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Everything about Nissan Camper Van and Conversions!

Everything about Nissan Camper Van and Conversions!

In the past few years, the Nissan NV200 camper has grown to be among the best vans to live in. It’s dependable, handy, and inexpensive. A new automobile costs between $23,000 and $26,000, but a good used vehicle can be had for around $15,000.

The NV200 camper has a 2.0-liter engine and can get 26 miles per gallon on the highway, therefore being a great long-distance excellent long-distance vehicle. And the understated design makes it ideal for covert camping.

You have three alternatives for converting an NV200 into a camper: a professional modification, a DIY construction, or a conversion kit. Let’s take a look at each alternative.

However, other than the NV200 conversions, we can also talk about a specific Nissan Seaside Primaster so that you can get to know more about Nissan and its vehicles.

Nissan Seaside Primaster

Nissan Seaside Primaster

Nissan has been experimenting with camper, digital nomad, and expedition van concepts for several years, from Japan to Europe. Working with the RV experts at Dethleffs to construct a tiny, modular camper van designed to bridge the gap between city commute and open road excursions, things are getting a little more serious. The Nissan Seaside camper is built on the Primastar midsize van, which has movable rail-mounted captain’s seats, a pop-up roof, and two bedrooms to carry and seat four adults in luxury.

The Renault Trafic has long played an important role as the platform for many imaginative camper vans, including those that have in-van movie theaters to densely packaged recreational vans equipped with corner bathrooms, thanks to its boxier dimensions relative to vans that taper in much more just above the belt line. The Nissan Seaside Primastar/NV300 has been less popular in the camper van market, yet its presence is non-existent, as seen by Nissan’s 2018 announcement of a Spanish-market motorhome family and the Westfalia-converted Michelangelo. Nissan’s partnership with Dethleffs was motivated by the achievement of the recently retired Michelangelo. Nissan claims to have sold over 400 units between 2018 and 2020, whenever the Michelangelo was a suitable option to other Westfalia-designed midrange van campers like the Ford Nugget as well as Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo.

Nissan Seaside Primaster

Following a brief time as the NV300, Nissan’s midsize European-market van reverted to the Primastar moniker during a facelift last year. Nissan and Dethleffs stick tightly to the concept that set the Michelangelo apart from its competition in converting the van into a camper, omitting the rear bench popular in the midsize camper van industry in favor of two captain’s chairs, each independently attached on floor rails. These seating can be withdrawn or rearranged as needed to make more room for freight. Owners can put the two seats solely on a single side, as in the Michelangelo, leaving the room as well for things that involve long or bigger luggage like surfboards, bicycles, or even skis. Users can also buy two additional seats individually, resulting in a six-seater fit for daily passenger transport.

The Nissan Seaside comes standard with a driver-side kitchenette with a two-burner gas cooktop and sink combination, a 36-L refrigerator, as well as ample storage. A retractable dining table connects to the kitchen, seating the entire family on the back seats with swivel cab seats. The Seaside instantly turns into a dual-bed hotel during the night. The lower bed is 79 x 49 in (200 x 125 cm) and the upper bed is 74 x 49 in (189 x 125 cm) and drops into position in the pop-up roof. The van easily accommodates four people, which makes it a great family camping alternative.

In fact, the Nissan Seaside represents yet another European camper van and without any possibility of an American counterpart. Nissan is not only refusing to sell the Primastar in the United States, but it also discontinues two existing American-market vans, the NV and NV200, in 2021.

Nissan NV200 Recon Camper Van

Nissan NV200 Recon Camper Van

Recon’s stated goal is broad and comprehensive is to construct an RV whose MSRP is easily within the family budget; offers the characteristics needed to appreciate the RV lifestyle; is sized to fit into a typical residential-size garage; is fun to use and reasonably priced to operate; ensures that it has a utility that goes far beyond its use as an RV; and, above everything else, offers the key to summer and fall outdoor pursuits as well as a home away from home on wheels.

