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Roamly RV Insurance Review

As RV users, you probably already know that having insurance is essential in your RV life. Some states even legally require RV users to have it. If you are specifically looking for an RV insurance company, then you probably already heard about Roamly. This company was newly made by Rv users that will provide services for RV users as well. In this article, we will talk about their services and if they are actually worthy of your money and time.

About Roamly RV Insurance

Roamly is indeed an insurance agency that focuses on RV insurance. This indicates they aren’t spread thin across multiple types of insurance and can provide you with excellent highly specialised attention.

Roamly was established by the same people who founded Outdoorsy. They are indeed a group of RV owners who formed an insurance firm after becoming dissatisfied with conventional RV insurance providers.

What’s different about Roamly?

Numerous RV insurance providers specialize in particular kinds of recreational vehicles. Some insurance companies may only cover non-motorized mobile homes and toy haulers. Others only insure Class A, B, and C RVs, and only for occasional RVers. Roamly covers all of this and more.

Roamly, as RV aficionados, comprehends that RVers people from different walks of daily existence and lifestyle choices. Warrior on the Weekend The full-time employee. Retirees traveling across the country. A few travel in a luxurious Class A or C motorhome. Everyone else transports jet skis on such a toy hauler for a lake holiday. This is why they’ve intended RV protection to accommodate every form of RV and RV operator.

Being such a sister company to Outdoorsy (an RV leasing company), Roamly was formed to solve the issue of no-rental constraints. Conventional RV insurance providers do not permit you to lease out your RV to everyone else and will cancel your policy if they discover you are doing so.

It’s referred to as a “commercial exemption clause” in their fine print. As such, if you really want to lease out your RV for a profit, Roamly will not cancel your insurance benefits. They authorize you to rent your RV!

Roamly also provides coverage for conversion vans.

As RV users do you know that the vast majority of RV insurance companies will not cover do-it-yourself van conversions?

As such, if you constructed your travel trailer yourself, you’ll have a lot of trouble getting solid insurance.

Roamly is among the few insurance companies that will support self-built campers.

Almost everything you need is an evaluation of your van and just a few built-in features, such as:

  • A fridge
  • A sink or toilet with running water
  • A bed
  • A cooking area

Finally, Roamly provides full-service RV insurance.

So unless you enjoy living in your RV full–time, Roamly is among the few RV insurance providers that can provide full–time RV protection.

This implies you can reside and transport in your travel trailer full-time knowing your insurance would cover you wherever.

For even more knowledge, see our full-time RV insurance guidance.

Roamly Insurance Company Review: 4.5/5

Here are the things we know about the Roamly insurance plan to see if they live up to the hype.

You might buy the comprehensive policy that included full personal liability coverage, roadside assistance, and medical payments. It also included vacation liability as well as a low standard deduction.

Let’s take a look at the coverage advantages, price, and customer support you will receive:

Insurance coverage and benefits: 5/5

Roamly provides various types of insurance for different individuals.

If you only use your mobile home for short trips and don’t live in it for more than six months of each year, you would need a standard personal RV plan.

Here’s how they usually appear:

  • Liability Insurance Coverage

Liability insurance is classified into two types.

  1. Property damage liability protects the other party if you are found to be at fault for causing damage to their assets (vehicle, fence, garage door, etc.).
  2. Bodily injury liability protects the other individual if you are found to be at fault for their injuries sustained, whether they are a driver or a crosswalk.

This should be noted that liability insurance is mandated by law in almost every state.

  • Complete Coverage

Comprehensive insurance protects your RV against non-collision harm. Such as hail, theft, as well as vandalism.

  • Coverage for Collisions

This contributes to the cost of repairing your RV if it clashes with some other vehicle as well as an item. And this is true despite blame.

  • Medical Payments Insurance

In the case of an accident, healthcare transactions will cover your or your passengers’ health fees.

  • Assistance on the Road

If one RV breaks down, roadside assistance can help support hauling, fuel delivery, jumpstarts, as well as other services.

  • Coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

This will encompass your repair work or hospital expenses if the at-fault driver would not have enough insurance (or none at all).

  • Roof Reinforcement

If one’s RV’s roof is damaged (which is pretty standard), Roamly can provide a roofing contractor to cover all the costs of substituting your roof.

