensive shower-ready bluetooth speakers.

Big buttons, a suction cup, and a waterproof casing make for a perfect combination to accompany your rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Just keep your neighbors in mind if your at an RV lot.

15. Bluetooth Shower Head

If you aren’t someone that needs to constantly fiddle with the controls then you might want to consider a Bluetooth shower head.

These speakers project the sound exactly where you want to be; within the nice warm stream of water.

The average 10+ hours of playtime means infrequent charges, you can make phone calls, and some of them even come with a multi-colored temperature sensitive light, so you can step into the water without trepidation.

16. Stick on Tiles

These are really cool, and they add a great touch to your RV bathroom depending on the style and layout.

Basically you just, cut, peel and apply.

You do need to take your time with it and I recommend using a tape measure and level to be sure that you do a good job because once they are on..They are on.

If you try to remove them they can take the paint and wall with it.

17. Fiberglass Wax

I plan to do this myself but I have not done it yet.

I just saw it in a video and thought it was pretty cool and so I have been meaning to do it.

Basically I saw a gentleman take the regular fiberglass wax that you would typically use on the outside of a marine vehicle and instead use it on the walls of the shower.

It creates a super clean and glossy finish and helps the water to run off the walls much faster.

I probably would not put this on the floor since it may make it too slippery.

18. Flipper Toilet Seat Lifter

To be honest, I don’t actually own this one, but I might purchase it very soon.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, then you might already know that I am a bit of a germaphobe.

That means that I don’t like to lift the toilet seat because I don’t know how messy the last guy was that used it.

I love the concept of being able to step onto the pedal and the seat just raises for me. Clean and quick sounds pretty good to me.

You’ll have to let me know what you think of this product if you give it a buy.

19. Shower Curtain Rod

Many people find it helpful to have a second shower rod in their shower so that they can hang up a towel or other items.

These are rather inexpensive and can be quite useful.

20. Toilet Paper Holder

Depending on your RV situation you may have no place for your Toilet paper or maybe your current toilet paper has become lose.

I would highly recommend an adhesive toilet paper holder. Amazon has some great options here depending on the style and make of your RV.

21. Shower Drain Catcher

Some accessories are good for all bathrooms, and that is definitely the case here.

It is really disgusting when you see soapy castoffs collect in piles of your receeding hairline.

Those goopy accumulations are so much easier to remove when they aren’t knotted around the drain in a desperate attempt to avoid the RV’s version of the underworld.

22. Wall Mounted Air Freshener

Bad smells can be deadly in small spaces.

This purchase becomes less important depending on the length of your RV.

However, no matter how large, I consider this a necessity.

23. Shower Squeegee

This is another one of those tools that are useful in combating the RV archenemies, moisture.

When paired with the dehumidifier, this can be a one-two punch combo to knock those worries to out of your mind.

24. LED Wall Mirror

Bathroom lighting in a mirror is almost always subpar, so doing your makeup can be frustrating.

Most women are aware that makeup done in a poorly lit room looks different when they walk outside the RV.

That problem is easy to rectify, but a lot of people don’t do anything about it.

Fight the trend, and purchase a cheap mirror that has an LED on it. It will boost your confidence so that you won’t be wondering if you look like Batman’s Joker as you step out into the morning sunlight.

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