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Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen for Dogs

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BestPet Playpen Camping Dog Fence

A camping dog fence can make your pet more at ease while you’re away from home. Your dog can roam freely within the pen while yet being near all the excitement without being restrained by a leash. Also, setup and takedown are simple.

Discover further about camping dog fences and also what campgrounds permit by reading on them. We’ll additionally examine some of the top choices. Let’s get going

What Is a Portable RV Dog Fence?

What Is a Portable RV Dog Fence?

You usually cannot have a substantial fence at your campsite, in contrast to your home. In reality, before reserving your site, make careful to confirm whether or not fencing is permitted at the campground.

Some pet owners decide to use a mobile RV dog fence at their campsite when allowed to do so. There are many different kinds of fences in use, but they are all quite comparable. Almost all are shorter in height and simple to assemble and fold away for storage, making them ideal for use with small to medium-sized dog types.

Several of these RV dog fences are constructed in parts that are joined to completely enclose the desired space. Because of this, you may partially adapt them to the dimensions and form of your campground. The majority are also made of light, robust metal that maintains their strength while allowing for frequent setup, packing, and storage.

Types Of RV Fence For Dogs

Indoor Pens

There are many different types and materials for indoor dog playpens. This style of dog playpen is typically used by owners to protect their pets from danger and to prevent them from damaging the house. Maybe it functions well as a bed. For the first time, leaving your dog in your RV can be upsetting for them.

Why? Since when you go, they are unaware that you’re returning. Rather, all they are aware of is that they are imprisoned. As a result, if your dog believes they have been abandoned in a strange environment, such as your RV, it may do anything to return to you. If they experience separation anxiety at your home, this is particularly true.

Consider this: how could they possibly be aware that you are returning? Your devoted dog can attempt to rip the RV apart to escape as a result of the separation distress this causes. Your dog will feel more confident and protected in your RV or tent if they are in a familiar and comfortable environment.

They should have a room in their RV if they have one at home, such as a box or tiny pen. They might draw the conclusion that you will also return when they are in their sleeping area in your RV if they are aware that you return when they are in their simple temporary space at home.

When your pet(s) enter the house after it has rained, an indoor dog enclosure is a great spot to keep them contained. Alternatively, if you have sociable dogs, a sturdy dog playpen is a fantastic method to keep them off the floor while visitors come around. Put them straight into their exercise pen. These pens are sometimes used by persons who have cats.

Outdoor Portable Camping Fence

This kind of playpen ought to be water-resistant. And have one constructed from top-notch materials. A dog fence can be purchased to allow your dogs to relieve themselves outside of your RV or tent or to enable them to observe campground activities.

Several portable canine kennels for camping can be arranged in various ways. You can cut it into an octagon, a rectangle, or any other shape you require. Another benefit of your foldable metal dog fence is its simplicity of setup. If you install enough RV pet fencing, your pet can use it as a miniature backyard.

According to the dimensions of the enclosure you buy and the size of your dog, dogs can somewhat stretch their legs inside the dog fence. To enable your dog to take advantage of nature without being on a cable where they could get tangled up, discover dog enclosures for camping that are rustproof, offer them some reasonable square feet of space to use, and let them take advantage of the outdoors.

Puppy Training Pen

Whether you go camping or not, it’s a sensible decision to allow your puppy its own space. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Teach them where to go in the yard using a bottomless one.

2. While you’re not around, use it for containment.

You require one for the same reasons if you’re taking your puppy camping. They shouldn’t destroy your RV or poop all over it.

It’s additionally a good idea to provide your puppy with a familiar sleeping space, whether it be their playpen, extra bed, or a crate. Dogs generally prefer a routine schedule.

Are dog fences permitted in all campgrounds?

Every campground has specific guidelines regarding animals. Nevertheless, not every campground permits dog fences. Some people request that none of it be placed on the grass or ground next to your RV. Consider the campground’s regulations and guidelines before you arrive. Call the campground to find out if a dog fence or camp or is permitted if it is unclear.

Things to Check for in a Dog Fence When Camping

How safe it is for your pet should be the first consideration when choosing a dog fence for camping. Ensure sure the kind of pet fence you buy has no sharp edges or gaps where your dog could squeeze out. Moreover, if you choose an enclosed fence with a roof, be sure it is permeable and won’t overheat your dog. Choose a dog bed with a top if your dog is an expert climber.

Let’s now examine three additional requirements for a dog fence while camping wet dogs out.

Simple Setup

No one is interested in investing extra time or effort to prepare their campsite. Seek a foldable fence or another dog fence that you can erect in no more than 10 minutes. Several of them fold flat and fit neatly into your trunk. Others may also suddenly appear.

Keeping things in storage when not in use

Obtain a dog fence for camping that packs up tightly and neatly for simple storage in your RV, car, or house. Prevent any large bars that will be difficult to pack. When making a dog-safe purchase, consider the available room in your RV or car and choose the correct size.

