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Progressive RV Insurance Review

RV insurance is an important part of RV possession, regardless of whether you travel a lot or just a few occasions a year. Those insurance providers provide distinct insurance options, some even have been using third-party providers to provide all that you require because they cannot underwrite these same policies in-house.

Progressive provides RV insurance plans at a decent cost, but a few of their other services may be lacking. Unless you already have Progressive automobile insurance, the various vehicle-discount coupons may be good enough to justify it. Or else, carefully consider whether you need these insurance plans for your motor home.

Difference Between Part-time and Full-time Coverage?

If you are using your motorhome as your primary and permanent home, you should look into full-time RV insurance. This one is usually described as living in your RV for more than six months out of every year not possessing or taking up residence in another residence. Part-time RV insurance coverage must suffice if you reside or take trips in your van for less than six months of each year. For example, some of us travel in our van for about 6 months this year and have a residence in Salt Lake City where they live the rest of each year, so they will surely have part-time RV insurance benefits.

About Progress RV Insurance Policy

Progressive provides a few various insurance plans, but also because they tailor their arrangements for auto coverage, the RV particular coverage has more of what users require than that of the basic or full coverage plans. Even so, if you do choose some of these alternatives, Progressive would still cover your camper van.

Standard Progressive RV Insurance Coverages

Comprehensive & Collision

Comprehensive insurance protects your van or RV against events further than your direct authority, such as thievery, vandalism, fire, glass breakdown, weather-related occurrences, as well as animal collisions.

Collision insurance protects your van or RV if it is compromised in an accident with an item or another car, regardless of who is to blame.

Physical damage security while moving in Mexico is also included, provided that users acquire Mexico liability coverage for their journey. This is strongly advisable if you intend to visit Baja California and any other segment of Mexico with your vehicle.

Progressive also offers free Pet Injury protection if you buy both Comprehensive and Collision insurance, and this also ends up paying up to $1,000 in veterinarian bills if your pet is hurt or injured.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

UM/UIM policy protects us if we are hit by an operator who does not have insurance or does not have sufficient coverage. It can cover your injury problems, van or RV serious harm, and sometimes even lost wages if you are unable to work for a long time.


Often these automobiles are legally required to have liability insurance, which gets to pay for any damage done or injuries caused by oneself. If you cause a crash, for instance, liability insurance could pay for the other driver’s auto repairs and medical expenses up to the boundaries of your plan. This, even so, does not encompass any damage to the vehicle, hence why thorough and collision coverage are also necessary.

Medical Payments

This encompasses medical bills for you as well as your riders in the event of a disaster in your vehicle or RV, regardless of who is at fault.

Additional Progressive RV Insurance Coverages

The extra coverages listed below can be added to the conventional coverages illustrated previous section. You can have most of the above coverage options, as well as roadside assistance, emergency expense, complete loss substitute, and personal effects substitute – which all I wholeheartedly suggest, particularly if you spent so much money on your construction and transport with any assets.

Roadside Assistance

This includes hauling your van or RV to the closest service center if you have a breakdown, run out of energy, have a flat tire, a dying battery, or become stuck out of your car.

There are occurrences when your batteries might die in the middle of your trip especially in winter while camping in Sun Valley. All you have to do is contact someone to get help for roadside assistance! They will arrive within an hour or so, depending on how far they are from your location as well as jump-start your vehicle which is a very good thing!

Total Loss Replacement

This is among the most significant differences between RV coverage as well as standard vehicle insurance, however, it is not accessible throughout all nations.

If you bought your transformed van or RV latest, total loss replacement would then encompass the initial purchase price.

For instance, if you compensated $80,000 for your professionally transformed van and have total loss substitute, and your vehicle is totaled, Progressive would then refund you for the initial investment (in this case, $80,000) or switch to a new another of the same prototype year or later, equipped to the very same level or higher, even if it ends up costing beyond what users initially paid.

If users did not buy their camper van or RV latest (you are not the previous owner), you could indeed agree on a price. In that manner, if your car is totaled, you’ll know precisely how much it’s worth.

Because this insurance is predicated on the full purchase price or the consented value set throughout your plan, if indeed the value of your motorhome van/RV dramatically changes and you want to control the amount covered, you must notify Progressive to edit your plan.

