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Kimbo Camper: Your Home Away from Home

You have probably heard of or seen the “new kid” in town.

The Kimbo Camper is making waves in the camping community and is gaining more and more popularity.

BUT, behind the quirky design of this camper, what is it, really?

This article will answer all your questions and review the features, amenities, and price point. Let’s go!

What Is a Kimbo Camper?

Some prefer to backpack and travel light. Others like to drive their RVs for hours, while there are those who take their Kimbo Camper.

For those who like to go off the road and the radar for a few days, the Kimbo Camper might just be for you.

This sturdy, highly functional drop-in truck camper can be your reliable travel buddy, whether going out for hunting or camping near the lake or fishing areas.

The Kimbo Camper is perfectly compatible with nearly all large pickup trucks or mid-size long bed pickups.

Kimbo Dimensions

  • Length: 131 inches or 10.9 feet
  • Width: 77.25 inches or 6.4 feet
  • Height: 78 inches or 6.5 feet
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 1,020 lbs

Brief History of Kimbo: The Journey

Some of you might wonder – what inspired the Kimbo design? Mark King is the name to remember when we talk about the Kimbo Camper.

Inspired by the design of nuclear submarines, Mark thought of a way to take the key features and incorporate them in a camper.

He got this idea when he visited his dad, who was the Captain of the USS Alabama at the time.

The compact size, efficient use of space, and portability gave him the base idea for a camper design.

Being an outdoor enthusiast and a camper himself, he owned a ‘19 Airstream.

However, although sufficient, Mark felt the amenities are limited. So one day, he decided to jot down his ideas on how this can be further improved.

He knew he wanted a low-maintenance, cost-effective, comfortable, and self-sufficient camper. Low and behold, Kimbo was born – or created.

In 2016, he built a Kimbo prototype which he brought for a test drive in the Pacific Northwest. Seeing its advantages, he decided to offer it to the public, and the rest is history!

Interior: A Look at What’s Inside a Kimbo Camper

When we first saw the Kimbo, we were speechless!

It has the “right” size – nothing too big or too narrow, and it is packed with all the essential amenities but nothing too extravagant.

The Kimbo might look hot inside because of the full metal exterior, BUT you’d be surprised that it is actually cool inside.

Get a Load of These Amazing Features

The Kimbo interior is fully protected by R-5 insulation. Campers can bid their worries goodbye even during tough weather conditions.

The walls are smooth to touch, similar to how suede feels, but they are completely WATER RESISTANT!

The floor is also made of aluminum for added protection and durability.

We noticed that there are several holes in the entry pad and a teak-slatted walkway.

\At first, we were confused why there are holes in this camper. However, we eventually realized what it’s for.

You’ll be thankful for this MINOR feature when coming back from a day of swimming, surfing, or skiing. You can opt to stay near the door area while you pat yourself dry!

You won’t have to worry about messing up or getting the floor wet. Pretty convenient, if you ask us!


Another common issue of campers would be not having enough room inside.

  • The problem with smaller and more compact campers would be the cramped interiors. The main body needs to be fortified enough to withstand harsh weather. It may be light and easy to trail around, but this leaves little to no space at all to relax inside.
  • The issue with big campers would be – well, they are humongous! You’ll always worry whether it would hit the narrow tunnel or bridge. If you are traveling alone, it would also be too much work to drive the huge truck across the state or country.

For tall people, most campers don’t have enough legroom or headroom in these cramped spaces.

Well, here’s some GOOD NEWS – the Kimbo camper has 6’5” headroom! You won’t have to slouch the whole time you’re in the camper.

You can stand up straight without worrying about hitting your head.

Moreover, you can expect natural sunlight coming in the camper as it is equipped with 3 double-paned windows!

Don’t worry – you can also opt to shut the light out – or mosquitoes – because the windows also come with blackout shades and screens.

The roof is also equipped with a vent fan with skylight, solar lights, and LED lighting.

Lastly, if you’re running on a low battery, you can recharge your gadgets in the Kimbo 6!

It comes with 12-volt sealed battery and 110-volt outlets in the camper. The sockets also have USB ports in case you forgot your socket.

If you’re wondering if these are additional costs, we’ll answer you now. NO.

These are all standard features of the Kimbo Camper Truck!

Source: Kimboliving.com

Kimbo Amenities

Standard Kimbo truck campers also come with:

  1. 54”x75” loft bed which can accommodate two pax
  2. 2 seater cushioned area
  3. Wire baskets: Out of sight, out of mind.

Have you ever experienced putting food in the storage cabinet only to find it spoiled or rotten because you’ve forgotten about them?

This is what the baskets are for! Aside from your personal items, you can place your dry goods here where you can have full visibility.

Exterior: Your Sturdy Companion

Beauty can be found inside. But for the Kimbo, you’ll also find it in the intricate and well-thought design of its exterior.


From afar, the Kimbo 6 may look heavy and bulky. Some will probably see it as the typical aluminum-skinned ski cabin.

But up close, you’ll see that the Kimbo truck camper is made from heavy-duty but lightweight aluminum.

It’s not a simple slab of metal either. If you look at their roof, door, and walls, it has a rugged design for aesthetics and functional purposes.

