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Where To Get Your Luxury Camper Van

Where To Get Your Luxury Camper Van

Are you considering what vehicle to take for your following family vacation? Many individuals are opting for camper vans, often known as adventure vans. In this context, a motorhome will also refer to a Class B or B+ RV. This is due to the fact that they provide all of the conveniences of a home in a smaller size than normal RVs. Many people believe that luxurious camper trailers are better than five-star hotels!

There are various factors to consider while selecting the ideal camper van for your needs. You should consider the people you’ll be traveling with, the place you’re going, and any other comforts you may require. The cost of the item may also be a factor in your decision. Some luxury RV trailers can cost up to $500,000, and we’ll go through one right now so feel free to read along.

Here are some things to think about before buying one, accompanied by my selection of a few luxury motorhomes to explore, in addition to a creative option that promotes camping in a luxury fan as if it were a boutique hotel room! This isn’t a full list, but it is a fantastic basic foundation for your research if you are looking for a luxury camping van.

What is a Luxury Camper Van?

A luxury camper van is similar to a customized van or van conversion, but with more bells and whistles and high-end features. Often, these begin as full-size cargo vans. It is then delivered to a third-party RV manufacturer, where it is outfitted with facilities for road trips and camping.

Since every component of the van is virtually custom-built, they may grow a considerably higher cost. And it’s typically the cost that suggests “luxury.” Can you just claim that anything over $125,000 is a luxury camper van? RVTrader sells high-priced camper vans all the time, however, not all of the vehicles are luxury.

So it gives us the question, what constitutes a camper van to be luxurious?

Best Luxury Camper Van Models/Brands

There are numerous van conversion companies to choose from. The models listed below are a selection of a number of the most luxurious camper vans.

Luxury Van Framework

There are two common chassis types for recreational vehicles: the normal van chassis with a sealed “box” as well as the cutaway structure with a cab and only a frame on which RV manufacturers construct their own boxes.

These two chassis are supplied to RV makers by both Ford (by its Transit models) and Mercedes-Benz (with its Sprinter versions).

So because cutaway variants are slightly larger than the typical van chassis, they are sometimes known to as B+ RVs. They are technically a Class C for registration and insurance purposes, although they are less voluminous than a standard Class C motorhome, typically without the distinctive overhang.

For advertising purposes, these are sometimes known to as B+ models. Here are some of our top luxury camper van options.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes-Benz camper vans are designed for those who wish to experience the outdoors without sacrificing elegance. The Mercedes Sprinter Camper van elevates the camper van landscape with raw elegance and charm, offering a new experience in liberty that will more than convince you to plan your future excursion.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter include all of the parts needed and bolts, as well as LED lighting, bicycle racks, and roof rack systems. And, of obviously, these camper vans feature all of Mercedes-best Benz’s qualities: excellent engineering and inventive design.



When you consider American camper van life, you picture Airstream. This classic company is known for its aerodynamic vans, which combine comfort, innovation, and efficiency into beautiful cars that fulfill your road trip fantasies. When you travel in an Airstream, you can rest assured that you’re experiencing one of the greatest of the best.

These RV vans are as beautiful on the inside as they’re stylish on the outside, accommodating groups of up to eight people and outfitted with all the necessities and more. As you take a thorough dig into Airstream’s limitless features, their premium pricing is entirely deserved.



See the world in a Volkswagen camper van to put your thoughts at ease. These rugged automobiles, like everything else produced by the brand, are built to last and stand their ground. Reassurance is combined with vintage-inspired motifs and hues, transporting you and your family on a postcard-perfect vacation.

Economical engines, high-quality internal fittings, sophisticated electronics and driver-aid systems combine to provide the ideal family vacation vehicle. There’s a reason why millions of people choose VW vehicles: acquire a Volkswagen camper van and you’ll discover they’re just as trustworthy as their smaller brothers.



Another well-known brand in the camper van industry, a Winnebago motorhome or camper van is nearly still one of your first selections. Since it is difficult to criticize the company: once you’ve visited Winnebago, you are unlikely to return. Superb craftsmanship along with a near certainty of pure, unadulterated enjoyment means you’ll make instant friends if and when you come across another Winnebago motor home on the road.

This camper van brand stays ahead of the competition thanks to industry-first technologies and an efficient components supply chain. When combined with decades of expertise and expertise, this means that a Winnebago camper van is always an excellent idea.

All-Wheel Drive Motorhomes - Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach 

Thor is the Viking deity of strength, power, protection, and strength. Thor Motor Coach is the same concept. Thor Motor Coach is a solid choice in the world of camper vans, selling a wide selection of vans appropriate for all types of travels. A talk with Thor Motor Coach, North America’s top motorhome brand maker of Class A RVs, Class C RVs, Class B RVs, and luxury motorhomes, more often than not ends in success.

Unlike certain companies that specialize in one or two types of camper vans, Thor Motor Coach provides something from column A, something from column B, and something from the remainder of the letters.