  • Protection for Rodents

If anything happens to rodents such as mice or raccoons, this will cover the costs (such as chewing wires).

Insurance for Full-Time RVers

Roamly provides insurance that shows the actual nature of an RV: a residence on wheels. But also if you already own your RV and reside in it at least 6 months of each year, you’re effectively taking on most of the risks that come with being a householder. As just a full-timer, Roamly can protect you from hazards while your mobile home is tried to park. They do surely provide a highly specialised plan for those living in their motorhomes. All of the above is included in full-time RV insurance coverage, as well as:

  1. Vacation liability: Assume a tourist in one‟s RV trips back down the stairs and sues. Alternatively, a wayward baseball smashes a neighbor’s frame. Personal liability could indeed help to cover legal and medical expenses, as well as repairs if you are legally considered accountable.
  2. Scheduled medical transactions: This covers the health fees and injuries of the guest, regardless of even if you’re not at fault.
  3. Loss appraisal: This ends up paying for service charges for broken common spaces in an RV neighborhood with an HOA.
  4. Property ownership coverage: This pays to repair or replace the items in your camper van. In many states, this even would include pet insurance!
  5. Coverage for adjacent structures: Objects like decks, verandas, and carports would’ve been monetarily guarded.
  6. Comprehensive RV insurance also encompasses all basic coverage options, so you’re protected both on even off the highway.

Insurance for the Weekend Warrior

If you’re using your RV for weekend camping trips, there still are two optional coverages that could really come in handy. To begin with, here are the two of them:

  1. Contents coverage: This helps protect personal belongings you brought with you on a trip in the same way that a home or tenants policy would. If a protected mishap damages your belongings, Roamly can assist you in repairing or replacing them.
  2. Glass coverage with no deductible: Most safeguards have such a deductible. It is the amount you pay out of pocket already when insurance kicks in. Roamly will encompass you with no standard deduction if your windscreen is broken.

Insurance for Entrepreneurs

How everything sets Roamly apart from the competition is that they are the only digital RV insurance provider that allows you to earn extra money by renting out one’s RV on sites like Outdoorsy. Conventional RV insurance policy and ensure, you see, do not encompass you if you lease, but Roamly initiatives do.

Numerous conventional RV insurers will cancel your policy if you lease out your mobile home or trailer. But this is not at all the situation with Roamly. You’ll always be protected by your Roamly plan if you rent the RV through sites such as Outdoorsy.

This is why you need to keep in mind that your usual RV insurance policy will not encompass your RV during the lease term. Outdoorsy as well as other RV rental webpages, as well as consignors, will also have completely separate insurance that will cover your tenants during the term of the lease.

An advertising exemption clause is what it’s called. As a result, if you lease while having to carry an insurance policy to prevent it, your claims may be rejected. Inadequately, your insurance company may discontinue your coverage. This is where Roamly truly shines. Their regulations have been created to allow you to lease even more than you want. In fact, a few really owners make renting RVs their complete job.

  • Insurance for Commercial RVs

A commercial policy is available if you frequently lease out three or even more RVs. Commercial insurance covers all of the threats involved in running an RV rental.

Because your consumers pay with their own insurance throughout the rental period, Roamly decreases prices by only guaranteeing the period among rentals.

Furthermore, Wheelbase Pro and Outdoorsy include free insurance during the lease term. This certain way, you’re comfortable financially from head to toe.

Coverage for DIY and Upfitted Campervans

It’s not like every recreational vehicle that rolls off the production line starts out as one. Many began as vans before being outfitted with additions to generate living areas.

Insurance providers frequently categorize these modified campervans as traditional automobiles and necessitate you to purchase supplemental coverage for the improvements, which all adds up towards a more costly plan than if they had been merely categorized as RVs.

Roamly has only very few simple requirements for DIY and professional manner outfitted recreational vehicles to qualify as RVs. One’s vehicle must have an irreversible or semi-permanent fridge, stovetop, or toilet. Those who meet the criteria as semi-permanent as long as they can be fastened or strapped down.

Roamly acknowledges a buildout sheet as well as invoice of purchase from your technician to assist estimate your converting van for cash value. If users upgraded it by themselves, all they have to do is just list the parts that have been used.