The aluminum panels are designed like a puzzle; this fortifies the strength of the material and effectively prevents water leaks in the creaks.

This truck camper has a FRAMELESS structure that is fully riveted and sealed.

This is the Kimbo camper’s strength. What’s good about this design is the camper stays lightweight, maximizes the interior space, and at the same time keeps costs at a minimum. — It’s a triple win!

The good thing about it is, to be fully usable, the truck camper doesn’t have to be mounted to the truck either. It can function as a standalone cabin.

  • Kimbo 6 also comes with removable jack lifts that can easily be detached from the main body.
  • Mounting or attaching the truck campers back is quite easy because you only need tie-down brackets.
  • You’ll also find a ladder on the side if you plan to stay on the roof for a few hours.

Lastly, its smart design is also why it’s the perfect companion for trail riding and overlanding. As it lacks a rear overhang, you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy.

We mean it when we say it’s very mobile. You can easily maneuver this in any stable area, whether in the city, forest, desert, or campsite.

Once you close the door, you’ll forget you’re out in the middle of the woods or desert!

Compatible Trucks with Kimbo Truck Camper

Kimbo’s versatility extends even to the kinds of pickup trucks it is compatible with.

Some pickup trucks can accommodate the Kimbo Camper.

A mid-sized and larger pickup would be able to support the camper. It is recommended to have a six-foot or larger truck bed to safely trail this camper.

Top Compatible Pickup Trucks:

  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Chevy Colorado


For Toyota Tacoma pickup drivers, bear in mind that the Kimbo camper weighs half a ton.

With complete features of the Kimbo, this will leave you with roughly 500 pounds for yourself and your carry-ons.

Be mindful of this, and DON’T push it close to the max carrying capacity of the pickup truck, especially for long drives.


The only burning question that remains – how much is a Kimbo Camper?

The Kimbo camper has a base price of roughly $19,999 for the standard unit. However, it can reach up to $29,999 if you want to add features or other customizations.

You can check them here: KIMBO.

We know that the base price is not easy on the wallet. So the real question is not how much, but rather, is the truck camper worth the price?

Based on the features, overall quality of the camper, and the reviews from people who have invested in the Kimbo camper – the answer is an astounding YES.

These four corners of the truck do not simply provide a safe place to spend nights camping. With its quality of materials and above-average amenities, this could be your second home.

Here’s a QUICK SUMMARY of what you’ll get with a $19,000 investment:

  • A fully insulated interior with roof vent/fan and double-paned windows with retractable screens
  • Your own cabin on wheels that can be mounted almost anywhere!
  • A rooftop solar system (Yeti Solar generator)
  • Closet/Hang Area
  • 30-pound propane tank bay
  • LED lighting
  • USB and Socket connectivity for your gadgets
  • Sofa AND bed – not a sofa bed!
  • Removable lift jacks

All these are enclosed in a fully sealed, heavy-duty aluminum that can withstand heavy rain or the harshest sun.

Although each item is heavy-duty and long-lasting, Kimbo made sure that when the need to replace or repair arises, the process can easily be accomplished.

This truck camper is designed for camping and takes after every functional aspect of your home. Everything you’ll ever need to survive – comfortably survive – is here in the Kimbo Camper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Features Can I Add?

A LOT, actually. The most common additions installed in the interior of the Kimbo campers are:

  • Off-grid camping extensions for camping: solar panels or propane fireplace
  • Storage unit
  • Table
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Propane stove
  • Door placements
  • Wood stove (yes, you read that right)
  • Projector and retractable screen
  • Chimney
  • Galley kitchen
  • Fold-out shower
  • Air conditioner

Of course, these add to the overall cost. Each additional amenity would cost around $500 up to $2,000 depending on the complexity and design.

Again, be sure to know the MAXIMUM WEIGHT that your pickup truck can carry. These additional installments would definitely add up to the overall weight of the Kimbo camper.

Do Kimbo Campers Have Toilets?

In the standard Kimbo Camper truck, a toilet is NOT YET installed. BUT, you can easily have one installed!

Where Is the Kimbo Camper Made?

Most, if not, all Kimbo campers are made in Bellingham, Washington.

Can I Cook Inside the Kimbo Camper?

YES! If you have a stove or propane fireplace installed in the camper, you can enjoy cooking your own meals from the comforts of the cabin.

You can easily open the windows, which can serve as vents, or have a chimney installed. You may also opt to have a sink installed to go with the kitchen!

How Much Is a Kimbo 6?

The starting price for a Kimbo Camper is $19,999. These have the standard Kimbo inclusions and amenities. It’s pretty much plug and play. With this base unit, you can readily attach it to your truck.


We honestly can’t find a camper that offers the same amenities, space-efficient interior design, and versatility that Kimbo does.

It’s simple, lightweight, rugged, but highly functional, making it a GREAT OPTION for campers who prefer a minimalist living.

If you are looking for a reliable off-grid travel companion – rain or shine – look no further. It’s no wonder why Kimbo has this tagline: “Prepared For Adventure.”

You’ll never need anything more with a Kimbo!

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