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National General RV Insurance Review

Are you considering getting National General RV insurance?

Throughout this latest article, we go over National General’s insurance programs, expenses, discounts, and customer support needed to make an informed judgment and of course, get the best RV insurance bargain you can get!

Let’s get started.

About National General Insurance

National General also lacks a vehicle insurance smartphone application. Usually, a third-party tool will be used by car owners who take part in its SmartDrive telematics monitoring system. Policyholders must file a car insurance claim as well as reimburse for their policy online or over the phone. If you really want to connect your policy or file a claim through a mobile app from your insurance company, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Even so, some one-of-a-kind discount coupons and characteristics can help counteract National General’s premium prices. If you help ensure all these automobiles with National General, you would then receive a 20% discount, as well as if you are involved in a crash in which both automobiles are affected, National General would then waive one deductible. In addition, the team is ready to submit an SR-22 form on the behest of its insurers.

Car owners with ties to General Motors may also qualify for National General price reductions. National General began as the Motors Insurance Provider, established by General Motors, and also was known as GMAC Insurance only till 2013. Because of this connection, the company can offer reduced costs to clients who have a correlation with the car manufacturer. Customers should be aware that Allstate purchased National General in early 2021.

Some other factor that makes National General apart is its complete package of SmartServices, the majority of which assist customers in managing the repair process following an enclosed disaster. The SmartValet provider, that also gets to pick up your vehicle after a covered incident that occurred, helps bring you a rental vehicle, and afterwards returns both of the rental as well as your own car once the repairs and fixing have been completed, is perhaps the most distinctive characteristic.

There’s really no point in paying more now for auto insurance from a company that supplies poor customer service. Examine National General’s discounts, so if they do not even implement to you, look for a more reasonably priced policy.

National General RV Insurance Overall Rating: 4/5

When it comes to insurance for one’s recreational vehicle, users need to have a distinctive policy in regards to deciding on an insurance type for your RV, you could use all the relevant data you can get. And besides, RV insurance differs from the car or property insurance.

Fortunately, National General Insurance’s learning center contains all of the information you require. Users can choose their insurance type as well as options such as replacement value coverage, ensures security coverage, and much more.

National General Insurance does not provide a lot of discounts. Nonetheless, they provide you with a plethora of extra offers to assist you in saving money if you get into distress on the highway. They also provide outstanding customer service and will cover the majority of motor homes.

Insurance Coverage & Benefits

Because National General Insurance offers insurance tailored to RV owners, people include more than a standard insurance plan. Do you believe your insurance category is unimportant? Consider once more.

National General Insurance understands the type of coverage you require for your RV, and they understand that it is not the same as auto insurance. They offer a variety of RV coverage options, allowing you to choose the policy that best suits your needs.

Let’s take a look at how much you can get from their standard coverages as well as dig somewhat deeper just to see what they have to provide.

Basic Coverage

Their basic plan involves liability insurance, so you can also add collision and comprehensive coverage. Such insurance plans cover damage to your RV due to accidents as well as natural catastrophes.

These very same strategy options are available from National General for home and auto insurance. Consult their webpage learning center for further knowledge.

RV Specific Coverage

National General Insurance goes above and beyond the standard insurance program. What kinds of coverage can they offer to safeguard your camper van?

  • Personal Belongings Coverage: If your possessions are stolen or damaged, they will reimburse you up to $3,000.
  • Specialized Equipment Coverage: If you’ve customized your RV with specially made modifications, such as solar panels, ensures security policy protects you in the event that these components are compromised.
  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage: If your RV is stolen as well as totaled, RV replacement value measures ensure you can end up replacing it with a fresh RV of comparable make or model with the one you used to have.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage includes towing to an RV service center as well as approximately an hour of on-site labor to rebuild your RV.
  • Permanent Attachment Coverage: If you do have awnings or even a satellite dish attached to the RV, National General Insurance would cover them.
  • Coverage for Complete General Liability (Full-Timers): This is similar to the homeowner’s policy. In this particular instance, your RV serves as your permanent residence on the road.