Emergency Expense Coverage

If you’re planning to travel and your motor home or RV is disabled in some kind of a covered event and over 50 miles away from home, this policy will pay for travel as well as accommodation expenses. If your van breaks down and needed to be fixed for a few days, it would encompass accommodation as well as transportation costs because you can get around when your vehicle is being fixed. Users can choose the amount of publicity they want, ranging from $750 to $2,000 for recreational vehicles and up to $7,500 for principal residence vehicles.

Replacement of Personal Effects

This provides coverage for the cost of replacing personal belongings inside your motor home or RV, such as camera equipment, smartphones, and any other valuable property you ride with, up to a certain quantity.

Let’s say your van is damaged at a trailhead when you’re still hiking, as well as your laptop, camera, as well as other personal belongings, are taken. For example, if your personal items are damaged or stolen in such a disaster, this insurance will reimburse us so that you can start replacing those stolen or broken items.

Pest Damage Protection

Pest harm security may be a great idea if you really are concerned regarding mice creating partitions in your travel trailer or even other creatures causing harm.

Yet another example: marmots have been recognized to chomp down up car electrical and radiator tubing to the point of deactivating a car at the Mineral King Loop trailhead in Sequoia National Park. Pest harm insurance may cover this.

Progressive provides a few plus extra insurance options for motorhomes and RVs, that you can then learn so much about here, however, the examples cited in the previous section are those lots of people consider being among the most significant. Please remember that there may be a deductible and also that coverage varies by state.

RVs Covered

RV insurance can cover a wide range of vehicles other than what you might believe of as an RV, such as:

  • Class A motorhomes are large, heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Class B motorhomes are camper vans, which will be the focus of this article.
  • Class C motorhomes are either mid-range or mini-motorhomes (between class A and class B)
  • Truck as well as pop-up campers
  • Trailers for travel

To meet the criteria as an RV, a vehicle must have resting and kitchenettes at a minimal level. Sometimes in other instances, this could be as simple as a futon as well as a camp stove, however, the exact meaning of RV and the correlating insurance requirements vary by insurance provider and country. It’s also worth noting that Progressive doesn’t necessitate your motorhome to be licensed as an RV with the DMV in order to be eligible for an RV insurance plan.

Depending upon the nature of the vehicle and its intended use, some insurance firms require us to obtain RV insurance instead of auto insurance. Progressive, for instance, will not provide standard vehicle insurance if you use your vehicle as a camper. It’s critical that you share information about how you can use your vehicle and what’s in there to guarantee you have adequate coverage. Even so, necessities vary by the corporation, so do your investigation prior to actually deciding what’s best for you.

And although Progressive does not provide a few of their characteristics as standard, those who do cover a variety of motor homes, so no regardless of the type of RV you require insurance for, they will most likely provide options. They provide insurance for travel trailers, horse trailers, Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles, fifth-wheels, pop-up campers, power trailers, as well as truck campers, just like Good Sam.

Progressive makes it simple to obtain a free online quote for any of these RVs. Simply enter the type of insurance you require, as well as your zip code, and this will produce some figures for you.

Discounts and Prices

Even though Progressive does not provide many of its characteristics as standard, there are still methods for you to end up saving cash. They offer multiple discounts, and it’s also crucial to understand what you might just have to charge if you do not even meet the criteria for one.

Progressive RV insurance begins at just $125 per year, but still, it excludes the majority of the coverage you’ll need. It really is only for basic coverage which didn’t affect your mobile home much.

The price of your insurance is nearly impossible to calculate since it is dependent on several various factors such as make, model, age, and RV class. One driving record will also influence their prices.

Your zip code, like most insurance providers, will influence your rates since it is more challenging to insure automobiles in certain areas. You should also take into account where you intend to travel and whether or not they will encompass you there.

Users can expect to have to pay anywhere between $2000 and $4000 per year to help ensure your RV.

How to get discounts

Grouping your residence, auto, and RV insurance, like so many other insurance providers, can result in significant savings. They’ll however still offer a discount if you have a spotless driving history with no tickets or mishaps.

Progressive, on the other hand, provides some super awesome incentives that you won’t be found anywhere else. For example, if you are the initial RV owner of the mobile home, they would then offer a discount.

You could get a price break simply by requesting a free quote. They will offer a discount when you get a quotation online at least a day before registering.

You might be eligible for a price reduction if you charge for the whole year in advance. You also will receive a discount if you make your payments on time each month. Just keep in mind that if you’re really late on a payout, they may revoke your price break.