Recon’s brand-new pop-up camper van achieves, fulfills, and surpasses all of the objectives listed through its mission statement thanks to its platform of choice, the Nissan NV200 commercial van. It costs about $45,000 out-the-door, which includes the price of a brand-new NV200 plus a variety of RV choices. It is 186 inches long, 68 inches broad, and 73 inches tall, which is five inches less than the length of a Toyota Camry. Its maximum height is increased by 4 inches with the additional roof rack. Two persons can sit in the cockpit while two more can sit in the cabin of the Recon camper van. Additionally, the NV200 can achieve up to 28 mpg on long interstate drives if driven very cautiously, a very impressive 25 mpg on average in paired driving.

The back bench seat Recon adds was constructed with safety and comfort in mind and has completed the necessary FMVSS seat testing needed by the U.S. government. It is designed to provide accommodation for two adult passengers in the cabin. All of the inside fixtures that give this car its RV characteristics are designed and built by Recon. Recon simply modifies the NV200 van shell by removing the pop-up top sleeping section from the roof and strengthening the roof beyond its original design to maintain structural stability. Recon also creates spaces for the windows they add to the left and right sliding doors as well as the right rear quarter. To create visual harmony with the window they construct on the other side, a false window is put to the rear quarter panel on the street side.

The Nissan factory rear luggage doors swing open 90 degrees and offer a ton of usefulness and usability. The doors can be unlatched even more to fully open 180 degrees. The back interior of the vehicle is fully outfitted and appointed by Recon with storage cabinets, pockets, a closet, a nearly coach-wide internal storage trunk that’s obtained via a hinged lift-up hatch, as well as a hot outdoor shower port. This is done to take maximum advantage of the broad connectivity of the cargo entrances offered from the back.

Seven layers of Italian poplar plywood are placed between low-maintenance laminate materials to create the cabinets that Recon constructs. Everything that is made of wood inside is low-maintenance and easy to clean with a moist towel. The galley is equipped with a laminate worktop and a 42-liter DC refrigerator (with freezer section) that can operate day and evening for up to 72 hours before the house batteries need to be recharged. As long as it is needed, a single stainless steel galley sink is concealed by a fold-up glass cover. There is more counter space available when the sink cover is removed. When not being used, a movable hot- and cold-water faucet swings up from within the sink and folds back down when not being utilized.

The two-person resting quarter’s pop-up top is remarkably easy to raise and lower. First, before gas struts take over again and expand the top the remaining distance on their own, two straps, positioned at every corner of the front of the pop-top, allow the top to be forced up just a little bit. The NV200’s interior has a remarkable standing height of 7 feet, 3 inches when the pop-top is lifted, weighing 70 pounds. The pop-sides tops are constructed from woven, robust canvas fabric. The sidewalls of this sleeping room are covered with zippered panels and screens, allowing for flexible ventilation control. A beautiful touch button with a dimmer illuminates the space with LED lights.

When you observe how Recon has extracted enormous quantities of utility and functionality from the right-side sliding cargo door that Nissan placed at the factory, creative brilliance becomes clear. The end user can directly load and replenish the pantry as well as galley cabinets through this street-side sliding cargo door from a grocery cart outside the bus. There’s no need to first bring inside all of these supplies before putting them away in the cabinet. Storage can be accessed immediately from the coach’s outside. A supply of ventilation can also be obtained through the sliding cargo door. A movable table is received by a designed fitting on the exterior of the door and stored out of the way within the unit. As the kitchen sink and portable butane burner are close by, this placement for the movable table can be useful for meal preparation as well as using the galley counter even standing just outside of the coach. The moveable table may be utilized and enjoyed under the patio awning thanks to a comparable table connection point on the unit’s opposite side. Legs that extend outward from each end support the awning. In order to account for the sun’s position and angle, the awning’s pitch can be changed.

A radiant shade covering the window just above the galley counter offers insulation and seclusion by minimizing heat transfer from the cabin’s inside to the exterior. A drape that can be put on the cab windshield will offer privacy and protection from the outside environment. Insulation for the interior floor, walls, and roof is provided by an automotive product that complies with federal safety regulations on the flammability of materials. To block and separate the harmonics produced by the road surface beneath, acoustic insulation is also placed on the floor and wheel wells.