Regrettably, National General does not provide a few forms of insurance that other RV insurance providers, such as Progressive as well as Good Sam, use.

These include choices such as pet injury covers, Mexico coverage, as well as vacation liability. Their own roadside assistance bundle is also limited to one hour of on-site customer experience.

RVs Covered

National General Insurance insures a variety of recreational vehicles, such as:

  1. Class A, B, or C motorhome
  2. Airstream, including Driveable Airstream
  3. Fifth-wheel RV
  4. Travel Trailer
  5. Other RVs

Whenever it relates to RV coverage, their webpage isn’t as precise as it could have been. More details on insurance kinds and what you want and need for your RV can be found in with their learning center.

Consult them if you’re intrigued or affected about how they’ll cover your Camper van.

National General RV Insurance Costs & Discounts: 3/5

National General’s learning center also does not provide much information about policy costing on its webpage. Your premium, as well as deductible, will differ depending on the specific of RV you’re going to insure, as well as your driving record, credit history, or other considerations.

Discount for Multiple Vehicles

You can save up to 20% on your insurance bill by bundling types of insurance with National General Insurance. They allow you to unite motorcycle, home, RV, and auto insurance to get a low-cost rate.

If you haul an RV with your pickup and have combined your automobile insurance and RV coverage, you have only one standard deduction.

Discount for Low Mileage

You could be qualified for the low mileage price reduction if you start driving your RV just under 15,000 miles per year. The scope of your cash reserves with the low mileage price reduction is determined by how lesser your mileage is.

National General’s mileage tracking system will record how very much you start driving and provide you with an insurance reduced rate predicated on that figure. Customers have reported discounted rates as low as 13% and so as high as 54%.

Customer Support: 4/5

National General Insurance has customer service representatives easily accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your questions and discuss any insurance worries you may well have.

And yet, in terms of service quality, is it really as satisfactory as their site says? What else do one‘s former and present customers think about it?

Good Thing About National General Insurance

  • Policies can be obtained digitally in some states – In certain regions, you can obtain a quote as well as consider purchasing your policy online, enabling you to obtain coverage speedily.
  • Guarantee of assertions satisfaction – If you are dissatisfied with your claims experience, National General will waive your deductible close to $250. With the exception of Washington, the assertions satisfaction guarantee seems to be accessible in all nations.
  • SR-22 forms are available – Operators who’ve had their driver’s license suspended in certain regions may be supposed to declare an SR-22 form, also known as a Financial Responsibility Certificate. This same form attests that you meet the required minimal level responsibility requirements. National General will file the SR-22 with your country licensing authority on your behalf if necessary.

Numerous customers reported pleasant interactions with the customer service staff as well as an effective insurance claims procedure. According to their webpage, National General pays minimal claims within 48 hours and handles them over the phone. Many more of their clientele experienced this first-hand, and they were compensated promptly.

The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating, and reviews describe their customer service agents as “amazing.”

Bad Thing About National General Insurance

  • Rates that are higher than its competitors – Because National General is primarily geared to high-risk car owners, its prices are so much higher than the industry average. You can probably find affordable insurance somewhere else if you have a clean background.
  • Poor customer sense of fulfillment ratings – National General garnered dismal J.D. U.S. Power 2020 Auto Claims Satisfaction Research. It came in last place out of 24 vehicle insurance companies.
  • Several more concerns than is pretty standard – National General’s as a whole criticism ratio for 2020 was approximately nine times that of the national complaint index, meaning that the company did receive much more customer complaints than just its comparably sized contenders.

National General Insurance, like any other RV insurance company, has received negative feedback. Although there is very little bad feedback than optimistic, many of them are about slow assertion methods and bad customer service.

A few clients stated that National General provided the very worst customer support they’d ever encountered. Lots of other people stated that “customer service is not their strong suit” and that their interactions with the corporation varied depending on the adjuster.