Antero Adventure Motors

Antero Adventure Motors

Antero Adventure Motors creates vehicles that maximize their lives by being challenged. One might literally drive them along country roads and into the woods, but they (and you) were going to have a lot more fun if you took them slightly off-road.

You’ll encounter numerous phrases regarding its features when purchasing your first Antero Adventure Motor vehicle. It is known for its usability, flexibility, and even its durability. But these are just some of this brand’s most cherished characteristics, all of which are housed in powerful, capacious vehicles with remarkable off-the-grid systems that make longer excursions a breeze. They’re also engineered for spontaneous trips, with adaptable living rooms and built-in camper van facilities.



Boho doesn’t make camper vans; it makes Adventure Vehicles, and the capitalization is well-deserved. Get inside one of Boho’s one-of-a-kind, stripped-down, all-wooden vehicles and you’ll be transported to a world where nature rules supreme. Boho’s camper vans are handcrafted in Arizona from the bottom up, incorporating your ideas every step of the way.

The appeal of this brand stems from its bespoke look: either create your own van, exactly adapted to your experiences, or hire one of Boho’s current vans for a taste of freedom. Even better, Boho supports local companies and organizations, as well as providing trip improvements that contribute to national parks.

Benchmark Vehicles

Benchmark Vehicles

Before contacting Benchmark Vehicles, you should devote some time to planning your ideal camper van. These camper vans are designed precisely for your needs, from the floor layout to the colors, textures, and any other tiny touches. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how crazy your ideas are: Benchmark Cars has most likely done something similar previously.

The ideal getaway vessel emerges, suitable for difficult terrain and mountain drives. They are also not limited in terms of location: if you would like to travel from one coast of the United States to the other or want a lengthy drive around Europe, your Benchmark Vehicle can travel with you.

Outside Van

Outside Van

A hybrid van may appear to be more complicated than necessary, but Outside Van’s fully configurable cars will ensure that you pick a fusion van for all of your future travels. These custom-built automobiles include unique features that maximize all available space.

Wave farewell to superfluous conveniences that don’t assist you or your camping buddies and welcome to the van renovations that you’ll tell all of your van-life-loving mates and anybody else who will listen about. This conversion company also alleviates the hassle of creating your personal van while guaranteeing that it remains a truly enjoyable part of your journey. Only without the worry of fixing everything yourself.

Vanlife Customs

Vanlife Customs

VanLife Customs, situated in Denver, Colorado, is the company you’ll discover yourself lazily browsing through, fantasizing of stepping away from work and traveling full-time. And it’s a business based to accomplish this quickly and without any hassle. This will give you the luxury camper vans you’ve been wanting your whole life!

This custom van dealer operates in an array of ways, including creating your camper van from the ground up, supplying and selling individual components and services based on your specifications, or simply acting as an informed friend in the form of DIY advisory services to assist you in building your own van with a few suggestions. They operate with Sprinter, Transit, and Promaster vehicles with no restrictions.

Caravan Outfitter

Caravan Outfitter

When you’re in control of a Caravan Outfitter camper van, you’ll experience as carefree as a bird. It aspires to merge the golden age of the VW camper in the United States with the gadgets and innovations of the twenty-first century. Nonetheless, it will not cost you a fortune.

These Caravan Outfitter motorhomes are both elegant and affordable: vehicles that strive can save you cash on the actual construction, which you can then use towards your excursions inside the van. Every van Caravan Outfitter sells is the result of trial and error, providing top-quality precision and pleasure along the road.



A few of TouRig’s craftsmen began their professions in the marine, transportation, and construction sectors since they’re at the highest level in terms of technical expertise and high expectations for life on the road. This American manufacturer manufactures a variety of high-performance automobiles with solid foundations and additional driving capability.

They are camper vans that take no prisoners on the road: rain or shine, hail or snow, or practically any other type of perilous weather, and these vans will lazily saunter along, undaunted. TouRig was designed to promote the spirit of adventure while assuring long-term sustainability. Nearly every one of its components was chosen for its long-term durability and low environmental impact.

Storyteller Overland

Storyteller Overland, as the name suggests, makes camper vans that you’ll almost immediately fill with trip stories. Those that arise from long, nostalgic chats behind the wheel, as well as those that occur during the drive itself. This luxury brand offers a variety of camper vans, spanning from Mode LT, its smallest and most affordable van, to Beast Mode.

The former, based on the Ford Transit, Storyteller Overland includes all of the requirements as well as Ford’s dependability. The latter is a substantial 44, ideal for longer excursions with many passengers. Whatever size you select, you’ll have a smart, clean, and straightforward design in every area.

Boulder Campervans

Boulder Campervans

When you collaborate with Boulder Campervans to create your ideal van, you’ll feel very much like you’re making it with a buddy than a faceless corporation. Boulder Campervans handcrafts every camper van, ensuring exceptional levels of concentration and unrivaled attention to detail.