Plumbing has also been taken care of. The holding tanks’ capacities for fresh and gray water are 10 and 5 gallons, respectively. The added water heater includes three extra liters of fresh water. For ease and accessibility, the gray tank’s exterior drain connects to a standard garden hose. On the coach’s street side, aft is where the fresh water tank is topped off. To reduce the effects of below-freezing outdoor temperatures, the freshwater holding tank is housed inside the apparatus. The gray-water tank lies beneath the bus and needs to be drained in cold weather to avoid freezing. In the back of the unit, a hot/cold handheld showerhead is located outside, as well as the galley sink has hot/cold water for cleaning and cooking. Despite being a recreational vehicle, the sleeping accommodations for two people and two children are not sacrificed. It can fit comfortably into any typical home garage. The 72×42-inch fold-flat cabin bench seat has a cushion. This seat’s distinctive design enables it to be modified into a variety of positions for leisure before being transformed into a bed for the night. That is quite distinctive for a camper van!

More Nissan NV200 Camper Custom Builds

Consider employing a conversion firm to achieve the right polish up your NV200 camper. They take care of the hassle of locating, ordering, purchasing, and installing the equipment.

The most relaxed approach to converting a van is with a professional build. But, take into account that the waiting list might be quite extensive, particularly during busy times. Don’t schedule any car trip arrangements just yet because you’ll need to book several months ahead of time.

Contravans NV200 camper conversions

Contravans NV200 camper conversions

Contravans is a camper conversion business headquartered in Colorado. They make RVs out of Ram Pro Master City, Ford Transit Connect LWB, and Nissan NV200 vans.

Contravans has four primary options for your Nissan NV200 camper: a bench seat, storage drawers, a single bed, as well as a three-piece bed. Anyone may add any alternatives to your plan once you’ve decided on one.

Slide-out storing cabinets and a kitchenette are standard on all versions. Some rooms have a fixed single or double bed, whereas others include a dinette that converts to a bed at night.

GTRV Custom Nissan NV200 Camper

GTRV Custom Nissan NV200 Camper

GTRV, a camper modification business based in California, constructs full, midsize, and minivans to order.

Their Nissan NV200 camper appears to be modern and functional. It has a galley with a fixed sink and cooktop, as well as a bench that converts to a bed, storage, as well as a pop-top.

Browse the GTRV webpage for further information if you are interested in their work. Their costs begin at $8,500 for a pop-top-only installation.

Caravan Outfitter’s NV200 Camper

Caravan Outfitter’s NV200 Camper

Caravan Outfitter, a Seattle-based van conversion firm, specialized in manufacturing Nissan NV200 campers. Their van has a dinette that converts into a full-size double bed, storage, as well as a slide-out kitchenette throughout the rear part.

Their alteration may be removed in three minutes, leaving you with a freight vehicle if necessary.

For further information, see the Caravan Outfitter website. Their transformation packages begin at $39,500.

NV200 Camper Conversion Kits

NV200 Camper Conversion Kits

Are you seeking additional build versatility while maintaining a professional appearance? A conversion kit could prove to be a viable alternative for you because it is less expensive than a full build.

VanLab Nissan NV200 conversion kits

VanLab, based in Simi Valley, California, creates modern-looking and practical, and efficient conversion kits out of Baltic Birch plywood.

VanLab’s amazing Nissan NV200 campervan conversion kits are shipped to your home in Ikea-style flat packing and are simple to construct. They include step-by-step fitting instructions with the item. What you just require is a screwdriver to install yours. If you want it installed, you may plan to pick it up and assemble it at the VanLab Simi Valley Office for an additional $850 and it will take roughly 2-3 weeks from the time of purchase.

Their Compact package is ideal for a Nissan NV200. It has a kitchen with a flip-out desk plus two seats that convert into beds. The incorporated wire loom contains two double USB chargers, a fuse board, circuit breakers, lighting, and wiring for fuses as well as switches.

Ququq Box

The Ququq Box is a small and sturdy module that converts a van into a camper. It is available in three sizes and may be withdrawn in a matter of minutes. It’s just a box that unfolds to reveal an all-in-one bed and kitchenette.

Visit the Ququq Box website to learn more about the kits. Prices begin at €2,190. The company is situated in Germany, however, the equipment can be shipped throughout Europe.