Which is the Best Portable Dog Fence for Camping?

There are a lot of portable dog fences for camping available. The choices have been reduced to the top seven possibilities.

Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen for Dogs

Foldable Metal Exercise Pet Play Pen for Dogs

The rust-proof, collapsible iron metal dog and pet exercise pen can be used both inside and outside. Given that the fence is 30 inches high, it works well for dogs that are up to 20 inches in height. The fence may be folded flat for minimal storage space. It includes eight panels measuring 30 by 24 inches, resulting in a 16-square-foot playpen. One can be ordered both with and without a door.

The door swings open for simple entry and exit; two locking slide-bolt latches keep the door firmly closed. Even better, it only takes a few seconds to set up; all you need to do is unfold, shape the door twist lock it, and connect. Dogs that are twenty inches tall are welcome; small and medium-sized types are advised to use this as well. It may be folded flat for convenient storage and transportation.

Jhsomdr Dog Playpen Foldable 8 Panels Dog Pen

Jhsomdr Dog Playpen Foldable 8 Panels Dog Pen

This improved dog fence is made of heavy-duty metal, which has a longer lifespan, can avoid the fence from slipping as a result of the dog jumping, is rust-proof, and is weather resistant. The portable dog fence features eight panels that are each 27″ x 40″ (W*H), easy to assemble without tools, and folds flat for convenient storage and transportation when you go outside. Dog fence panels are fully adjustable to any shape to rv dog fence to suit your demands, including square, octagon, rectangle, division fence, and other shapes as well.

The Jhsomdr dog pen, which has sturdy panels as well as an automatic gravity lock, offers a semi-open area for your pet as opposed to a small closed cage or kennel. This allows the pet owner to have more free time while reducing anxiety about the pet getting lost or harmful to the furniture when the pet is out. It can both guarantee the protection of the animal and allow the owner to have some spare time. It is ideal for usage in the yard, outdoors, or indoors when using an RV. Complete instructions are included in the packing for the indoor and outdoor puppy playpen. Contact the maker or the retailer directly if you have any issues or recommendations regarding the dog playpen!

BestPet Playpen Camping Dog Fence

BestPet Playpen Camping Dog Fence

There is lots of room for your pets in this puppy playpen, which is perfect for keeping them safe from strangers. The edges of the dog playpen are also tall enough for a small child to reach inside. You may rest easy knowing that the enclosure will keep your pet contained. To cover a bigger area, you can join additional pet playpens together. The shape of a rectangle, square, or octagon is just a few possible combinations for this puppy playpen design to suit your needs. Any pet lover will find it perfect as well. Any dog lover needs to have this dog playpen. Our pet playpen’s high-quality construction and straightforward assembly instructions allow for quick setup.

This playpen is easy to put together and take apart, which is crucial because you don’t want to be spending a great deal of time while on a vacation. For greater sturdiness and endurance, this dog playpen is made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal that is durable and heavy-duty. It is also an excellent playpen that can be used either inside or outside. Very likely, this is one of your better options! The fact that no tools are needed to assemble this puppy playpen makes it even better. The pet playpen instantly collapses for convenient storage after use. This dog playpen is perfect for travel and camping because of its lightweight and compact construction.

OFIKA Heavy-Duty Metal Dog Playpen for Medium/Small Animals

OFIKA Heavy-Duty Metal Dog Playpen for Medium/Small Animals

The portable dog fence panels are 32″W x 24″/32″/40″H each, and when put together, they create a roomy, protected play and exercise area for tiny animals like rabbits, ducks, turtles, and guinea pigs, and small dogs as well as medium-sized dogs like poodles and corgis. The pet pen is ideal for usage both inside and outside.

The outdoor dog fence panels are made with the newest design principles, are easier to use, and have a safer construction. Installation just takes five minutes! Also, it may be taken out in five minutes when not in use. Its dog playpen’s fold-down structure makes it the dog owners perfect choice for camping and travel.

This eight-panel puppy playpen may be configured into a variety of shapes, such as a rectangle, square, or octagon, to suit your needs without the use of any equipment. Excellent puppy playpen that can be used either inside or outside.

The OFIKA exercise pen is an excellent choice for use as a dog fence or as a place for small to medium non-climbing animals, such as rabbits, ducks, turtles, guinea pigs, as well as other small animals. It undoubtedly protects pets securely and gives them a lot of areas to run. Within 30 days, if there are any issues with the puppy playpen, get in touch with the retailer for a free replacement or a complete refund.

Petyard Passage: Different Panel Pet Enclosure

Petyard Passage: Different Panel Pet Enclosure

The MyPet 8-Panel Petyard Passage will ensure that your pet is enclosed, secure and safe at home. This barrier features an appealing Espresso Brown color that blends well with any design and has a lockable door made of sturdy, long-lasting plastic.