The negative feedback hasn’t had a significant impact on the company’s current BBB score or rating. Reviews online still give them nearly 3.5 stars.

Additional Offers: 5/5

While National General Insurance provides several insurance choices and a couple of discounted rates, the majority of your policy benefit comes from extra deals.

Search Assistance: If your RV is totaled or thieved, in inclusion to replacement value coverage, they will help narrow down a new RV that is similar to your old one, saving you time.

No Fee for New Parts: If you have an accident, they will substitute your dull out components at no cost. Brakes, as well as tires, are included.

24 Hour Claims Reporting: This insurance provider is so self-assured in their customer service that if you are dissatisfied with your encounter, they will waive a fraction of your standard deduction up to $250.

Theft Reward: Not hardly do they provide replacement value coverage, but they really offer rewards for the recovery of someone’s stolen RV.

Pick Up and Drop Off: If you ever need a rental while being on holiday, they’ll introduce it to you and whereupon bring it back once your RV is returned.

Free Inspections: Even before your RV has been fixed, they will investigate it for free to ensure that it is safe to be used again.

Emergency Coverage: If one’s RV is thieved or they are involved in a collision and over 50 miles away from home, you will be supported for something other than RV replacement expenses. They will also charge you $250 per day for meals and accommodation fees.

Savings on storage: If you’re not using your RV all year, you shouldn’t need to charge for year-round insurance. When you store your RV, you could indeed suspend your RV protection to bring down the cost of your plan.

How to get a National General RV Insurance policy

To begin working with National General, you must first obtain a quote, something that you can do either digital or even over the mobile.

You’ll be then questioned about a couple of basic queries regarding your RV (e.g., do you drive or tow it? ), how long you’ve lived in it, and what class your RV belongs to. You’ll then enter information about every motorist you would like to be covered as well as the specific insurances you’re searching for.

After receiving your quote, you can choose to proceed or decline. If you acknowledge the quote, you could indeed meet the criteria for a price reduction by paying your first year’s insurance rate is filled to the brim.

Get a National General Car Insurance Quote

Users could get a vehicle insurance quotation from National General digitally, and in certain states, you could even purchase your policy through their accessible webpage. Unlike other insurance providers, National General enables you to skip attempting to enter personal details including your driver’s license number and Social Security number while obtaining a quote. Rather, only the necessary information below about you as well as your vehicle is needed:

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Financing Information
  • Estimated Annual Mileage
  • Birthday
  • Driving Record
  • Gender 
  • Marital Status
  • Zip Code

Are you eligible to get National General RV Insurance coverage?

You must own an eligible RV to be qualified for a National General RV insurance policy. Class A, B, and C camper vans, as well as traditional, fifth wheel, truck, pop-up, and Airstream travel trailers, are among them.

Airstream campers, horse trailers, toterhomes, as well as semi-trucks that can be driven really aren’t qualified.

Finding alternatives to National General Motorhome Insurance

If you are an RV owner, your insurance plan is most likely one of your most expensive expenses. However, if you reside in your car full-time (or perhaps even part-time), cutting costs is not a good idea. You would never own a home if you didn’t have homeowners insurance. Your  RV is definitely not an exception.

If you are in a disaster, your car is snatched, or another crisis happens, having the right RV insurance can save you a lot of money.

Prior to actually securing your plan, get quotations from at least two or three RV insurance organizations to ensure you’re receiving the best protection at the best price.

National General RV Insurance Contact Information

If you have any concerns about RV insurance, your insurance type, or insurance plans that you can’t access with their learning center, contact their customer services for insurance and policy details.

Phone: 1-888-293-5108

Chat: You can now access the Chat Now method on the contact page of their page.

Mailing Address: PO. Box 3199, Winston-Salem, NC, 27102


National General Insurance does have the RV skills that can help you safeguard your assets if you require coverage for your motor home that ends up going further than what auto insurance and other levels of coverage provide. They provide replacement value coverage, packing, and mileage discounted rates to minimize cost.

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