Freeway Camper Kit 

Customers can place an order for a Freeway Camper Kit and have it shipped to their residence or obtain it at one of their facilities. Their Camper Kit consists of a rear-accessible kitchenette as well as a folding bed. The bed may be folded away so you’re able to utilize the van as a camping table.

InstaCamper Boxes

InstaCamper Boxes manufacture practical and simple-to-install minivan conversion kits. They make two designs: one with a sleeping platform and a back kitchen, and one with a dinette that converts to a bed. The first may be installed without removing the passenger seats, which can be a significant benefit when you plan on operating your Nissan NV200 as a car. Further information is available on the InstaCamper Boxes homepage. Make sure you visit it anytime you have more things you want to know about the conversion kit!

5 Amazing Nissan NV200 DIY Camper Vans

You don’t have to employ a conversion firm to convert your Nissan NV200 into a camper. You can go with the DIY method if you do not have a massive budget or if you want to entirely personalize your build. You will be allowed to choose each component of the kit for each piece of furniture that you design.

You’ll also learn enough about your automobile and the gear you place that you’ll be capable of fixing practically anything on your own.

Pip and Jo’s Nissan NV200 camper

Pip and Jo’s Nissan NV200 camper

Pip and Jo turned their Nissan NV200 into a camper to embark on excursions around the UK with the assistance of Bumble Campers. This construction is particularly attractive because of its sleek, bright, and warm interior.

This NV200 camper’s interior is coated with plywood, giving it a cozy atmosphere. There’s a seat that converts into a bed inside, as well as a kitchenette with storage. It’s straightforward but functional. To make more room, the couple installs a tent in their van.

Go to their Instagram profile if you want to see more of their camper van and their van life!

Lauren and Steven’s NV200 camper

Lauren and Steven’s NV200 camper

Lauren and Steven chose to travel to Alaska in a van and visit the United States. They desired to have a true adventure. They merely built a platform bed.

The pair used the van as a bedroom, going to cafés to work, gas stations to prepare in a microwave, and gyms to bathe. They also do, however, have a gas stove.


Just Us Wandering’s Dory

Just Us Wandering’s Dory

Annabelle and James transformed their Nissan NV200 into a charming camper. A long workbench and several storage drawers are located on the right side of the NV200 camper. They may cook on the countertop.

Upon the opposite side of the car, there is an L-shaped seat that converts into a bed and has additional storage underneath. Annabelle and James also added a recreational battery, allowing them to power their electronics while on the road. They watch Netflix and YouTube in bed at night using a projector.

Finally, an awning affixed to one of the roof rack bars gives shade and rain protection. This do-it-yourself upgrade packs a great deal of equipment into the handy NV200 and was built on a tight budget.

Visit Annabelle and James’ YouTube channel. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram as well if you would like to see their van life! 


Ryan and Mel’s NV200

Ryan and Mel’s NV200

Ryan and Mel built their own Nissan NV200 camper to travel around the UK. Because of the stylish metal surfaces, they were able to construct something that appears competently converted.

There is a kitchenette with a cooker, refrigerator, and sink on the inside. At night, the chairs fold into a double bed. There are closets and shelves surrounding the bed for storage. A compact toilet and a leisure battery are also hidden in certain lockers.

Ryan even constructed a diesel heater so that the pair may camp in the cold as well.

Bunny’s no-build NV200 camper

Bunny’s no-build NV200 camper

Bunny took the other approach and built a no-build conversion for her vehicle. Within, there are no screws, hooks, or chopped wood. She intended to determine precisely how she’d utilize her vehicle before fully transforming it.

There is a single bed inside, which really is essentially a cot with a foam mattress on top. This also functions as a sofa. There are numerous storage boxes beneath the cot, where she stores her equipment including the portable toilet. Bunny also found a foldable table that matches the vehicle, allowing her to cook or work anywhere she wants to.

This is arguably the most affordable and rapid way to convert the NV200 into a full-time camper.


A Nissan NV200 may make a fantastic camper for living in a van. It is useful, adaptable, and economical. You’ll undoubtedly find a cheap, useful rig no matter how you choose to adapt it.

Everything about Nissan Camper Van and Conversions!
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