This portable fence also has a small swinging door that is perfect for pets to use to enter and exit the space but also locks to safely contain them. By eliminating 2 panels of fencing at a time, the 8-panel play yard, which is 26″ tall and can enclose up to 34. 4 square feet of space, may be reduced in size to use as a more intimate training or resting crate.

The sturdy skid-resistant pads ensure that this play yard won’t move while also preventing scratches and floor damage. Also, it’s light and highly portable, so you can even take it camping with you! This portable yard is lightweight, ideal for travel, and can be utilized both inside and outside. It has foldable panels and a handy carry strap.

Portable Soft Travel Playpen

Portable Soft Travel Playpen

The foldable and portable soft travel dog playpen is a convenient solution for easy travel. This 45-inch playpen is made of one piece and features eight canvas sides, a mesh top, plus windows.

The item also features a velcro pouch for snacks or toys and reinforced corners and seams. Moreover, it is simple to spot clean as required. Little dogs sleeping next to your camp chair are a great choice.

EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen

EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen

The 30-by-30-by-20-inch 2-Door Soft Puppy Playpen has three doors. Four ground stakes, a carrying bag, as well as a two-year warranty are included. It’s also simple to assemble this playpen.

It has two entrances with locking zippers, a floor mat that can be removed and washed, a mesh top, two accessory compartments, as well as a water bottle holder. This sturdy, well-ventilated camping dog fence is offered in a variety of hues.

How To Choose The Best Fence For Your Dog

There are several kinds of RV dog fences available because to the wide range of dog sizes, energy levels, and escape skills. There are a couple of things you should think about when purchasing a fence:

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Height

  • Weight

  • Material

Let’s examine each in more detail, along with the questions you ought to be asking yourself.

Size of the enclosed space

This will probably be your primary deciding factor. The enclosed space must be large enough to provide your dog considerable freedom without overly encroaching on your campground.

Other people will completely enclose the space on one side of their RV, from front to back, using fencing. This allows the dog to have a lot of freedom while without obstructing your ability to roam about the place. When stored, this might, however, result in a big, bulky barrier that takes up a lot of space.

Smaller fences are simpler to assemble and store, but they might confine your dog to an extremely small area. This can be a problem if your dog is more energetic. The amount of room your dog will require to remain content and quiet will depend on how energetic they are.

The portable RV dog fence’s shape

There will be possibilities for both constructed and modular fences when purchasing a portable RV dog fence. While the flexible ones can be expanded upon and put together in many combinations, the structured versions will have a set size and shape.

The pen-style fences can indeed be round, square, or hexagonal and are easy to assemble. These might be different sizes, but they will keep your dog in that particular area. Some may be expanded all the way around your campground by joining portions together and molding them into the desired shape.

Height of the portable dog fence

Although this may not always be the case, the height of your dog will frequently decide the height of your fence. A well-mannered larger dog or an elderly dog who isn’t very energetic might be easily managed at a height better suited for smaller canines. In contrast, a little, energetic dog like a Jack Russell could need a tall fence to be safely contained.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the height will have an impact on how much space your fence will need to be stored while it’s not in use. Fence panels that are three feet tall will require a sizable quantity of storage space.


The weight of your RV dog fence will vary depending on its size and construction type. Fences made of plastic will typically weigh less than fences made of metal.

The weight of huge or tall fences can build up, making it difficult to move and set them up. Have into consideration that certain small, light fences may be too frail and susceptible to being knocked down by dogs or even the wind.


Metal and plastic are the two often chosen materials for dog fences. The majority of the alternatives are made of corrosion-resistant metal or metal with a corrosion-resistant coating. Metal may very well be heavier, but it’s also more likely to last longer.

You should buy a fence that can resist being constantly packed and stored as well as damp weather.

DIY Portable RV Dog Fence

DIY Portable RV Dog Fence

You could make your personal RV dog fence, as you can with most things. Yet, the cost of purchasing one causes the majority of individuals to reconsider doing it themselves. You should sum up your resources and take into account your time since portable dog fences can be obtained for a very low cost. Constructing your own fence might be worthwhile if it will be up for a lengthy period of time.

Among the supplies used to build fences at home are:

  • PVC pipe

  • Wood stakes

  • Chicken wire

  • Mesh

Constructing a fence is not really difficult; the important thing is to make sure it can be quickly assembled and disassembled. It’s also important to think about durability—can your dog gnaw the materials? Will it endure prolonged rain and damp weather? Will the relationships endure?

Lastly, components must withstand any damage from other stored things and be simple to store. Moreover, the weight must be maintained to a manageable level to make movement easier.


Both of you are happier when your furry friend goes camping with you. Dogs often dislike being restrained, therefore the fences also make them happier. You’ll be pleased as well if you’re not dependent on a leash that causes your camping chairs to turn over.

RV dog fences make logical sense for dog owners because they are reasonably priced and not too inconvenient. Using such a leash for one weekend is not a big concern if you don’t camp frequently. If you go camping frequently or for extended periods of time, getting a transportable RV dog fence will be a part of your setup, plus your dog will appreciate it.

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