RVs are covered.

Roamly can provide insurance quotes for all types of campers, including:

  • Travel trailers
  • Motorhomes
  • Pop up campers
  • Fifth wheels
  • Campervans
  • And so much more

Roaming Fees & Discounts: 4/5

Roamly does not provide the least expensive RV insurance currently offered.

However, their prices are extremely competitive which can be less expensive than industries such as Good Sam or National General if you somehow lease your RV through the Outdoorsy!

Roamly provides a variety of discounts to help you save money on your policies:

  • Rent & Save Discount: This offer is available on renewal (Year 2) as well as offers up to a 25% top quality discount predicated on just how much they decided to rent out one‘s rig the preceding year on Outdoorsy. The further they lease this out on Outdoorsy, the greater the top quality price reduction!
  • Outdoorsy Discount: This price reduction is available if the RV operator has their RV listed on Outdoorsy or proposals to enumerate this within 30 days of having purchased a Roamly plan.
  • Membership and Affinity Discounts: Throughout most regions, they may provide a price break if the RV owner is a participant of select RV-related memberships, including but are not constrained to KOA, Thousand Trails, Escapees, Harvest Hosts, FMCA, RVillage, and certain other manufacturers organizations.
  • Good Driver Discount: If you have been a great driver in your journeys then this is a good discount for you! You may be eligible for all of this if you’ve had a clean driving record (little something to no assertions on your insurance).
  • Long-Term Insurance Discount: Have you been trying to be consistent with insurance coverage or are you planning still? This is a discount to drive you to keep that consistency going. You could get a lower payment when you’ve had insurance for the last 6 months without the need for a lapse in insurance.
  • Previous RV Expertise Discount: Roamly may be able to lower your rates if you can demonstrate that you have initially driven by using an RV.

Supplemental discounts may be available depending on your state of residence. Once you get a quotation from Roamly, inquire about discount coupons.

Bundle Savings

Roamly specializes in mobile homes and travel trailers, but they also provide home and auto compensation. It actually makes sense given that recreational vehicles include both. A Multi-Policy price reduction is available if users help ensure all three — or maybe just two — items with Roamly. Combine your RV and homeowners insurance, your car and home insurance, or even all of the above. Furthermore, because everything will be in one spot, bundling insurances help in saving you time and trouble.

Roamly Customer Support Sevice

Even if you think what insurance providers might seem, it takes excellent customer service to enhance them from decent to wonderful. And, with Roamly, you’ll get excellent service to back up the RV insurance proposals the business provides. Roamly makes it simple to contact them, and you can do so via phone, email, or social media.

And getting started with Roamly or having to file an assertion is simple. You are not required to interact with others if you do not wish to. Easily go to their webpage and choose “Get a Quote” or “File a Claim,” as well as the webpage will walk you through the procedure in minutes, and even better sometimes it takes just a few seconds.



Insurance, particularly RV insurance, is considered as fundamental yet very cruel for some people. This is the last thought anyone considers when buying an RV. And quite rightly so. Advertising policies’ nosebleed prices. The unpredictability of obtaining adequate coverage. While going to file a claim, you discover you are not covered with something. Not even to mention this same legalese and vulgar jargon. This could take all of the fun out of purchasing a camper van.

Roamly, who is an RV owner, had also set out how to solve it. Everything, even those that involved eliminating the hassle of finding the correct policy, reducing the rates by doing just about everything else digitally, and trying to educate customers in simpler words on how their coverage actually does work. Of course, this means fewer constraints for those that want to start making extra income by renting out their RV or trailer.

Roamly provides reasonably priced RV insurance options for almost any driveable or towable RV that qualifies as a motor home, whether you’re searching for coverage for infrequent travel, comprehensive coverage, or a more rigorous plan for lots of cars. You can talk to them about your transformed vans, campers, travel trailers, Class A, Class B, toy haulers, and other vehicles, and they’ll provide you with a competitor individual plan.

The best bargains are for RV owners who would like to lease out their RVs, whether it’s just one or a few rigs or an entire fleet.

Roamly has created the RV insurance that they have always desired. People all require RV insurance and knowing that Roamly can provide what we just need as RV enthusiasts, couldn’t be better.

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