This is also probably the nearest you’ll get to making your own camper van without getting your hands dirty: this company excels in constructing your ideal van practically side by side, responding to your ideas and comments along the way. You’ll be tempted to take people to come along for the ride by the time you’re done.

Freedom Vans

Freedom Vans

When it refers to Freedom Vans, the name provides a hint: you’ll embark on your first excursion and ponder whether you really need to return home at the conclusion. The magic within these automobiles is solar-powered electricity, which allows you to completely travel off the grid without worrying about energy restrictions or nearby facilities.

It’s a motorhome brand that has considered everything you might possibly need before you’ve even thought of it. Do you need help with floor designs, custom conversions, single installations, or accessories? Freedom Vans ranks among the greatest firms in Washington State, and they have the skills and experience to either lead you in the correct route or do it themselves.


Glampervan’s record list of previous builds isn’t really a menu, yet it will leave your mouth tingling the exact same way that a food and drink menu would. Glampervan, a recent convert to the camper van scene, has lost no time in getting in touch with ready-to-travel vans.

This is additionally a brand that just doesn’t steer away from color: explore throughout their designs to see interiors with splashes of coral, brilliant blue, and lavender. And perhaps, if you want, you can stay with the additional neutral timber shades popular in the industry.

Oasis Campervans

Oasis Campervans

With the help of Oasis Campervans, you may create your own movable oasis and travel the world. If you’re interested in purchasing a bespoke van from this firm, you’ll have to act quickly because they only work on a limited amount of assignments per month. While this may be annoying if you want to start #vanlife as quickly as possible, it is advantageous in that it ensures hand-picked decor and meticulous craftsmanship.

With customer service, Oasis Campervans goes the extra mile: you’ll be allocated a specific staff who will work with you to turn your ideal van into a reality. For individuals who would prefer almost perfect creation, this is the ideal solution.

Sportsmobile's Off-Road Classic 4x4 Ford Camper Van With a 'Penthouse' for $225,000


Searching for a camper van that can also serve as a supplementary family car and is easy to park? Have a look at Sportsmobile. These automobiles, the cool, serene elder sibling of the camper van market, are engineered for steadiness in every meaning of the word. They’re ideal for weekend getaways, unplanned trips, and anything else that doesn’t necessitate double-checking the tow limitations.

They may be smaller in size, but they are not in range. Sportsmobile vans have been around for over 60 years and have the experience of them back up. Check for all of your favorite brands and you’ll see some extremely stunning, family-friendly transformations.

Things to Consider When Buying Luxury Camper Vans

Things to Consider When Buying Luxury Camper Vans

If you want to rush out to buy a luxury camper van, you should consider your demands. This way, you can find a van that fits your needs. Before purchasing such a major purchase, think about the suggestions that follow.

Who are you traveling with?

The initial concern you really have to ask yourself while camper van purchasing is, Who are you going to be touring with? This will assist you in determining the appropriate size camper van. There is a significant difference between you and a partner sleeping in the van as well as a family of four requiring beds.

A vehicle with a nice double bed and also another lounge area for stretching out can snugly house two persons. A larger vehicle would be required for a family to fit a second bed and enough room to walk about.

What is your destination?

We understand that you might not be familiar with all of the destinations to which you may visit in the future. Nonetheless, you most certainly have a good notion of some of your future trip plans. This is significant since it may assist you to choose between various travel vans.

If you intend to traverse various terrains, you will most likely require specialized brakes and tires, as well as four-wheel or all-wheel drive to manage whatever is presented to you. You’ll desire to be capable of safeguarding anything in the van. If you intend to get out and go boondocking, you should look for a van with a large battery store and inverter, in addition to solar-powered choices.

Do you intend to travel often?

An additional consideration when deciding on the style of van life you want is how long you intend to stay on the road. If you do not want to spend your life on the road, you may not require as big a van for weekend travels.

What types of accommodations do you need?

This is where luxury becomes important. How relaxed do you desire to be?

Because of their unique design, camper vans provide numerous amenities. Stand-alone showers, complete baths, king-sized beds, lithium battery alternatives, automatic leveling, luxurious interiors, as well as seat and sofa coverings are all available. The possibilities truly are endless.

Important packing

In addition to a bed, you’ll need luxury camper vans with a table, travel seats, a leisure battery with at least 12 Volts, and a fridge. A high-quality camper van will additionally include portable toilets (chemical or anything else), cooking amenities, heating, and running water. In accordance with your requirements, some camper vans may include customized amenities.


There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a luxury camper van for you and your family.

Winnebago, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and Airstream are some of the most dependable campervans. You can always review the brands and vehicles we mentioned for you to determine which one is more appealing to you and to find the best camper vans that meet your requirements and needs for travel.

If you enjoy rural vacations on the road without having to find lodging every step of the way, camper vans are well worth the investment.

Where To Get Your Luxury Camper Van
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