If you stay with Progressive long enough just to refresh your plan for a second year and haven’t made a claim in the preceding year, you’ll have a discount on your plan going forward.

Those certain ways to save money such as being a homeowner, having homeowner insurance before registering with Progressive, and going paperless.

Each discount is unique, and you may be eligible for more than one. These are excellent methods for lowering your rate and getting a good deal on RV insurance.

Progressive RV Insurance Customer Support

It’s critical that when something goes wrong, you have RV insurance providers on your corner who will assist you, wander you through all the claims, and look after you in your moment of need. Being involved in a mishap or having something occur to your RV is already strenuous.

Fortunately, Progressive provides 24-hour customer service, and their representatives have become available at all times. That could give you some sense of peace, but for many people, their encounters didn’t even live up to certain expectations.

A few Progressive customers have reported that their customer service was excellent all through the claims process, and also that filing an assertion was simple, quick, and painless. They have been treated with the utmost respect, and the representative those who have spoken with was patient and courteous.

Everyone else, on the other hand, claimed that Progressive started falling far short of their expectations. A few customers have reported that they provide poor customer service, with assertions that help not being what they required, the person they spoke with was unprofessional, as well as their representatives were unaware of the coverage or policy proposals.

No one should have a terrible outcome when filing a claim as we all know and think. It’s difficult to trust an RV insurance provider to protect your greatest valuable assets even though there is near-complete contentment.

More Offers

Aside from discounts, Progressive also provides additional methods for their RV policies to perform for you. As long as one’s claim is less than $500, you could get a minor accident pardon that will not bring up your rates.

Huge disaster forgiveness does the same thing, but you must be a client for at least four years as well as assertion-free for at least three. Your prices will not rise as a result of this proposal, regardless of the amount of your claim.

A number of insurance companies offer disappearing deductibles. Progressive will decrease your deductible by 25% for each year you go without filing a claim. Upon 4 years of no claims, you will have a $0 deductible regardless of the type of assertion you must file.

With all these deals, keep in mind that your insurance prices, such as your vehicles or home insurance, will most probably increase each year. However, they must safeguard you from rapidly rising rates as a result of an accident.

Why Is RV Insurance For Campervans Important?

Somebody else may tell you once you get your first got van that if you wanted to save money on insurance, you may get a regular auto policy. However, after conducting our own research, and if you do as well, you will discover that standard auto policies usually do not cover the interior of your motorhome conversion. As such, if one were to have a mishap or hit a living creature while trying to drive and total a van, every one of the money you spent on the van transformation would be lost. You’d be scrapping my vehicle for components and products, saying farewell to van living and my distant job.

Vary based on your coverage, RV insurance may cover not just the vehicle’s monetary value in the event of loss or damage or perhaps a disaster, but also your exact conversation and personal possessions within it. If users spent so much money on an expert converting, you need to have good RV coverage. If you make the journey with camera equipment, a laptop, as well as other valuable items, contributing personal belongings insurance is probably a good idea as well.

Because a specialist motorhome transformation is a significant investment, you can be decided that getting RV insurance was the best alternative for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These commonly asked questions might very well enable more effective judgment if you’re searching for the best RV insurance policy for each other.]

Do you really need RV insurance?

Your RV would not be covered by your vehicle insurance. If you intend to travel in an RV and would like it to be supported, it must have its possess insurance policy. Many, if not most, states mandate your RV to be covered by insurance before they could register it, but it is not street lawful without such a certification.

Will water damage be covered by RV insurance?

Water damage is not inevitably covered by RV insurance. Whereas the insurance for water, fire, and perhaps even hail damage could be available, you should verify with your supplier and see what is protected or how much you can add on.

Is RV insurance less expensive than car insurance?

RV insurance is typically less pricey than auto insurance. Regardless of the fact that such an RV is bigger than a car, insurers have ascertained that the danger is much lower and will help ensure it for less money.


When looking for RV insurance, make absolutely sure you choose a business that delivers what you require. There really are lots of businesses that provide RV insurance coverage, each with its own unique approach. It’s critical to do your homework on everything from insurance options to price reductions and expenses to customer support.

Progressive is an excellent choice for those that already have Progressive policies and are acquainted with the corporation. Do not even switch because of your RV if you’ve been around Progressive for a lengthy time enjoying trying to work with them.

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